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  1. That’s as maybe, but haven’t you guys heard of dithering?
  2. Ah. Must have missed that. Apologies for the redundancy
  3. Hi Sara I would take a look at the Talon roof controllers - http://observatoriosspag.es/ This is what they use at e-EyE. We have not had the chance to use it yet, but it seems fairly straightwforward.
  4. OK. I worried about the oil, but if the man says it is OK I guess it is OK. Do you ned to use an ERF?
  5. It’s great, Steve. What scope is this?
  6. I don’t really know, but I wonder if ‘colder the better’ (which has face validity) is offset somewhat by having the cooler running at what we scientists call ‘full tilt boogie’.
  7. Hi Tomato. Where are you getting strawberries this time of year? Minus 30 seems a little extreme! Most folk I know aim for around -20. What about doing them in a garage? Or, better yet, isn't your wine cellar reasonably cool? I don't know what camera you have - I would be a little reluctant to stick any of mine in the fridge (even the cheap ones). But I am all for experimentation. If you do plan on putting it in a fridge, I would be tempted to place it inside a freezer bag (or two) to stop any damage from spillages and such like.
  8. Jings - it works. Will you damn well hurry up and finish that book, Steve? We lesser mortals need all the help we can get! Thanks again.
  9. Thanks Steve I'll give it a go. Not sure why you have me down as a PI Puritan. I'm really quite offended !!!
  10. Hi Steve A quick question about the processing - if you're prepared to reveal some of your secrets that is.... I have had a go at emulating this image (blatant copying, in fact) using my Esprit 120/QSI690 combo. I have nowhere near as many subs as yourself - only 3hrs 40 mins each of Ha and OIII. I put it together quickly this morning - just to check on progress - and it seems that no matter what I do the OIII absolutely swamps the Ha. Did you find this? Is that why you shot nearly twice as much Ha as OIII (or would that make no difference)? Steve
  11. Now that I see it on my big monitor (rather than iPad) then I can see that Olly is right. In Photoshop a randomly chosen bit of your background reads: R22: G12: B12.
  12. Colour balance is more pleasing in V2 and the background is much better - to these eyes, anyway.
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