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  1. Scrap man came earlier today, these items have now gone. Mods please remove
  2. 140mm secondary 380mm primary
  3. Needs to be collected from Preston before the scrap men come round sometime next week. Very heavy duty.
  4. Jupiter and Mars

    My attempt using a scope and mobile phone.
  5. Explorer 250P or similar

  6. Wanted: Vixen 32mm "circle V" Erfle 36.4 barrel

    Is this the one which screws into the Vixen focuser using a 36.4mm thread. I have the K28 version.
  7. re-coating or to buy new

    It would be cheaper to get a second hand 6" f5 newt but it will never be a TAL. Great scope, this was mine after a re-paint and a few mods.
  8. Meteorite display boxes

    Have you tried treating them, moving to sealed boxes can sometimes lock in the moisture and desiccant slows it but does not stop it 100%
  9. Astronomy books

    Being sold on behalf of Preston & District Astronomical Society. Each picture shows a set (comprising 6 or 7 books). £15 per set including UK mainland postage and packing. If you need any further information please feel free to ask. Please note Set 3 is now under offer.
  10. buying used from the states?

    Its the Royal Mail charges that sour the milk on lower priced items , this was $50.
  11. buying used from the states?

    Also depends if the seller put the full value on the postal form.
  12. I had a dew shield adaptor made so l could use it as a Ha scope with a Solarmax 60.
  13. Anyone notice what's wrong with this PST. Hope no one from here shelled out £300 for this.
  14. Question on the Lunt Herschel Wedge

    They work perfectly well without them, but I use one as it is supposed to make the granulation more pronounced (never tried a side by side so can't confirm this) A single polarising filter attached to the base of an ep will provide variable brightness to suit your eyes