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I have lost it....


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Locallly we can lose somthing, it can become out of our reach in all measureable parameters.

Universally its still there.

Yet we cant measure beyond our locality, its imposible and only theoretical all states are based upon the last know variables and current knoledge.

We base our concepts upon observation and measurement. if we cant do these how do we validate our concept?

This feels like the falling tree in the wood and noone there to hear it does it make any noise.

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Sometimes when you lose something all you are left with is a memory....

Losing It
The dancer slows her frantic pace in pain and desperation,
her aching limbs and downcast face aglow with perspiration.
Stiff as wire, her lungs on fire, with just the briefest pause
then flooding through her memory, the echoes of old applause.

and she limps across the floor, and closes the bedroom door....
The writer stares with glassy eyes, defies the empty page
his beard is white, his face is lined and streaked with tears of rage.
Thirty years ago how the words would flow with passion and precision,
but now his mind is dark and dulled by sickness and indecision.

and he stares out the kitchen door, where the sun will rise no more....
Some are born to move the world, to live their fantasies
but most of us just dream about the things we'd like to be
Sadder still to watch it die than never to have known it
for you, the blind who once could see, the bell tolls for thee.....


Losing It - Signals - Rush  

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It's Earl the Court Jester, But!!!

Heh??  I say again Heh?  

We are in Physics, Space Science, and Theories aren't we?

We need an explanation, or I will teleport this to the    Toile

Lounge. :laugh:

The great black hole debate beween Susskiind and Hawking was to do with hawking pointing out informtion was lost and Susskind could not go with this. Yet we base our scinece upon things we  can measure, yet to counter Hawking we are basing theory on unmeasureable phenomeon as it goes against the standard thoughts.

I really strugle with this, and the holographic universe that Susskind bings up , but thats another point.

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Fair point tho. My old Mum used to say: "it'll turn up eventually"...

I wonder thIs has ever been found to be *experimentally* true? :p

Aside: Whenever anyone mentions Stephen Hawking, it's usually

"Steven Hawkings" (or similar) The well known Pirate's brother? :D

(Remembering Spike Miligna -- "The well known typist's error"!)  ;)

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