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  1. Hi Helen, The general science book I've just finished reading is, 'Reality is not what it seems: The journey to quantum gravity', by Carlo Rovelli. He has a more romantic style than many, but it's all good thought provoking stuff from a first rate physicist. Ray
  2. Yes, ask him to sign, I'm sure he will. I have a signed copy which I picked up in the book shop at Buckfast Abbey, a few years ago.
  3. Thanks for that Ben. I can't help feeling a bit of a caveman when touching optics: I have a 115mm APO refractor and a few Baader Hyperions which I leave well alone. However, occasionally you just have to give it your best shot. I'm just pleased the mold hasn't etched the surface.
  4. Many thanks, I'll take a look at that.
  5. The fungus in the photo is on the primary, the corrector has been removed. I went at the mirror as carefully as I could, dabbing with distilled water (and one drop of liquid soap), avoiding any sideways motion other than some nervous hand shaking, until I had the fungus and dirt removed, then used IPA and an optical 'wonder cloth'. The surface looks much better, although I accept that I may have degraded the surface slightly. I cleaned the corrector in a similar manor to remove what looked like sawdust, without touching the secondary which is in much better condition. I set it
  6. Hi Folks, Acquired 17 year old tired looking Meade LX90 EMC 8" recently. Several issues to deal with, most significant being fungal growth on the primary ( see below). Decided to try cleaning, as leaving it would risk further damage to the coating, so, dabbed surface with distilled water, then dried and finished with isopropyl and a 'lens cloth'. Bit nerve racking, never attempted such before, however, it now looks much better with no sign of pitting. I know the scope has not be used for a while and suspect it was stored in a barn. Had to dismantle and clean the Autostar Ha
  7. Had the pleasure of chatting to Jayesh Goyal, PhD student in Astrophysics at The University of Exeter UK. He made an excellent presentation to our local astro society, explaining how the team at Exeter are using current Met Office models to try and understand exoplanet atmospheres. Apparently, Dimethyl Sulphide, CH3-S-CH3 (rotten cabbage), would be one of the best bio markers to look for, but we're going to need the JWST up and running before attempting that. Ray (Tiverton & Mid Devon Astronomy Society)
  8. Hi Paul Yes, I'm hoping to be there this time. It's a bit of a hike from Devon, but my wife's family live in that direction, so two birds etc... Looking forward to it. Ray
  9. Hi Steve, have a look at Wimbleball Lake, edge of Exmoor National Park. The National Park people do some of their astronomy outreach sessions there. Facilities are reasonable, but you need to chose a time when there are no other events on (sailing competitions etc). Ray
  10. Surely, if it were possible, someone would have come back and told us by now. Ray
  11. Hi folks, Is there any evidence for the suggestion that colour blindness helps one see through camouflage? Ray
  12. Sorry Dave, but must disagree, Romulans use a singularity to power their ships. In the Deep Space Nine 'Visionary' episode, DAX detected a quantum singularity orbiting the station, despite the Warbird being cloaked. Ray
  13. m1dlj

    John Young

    Sad news indeed, longest serving NASA astronaut I believe. Bet he's up there enjoying another corned beef sandwich right now.
  14. Interesting stuff, I look at it like this: I have a piece of astro kit I value at £100, advertise it on this forum, get and offer of £95. Should I accept? Well yes. However, what if I take the same item to some local backstreet non-specialist auction, where I get one bid of £10, should I accept? No. I would be wise to put a reserve price on it, and realise I'm in the wrong market at the wrong time. My point is: Yes, it is markets that set the value/price, but markets are poorly defined things that vary greatly, for all sorts of reasons. You may be in the right market, but at slightly the wrong
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