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  1. Thanks for the love Mick and Neil :grin: Though the next image may be a while due to the weather predicted over the next few weeks, though we live in hope! Have you gents got anything on the verge of been posted at the moment? I'm after the jellyfish but it's stll a bit low for me at the moment? Take care and clear skies Matt.
  2. Thanks again for the comments, I agree that some targets are better suited to hubble pallette irespective of the amount of Ha they contain (I once tried the flaming star nebula in narrowband,was not good ) Though narrowband lends it self better to my location due to the light pollution and poor skies.
  3. Great image mate! Though the stare (the orange ones anyway) seem to be oversaturated? The cocoon looks better in the second image but the stars look better in the first! I do love the star colour that's coming through though, I want that mount!
  4. Hi again Sam, Can't do anything with them images I'm afraid mate as the jpeg conversion has fluffed up the data but never mind.You're on the right track! Only problem I see at the moment is the stars. Small pinpoints of light with the fuzzy halo, I remember this happening to some of my images and I couldn't find out why some earlier processing work had better stars with the same setup. I found my answer was the stacking method, try using an alternative to sigma clip, maybe just "Median" or Sdmask to see if the stars improve? Other than that Sam it's just hours and hours of
  5. It's going to be awesome when finished mate! A very hard target to image, would you be interested in adding colour? Clear skies, Matt.
  6. Really excellent work Lewis, a lot of effort has gone into capturing this and it shows! It's making me want to crack out my DSLR again! Well done! Whats next? Clear skies, Matt.
  7. Thanks again ladies and gents! "Velvet" I totally get what you mean but for me I want the image to be interesting that is to say not just red or varying degrees of red with a smattering of pink. When I show people at home the images I produce, the false colour ones anyway, they are astounded by the multitude of colours that to them exist in space, the richness of varying cloud formations with there golden, turquoise and cyan hues! Do I tell them that actually what you are seeing is a representation of narrowband images mapped to falsely represent colour and edited in photoshop to better dis
  8. Thanks Martin! I could process the star halo's out in Pixinsight but to be honest I can't be bothered Though I may do it at a later date when we have our next month long cloud session ! Appreciate you taking the time out to have a look!
  9. Hi all, This is the first image I have completed for a while though I have another couple on the go that I hope to complete by the end of the year! So this one is "The wall" section of the North America nebula in the constellation of Cygnus. Has been a bit of a nightmare getting the data together due really poor skies but I managed to grab the last of my SII data around bonfire night. Image consists of 19x15 minute subs in both Ha and OIII and a further 24x15 minute subs in SII Image stacked and calibrated within MaximDl, processing duties taken care of within Photoshop cs4 and Pixinsight.
  10. Hi Les! The image looks too dark so I threw it into photoshop and the noticed that the black point is really clipped in all channels! the colours look nice but the overall whispyness has been reduced by the clipping! Cheers and clear skies, Matt.
  11. Personally I prefer the first one The second (re-worked) image the stars are oversaturated and bloated and the subtle detail in the original has been lost. Clear skies, Matt.
  12. Hi again Sam, I downloaded your JPEG and fired up PS. First thing to jump out is that you've clipped the black point of the image! That is to say you've made it to dark and wiped out loads of data in the process! So get back to the drawing board Have a look at this quick tutorial don't worry that your background is not perfectly black! around the core of M42 is all the gaseous goodness "it's not supposed to be deepest black" http://www.corius.net/cont/artic/basimpro.html Start over from scratch, combine the RGB without decon within maxim, also do the same for the Lum without decon. Wh
  13. I agree with Swag here, I have an HEQ5, though a great mount for the price the payload is substantially less than the NEQ6. If you can afford the NEQ6 go for it as it future proofs what you may do if you decide to change/add extra scopes etc. You could start off with the HEQ5 and the 200P and a DSLR but then you may want to add a CCD with filter wheel,a guide scope and then maybe a wide field APO. An Neq6 would let you do this,the HEQ5 would not! Also look here for second hand gear but make sure if you can't pick the item up you always pay with paypal (not gift as you'll lose buyer protection)
  14. Hi Sam, I'm not able to view your images at the moment for some reason though I'm at work and it could be the poor internet connection. First thing first, your mount. You have over £3000 worth of kit sat on it....with a weight of about 11kg and it's probably at it's max for imaging (some would say over) and that in my opinion wold be with a guiding system.You are wasting what could be achieved with the CCD scope setup you have by not guiding so I'd upgrade the mount as soon as you can (Neq6 minimum). I think an earth worm burrowing under the mount would be sufficient to give odd s
  15. As already been mentioned by Olly looks like a gearing problem, meshing or otherwise I've had this myself before but that was due to a cable snagging so rule that out first ? are your goto's ok? sometimes at certain angles if your gearing is not meshed properly it can cause binding? Do you hear any clicking from the mount at that angle? as if a gear is jumping? When the mount is in the home position with the clutches locked hold the scope and give it a wiggle and see if there's any play in either of the axis? Clear skies, Matt.
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