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  1. Oh No! M51 again! (2018 vs 2017 version)

    Great image indeed, and progress! If I get it right it is only 38 min of exposures? That makes it even more impressive. What would it look like after 5 - 10 hours?
  2. Dark Nebulas in Cepheus and M101

    Truely amazing what you achieved in three hours! Love them. A bit envious as FL 500mm @ f/2.8 is a different ball park compared to what most of us are used to.
  3. Iris and Ghost

    An exceptionally pleasing image, and like Sara I like it with the ghost in the right direction.
  4. Pelican nebula (Feature) IC5070

    Congratulations Carole! A very nice image of this Herbig-Haro object (I can see the jets shooting out from the snakes head). I assume you also grabbed some Ha (and forgot to list it)?
  5. Thanks Alan! Yes, I would not mind having one of the 100 mm f/5.5 Esprits - must be the ultimate wide field nebula catcher!
  6. Sadly, this is the last three subs I managed to collect from my obsy this season - no more astro darkness up here until late August. I caught M104 just before it fell below the south wall of my obsy. Obviously not an award-winner but I am quite pleased what my new Esprit 150 managed to collect in 30 min (3 x 10 min) very close to the horizon. Camera: Canon 60Da at ISO1600, no filters.
  7. Thanks! I have to admit that I get too occupied with getting the imaging working that I rarely look through an eyepiece....
  8. I wait with that one until the autumn when I have five or ten hours of imaging time..... The 60Ds (I have three of them) are little darlings that do what I tell them to do and without much noise
  9. I had almost given up on my chances of trying my new Esprit 150 before astrodarkness will be gone from up here, but last night gave me the opportunity. Very nice and clear and surpisingly dark for about three hours. So here is two hours of first light with the Esprit (10 x 12 min at ISO1600). Guiding was bad (RSM around 1.5"), probably due poor polar alignment (the pillar has probably shifted a bit when the ground now has thowed out) and possibly some balancing issues since I put the Esprit next to my ES 5" refractor (which turned out to point at some random target...). I hope to collect another two hours tonight, but here is the real first light. Camera: Canon 60D (unmodded). The scope is fitted with the dedicated SW flattener. The sky is a bit noisy since the air temperature was around 10°C - so not the subzero air that normally chills my DSLRs up here. Cheers Göran EDIT: I uploaded a new version with less noisy sky
  10. It just struck me that this image was taken with a 4000+ GBP scope and a 300 GBP camera bought used on ebay.
  11. Thanks Barry! I have it set up for tonight - which surely will be the last until late August. It is now alone on the EQ8 and I will start with a proper polar alignment, so hopefully I can see its performance with good guiding.
  12. I may not be able to help you there since I only do deep sky. Also my ES is the older one with the cheaper ED glass. Its performance on deep sky is quite nice but it will be interesting to compare it to the Esprit. My plan is to have them sitting side by side.
  13. Esprit 100 or Takahashi 106 ???

    Maybe someone said it already, but why do you not get two Esprit sitting side by side and still save money? You get twice the data - but then I did not include the costs of an extra camera of course.
  14. Here are the sum of snap shots taken of the Monkey Head Nebula last night just before it fell below the forest and the clouds moved in. Taken with my Canon 300mm f/4 (with a Canon 60D and Astronomik 12nm Ha clip filter ISO1600) and 5" refractor (with a Canon 60Da and Baader 6nm Ha filter ISO1600) sitting side by side. 4 x 15 min on the telephoto lens and 6 x 25 min on the refractor, so totally 250 min. Amazing how much empty space (not counting stars) it is around that nebula. Colour data still to be collected.... Cheers Göran
  15. Or get PS. I finally gave in and got PI half a year ago. Trying to get the best of two worlds
  16. Yes, I remeber seeing Sara's image and thought that if she gets away it, it must be allowed, so I have given it a try a few times when I have been lacking RGB data. Not sure how to do it in PI, but in PS I take the B/W Ha image, make sure it is in RGB mode and then start working on the curves of the colour channels. I then use the dust & scrateches filter to remove all stars and then put the original Ha image on top as luminance to bring the stars back.
  17. Rodd, it is only Ha data with some Photoshop magic.....
  18. Spring narrowband targets?

    Hi Michael, I assume you know about this site - the first I go to if I have nothing planned for the evening. https://dso-browser.com/dso/search
  19. Your comments made me a bit more brave and here is a version with a more detail brought out by Hi Pass filtering in PS.
  20. Here is a telephoto version of these classics that are still visible at my latitude for a few hours. I gathered the Ha data 2 April with my Canon 300mm f/4 and a 12nm clip filter (unmodded Canon 60D, 6 x 25 min) to which I added RGB data from 11 November gathered with my Samyang 135mm f/2 (169 x 1 min). All @ ISO1600. So totally 5.3 hours of data. I think I like the colours but some may think they are a bit over the top. Maybe I should pull back on saturation? C & S most welcome! Cheers
  21. Thanks a lot Sara, much appreciated!
  22. Thanks Wim! With a Ha filter I think it is possible to get closer to the horizon without too much sky glow. However, I also took some Ha images with the 5" refractor at the same time and the resolution was not as good as in some RGB data I have previously collected in the autumn.