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  1. There are a few 10" Besser Dob owners on here - worth considering, although they are a little pricier that the 10" Skyliner, they're the same as the flextube. I got an 8" Bresser, when I was originally looking for the 8" Skyliner. I haven't regretted it. All have long waiting times now, though.
  2. Looks fab! How did you cut the curves for the Alt bearings?
  3. You'll need a bottle opener too! I'm more of a lambic man, myself.
  4. The clouds cleared briefly enough for me to find it. Visible to the naked eye, but hardly obvious with local light pollution. Looks great in 10x50 bins, though. Couldn't make out any structure to the tail but the nucleus is bright and distinct - more so than on Tuesday morning, but that was a bit later and nearer to dawn. I was going to get a camera/tripod and take it down to the beach, but the clouds don't look promising, and I've had a few beers by now, so time for bed. Still nowhere near as bright as Hale-Bopp, but great to see another with the naked eye.
  5. Luckily you didn't throw it away with the packaging, either! Not me - but someone I know of , did (not on this forum)!
  6. Bank of cloud in the North, from Edinburgh. I think tomorrow is looking better than tonight, though. But will keep checking....
  7. Which Baader barlow is that, John? They have several?
  8. Just reading up about that T-rex mount. It's immense!
  9. Here's one example, includes the erect image diagonal that John mentioned: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/maksutov/sky-watcher-skymax-102-az-pronto.html Or a good photo tripod. There are other options if you wanted a go-to mount, that also allows you to be able to use it manually too. (I've been looking at a similar config recently)
  10. You will need a mount and tripod for the scope that John has suggested. An alt-Az would be best, if you are wanting it for birdwatching.
  11. A second-hand flight-case, being sold on ebay as left-over part of some new lighting equipment and unused apart from the delivery of such. Much less than a new one, but the perfect size for my new finderscope and Telrad. After John's horror stories about the dangers of moving Dobs with their finders attached! Just need some suitable foam to fill it.
  12. Yep - as already stated, a non-magnifying finder: like a Telrad, Rigel or a simple RDF. With a RACI finderscope like you'll have, it will take a little practise getting the scope in the correct direction in the first place. Having a simple finder like a Telrad will get you close enough to the target, that you can then use the RACI to fine-tune or star-hop.
  13. I still think a 70s gold-glitter wrap would improve it!
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