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  1. Being on furlough from work has meant I've been able to put some effort in to some Raspberry Pi projects, but not astronomy related unfortunately as I had to retire due to some very large trees. Here's my Pi 4b 4gb with a fan hat & rf transmitter hat on top. I've been working on a project with 2 radio controlled sockets to control my darkroom enlarger and safelight from the Pi. I used Node Red which is a very simple and intuitive programming environment that works well for this type of thing. Here's my control dashboard that I can access from my phone when I am printing. The recent addition was adding the f/stop readouts that calculate 1/4 stops of light on the fly based on the base exposure time set by the user. The time can be set in 10ths of a second and the run switch activates the timer, switches the socket on, counts down then switches off again. Great fun John
  2. Always looks like a giant fluffy pillow when this is done right, very nice.
  3. Very impressive, I've not visited the DSO imaging forum for a few years and you have certainly upped your game while I have been away. Beautiful image.
  4. Ahaha! More galaxies than you can throw a stick at! My kind of image
  5. Big Sur running on my new M1 Mac mini, really fast and the mini is barely breaking out the fans for anything I throw at it. Not running any astro apps though
  6. Hello, Nope, never had a problem with this sort of thing. I used to bin all my RGB 2x2 and shoot a master flat using the Lum filter only at full resolution and then use Pixinsight to register it to the binned images. Sorry I can't be of more help. Would have to be a fairly bright red light shining directly on to the scope from somewhere to be a light leak.
  7. I used the 1.25" Cheshire back in the day when I was using my 6" RC.
  8. G'day Kirret, Stick to narrowand imaging with the modified DSLR, you can get a clip in Ha filter and extract the red channel of the image to get a pretty decent mono Hydrogen alpha image. How is the mount doing? Have you got it up & running now?
  9. It’s been such a long time since I had a go but I may well take you up on this tomorrow. Great image by the way.
  10. Yes, I think you’re making a good decision ??
  11. I have to agree, the weather has forced me away from any colour images for about 12 months now, but there is a lot to be appreciated in a monochrome image.
  12. Excellent image, love the little video of the asteroid, do you have any way to identify it? Is this taken with the f/4 Newt in your signature?
  13. Yes, I might try some colour, really will depend on the weather though & how that monster star in the fov and the 3/4 just outside react. They really are spoiling the show on this lovely little spiral! I must have got lucky Dave, there were a few blobs floating about earlier in the evening but they all passed north of me, clear here all night! Thanks for the comments everyone! John.
  14. This perfect little spiral galaxy lives in Ursa Major, it's a nice size and brightness to capture too. The only difficulty is the area is littered with some really bright stars that played havoc with my background, I think I've managed to deal with the most of it! A nice little imaging run after another bout of weeks upon weeks of cloud - 47 x 10 minute subs with the 6" RC & Atik 460ex in SGPro. Calibrated & combined in Pixinsight and processed in CS5. Thank you for looking, I hope you like!
  15. You have a much better-balanced background in image no. 2 which has revealed a huge amount of dust and gas lost to the background in the first image. Excellent progress for 12 months I'd say!
  16. Splendid Sara, as always. 30 hours would take me about 30 years to capture based on 2017 & 2018 so far!
  17. Well that's quite a return after nearly 4 years off! Maybe it could handle a tiny sharpen on the core of the galaxy, but I'm splitting hairs here! Splendid!
  18. Hee hee, you'll have the Pixinsight data purists choking on their tiffin with talk like this!
  19. mainly because (even by your own admission) they are tricky to set up and if my current guide scope set up works perfectly without flex why would I change it? ?
  20. Ha ha! When the rains and clouds finally part this is also the subject of my current imaging project. I need to collect some more RGB before I release into to the wild. I'm pleased to see that my image has gone about as deep as yours, but it took me crunching about 16 or 17 hours of luminance alone to get there! Happy New year by the way.
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