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  1. Blummin heck The ED 80 turned up today and wow it's a lot heavier than the cheap guide scopes I was playing around with. Not sure if this is going to work now, I need to get the scales out and do some calculations. The plan was to be able to switch between scope and cameras on the PC without moving from the screen. Looks like I'm right on the limit with about 20kg all up. As it's on a pier and with the belt mods I still think it's worth a go. lots of work to do now with the belt mods to carry out and then mounting the scopes and aligning. Will keep you posted Gareth
  2. JT just had a thought DAVE in VERMONT is the GOTO guy in the US hopefully he will be along again soon in this thread Gareth.
  3. JT Your right I had a quick look at A few US retailers and couldn't find this rig. Aperture fever seems to be an issue with the smallest starting at 8" plus the mount. Thats not the end of life as we know it, I started out with the 8" skywatcher explorer p and still use it as my main imaging scope on an Eq5 but that was right on the limit of what the mount could manage I now have the NEQ6 pro but the HEQ5 should cope well enough. IMHO you want a scope big enough in aperture to give a bit of a wow factor on moon and planets when doing visual but able to image DSO's when needed. Not sure what the total dollar outlay would be shipping from FLO to US but it should be within your budget. I'm pretty sure but I think there is a whole section dedicated to using the 150PDS on this forum somewhere to give you an idea of what it can do Gareth.
  4. +1 For APT Its a complete package running imaging plans,focus,plate solve, histogram,guiding with PHD all on one screen. Its low cost and does everything well Gareth
  5. JT I would suggest the Skywatcher Explorer 150P-DS EQ-5 PRO GOTO it's a good starting scope with a good GOTO mount. It also has the bonus of being able to attach your DSLR and your on the first steps to imaging. Agree the eye piece ends up in some strange positions but rotating the OTA is easy enough. Should retail at under $1000. Gareth
  6. Adam. As I use APT I don't need to align each time. The scope is parked and left, so It knows where it is and then I use plate solve for targeting Gareth
  7. Adam The benefits of your own Obsy are huge. No more setting up and taking down each night I leave the cameras and everything in place ready to go The scope seems fine in there with the caps on when I finish and no cooling down neededwhen I open the roof. I check collomination about once a month as well as polar alignment and tweak if needed. If you go for an Obsy and PC control of the scope I would recommend APT to control everything. It's a great bit of software that runs the imaging plans, links to PHD for guiding and the platesolve feature is great for accurate alignment. So pretty much as you said "power up and away you go" Best thing I ever did Astro wise Gareth
  8. Hi James I've had issues like this but found I had left the lens cap on I'm sure that's not your problem here but worth a look. Gareth
  9. So following the brief proof of concept today I pressed the button on a skywatcher Evostar 80ED Ds pro from FLO today. Also ordered the belt mods for the NEQ6 as it was second hand when bought and the gears are starting to sound even "cunchier" than newer mounts I've used.. So now looking forwad to stripping down the existing scopes from the mount and a rebuild. Nothing better to do with this rubbish weather. Gareth
  10. Joc Yes, that's how I ended up building my Obsy. Too many cloudy nights and the DIY section Gareth
  11. So after all the positive replies I had to have a go with a jury rig to test the electronics and balance. Balance will need looking at and another support needed under the extension tubes on the ZWO camera to prevent foucuser flop but I managed to get all 3 cameras up on the screens at once and stable so no conflicts on USB ports Gareth
  12. Sara Sorry for the Sarah response, brain not engaged nor fingers Gareth
  13. Decision made and a small dovetail ordered to eliminate flexure between scope rings and main scope Worth a try Gareth
  14. Sarah Was hoping to use the 200p and plate solve for the tough planets like Uranus ect Gareth
  15. Aligning all 3 might take some time Gareth