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  1. I tried the Polar Alignment a couple of nights ago and all I can say is WOW! I was starting from no alignment at all so I had to run through a few iterations and also go back to my old QHY5 as my Starlight Express Loadstar isn't supported... but once done I did a 6 min unguided shot just fine... I've never had my PA that good before
  2. What a brilliant design! Might have to borrow that once my Mrs gives me permission to build one
  3. Not a book, but have you looked at https://dso-browser.com/
  4. Heh, I had the same Nicely done Gordon, looking forward to seeing more.
  5. Sorry Sean, they are 1.12" filters. I think I'm going to withdraw this from sale, I seem to be getting back into imaging and I think I'd regret selling it. Mods, can you move this post please?
  6. That's a beautiful image Steve, love the colours. roj
  7. Just updated my original Mk1 AAF2 to the new code and it is working a treat - thanks Dave
  8. Hi All, after not using the above for the last two years, I have decided to go back to OSC with a DSLR. All bought from FLO about 3 years ago, and hardly used apart from initial setting up and testing before I moved house, so I would say VGC. I can put up pics at the weekend. The 314 has been on the EFW2 since purchase so I don't have the boxes for either of them, but I do have all the filter boxes - the filters have always been in the EFW2. The OAG is this one from FLO https://www.firstlightoptics.com/off-axis-guiders-oag/off-axis-guider.html but I have modified it slightly to
  9. I'm sure it'll work fine. Here is my current pier, been using this for 3 years and the brick part came with me when I moved here, and was in use for about 3 years before that... never had a problem with it. https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/240475-pier-built-from-bricks/?page=3#comment-2616285
  10. The main reason people end up with a rat box is to loosen the nut underneath so they can rotate the mount for PA on the cheaper mounts.
  11. I will agree that the height of those bolts was ridiculous and unnecessary though
  12. Considering I actually lift the mount and it's plate off after every session (it sits in the edge of a shrubbery, so I have to bring it in for weather protection) I thought my problems were due to my pier compromise, but most of it was poor PA, even though I thought it was good, general backlash in the mount and PE. Having said that, I don't always get 30 min subs, but I'd take any bet that says it's my peir to blame.
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