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  1. Thanks Chris.
  2. Well you have certainly not made the mistake of showing too much fine detail in the core...
  3. Try not to show me up too much
  4. Thanks very much Paddy. This was one of my suggested objects as it were, so I was quite pleased to see that the data was of good quality.
  6. Thanks Steve. I was pleased to get it too. All down to those clever chaps at Astrodon of course.
  7. Perhaps you are right. How is this? As well as boosting core contrast, I've cropped it a bit tighter so that a little more detail is available at 'forum size'.
  8. Do you think the object is something only 'a-twit-would-do'?
  9. 'The Owls are not what they seem'. (How's that for topical?)
  10. Thanks Sara. I went back and forth on the middle portion contrast. There is certainly more that could be done, but ended up where I ended up. I cannot agree about the object though. I find these planetary nebulae fascinating.
  11. Thank you Olly and Wim.
  12. I lost astro dark a couple of weeks back. I thought, therefore, that I would try capturing narrowband during nautical darkness on the basis that I may as well do something with all the gear. I ended up with 6 hours of Ha and 6 Hours of OIII captured at my home observatory using my Esprit 120 and QSI 690 atop a Mesu 200 mount. Filters are Astrodon and exposures were 30 minutes each. Processing in PixInsight and Adobe Photoshop. I cropped the image slightly to eliminate a couple of brighter stars at the edge of the frame. I'd be interested to hear what people think.
  13. Different tools are required for different jobs. SCTs, Alt-Az mounts and Big Dobs are excellent for visual observing of DSOs. They are less useful for imaging (or at least they make things more difficult than it needs to be). A small refractor on an EQ mount would be great for imaging where you might be doing 10, 20, 30 minute exposures. However, for visual work, it will not have anything like the light gathering capacity of a large aperture scope. You would be advised to find out as much as you can before spending any money if imaging is going to form part of your plans. Imaging can get VERY expensive very quickly if you are not careful - heck, it can get very expensive very quickly even if you are careful. If I were you I would get a relatively inexpensive 8" Dob to satisy the natural itch for toys - this will give you lovely views of the sky. Then spend another £20 or so on this - It will tell you most, if not all, of what you need to know. Good luck.
  14. Thank you, Mr Head.