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  1. Outstanding Gareth
  2. A design flaw discovered this week Had the dreaded leak in the Obsy this week due in my part to a "too flat roof for the warm room". This is a design flaw where the roof rolls back over the warm room so I left it almost dead flat to make rolling the roof back and forwards easy. As my Obsy backs on to a neighbours tree I forgot the autum leaf fall should be cleared away. The accumilation of leaves effectivly created a small swimming pool on my flat roof building up the depth of water to about 1/2 inch, Enough to find its way in . After clearing all the dead leaves I could see the roof was almost clear of standing water and could begin drying out the warm room. Fourtunately the leak was above my chair away from the PC and obsy controls so minimum damage done . Iv'e striped out the ceiling and removed the insullation and left the heater on for a few days and all seems to have dried out nicely. Today I refitted the insulation and put the ceiling back ( ali panels if you remember from my build thread) so not any damage as such apart from my ego, flat roof should not be too flat . So lesson learned, a slight pitch needed on warm room and check debris on roof early winter. Mark 2 Obsy will have this feature that's for sure being a flat roof I was very lucky the water came in away from all the electronic kit and just left me with a damp chair and carpet. Gareth
  3. Fees to be added at 18% gareth
  4. Sold for £600.00 Gareth
  5. Andy My thoughts were FWIW if the guide scope is parallel to the main scope and aligned along the spine PA will be the same or the difference so small that it wont matter. I use sharp cap to polar align and don't seem to have issues when guiding. The graph looks fine even at 1 scale in PHD I can only use 600sec subs due to London light pollution but I get what I consider to be good images
  6. I use the ASPS in APT all the time it's fantastic. Targets dead centre of the screen with no input from the idiot standing there. Takes a bit of setting up in the first place but a great tool and allows you to return to the targets on different nights. Gareth
  7. AndyK93, It sits pretty square to the scope but no adjustment (or flexure) as I don't use this for finding objects. I have a telerad that I use for visual location of objects but as I only use this scope for imaging most alignment is done through APT GOTO+ which uses plate solving through the main scope. Works for me with bang on targets centred every time. Gareth
  8. Andyk93 Here's how I mounted my guiderscope. A couple of pipe brackets fitted to the scope rings. Rock solid. I think they were less than a fiver Gareth
  9. Wow Would need a bigger pier though Gareth
  10. I thought that was too good a target not to have imaged, how about M101 pinwheel Reasonably high in North sky Gareth
  11. Hailfire. No problem I need to sort out some pictures of my redundant kit and get it up for sale I need the space . Re the st4 connections i'm not sure this would work my understanding is that the controller is a "dumb" unit with no processing abilities and the camera will send out guide commands but will the controler understand. Someone here will be able to advise on this. Hope this helps Gareth
  12. My favourites are 1. forget to remove the focus mask 2. Take the cover off the guide scope 3. The worst, I hadn't realised i had changed the APT settings on image review from "fit to screen to 1-1 spent nearly 2 hrs mucking about with focus and plate solver because the image on the screen was nothing like a galaxy I was supposed to be imaging. As Steve says it was one click away to resolve the problem but I hadn't realised I had changed it. This was at a dark site I visit once or twice a year to use their kit and this was the only clear night that week . Onward and upward hopefully Gareth
  13. Helfire101 +1 for the adaptor geordie suggests. Not sure about the maths behind guidescope size against scope focal length but it worked for me. As I said small steps improving your rig is the way to go and understand what the improvements have done for you. Just checked in the Obsy and I have Toms astro eq with the ST4 port and the Nema 14 motor upgrade with belts and brackets for an eq 5 if your interested? PM me Gareth
  14. Hellfire The Astro eq site shows how to upgrade to nema 14 stepper motors and belt drive. This a great mod for the eq5 mount slewing can be done at 800x rather than the skywatcher motors that allow time to brew and drink a cup of tea when they slew. with this kit you have full go to and a decent rate of slew I think toms new controllers also includ st4 port to connect your guide can apart from the payload it's as good as an heq5 If Tom is not around let me know I think I have one of the newer boxes some where as well as the nema upgrade kit Before I upgraded to eq6 Gareth
  15. Alex M51 on its way soon. nice swirly one Gareth