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Hello from Hedon


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Hello I am not sure if many years ago I joined here but having read that the forum database has been renewed two years ago here I am signing up.

Eight years ago as a early retired 50 year old through redundancy I took up two new hobbies:

Digital photography with a Canon 300D and Astronomy with a Williams Zenith star 80mm SD FL 480mm

I was a frequenter of many WEB forums as a quest reader back then and must say it is good to see many of you are still here.

Tragically for me ill health struck soon after getting a GSO 8" F4 Astrograph and a replacement Williams 80mm FD FL550 12th anniversary edition and a then new Canon 40D.

Along with a HEQ5 pro with extension and several Vixen LVW eyepieces and a couple of Baader Hyperion`s.

I have been out of everything for a few years recovering from Heart and cancer operations but this summer have started up again.

Steve at FLO was very helpful when I was starting over on the phone as also Bern and Ian King & Green Witch, I am a backyard sky watcher so it is doubtful I will ever be a star party or travelling astronomer.

At the moment I am establishing my mount and polar alignment scope, trying to find a misplaced collminator and getting a routine back.

A danger in knowing a little but a newbie second time around.

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Hello and welcome to sgl.

I used to live in Patrington for 30 years, moved to northern Scotland about 2 years ago, great dark nights in winter but no night at all in summer!!!

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