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  1. no worries, and you might also be Southern enough to take a shot at this asteroid - or if you know anyone who might give it a shot... (if you can see jup & sat, you might have a good chance) beware, it's quite small...
  2. Indeed, skysafari. Highly recommended if you ask me!
  3. A friend of mine reached out to me, looking for some help. she was looking for some way to make a remembrance gift for her brother and his wife, who lost their child during pregnancy this year. She was going to be the godmother of the girl. she came upon ‘naming a star’, as the little baby is now ‘a star in heaven’. I think we can do a little better than handing over money to those kinds of companies. the baby was named Josephine. There is one main belt asteroid named Josephina. It is currently positioned in CAP, at mag 15. this is unfortunately too low for me,
  4. Taken with Esprit 120 and asi 071 mc pro. annotated image : Here
  5. Still on this comet, today it is close to LDN 1256. Only 60 minutes before clouds rolled in again. The scale of the Esprit 120 shows just how small this comet is. crop:
  6. I’ve only managed to see (well, photograph) this comet twice until now. Hoping for a break in the fog and clouds by new moon... yesterday, 17x180s, Esprit 120.
  7. Testing the new addition to my gear: ZWO EAF. Only managed to squeeze in 2 hours of HA-OIII before it clouded over again, but the Asiair did very well I'd say!
  8. I was running a raspberry pi in my allsky setup, but the software was having too many hickups. Image capture was ok, but in the morning, it stopped making and uploading the keogram, movie, and startrails. I could make them manually but it was too much of a hassle to do this every day, and too time consuming to make them on a weekly basis. So I upgraded the pi to a stick pc, so I could run Allskeye on it. But... - The stick pc loses connection with my wifi network as soon as I close the box. I'm hoping a USB wifi antennae will help with that. - The stick PC (Atom
  9. I've been playing around with the Edge in the garden during these last few clear nights during our lockdown. Not the usual dark site (SQM 19,3 here) so I thought I'd pick some brighter targets, and these just might be perfect for that. Enjoy!
  10. This software looks amazing, and I'd give it a shot, but what are you guys running your allsky setup on? The software needs windows to run, so do you have a dedicated laptop running 24/7 or is it just needed to log in and manage settings? I can't seem to find the part that describes the hardware. thanks!
  11. Took this to test how the rig is doing on the newly installed pier. 61 x 300 s subs, Esprit 120, asi 071 mc pro, Ioptron CEM 60. Light pollution filter in place: IDAS D1 I never really noticed the faint cluster on the upper right (Tombaugh 4) before, a great contrast with the bright one in the core (Collinder 26).
  12. Quick Follow up on this one before the clouds rollled in. Took longer exposures this time, which paid off in finding it while stacking
  13. I'd second that Mak idea. I think the normal SCT's are a bit overkill - as stated above, you will do a lot of transport and you'll need to check collimation often. Not fun when you are just going out for a quick view, you want to spend the time observing, not collimating. The mak packs a great punch! They are good for planetary and if you're a fan: the Moon. But the long focal length makes them good on DSO too (you'll miss the aperture though). BUT: living in a suburban area myself, I have switched the type of targets I observe: faint DSO are for dark skies on vacation. At home, I
  14. Shot earlier this month, this little comet is slowly making its way through CAS. 15.5 at time of this image, it should be mag 15 around the time of this post. Perihelion in january 2022 (2022!!) so we have over a year to observe this one before it either breaks up or disappears.
  15. These are just beyond wor(l)ds, really. Not just the detail or the way you blend in the details, but also the overall care you put in your sketches, absolutely wonderful!
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