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  1. As if by magic, a12mm BST Starguider has just appeared in the For-Sale section!
  2. What @BinocularSkySteve said. Plus the Alpha Persei Moving Group (Melotte 20)
  3. Not sure about the SW, but when tightening the Bresser lock screws, it effects the collimation. So keep checking as you finish off and use it like a final fine-tuning.
  4. Here is the Baader Wonder Fluid instruction manual with their fantastic Baader->English translation https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/downloads/dl/file/id/110/product/1661/cleaning_and_maintenance_of_optics_a_short_instruction_guide.pdf "Cleaning an objective requires peace of mind, time – and a cloudy day, where you can’t observe anyway, with all your kids and spouses being off to other grounds" I make a point of ensuring my spouses never meet!
  5. And regarding all the above advice. Don't forget that anything you buy now can be kept with you as you upgrade or buy other scopes. Here's a very useful post about eyepieces. No need to go through the whole 10 years of replies, though! But I agree with @Second Time Around about the usefulness of a zoom. I have the Baader one, and it's great. Here's one that's a bit cheaper (not quite as cheap as the SVBony one mentioned above) but gets great reviews: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/ovl-eyepieces/hyperflex-72mm-215mm-eyepiece.html But the book "Turn Right at Orion" befor
  6. It's Darth Vader! https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/372805-the-darth-vader-constellation-indulge-me/
  7. If you are using an app like SkySafari (on a mobile at the scope), you can add the FOV of the finder onto the display. It makes star-hopping a cinch. Obviously you'll need to have it in night-mode and low brightness. I find it's fine as long as you are not in a proper dark-site. Otherwise, I'm looking to add a physical red-filter to a cheap astro-tablet (Play-store enabled Kindle Fire) The fact that the finder is correct-image makes it simpler to use IMHO, especially as it matches my binocular view.
  8. Not mine. found it on Astronomy Scotland facebook: https://www.instagram.com/p/CL2iTPKlQCd/?igshid=uzc56yoo56up&fbclid=IwAR20eLJ5hnry7f5s2TCAiMZwcPzxPjhHkObYmFbLH2bhS5CIO7TY-e-_5R8
  9. Seeing lots of reports from all over the UK on various Facebook groups. Worth reporting it here and you get an update from all the combined information from all sightings (after a day or so): https://ukmon.imo.net/members/imo/report_intro
  10. I will indulge you - as no one else has yet. I think I see what you mean from SkySafari as I haven't been able to see it in the flesh since your post. Is it this chap?
  11. Cloudy here. But might get some clear spells around midnight.
  12. Have a a look around Mirfak in Perseus. There's a great open cluster called the Perseus Moving Group (or something like that) - Merlotte 20. It's one of the best bino views in my opinion and easy to find in bright skies, as Mirfak is very bright. It's about 5 degrees across so a bit too wide for most telescopes. I'd also normally recommend M44, the Beehive Cluster, but it might be a bit too close to the moon.
  13. Oh. The optics might have been knocked out of collimation in transport. You can test by defocusing one eyepiece and see whether the bright spot in one eye in central to the round fuzzy circle in the other eye. There are several threads about this in the binocular section. And several ways to fix it, if you are lucky. What model bins do you have?
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