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  1. Fantastic image. One day I hope to join the 10 micron club. For now its just a dream.
  2. Got into AP last May and just started to try my hand at NB. IC 405 - Flaming Star nebula in HA . 18 x 10 mins HA. A work in progress , OIII and SII will be added if the clouds ever go away! Stacked in CCD stack with some noise reduction added. Jason.
  3. Hi all, The other night when I was getting set up I noticed that the glass in my field flattener was loose in its setting. I could hear it rattling when I shook the flattener lightly. I believe it has an internal ring that screws down to keep it in place but I can't budge it at all and I don't have any tools that would be able to adjust it safely. I think there is about .5 mm play in the movement if the glass. I've had the flattener about 3 months from FLO and this is the first time I have noticed it, (I've only used it 3 or 4 times.) Should I be worried about it and see about getting it fixed?
  4. Thanks rob0971 , I will take a look at it.
  5. Thanks again for the replies and suggestions, hopefully i can narrow it down and pick something soon! Jason.
  6. Thanks Matt, Your 80ED images are excellent, If they had been taken with a triplet would they be significantly better or just marginally better? i'm talking about a £1kish triplet not a Tak i just can't make my mind up, I've chose the mount,camera, guide cam, filters and filter wheel, which leaves me about £1500 for any other bits (power/leads/spacers/adapters) and whatever is left is for the scope with reducer / flattener , upgraded focuser if applicable.
  7. Hi Dave, are you pleased with your Equinox? Does the focuser hold your imaging kit ok? It's one to consider I think. Jason.
  8. Hello, I will soon be purchasing my first scope for AP to sit on an AZ-EQ6 . I am thinking of either an Evostar 80 with reducer and upgraded focuser or the Esprit 80 with flattener . I see the wonderful images from the Evostar that people have shown here and they certainly give me inspiration! I also see that the focuser needs replacing on the Evostar when adding imaging kit unless you are very lucky with the stock one. So i would like to know, Is the Esprit focuser up to the task and is it worth spending the extra on an Esprit regarding build and optic etc. Thanks for any help you can give. Jason.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys, I am torn between the Esprit 80 / flattener and an evostar 80 with reducer and upgraded focuser.
  10. Hi all, i am looking for some help with which refractor to buy for AP. I don't have any Astronomy equipment at all atm but in 2 weeks time i will be buying an AZ-EQ6. I have been reading the posts on SGL for ages and i can see many people like many different refractors so its hard to settle on just one. I see the SW ED80's produce wonderful images , but does the Esprit 80 triplet produce better images under the same conditions? Or would a different doublet apo for around the same price as the Esprit be better then the Esprit? I know i am jumping the gun a bit here as i have next to no experience with AP and i know it requires knowledge and skill to create great images but i would like to get it right first time if possible. Ps I wouldn't want to spend more then £1000 for the frac and reducer/flattner if needed. Thanks, Jason.
  11. Although the Dob is awesome and I will be sad to see it go, I need the funds from it to go towards the new kit. I'd love to have both , but my other half wouldn't be too happy having 2 scopes around the house. Although I am also going to have 2 sheds built in the garden , one with a removable roof and the other as a warm room, it wouldn't be big enough for both.
  12. Thanks for the replies , Unfortunatley Sidmouth is too far away. I don't have a car and I do all my astronomy in the back yard. I'll be starting this from scratch so I want to get it right first time. I like the Skywatcher Evostar 80ED DS-Pro & HEQ5 PRO combo as a starting point. I have just acquired the suggested book, Making Every Photon Count and I love how easy it is to read , being a noobie .
  13. Hi, I have a 14" dob which I am in the process of selling. I wish to get into astro imaging. I have around 2K to spend but that would have to include everything I need to get started and last for some considerable time. I have a laptop and decent lenses. Can I get some equipment advise please . Thanks .
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