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  1. Solarboy are you sure eqmod is seeing the game pad. Have you tried pressing a button on the pad to see if it appears on the screen. Gareth
  2. Great job Guy What is the duration of the time lapse? Gareth
  3. Well it's working 2 camera feeds at once. Not quite aligned but can tinker with that tomorrow. Happy it seems to work Gareth
  4. So. ED80 mounted with the ZWO on top of the 200P with the 1100D and guide scope on top. Need to play with the guide scope mounting as too open to flexure but will give it a go. Gareth
  5. Dave Many thanks will give that a go Gareth
  6. Dave. Just opened again in PS but can't see an option to save as GIFF or am I being dumb ( again ) Gareth
  7. Thanks Dave. Will look into that and try again. Took me ages and constant re runs on you tube to learn how to sequence the images. Gareth
  8. Hmmmmm Having uploaded the video it's best viewed on a repeat to detect the movement. Sorry but it's a first attempt at this kind of imaging. 120 sec subs x 40 SW 200P on EQ6 Cannon 1100D modded Frames sequenced in PS Gareth
  9. Tried this last night for the first time. Wow what a learning curve you need absolute confidence in your alignment and patience of a saint. Enjoy Gareth Untitled-1.mp4
  10. Sadly I am not blessed with any of the above talents. Hence "dreaded". 😀
  11. I think the Horsehead is great not over processed for colour. My biggest crime 🙁 Gareth
  12. And after all that the dreaded processing rears it's ugly many Serpented head. Gareth😁
  13. Rockinrome How much to send to London? Gareth.
  14. Andy good to to know the kits gone to a good home and will be put to use gareth
  15. Blummin heck The ED 80 turned up today and wow it's a lot heavier than the cheap guide scopes I was playing around with. Not sure if this is going to work now, I need to get the scales out and do some calculations. The plan was to be able to switch between scope and cameras on the PC without moving from the screen. Looks like I'm right on the limit with about 20kg all up. As it's on a pier and with the belt mods I still think it's worth a go. lots of work to do now with the belt mods to carry out and then mounting the scopes and aligning. Will keep you posted Gareth