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  1. I have had two Williams 80mm telescopes one a singlet at 480mm F6 and the other which I still use a F53 doublet at 550mm F7 The Eyepieces I started with where Vixen all had good views but limited width.. I upgraded to LVW Vixen eyepieces which are very good but expensive and added some Baader Hyperions for eyepiece projection photograpy ( Moon ) the scope is not good on planets for viewing and to increase image size and detail for planets I use more expensive TelVue Raidians and a 2" 2X powermate with existing eyepieces. My collection in use is 27mm Panoptic 22 Vixen LVW 17 Baader Hyperion 13 Vixen LVW 8 Baader Hyperion 5 Vixen LVW 4 Televue Radian I have good views and I am happy with what I have. I also have a GS0 200mm F4 reflector and a 102mm F7 Ikharos doublet, the eyepieces are used in them all.
  2. Well done nice scope, I have had a 480mm F6 singlet version and now have the 550mm F7 12th aniversary doublet FPL53 version they are very good. They go on my Skywatcher HEQ5 pro mount with only one weight and with a 2" diagonal give great visual views.
  3. That is a area I know nothing about. Thanks for your input anyway.
  4. Merlin thanks for the input.. Which colour wheel and filters do you recomend as that is a area I am totally lost on. I have never done any CCD stuff being a Canon 40D user with mixed results on astro stuff.. I am for nebulae wispy stuff but failed partly due to light polution and probably operator error LOL
  5. How do you get on with the atik 314 as that is a consideration for the imager ? Is it the mono version ?
  6. Hopefully the Ikharus for image but with the F7 80mm as a alternative. I believe some users here have had difficulties with the QHY5 above F5 and I am thinking a lodestar may be a better bet. A C11 light gathering would I suspect mitigate the qhy5 problems which I think was focus related.
  7. You miss my point Merlin why buy a F5 ST80 when I want to use my F7 80mm . I understand that a QHY5 struggles above F5 so together I am spending on things I wish to avoid. Yes I do have a HEQ5 Pro and a ST4 cable will be required.
  8. I am fortunenately soon to get a small windfall, and with consideration in using it I am thinking of auto guideing and ccd imaging. In the past guide scopes near or better than the focal length of the image scope was considered good, however now short guiders but faster appertures seem to be the thing and between F2.8 and F5 seem the fashion. The scopes I own and will use are F7 80mm 550 length so what CCD guider works at this length ? I will also need to get EQmod and as also I needto setup to a computer in house as my mount is local to my back garden through a patio door, a long 12m repeater usb2.0 lead from Maplin has been aquired already, and a further 12volt power suppy for the ccD will be needed. I may splash out on a new main scope also Ian king sell a very tempting Ikharus 102mm @ F7 Any thoughts or advice please on CCD guiding, scope or CCD imagers ?
  9. SJC03

    Hello from Yorkshire

    Hello and welcome another in Yorshire who is new here to.
  10. I would keep the kit and gear, the best possible route for you is to do both by getting a simple mount and scope for quick visual use, you can then do visual while imaging. I have a covered telescope mount/scope in my backyard and it takes just as long to setup the DLSR for photography as it does to fetch out my Easytouch & mount for visual.. The fastest of course is good old eyeball and bino`s
  11. I have a Green Witch cover on my HEQ5 pro with a 10" extension and 8" GSO F4 reflector on my decking and it really is good all weather easily used..which should do you well.
  12. Hyperion`s for focal projection do work, I find the GSO 8" F4 astrograph I have and a Canon 40D work very well with a 17 Hyperion on the Moon. However I do not have good results with my 80mm Zenithstar refractor.. infocus and light gathering seem to be as mentioned a problem. I do like Hyperions though for viewing and have 8, 13, & 17 eyepieces. The thing is if you get a result it does give you what you see of the view which a normal telescope/camera focal projection will not.
  13. I have a HEQ5 Pro with a 10" extension got from the Widescreen Centre a few years back. I remember checking then what was available and the EQ6 extensions did have more choices from 6" to 12" I seem to recall but those do not fit the HEQ5 so beware ! although expensive adaptors are available to fit HEQ6 to HEQ5 extensions, the cost then runs into 3 fiqures. Also you do get a loose fit and some flex so balance needs to be good when a extension is fitted.. they are great though for six footers like me who find the polar scope much easier to use at the increased height.
  14. SJC03

    Hello from Hedon

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. I hope I can learn and join in the topics here..in the past I have done more quest reading than post`s. Matt thanks for the offer..I am starting again with my small refractor but have not given up on the collmination of the bigger scope..still looking.
  15. Eye piece choice for planets with 80mm 550 FL refractor I have not upgraded my eye pieces since my 80mm 480 FL refractor and as such my Vixen 5 eyepiece is my most powerful ocular. For general viewing this is not a problem but for planets the image size is just to small in view. I experimented with a Hyperion 8 eye piece adding tube rings to get 4.3 and looked at Jupiter. I liked the view and larger image size so this is my planet view for now. The question really is would a/ Hyperion 3.5 be better b/ A barlow C/ Powermate I do not use Barlows and a powermate is expensive, out of choice I have Vixen LVW & Baader Hyperions. My other scope is a GSO 8" astrograph.
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