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  1. Joc Another option is to build in flaps to the walls that can be lowered when viewing close to the horizon. When viewing higher objects these are closed giving more protection to the scope from any breezes Gareth
  2. Hi Iwols. I'm no expert by a long shot and I use a reflector rather than a refractor like yourself but to me you have halo's round the brighter stars which may require a corrector/flattener I can't remember which. The focus still looks off by a tad and as I said it looks noisy. You have great colour in the stars and the framing is perfect. Worth another go deffo. Gareth
  3. Hi Iwols Can you give any info on the image how many subs lights/darks/flats ect scope used and camera. Looks noisy and perhaps a focus issue Not been able to download the raw as I'm in the middle of an imaging run at the moment and don't want to confuse the pc Gareth
  4. Good Luck Paul Best thing you can do is build an Obsy. Such a great feeling of satisfaction when its done and it encourages more use. Looking forward to following you build. Lots of pics please. Gareth
  5. Keith That's fine good luck with the Polemaster and let us know how you get on. Gareth .
  6. Daz. I found a red dot scope far better than a finderscope to use at the start as you get a better view of the sky and moving the scope shows if you are going the wrong way a finder scope takes getting used to. A telerad is better for star hopping to the fainter objects as you search for those more elusive targets later in the hobby so worth the money. For now I would go with the red dot to start enjoying the sky and spend the extra at a later date as you get used to the equipment. Gareth
  7. All done. Used the warm tap tap water sluice method first but there was still loads left on the mirror. I think a spider got in there somehow as there were a few webs in the OTA. Then soaked in a weak washing up solution for 10 mins and another rinse under tepid water still a few bits of spider pooh on there so cotton wool wipes rolled gently over the mirror and a sluice with the tap again seemed to get rid of the white spots. A final rinse in deionised water and left to dry almost vertical. Needed the corner of a kitchen towel to soak up a couple of stubborn droplets but all seems well. Refitted and used the cheshire first followed by the Hotech and all seems well. Treated the secondary to a bath as well. A happy hour spent giving a bit of TLC to something that gives me hours of pleasure although SWMBO was a bit ticked off at the amount of cotton wool swabs used Looking forward to clear skies again. Happy new year to all Gareth
  8. Just spent a happy 10 mins playing with my new Hotech laser collimating my scope ( thanks to santa). Shined a torch down the OTA after finishing and the mirror is absolutely filthy. Always worked on the theory if it ain't broke it don't need fixing but had the scope from 2nd hand for 5 yrs now and as imaging is my main use of the scope it seems daft to spend hours collecting every photon possible but using a dirty mirror. Time for a clean and play with the Hotech again me thinks. Gareth
  9. Keith, Sorry I hadn't realised you were not guiding at the moment. If you went for one of the ZWO cameras a 50mm finderscope and a set of rings you would still be under the £280 cost of the pole master and have the ability to guide your mount as a bonus. 2 for the price of 1 something we astromoners are always happy with. No more neck pain and guided subs. I use a finderscope held in place using pipe brackets and a second hand QHY works well for me and cost about £150 all in. Gareth
  10. Daz My gut feeling is the iPhone app is nowhere near accurate enough to even get you close. They are fine to point at the sky and tell you what constellation you are looking at but as for individual stars I think you will find it really frustraiting. A red dot finderscope or telerad is much easier with a basic planisphere. Look on eBay I'm sure the cost won't be a lot different for one of these rather than an iPhone bracket. Gareth.
  11. Sorry forgot to ad that's good for an iPhone though Gareth
  12. It's over exposed. look for an app that allows you to control the exposure on your phone. I think there are free apps out there but you may need to experiment a bit to find the best shutter speed. Don't spend any money yet. Gareth
  13. I must admit though it's more detailed than my list. Had to include " Remove focus mask" on mine as well after many wasted first subs showed lovely focus still maintained Gareth MOD's please can you remove this post as it's a duplicate posted in error. TA
  14. I must admit though it's more detailed than my list. Had to include remove " Remove focus mask" on mine as well after many wasted first subs showed lovely focus still maintained Gareth
  15. Where does it mention remove dust covers Gareth