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  1. always shoot unde ther maximum by a long way, atmosphere plays a huge part in getting a good image then the price of the eyepeice.
  2. If we work out the elements that our solar sytem is made from can we work out what type of star it was that provided the ingredients for it?
  3. very usefull for unatneded use. I use to have one, but an expensive option. Once you find the right values for your system it can be set ino your routines.
  4. Yes, No , Maybe not all leads are equal, work for some and not others. Some devices are ok others not, some ports work ok others dont. its very hit and miss in my experiance.
  5. Solar Activity will have an impact on the ammount of energy it sends our way in all it various forms and this will have effects on Climate quiet likly over very long periods of time, with oddities here and there, Volcanic activty wiill see larger short term impacts.
  6. using a barlow to get effectivly 4.5mm is going to cause problems especially at f5 unless you have top quality eypieces and barlows.
  7. no Idea sorry
  8. Looking to sell some unused Meade Super plossl eyepieces in cases 40mm SOLD 12.4mm 9.7mm SOLD 6.4mm 2 x Telenagative (Barlow) Boxed (mint) SOLD £25.00 each or £100 for all 5 in one go. Delivered in the UK via 2nd class recorded. Payment via Bank Transfer
  9. Never had that problem as my ccd had a shutter, the ota had a flipflat which is far from light sealed too.
  10. I prefer metal over plastic overall, yet at times it does add unnesecary faff, like threaded lens caps, however they dont fall out. but if you spend a few k on a scope to get a plastic lens cap you can feel somewhat meh too.
  11. yeah maybe it is maybe it isnt, will there be cake?
  12. For sale Again ideal for remote power control in your observatory. Usb net power 8800 This one is £30.00 delivred in the UK
  13. For sale and perfect for remote observatory power control, allows you to turn things on and off from the comfort of your office. Aviosys IP Power 9258uk £75.00 delivered in the UK paypal.
  14. For Sale High Resolution Astrophotography (DVD - Part I) by Damian Peach £12.50 delivered UK 2nd class paypal prefered
  15. Brian says its Pink !