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  1. How about this? Not my ad btw https://www.facebook.com/groups/240391446118062/permalink/1990529394437583/?sale_post_id=1990529394437583
  2. Saw one the other day, considerably faster than the usual satellites. In fact I would say it was faster than a meteor.
  3. Hi, This question has just been asked in our local astronomy group - how can you guarantee that a solar scope will not damage the public's eyesight and if damage occurs how is this dealt with public liability insurance wise? Its not like you can just pop round to Asda and get a certificate of conformity for your erf? Any comments on this? Thanks Nigel
  4. Morning, unfortunately not I confused it with a 2" to T thread adaptor.
  5. Hi, think l have one will photograph tomorrow. Nigel
  6. Just finished three scope boxes for my newest scopes. 1. Skywatcher 150 Heritage 2. Skywatcher 180 Mak 3. Zeiss Telementor (mark 1) The 150 Heritage box also doubles up as a riser for the scope in case there are no other options available (i.e. picnic table etc.)
  7. Just standard card from Hobbycraft (not too thick) DC-Fix gloss self adhesive wrap to the outside and DC-Fix black velour as the flocking internally. This mod also works with the H130, here's one I did previously.
  8. Final mod, a rubber buffer for the scope to rest on whilst its being transported. The buffer is high enough to ensure the collimation screws do not foul the MDF base.
  9. Also modded the original loose focuser with some spare flocking in the un-threaded areas either side Initially did it full length but found out that it fouled so I cut it down to approx half the original. No more PTFE tape on the threads for me as it works perfectly.
  10. Finished another couple of mods today, the first being the addition of a finder shoe on the base so the red dot finder is carefully secured whilst being transported.
  11. Now fitted a conventional finder shoe so I have the option to use an optical finder or RDF
  12. Ages ago I fitted a shroud to my long gone Heritage 130 and it made the scope a lot more useable by reducing stray light from street lights in my semi suburban location. With my recent purchase of a Heritage 150 I thought I would re-create the shroud on a larger scale and followed the same thinking as before. I also took the opportunity to flock the lower half of the OTA as well as blacking out the edges of the secondary mirror.
  13. Just noticed that the inside of the 0.965" ep barrel has not been painted black, is this common for this ep?
  14. Hi, where are you based, not sure if I like the idea of posting.
  15. Hi I have an Equinox 120 and I live in Preston It has red Primaluce Lab rings and has been flocked internally, will send photos tomorrow if you are interested. Regards Nigel
  16. Hi (im assuming this is visual use only) why not get another tube ring so you can just rotate the whole tube. If you go down the second base route the chances are you will have to re-align the Telrad every time you swap it over?
  17. Bought this a while ago and have just finished renovating it. Went against the grain colour wise as I already have a Telementor 2 in the original colour. Converted the turret to house a standard diagonal prism rather than the original flawed Amici type. Original photos show its condition after DHL battered it in transit (compensated) Added a finder release bracket so I have the option of a TAL finder or a RDF
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