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  1. M27 The Dumbbell Nebula in bi-colour

    Jings - it works. Will you damn well hurry up and finish that book, Steve? We lesser mortals need all the help we can get! Thanks again.
  2. Eastern Veil in HST

    Thanks again for the explanation. However (at the risk of incurring another "come on" or, worse, "mate" ), does it not then follow from your logic that if someone were to be physically unable to "put the effort into building" their rig, then that would be un-"acceptable"? If only "self-built" is legitimate, does this mean that rigs that are jointly owned and/or jointly built are also not "acceptable"? Finally, with regard to your "level playing field", does this include, to take just two obvious examples, geographical advantage and quality of equipment?
  3. M27 The Dumbbell Nebula in bi-colour

    Thanks Steve I'll give it a go. Not sure why you have me down as a PI Puritan. I'm really quite offended !!!
  4. M27 The Dumbbell Nebula in bi-colour

    Hi Steve A quick question about the processing - if you're prepared to reveal some of your secrets that is.... I have had a go at emulating this image (blatant copying, in fact) using my Esprit 120/QSI690 combo. I have nowhere near as many subs as yourself - only 3hrs 40 mins each of Ha and OIII. I put it together quickly this morning - just to check on progress - and it seems that no matter what I do the OIII absolutely swamps the Ha. Did you find this? Is that why you shot nearly twice as much Ha as OIII (or would that make no difference)? Steve
  5. Eastern Veil in HST

    Thanks for trying to help me out, but it won't work. Usually @MrsGnomus opens the roof and I just press the 'Run' button. ... Furthermore, I resent the implication that I might be in my right mind -
  6. Eastern Veil in HST

    No problem. I didn't see anything in the rules about robotic telescopes, but certainly don't want to cause anyone any distress. Since all of my images are taken with robotic telescopes (one in NM and three in my garden), I will withdraw them.
  7. Eastern Veil in HST

    At least you did it in the thread and not privately, though...
  8. NGC6995

    Now that I see it on my big monitor (rather than iPad) then I can see that Olly is right. In Photoshop a randomly chosen bit of your background reads: R22: G12: B12.
  9. NGC6995

    Colour balance is more pleasing in V2 and the background is much better - to these eyes, anyway.
  10. Lobster Claw Mosaic

    Great work (as ever), John.
  11. Imaging challenges section.

    I believe that if you log onto the section (eg #6 Narrowband DSO) the first post in the thread are the 'rules' for that particular challenge. I just had a quick look after reading this thread - and then I submitted a couple of images. I assume you can submit as many as you like? Please let me know if I have made a mistake....