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  1. As you have large binocular I take it you have a tripod I would recommend a pair of 20X80 or even 20x100 it will allow you to see nebula and Jupiter moons best of luck as you can see the largest ones I have are 15x80 but wish they could be 20x100 I have had some good nights with good friends that have 20x100 just fantastic let us know when you do your next purchase
  2. I have a pair of Opticron 15x80 and I have had them for some years I find them really good bins, they are as good as the day I purchased them
  3. Hi I personally would not buy these binoculars 20x60 are very hard to use I save up your money and buy a tripod and a pair of 20x80 or even 25x80 coted lenses, this will allow you to see the planet and nebula's and galaxies M41 M42 M44 etc also the heaver the tripod the better
  4. Hello and welcome to the SGL from Suffolk England UK
  5. I would say that the 18x50 is too powerful they are great for sky view and long distance 15 miles plus I must say I have been using Canon 15x50 IS for many years and I think they are a great all-rounder and are half the price of the Canon 10x42L let us know what you decide
  6. I have had a pair of Canon 15x50 IS for several years and they go everywhere with me Holidays ect but they are mostly used for Astronomy when you get older your arms are not so steady and you tend to shack a bit you press the button and it just stops they are very impressive even works on a ship, to me they are worth every penny I will say there are certain time of the year you can find them reduced, I have tried the 18x50 and did not like them as much as the 15x50 any questions please ask You get the best out of quality
  7. I have had Canon I.S 15x50 for about 6 years before they went water proof :-) but it doesn't mean much to me as I don't use them in the rain I use them mostly for Astronomy very clean and very stable to me worth the money there are times of the year when they are reduced so keep your eyes open
  8. Yes they will pick out the 4 big moons but you will only see them as dots more than that you will need a scope best of luck
  9. Congratulations on a fine choice of eyepiece one of the best on the market ,now all we need is the weather
  10. Congrats on getting a fine eyepiece I have a few Nagler and fine them top notch I have a 26mm and would says it is a favorite of mine Clear skies
  11. Image stabilising bins are great had a pair for years the best way to view is laying flat, I own a pair of Canon 15x50 like everything we do it takes a bit of practice after a few times you will get used to hold your arms up is that position I think they are a good investment as they go on every holiday plus used for a quick look in the back garden when I can't be bothered to get my scope out ,I personally would not get 8x25 noir the 8x30 unless you're a bird watches or going to the races :-) the wider the objective lens the more light that enters the more you will see a pair of ordinary binoculars to hold should not be bigger than 10x50 hope this helps any question please ask
  12. I just like to say as I normally say to friend look on OPT USA site they are usually cheaper but not time even with our 20% VAT (tax) it is £26.00 cheaper here thats $37.00 for our American friends at Telescope House Oh ,I have no affiliation with this company except I brought my scope there
  13. A warm welcome to the SGL from Essex UK
  14. A warm welcome to the SGL hope you enjoy it here as much as I do
  15. Hi guy don't fell to bad about the wife not giving two craps mine is the same ,these are IMHO two of the best filter you can have in your arsenal ,but complaining about no weather to view for two weeks I've not been able to view since the summer due to weather, moon, ect Merry Christmas hope to weather changes soon clear skies
  16. In the USA they say that this binocular Product Discontinued by ManufacturerPentax 10x50 PCF WP II Binoculars - 65808 has been discontinued by Pentax and is no longer available. Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below. You can also explore other items in the Binoculars category yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you! and go for $148.99 36% off at Optics planet.com but still a bargin here and Bambuz PENTAX 12X50 PCF WP II BINOCULARS WITH CASE £100.6p don't know ware the 6p came from :-)
  17. Doug

    Lunar Eclipse

    0:309 as it hit full a eclipse in Essex then start to open at the bottoms splendid the red is stunning like looking Mars close up :-)
  18. These are not the second generation but at £299.00 they are a bargain IMHO unless you know of these cheaper happy hunting PS. I had a look a WEX that sell them and I can not see any difference to the Mark 1 uless you no better ?
  19. Hi Ya Brantuk long time no see for me family problems is keeping me busy, when I got my15x50 IS I was aware of the new one coming out ,that is what you got 10x42Ls I believe they were waterproof never had the privilege of looking through them I should imagine they are fabulous now as for these Swarowski what size did you have a look through and was there a lot of difference between yours and the Swarowski be very interested in you view many thanks
  20. Hi Chris thanks for the update of the Canon IS 11, I was not aware of a new type as I believe they all were made using gyroscope wizardry But ha things move on technology is moving at a rapid rate I will make more inquiries as I was thinking of the wife many thanks
  21. Hi Dirk I have had a pair of Canon IS 15x50 I think around 5 years or so They have been halfway around the world with me I first got them for when I went to the caribbean cruise from Mexico, Panama Canal and when we got to Costa rica the sky from dusk till dawn laying on a lounger was just phenomenal pin point star and beautiful nebula every here in the UK I can see M31 heart and soul Orion nebula centre with 7 stars on a clear night years ago they very expensive to day for what they are there a steel can't recommend more ,when I show them to the boy at astronomy club two went out and got them buy the next week if I lost them tomorrow I would buy another pair right away hope you get what you want please let us know what you got as we are a nosey bunch and love binoculars
  22. I was way to slow to get my I.S bins I did see one meteor under cassiopeia but it was all over in a flash I must say these is give a great view on a clear night are you as happy with the bins as I am ?
  23. I also see the ISS as it passed going west to east not exactly overhead but a great view and very bright I have tried before to get it in my scope but it's just too bright you are better off just looking with your eyes when you know a bit further away it's going to be close use a dark sky filter may help Thurrock Essex has anyone seen M31 to night it is eluding me ? Thanks guys
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