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  1. Too many jokes, so little time... This isn't the first time I have read something claiming that a big bright Moon makes it easier to see planets. I have no idea why that would be but will have a look tonight, assuming this also works from North Derbyshire and is not just a Yorkshire-based phenomenon?
  2. Didn't you know that if the Moon ever goes away all the Werewolves appear at the same time and eat everyone? Or perhaps the Earth starts to wobble like a spinning top, the tides stop flowing, the weather patterns go nuts, the food chain collapses and we are all either toasted alive or freeze to death. I think I prefer being eaten by a Werewolf ?
  3. Unfortunately we would all be dead in a month without it, so I think we should keep it. But we could paint it black?
  4. I saw that from an Uber at Elephant and Castle about an hour ago. They were the only two objects visible in the London light show!!
  5. Skywatcher now do a stainless steel tripod to hold these mounts: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/alt-azimuth/sky-watcher-38-stainless-steel-tripod.html
  6. I had one of the very first released AZ GTi's and I don't think it had a solar tracking mode. This might have changed as there has been at least one software upgrade since I sold mine.
  7. I use Case & Enclosures, who I can highly recommend as I have purchased from them many times. Good prices and fast delivery.
  8. I run a forum on a completely different subject and most forum software will have some sort of anti-spam protection on their registration process otherwise they would have hundreds of automated fake registrations per day posting porn, drugs and malware all over the place. Sometimes we find real people being blocked by the protection software and it is usually down to their email domain, internet provider or IP address appearing on some sort of blacklist. Try googling the individual details you used to register to see if you get anything back linking any of it to a spammer blacklist. I had it myself once where one of the servers in the ISP I use had been blacklisted after being hacked. All that said, they sound like a bunch of moaners so you are probably best staying here on SGL ?
  9. Nice report, Stu - the scope sounds great, albeit in need of a few tweaks, and having seen it in the boot of your car last weekend I can vouch for its compactness ?
  10. That is exactly how I feel about this question. At the moment my Mojo is dealing with other things that are more important to me. When I get the time to look at them I know that the stars will still be where I left them ?
  11. This reminds me of the pictures we looked at a year or so before NH reached Pluto. We kept seeing a blurred potato with a possible twin potato in pixelated images labelled as "the best pictures we have". Jump from there to the close-up images of Pluto and Charon we have now and just imagine what is to come from the next target ?
  12. https://www.nasa.gov/feature/ultima-in-view-nasa-s-new-horizons-makes-first-detection-of-kuiper-belt-flyby-target Very exciting!
  13. The equation for working out magnification is the focal length of the telescope divided by the focal length of the eyepiece. Your scope has a focal length of 500mm so your 10mm eyepiece gives 50x magnification. Add a 2x barlow and that gives 100x. Edit: happy-cat beat me to it ?
  14. A barlow lens increases magnification. An eyepiece that gives 100x magnification with a particular scope will give 200x magnification with a 2x barlow ?
  15. If you just want snapshot photographs at high shutter speeds using a DSLR or your iPhone you will certainly be able to do that with this scope (with better results than shown above) provided you have the right adapter and ideally a remote trigger so that you are not touching the scope/camera when you take a shot. Serious imagers will no doubt be horrified by my response but I'm as easily pleased with snapshot images as you seem to be ?
  16. APM/Lunt v Myriad - I have experience of both. The Myriad stayed in my case for about three weeks due to the inferior eyecup, which just wasn't comfortable for me to use. I have no idea whether or not the glass is the same and I didn't have one of each in the same focal length but overall the Lunt/APM version is much more comfortable to use.
  17. I can heartily recommend a 21mm Ethos as being the ideal eyepiece to pair with a large Dob Go on Grant, you know you're worth it ?
  18. Nice one, John - even with all those obstructions it sounds like you have a much clearer view of the current low planets than I do ? Good to know that the Martian dust storm seems to be clearing so if I do get a peek it will have been worth dragging the scopes out to another site.
  19. If your scope is cold but dry put the lens cap on before taking it indoors. If it is fogged-up leave the cap off to let it dry naturally as it warms up.
  20. What is a fact is that those two bodies are not planets based on a current arbitrary definition of what a planet is ? Being gravitationally dominant in its neck of the woods is not the test that has been applied to Pluto. Shouldn’t Neptune have captured Pluto as a Moon or obliterated it in order to meet the criteria for being a planet?
  21. Earth, Mars, Saturn and Neptune also have Trojans. Perhaps they are all minor planets too? ?
  22. I suspect that is the bit of your post that Stu was referring to - it seems to be implying that some of us aren't clever enough to understand.
  23. The "scientific" basis of classification that caused Pluto to be demoted relies on the need for a Planet to have cleared its orbit around the Sun of significant debris. One of the arguments against that requirement is that the farther out you go the more difficult that test is to pass. I wonder if an Earth-sized body in the Kuiper Belt would pass the test?
  24. Sometimes good things just fall out the sky
  25. Brand new BST 25mm for £39.99 from a reliable Ebay seller ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-25-25mm-BST-Explorer-Dual-ED-eyepiece-Branded-Starguider/161144826675?hash=item2584faeb33:g:yxQAAOxyXDhSe5pY ...and you will get about £30 back if you decide to sell it on
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