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  1. A lovely moonscape, feels like you are actually standing there.
  2. Yes, a lovely well balanced image.
  3. Quality images, saturn is particularly impressive.
  4. Very nice clean images indeed.
  5. Lovely image. I was observing saturn at the same time and the seeing was rubbish !
  6. Yes, I fear the Perseids are no more! They have certainly declined massively in the last few years, the last decent showing was some 10 years ago or more. I have been observing this shower since the 1960's, and during the following decades rates remained high. Indeed, in the 1970's, members of the Kidderminster Astronomical Society, of which I was chairman for several years, recorded over 600 Perseids in one memorable watch over some 5 hours. Compare this with 2021. When, under largely clear skies in a suitable rural location I recorded just 16 Perseids in two hours on August 12th, and likewise the following night August 12th/13th, (during the predicted maximum) I observed only 16 meteors. Well at least we still have the Geminids. Keep looking up. Chris.
  7. Hi Paul, judging by your sketch there must have been a great amount of detail on view. Cheers Chris.
  8. Brilliant, well worth waiting for.
  9. Some very nice images Paul. I was almost totally clouded out here, but did manage a few brief glimpses from behind the clouds. Cheers chris.
  10. I agree with everyone else, a very novel record of Mars apparitions. Like Paul, it reminds me of a bygone age of great visual observers, Percival Lowell among others. Well done Mike.
  11. Some really lovely images there, i Particularly like Aristarchus.
  12. Hi fellow 'Lunatics'. Great image Paul, as you say, there was incredible detail on show along the terminator. Well done Mike, surprising what can be achieved using a humble mobile phone.
  13. Another lovely image Paul, of a paper thin crescent.
  14. Great image Neil. Have you tried counting the numerous craterlets in ptolemaeus !
  15. Beautiful crisp image of a phase I can rarely observe from my location.
  16. Fantastic image, especially with only a 5 inch scope.
  17. A very nice image indeed. I was out earlier tonight with the 70mm Celestron travel scope and a Tele Vue 8mm ploss. A lovely low power view and not dissimilar to your excellent photo.
  18. Lovely image Paul, indeed an iconic view. I too managed consecutive nights observing the moon, rare these days. Superb detail along the terminator through 155mm F9 Starfire. Although seeing wobbly at high power, especially when moon above the rooftops, numerous craterlets visible on the floor of Clavius and much more. Cheers Chris.
  19. A cracking image Paul , one of your best. Unfortunately, it was cloudy here.
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