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  1. Thanks both for the responses. I think you're right Patrick. Not only that, but FLO stock them. I'll fire off a mail to them tomorrow, and see if it is in fact the one I need. That document is really useful, it gives good detail on the adapters
  2. Hi All, I'm stuck trying to complete my image train. Basically I need an M57 Male/Male adapter. I've hunted high & low over the web without success. I'm hoping one of you good folk knows of somewhere that might do strange adapters. Image train is Canon EOS-M60 -Borg 7601- Hutech OAG (missing this bit) Borg M57 - 2" - M48 field flattener. (Alternatively, an M57 Male to M48 Female adapter would do the trick)
  3. Thanks, My specific question would have been... "Is M48 the connector to go on the internal thread of a 2 inch nosepiece." But hoped to head off other queries by having a URL for somewhere that'd explain all the interconnects.
  4. Hi All, Is there a straightforward site somewhere that explains the different connectors used to couple equipment. Particularly where two different names are used for the same connector. M42, M48, 2 inch, 1.25 inch, C, CS ........ bewildering.
  5. The biggest jump in the quality of my images was when I transitioned from DeepSkyStacker to PixInsight. Not cheap - especially as the euro has gained against the pound recently, but lots of support (see processing videos from Harry at astroshed). Free 30 day trial licence - what's to lose by trying it?
  6. Hi All, Just taken some data on 2013 US10 Catalina, and find that the DATE_OBS keyword in the FITS header that is required for CometAlignment module in Pixinsight is missing. I think this is a fault in the SIPS software that came with the G2-8300 camera, which I'll be taking up with the manufacturers. However, the DATE_BEG keyword is there. Doers anyone know of a batch process to insert keywords into FITS headers, giving it the value of an existing keyword ? Don't fancy doing 300 keyword inserts :s
  7. Thanks Olly, I wasn't thinking of mixing the narrowband filter manufacturers, just maybe getting the Ha filter, and then saving for the others. Is it not a good idea to mix (for example) 6nm Ha with 12nm OIII, and 12nm SII ?
  8. Thanks Rob, Like you, I seem to only get clear skies when the Moon is up. LP is always an issue, so it may be that HOS is the way to go. Intrigued by the Ha only option.... maybe just get the Astrodon Ha and save for the others, instead of getting a set of Astronomiks....... Needs a bit more thought I guess.
  9. Hi All, Long time member, but don't post much. I'm moving to a Mono CCD where I was previously using a modified DSLR. What with the cost of the camera & filter wheel, I'm not in a position to purchase both an LRGB and HOS set of filters at the same time, so wondered what peoples thoughts were ? Should I just go HOS? or are LRGB more forgiving? Processing isn't an issue - I've done some narrowband processing from a remote site, and part of my processing workflow is to split, re-align and recombine the RGB channels on my DSLR data. I'll be using 31mm un-mounted filters, and my pockets are not deep enough to spring fort the Astrodons, so it'll be Astronomiks that I'll be using. The filter wheel with have space aplenty for the additional filters once I get around to buying them. Regards, Mike
  10. Thanks for your thoughts Olly, Pad is already there (one reason I'm considering this). I was thinking of having some kind of removable wooden strut that would fit round the pier when packing up (so I knew the shed was back in place when putting away), but I like your metal U-Frame idea better. means the structure is still solid even whn being used as a "warm room". I was going to get spring loaded wheels, so that when fastened down, there was little/no gap to prevent weather ingress when packed away. Also like the drop down table idea. I suppose all connections etc could be wall mounted for speed/ease of set up. I have not put the pier in yet, so I could shape the concrete around the base to prevent pooling I guess. Still got to sell the idea to the better half, so wanted to get my thoughts right first. (she doesn't realise she will be losing half of her 20' greenhouse as part of the plans - she doesn't use it all anyway)
  11. Hi All, I'm looking to permanently site my scope on a pier in the garden. However, I'm a little restricted with space. I'm considering getting a 4x4 shed, and putting it on runners, so that when the door is opened, and any fasteners which hold the shed in place are released, the whole shed can be rolled away, over the scope and mount. The whole area is a concrete pad. The shed (now moved to one side) would effectively become my warm (or a little less cold) room. This seems to be a little less difficult for me to build than a roll off roof. I wondered if anyone else had considered, or even done this before. Any potential pitfalls from previous designers would be most welcome.
  12. Hi All, I have been successfully using a bahtinov mask to help me get good focus when using my C925 on planets. Now that I have started to take solar Ha images (using a PST.... not the C925 ), I wondered if anyone had tried using a bahtinov for focus on the sun? I would usually use a point source (like a moon of jupiter) to get the spikes, but am unsure if the spikes would still be good when using a visible disk. Any information (including "won't work") gratefully received.
  13. Managed to get out yesterday between showers. Was set up, imaged, packed away within 20 mins. Focus is off, I have discovered two dust bunnies, and my processing is not yet as good as others, but as it is my first, I'll love it forever PST, DMK21 600 frames @ 60fps 300 of 600 frames stacked. Colour layer in CS5. I think this is AR1515, can anyone confirm?
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