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  1. I was wondering if anyone had tried the idea of using a right angled finder onto the polar scope to ease viewing and aligning? I have a neck injury and so trying to make things easier. Any ideas or tips before i start? Many thanks
  2. Thanks for the replies, the key thing for me is portability, with a neck and shoulder injury I need to be able to move the setup easily. Just looked into the cube - interesting option but was reading one guys review and he mentions that stability is a key problem, with it taking a few seconds for the scope to damp down after being touched, so not sure its upto the task of holding a Megrez 90. Cheers Kevin
  3. Hi guys and girls I have been into astronomy for many years now, and managed to get what I thought was the perfect setup for imaging - EQ6 Pro Syncscan with upgrades coupled with a Megrez 90. Just as I bought all this I was in a car accident injuring my neck so have been unable to use it. Since then I have now injured my shoulder which has in turn affected the neck again so it looks like its time to give up on the astro-imaging dreams and sell the whole setup before its even been used. :-( So with the whole imaging system up for sale I would like to buy a new system that is portable, easy to manhandle, but with good light capturing ability and Goto. I wont be imaging its just for visual use only. So can people please suggest some setups for me, was thinking along the lines of an ETX-125 but notice they arent made any more, so I would really appreciate feedback and ideas. Many thanks Kevin
  4. Many thanks to you both, I will have a play. Cheers Kevin
  5. Thats great, thanks Anna, I will keep my eye on the web page Cheers Kevin
  6. I am wanting to make an action for a specific routine. I want to create an action in photoshop that will remove the stars from the image and put them on a second layer. So you will be left with an image with a layer with no stars just the background and DSO and another layer with just the stars on. I know how to create actions its more of how to do the above. Does anyone have an action they could post up or indeed explain what steps would be needed to create the above action. I think I have the removing the stars from an image bit, its more of how to move the stars to another layer. Can anyone help? Thanks Kevin
  7. Does anyone have a copy of the free actions "Troy's Astro Actions" - the download link doesnt work from his website and he doesnt answer his emails! Many thanks Kevin
  8. Shot this image a while back but had forgotten about it. Milkyway shot using a 10.5mm fisheye lens on a Nikon D3 DSLR.... Yep that is the horizon on both sides!! cheers Kevin
  9. poltabs

    Hello from Hedon

    Hello and welcome to sgl. I used to live in Patrington for 30 years, moved to northern Scotland about 2 years ago, great dark nights in winter but no night at all in summer!!!
  10. Thanks guys for the help, good idea of finding out new prices and adjusting accordingly. DP - £50 for the Megrez 90, well I suppose you have to try :-) Cheers Kevin
  11. I might be emigrating and so might be selling my whole kit... EQ6 Pro, as new with refractor extension, handset etc, upgraded puck, only used a few times WO Megrez 90 as new 2" Televue dielectric diagonal 3x 2" Hyperion eye pieces 2" 2x barlow Telrad WO rings and WO plate WO ZS66 Zenithstar (some marks on optics, very light surface scratch) with WO foot 2" diagonal Am sure there will be lots of little extras with the above setup. I would prefer to sell the whole lot as a package, no idea of what this is worth on the open market so any advice appreciated. Cheers Kevin
  12. Am considering selling my Astrotrac, they are superb machines, I get 10 minute subs unguided from mine! Only selling mine now as my EQ6 Pro takes up all my time. Drop me a pm if you are interested Cheers Kevin
  13. OK am starting to think about guiding, this is my kit so far, whats missing?... Imaging.. EQ6 Pro Synscan Megrez 90 FF4 Canon 1000D modded ST80 scope Meade DSI Laptop PHD Is it just a matter of connecting the Meade DSI to the laptop, sorting PHD and then the laptop to the EQ6 or do I need a GPUSB or something else? Many thanks Kevin
  14. Very nice tadpoles, funnily enough I was looking at these for imaging purposes last night!! Maybe tonight I will get a chance if it stays clear Cheers Kevin
  15. Very nice image there Andrew,I think I will have to try a star trails shot at some point! Cheers Kevin
  16. Very nice indeed, I too was having a look at M33 and its my next target, so fingers crossed if mine will comes out half as good as yours and I will be happy!
  17. Very nice indeed, I HAVE to see the Aurora, I keep trying but the last few times its been cloudy here so still not seen them.
  18. Thanks guys, manual focus based on zooming in on live view, didnt have a mask at that time so all by eye! Got a mask now to ensure firm focus. Subs total was about an hour, mix of 2,3 and 4 mins, with darks and bias. Yes I have very dark skies, best I have ever seen, you can see M31 without any optical aid and see the milky way clear as I ever have. Well I suppose there has to be some advantages to living in the middle of nowhere in Aberdeenshire!! Cheers Kevin
  19. Just want to thank FLO, they have been great again, really good advice and help, quick delivery, fantastic job guys, keep up the good work! I dont even think of going any where else for my astro needs these days. Cheers Kevin
  20. Hi Rossco are the imperial holes the inner ones or outer ones on the rings?
  21. Good find Helen, many thanks for the info, now just need to go buy some. Cheers Kevin
  22. Thanks guys, sadly the local B&Q is over a 3 hour return drive away so not really an option. Been told it could be M5 or M6!! I have asked WO and will post the reply up on here incase it helps anyone else. Cheers Kevin
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