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  1. Thanks very much! The imaging scale was 0.38 arcsec/pixel. My guider scale is far from ideal. An OAG would be indicated, but I only have a 60 f4 refractor that gives me 2.42 arcsec/pixel in the guiding. As long as I keep the rms error below 1.5 in the PHD, the images have no problems. Easier when limited to 300s exposure. This M16 was 600s subs and some had to be excluded because they exceeded this error limit.
  2. Hi! Thanks a lot! Do you see chromatic aberration in images taken with mono or color cameras? I'm sure you have more experience than me with telescopes (you have a great arsenal, so I don't want to repeat basics). The only element capable of generating refraction in the light is the corrector plate and some reducer added before the sensor. I have the Astrophysics CCDT67, but for sure, with no reducer we have less aberration possibility. Is this aberration from low altitude objects on the horizon?
  3. Thanks a lot all friends for the words. I appreciate very much!!
  4. Thanks, Ed!! Yes, it's a lot of work and needs too much HD free space too!
  5. Thanks very much! My workflow is the standard one for planetary imaging. 1. Capture with Firecapture 2.6 2. Stacking in AutoStakkert 3.0 3. Layers sharpening in Registax 6 4. Animation Gif with PIPP All videos got throught this same processing. In PIPP you are able to choose the "speed" (FPS) of final GIF. Hope to have answered your question. Let me know if i didn´t.
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