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  1. Astronomy books

    Being sold on behalf of Preston & District Astronomical Society. Each picture shows a set (comprising 6 or 7 books). £15 per set including UK mainland postage and packing. If you need any further information please feel free to ask. Please note Set 3 is now under offer.
  2. buying used from the states?

    Its the Royal Mail charges that sour the milk on lower priced items , this was $50.
  3. buying used from the states?

    Also depends if the seller put the full value on the postal form.
  4. I had a dew shield adaptor made so l could use it as a Ha scope with a Solarmax 60.
  5. Anyone notice what's wrong with this PST. Hope no one from here shelled out £300 for this.
  6. Question on the Lunt Herschel Wedge

    They work perfectly well without them, but I use one as it is supposed to make the granulation more pronounced (never tried a side by side so can't confirm this) A single polarising filter attached to the base of an ep will provide variable brightness to suit your eyes
  7. Glad I don't have to buy from the US, looks like they are taking advantage at the moment approx £175 Lunt 1.25
  8. 220mm excluding original dovetail
  9. If you are using the 36 in 1.25" mode with a 1.25" diagonal it could explain this?
  10. 1,250.00 Photo's are a testimony to the quality of this scope which is a real head turner and conversation piece. Any questions, please ask. Collection at a mutually agreed meeting point. PayPal plus fees or bank transfer please
  11. BGO 12.5mm on eBay

    Well it went for £34.60 and the 5mm went for £26, someone got a bargain.
  12. DIY refractor for solar projection questions

    The obvious answer seems to be a solar film cell on the front of the objective to keep the energy out of the tube, but the solar funnel may not work as well. The only other way is to limit the time spent looking at the sun to reduce the heat build up, but i'm sure you will have assessed this already. Will your mount be driven?
  13. EP for 16" f5 truss dob

    Thanks, missed that, at least rockystar is awake. PADAS facebook link
  14. EP for 16" f5 truss dob

    Sorry can't help you re make of dob as we bought it second had recently with no provenance apart from it having Oldham Optics mirrors. Must admit its been put together very well and with what looks like ptfe sliding blocks its very easy to track objects like the ISS.