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  1. Lovely sketches Mike. Thanks for posting.
  2. FANTASTIC IMAGES . Rain and cloud here in the UK, but hopefully I might get a chance to see it on Saturday morning.
  3. Great images, lovely view of Petavious.
  4. That is a truly outstanding image. Well done. Chris.
  5. Hi Paul, very nice shots as usual. I managed about 20 minutes viewing with the 130 mm APO, before the proverbial trees got in the way again ! However the seeing was fairly good, and Copernicus looked superb. Cheers Chris.
  6. Nice image Paul, full disc especially. I only managed a view through my 8x42 binoculars, too many trees in the way. Cheers Chris.
  7. That is a really lovely and well executed sketch. Well done.
  8. Great sketches Mike, I particularly like the close up of the cusp extension. PS. As Mrs Dnight noticed your new telescope yet ! Cheers Chris.
  9. Those are really lovely images. Well done. Chris.
  10. Nice one Paul, especially first image. Cheers Chris.
  11. Fantastic images Craig. Among the best I have seen. Chris.
  12. Excellent sketches Mike, as per usual. I was observing Venus myself only a few hours ago in the evening twilight, with my 130 mm APO. Your representations are very similar to my own visual experience. However, I struggle to record the subtle markings, the biggest problem are the floaters in my own eye. Your eyesight is obviously much better than mine. Good work. Chris.
  13. Hi Craig, that is truly a wonderful image, and largely down to your skill me thinks. Chris
  14. Hi Mike, yes, that is a lovely sketch. keep them coming. Chris.
  15. Hi there in Kingstone, that is a beautiful image, I have yet to see the comet visually myself. Thanks Chris.
  16. Great sketch Mike, I had a similar effect using my 130mm APO, viewing Venus through the tree tops, the tiny branches creating diffraction spikes! Unwanted perhaps, but not confined purely to reflectors. Cheers Chris.
  17. I agree, some really wonderful images.
  18. Hi Craig. A superb image, I was observing visually with a 155mm F9 Starfire up until 21.30 hrs. The seeing was good and great detail visible. Thanks for posting. Chris.
  19. Hi Paul, your first image is lovely. Unfortunately it remains cloudy in these parts. Cheers Chris.
  20. Hi Paul, I really like the full frame image of the waxing crescent, alas, too low in the sky for me to observe from my location. Best wishes Chris.
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