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  1. Hi folks, Is there any evidence for the suggestion that colour blindness helps one see through camouflage? Ray
  2. m1dlj


    Sorry Dave, but must disagree, Romulans use a singularity to power their ships. In the Deep Space Nine 'Visionary' episode, DAX detected a quantum singularity orbiting the station, despite the Warbird being cloaked. Ray
  3. m1dlj

    John Young

    Sad news indeed, longest serving NASA astronaut I believe. Bet he's up there enjoying another corned beef sandwich right now.
  4. Too many clouds, not enough cuckoos.
  5. m1dlj

    AstroBuySell is getting silly...

    Interesting stuff, I look at it like this: I have a piece of astro kit I value at £100, advertise it on this forum, get and offer of £95. Should I accept? Well yes. However, what if I take the same item to some local backstreet non-specialist auction, where I get one bid of £10, should I accept? No. I would be wise to put a reserve price on it, and realise I'm in the wrong market at the wrong time. My point is: Yes, it is markets that set the value/price, but markets are poorly defined things that vary greatly, for all sorts of reasons. You may be in the right market, but at slightly the wrong time. If a particular market is not offering what you the vendor are prepared to accept, and you think you could do better, then you don't have to sell. Ray
  6. m1dlj


    Many misconceptions in physics and cosmology originate from well-meaning attempts at 'conceptually satisfying descriptions'. Language and metaphor also have the power to amplify small misconceptions, creating established delusions. A complete and penetrable description of QT (as opposed to another misleading analogy) would of course be most welcome, but I'm not as optimistic. Ray (What does Beethoven's Fifth look like? Best ask a synesthete.)
  7. It was indeed a most excellent day, many thanks to those who made it happen. Ray
  8. m1dlj

    we are made of star stuff

    Might have taken this genealogy thing a bit to far, the family tree now looks like this:
  9. m1dlj

    Big Bang Speculation

    The BBT however, is not just ‘people speculating’. It is predicated on other strongly tested theories, such as General Relativity, and it is consistent with current observations, such as: - data from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP), and their subsequent analysis, which give an age for the universe which is consistent with observed stellar age methods; - the ratio of baryons to photons is consistent with the ratio of deuterium to helium predicted from primordial nucleosynthesis; - the hubble constant is consistent with measurements from distant supernovae, the Tully-Fisher relationship, and the surface brightness of galaxies; - the cosmological model from the WMAP measurements is consistent with measurements of large scale structure from surveys like the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and the Two-Degree Field Survey; http://lambda.gsfc.nasa.gov/product/map/pub_papers/firstyear/parameters/wmap_parameters.pdf - the effects of redshift time dilation are observed in type Ia supernovae; - the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effect can be observed in spectra of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation. The BBT is consistent with the evidence we currently have, and there’s quite a lot of it. At least theory supported by evidence enables us to say something credible about the age of the universe and the nature of time. Ray
  10. m1dlj

    Just joined

    Hi Chris, most welcome. Just remember, astro equipment will get you through clear nights better than money will get you through cloudy ones. Ray
  11. m1dlj

    Hello from Sunny San Diego, CA

    Hi there, welcome to SGL. Wife and I spent a bit of time in SD back in 2011, loved it. Skies around the southern deserts, Anza Borrego especially, were spectacular. Ray (southern UK).
  12. Ah yes, a ‘blood moon…’, not the most reassuring turn of phrase, is it. It’s just disappointing when there are so many fascinating mythologies to draw on to explain these phenomena: folklore from times when scientific explanations weren’t available; that the media choose to go with this modern mumbo jumbo. Extra-extra read all about it: ‘Loki’s wolf eats Moon!’. Much better headline. Some commentators have even reproduced the quote “The sun will be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood...”, but didn’t feel obliged to point out that these two things could never happen at the same time. Deprecated? Yeah I’d probably go with that. Ray ps yes it was stunning!
  13. Hi, have just set the alarm clock for 3am and will be out with the binos. Takes a bit longer for the full moon to come around, about 29.53 days on average, because sun/earth/moon have to line up, but in the meantime, the earth and moon have travelled a bit further around their orbit. Search for 'synodic month', and you should find some useful diagrams. Ray
  14. m1dlj

    North American Nebula

    I was lucky enough to inherit a fine pair of Ziess Conquest 8 x 32 bins, which combine well with a sun lounger under a dark sky. Have yet to try the NAN with the F7 refractor and 24mm Hyperion, but may get the opportunity within the next fortnight (hols in France). I'm looking to get a UHC filter, but they vary so much in price, and I'm not sure I understand what level of performance would be appropriate for visual. More research required. I agree with the comments concerning dark sight adaption, having only recently realised how beneficial this can be. ps Perhaps these may help Disgruntled of SE France with his Pelecanidae appreciation:- http://www.chalkboardnails.com/2014/09/purple-galaxy-nails-inspired-by-the-pelican-nebula.html
  15. m1dlj

    obsy and pier project has begun

    Hyvää onnea.

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