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  1. This is more data from DSW in New Mexico. It is the Tak 106 rig with a QSI 683. Data is as follows: Luminance: 44x900" bin 1x1 Red: 14x900" bin 1x1 Green: 24x900" bin 1x1 Blue: 30x900" bin 1x1
  2. So this was different from the RA jumps you were getting (and that were fixed by the ...Zb update)?
  3. I didn't realise you also dabbled in the 'light side', Rodd. That is a cracking Clavius - one of my favourite craters - ach no it isn't 'one of' ... it is my favourite.
  4. I was only pulling your leg Sara. On a serious note, though, I was wondering if you could expand a bit on this finding. I ask because I 'improved' (translation: made worse) my balance yesterday by moving my counterbalance weights. Last night my overall guiding was still good (I'm not sure if the sky conditions were all that great). However, I noticed that PHD was having to put in a lot more 'blue' corrections than I am used to seeing - and all of these were in the same direction. Now that I have thought a bit about your comment, I wonder if this might be down to me having introduced an imbalance.
  5. ... and Lucas Mesu too!
  6. The scale I ordered was this one: - you want to have it on the finest setting to pick up differences. My mount would start moving once around 900gms of 'pressure' was applied. The scale can be zeroed so that the weight of the scale can be taken out of the equation. Because of the mechanism, you cannot balance the Mesu as you would a SkyWatcher. Without the spring balance, at the telescope end try pushing on the saddle knobs until an equal amount of force starts moving the scope. At the weights end, I would grab the very end of the bar and rock it back and forth until I seemed to need equal amounts of pressure to start movement. Make sure the mount is powered down when you do this, by the way!!!! Do you have Sitech 0.91Zb? Some folks (I was not one of them) were having issues due to clocks. This led to spikes in the guide graph, and these were not sorted until 'Zb' came out. I doubt that this is a SGP issue. [Cross posted with Olly. I agree by the way - the mount's balance does not need to be spot on. The spring balance is probably a waste of time (and money). However, you say, "... if I add weight to the scope end it starts to tip from the balance point". That is not the way to balance the Mesu and if that is what you have done, then it probably is serioulsy out of balance.]
  7. Because the Mesu doesn't 'de-clutch' I was initially uncertain about whether I had good balance. Indeed, I eventually bought a digital spring balance to check. My 'rocking-back-and-forth-method' was mostly confirmed by the spring balance.
  8. ... But then again, you didn't get them on a previous run. Are you sure you don't have a cable snag or similar when everything is pointed at the zenith?
  9. What version of SiTech are you using Steve? There were a couple of reports of folks getting guiding spikes, but these were fixed with a SiTech update. This is not available on the Sidereal Technology website but it is available in a thread here - I know because I downloaded it last night. I think you posted on the thread in question, so I am sure you will be able to find it. The current version is something like 0.91Zb (from memory).
  10. I also like the Lodestars. But do you need an OAG with the 8300 chip on your Tak?
  11. Very nice Rodd.
  12. Your guide graph is making me feel physically ill.
  13. It's extremely nice, Barry. However, I am itching to see a bit more above and below!
  14. Over to you Kirkster!
  15. Ouch. It is just as well that I edited my last post. I was going to suggest a triple rig with Tec in the middle and an FSQ85 straddling either side, attached to a pair of QSI683s fully loaded with 3nm Astrodons. [Oh. And a Lunt doble stack on top of the Tec.]