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  1. Hi Guys. Reading the comments will try to respond to all ideas covered. Yes the V1.7 is the handset is the bootloader version and I think all handsets are the same. Disconnecting from the mount and using that power supply did not work, sadly. I have 2 cables that can talk direct to the mount both supplied by FLO ( not sure how I ended up with 2 ) I also bought another cable from FLO last week after emails to Martin and this is an RS232 to ST4 to enable handset connection, When this didn't work I bought another from fleabay as a test cable again RS232 to ST4 No matter which combination I try nothing will connect to the handset but will connect to the mount no problem. The reason for using the handset to slew to a flats panel is I find EQMOD keeps trying to change either my park position which is not the normal pointing North and counterweights down due to the Obsy roof. Also I've had problems with EQMOD suddenly deciding I live in the Southern Hemisphere which plays havoc when using ATP to point and platesolve. WIFI game pad again relies on EQMOD and needs a usb port which I'm running out of despite USB hub Either both RS232 to ST4 cables are faulty or a bad connection at the handset. Still frustrated. Gareth
  2. Louise/ Peter Thanks for responding at the end of my tether here I think that's part of my frustration, spoke to FLO on email and explained what I wanted and they replied straight away. Ordered the cable and hoped for the best. From PC is USB to serial RS232 with FTDI chipset. This works as I can control the mount and now have 2 of these for some reason both of which will talk to the mount. From these I needed a RS232 to ST4 to connect to the handset. This seems to be where it goes wrong, no connection to handset. replaced RS232 to ST4 and same again. Gut feeling is it's the final connection to handset that's the issue. Wanted to check if there was anything else possibly wrong. Have tried Direct to PC no good and Esc on handset for 5 sec to go back to normal operation. GRRRRRRRR Gareth
  3. Hi All Help Needed please Looking for a last chance here, before I buy another handset. I have the Synscan handset for my NEQ6 pro bought second hand so not sure if it's the original. Handset works with the mount no problem. I can connect to the mount from PC no problem with Hitec cables from FLO and also have another cable which also works. If I try to connect to the handset from the PC it is not seen on any port. (PC sees the com port and recognises a USB to serial cable). Direct mode on handset " still can't be seen" Tried to update software on handset from V3.25 by pressing 0 and 8 on power up and get V1.7 which I believe is correct but still no PC connection. Any thoughts before I purchase another handset I want the handset to work alongside the PC as the scope is based in an Obsy and the flats panel is on a wall that I need to slew to and then park back to a slightly awkward position. I know this can be done as a friend has a similar setup. Any thought would be appreciated before I spend money. Gareth
  4. Thanks all. It seems the problem was the hitecastro cable needing a driver but an older version to work on Windows 10. Looked up on SGL and found the driver, cleared everything and started again and APT now see's the mount so thanks again all. Obviously it's cloudy now I have sorted the problem Gareth Now to plug everything else in..... Fingers crossed
  5. Thanks all have checked device manager and no conflicts / yellow triangles and when I plug the mount in com 4 pops up. Click on eqmodlx and error message appears telling me a doll file is missing which I assume is a driver of some sort I have dowloaded everything I can see regarding eqmod and no success so deleted everything thourghly and reloaded again checking each time no issues but I think as you have been saying I've missed the driver for the hitecastro USB mount cable as needing a driver. Will try tomorrow and see again thanks for the help everyone SGL does it again Gareth
  6. Arrgh. After working well for 2 years my PC fell over and died. So replaced last weekend and started downloading all the software to enjoy my hobby. Everything going well apart from EQMOD/ASCOM I cannot for the life of me connect to my mount. I have checked from power through handset to all cables, disconnecting everything bar keyboard and mouse and mount. All visable in device manager and I think all software downloaded for EQ mod. In eqmod set up it will not "see" the mount on any port although I know this is the correct port COM 4 . help please any ideas Frustrated Gareth
  7. I opened my S@N magazine tonight and it included a dark sky map of the UK. Made me weep. We are looking to retire in the next 2 yrs and move somewhere dark and near the coast. Looking at the map it is gonna be West of Scotland or Isles of Scilly. Hmmm don't think my wife will go for that. UK is a mess LP wise
  8. Mike, One of the pics you posted show's DSS score against the images which all look very low. If it's not working with good data it can't improve it. Can you post one of your RAW files we can look at ?
  9. Solarboy are you sure eqmod is seeing the game pad. Have you tried pressing a button on the pad to see if it appears on the screen. Gareth
  10. Well it's working 2 camera feeds at once. Not quite aligned but can tinker with that tomorrow. Happy it seems to work Gareth
  11. So. ED80 mounted with the ZWO on top of the 200P with the 1100D and guide scope on top. Need to play with the guide scope mounting as too open to flexure but will give it a go. Gareth
  12. Dave. Just opened again in PS but can't see an option to save as GIFF or am I being dumb ( again ) Gareth
  13. Thanks Dave. Will look into that and try again. Took me ages and constant re runs on you tube to learn how to sequence the images. Gareth
  14. Hmmmmm Having uploaded the video it's best viewed on a repeat to detect the movement. Sorry but it's a first attempt at this kind of imaging. 120 sec subs x 40 SW 200P on EQ6 Cannon 1100D modded Frames sequenced in PS Gareth
  15. Tried this last night for the first time. Wow what a learning curve you need absolute confidence in your alignment and patience of a saint. Enjoy Gareth Untitled-1.mp4
  16. Sadly I am not blessed with any of the above talents. Hence "dreaded". ?
  17. I think the Horsehead is great not over processed for colour. My biggest crime ? Gareth
  18. And after all that the dreaded processing rears it's ugly many Serpented head. Gareth?
  19. Andy good to to know the kits gone to a good home and will be put to use gareth
  20. Blummin heck The ED 80 turned up today and wow it's a lot heavier than the cheap guide scopes I was playing around with. Not sure if this is going to work now, I need to get the scales out and do some calculations. The plan was to be able to switch between scope and cameras on the PC without moving from the screen. Looks like I'm right on the limit with about 20kg all up. As it's on a pier and with the belt mods I still think it's worth a go. lots of work to do now with the belt mods to carry out and then mounting the scopes and aligning. Will keep you posted Gareth
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