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  1. moriniboy

    Carl Zeiss H25 0.965" ep

    Excellent condition. Includes postage to UK mainland (£20 insurance) No end caps. £46 I also have a 0.965" to 1.25" adaptor for an extra £5 if interested.
  2. moriniboy

    DIY barrel modification help

    Will be aluminium with faded black anodising as its been exposed to the sun.
  3. moriniboy

    DIY barrel modification help

    Not sure what this will be used after modification but if its for an ep the barrel may foul the prism?
  4. moriniboy

    C9.25 dilemma

    First of all I would like to state that this is not my scope! I have been asked to find out if its possible to find a buyer for this C9.25 which unfortunately had a slight knock that shattered the front corrector. All other items appear in good serviceable condition but there are a couple of small marks on the primary and secondary coatings. Tube and baffle have been flocked and fastenings are mainly stainless. What do you guys think? Would normally post in for sale section but unsure if its worth much. Thanks
  5. moriniboy

    COMPLETED - FOUND - EQ5/HEQ5 16" Pier Extension Tube

    Sorry only just seen this. No the EQ6 is quite different to the EQ5.
  6. moriniboy

    COMPLETED - FOUND - EQ5/HEQ5 16" Pier Extension Tube

    Not sure if this will help but I have a powder coated 16" extension with an EQ5 top plate and an EQ6 bottom plate!
  7. moriniboy

    Heads Up ! Zeiss on Ebay

    Regarding the original scope due to coating problems with the Amici prism I'm in the process of swapping it over to a standard prism. According to the "experts" this should provide better results as an Amici is always compromised by its design, even if its made by Zeiss.
  8. moriniboy

    Heads Up ! Zeiss on Ebay

    Wow this one just went for 815 euros (£720) and its not even got an original tripod.
  9. moriniboy

    COMPLETED - Hardly used

    What size?
  10. moriniboy

    RDF fitment to my new bino's

    I fitted a longer dovetail and used some aluminium to make a pillar which carries the finder qr shoe.
  11. moriniboy

    Heads Up ! Zeiss on Ebay

    Hopefully will remember to take (and post on here) some before and after photos.
  12. moriniboy

    Heads Up ! Zeiss on Ebay

    Did a bit of research and it turned out to be a Telementor l with a helical focuser (my current scope is a Telementor ll) so to cut to the chase its winging its way to Preston shortly lol. The objective is held in place by 2 screws and does not move unlike the version ll so access for cleaning should be easy.
  13. moriniboy

    Heads Up ! Zeiss on Ebay

    Hmm not the best example, bit of a chancer methinks. Going to stick with mine.
  14. moriniboy

    Skytee II V's AYO II

    Well spotted, another Astroboot item re-threaded to suit the Skytee
  15. moriniboy

    Skytee II V's AYO II

    Not sure, got from good old Astroboot.

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