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  1. Indeed, Victor, the bright star to the left is eta UMa, at 12 degrees from Talitha. the tail goes even further, but cirrus stopped me from taking more pictures.
  2. I was finally able to get to a remote location. Not the very best of weather, plagued by cirrus, but I managed to make a 3-panel mosaic, showing the ion tail. I need to learn how to equalise my background, but DNAlinearfit didn't do the trick. Stack of the 3 separate panels in APP, mosaic made in PixInsight.
  3. If ths were higher up the sky, nobody would look at M13 anymore Lovely view, dark lanes, resolved stars and star clouds all over the place!
  4. 2 more from last month..
  5. I've taken up the plan to go through the Struve catalog. A bit boring, but some of them are quite challenging, and most important: I can do it from my back yard, as opposed to Deepsky... So here goes a bunch of Struve sketches, sorry for the overload, hope they inspire you for a quick visit.
  6. Wiu-Wiu

    April sketches

    Lol those are erasing marks. I use a lightbox to put the stars in place, but galaxies are drawn in place afterwards. In this case, I drew it in the wrong spot so had to redo it thank you for the thumbs up, greatly appreciated!
  7. I used to put even more tape on my torch to further dim it down. Even used nail polish to make a white torch red. Now I have one of those clamp lights, and that really does the trick, it has 2 separate faint LED bulbs, and it's red on its own, I could try to look what the name is if you want. To further see any more details, I usualy start by drawing the stars, then the outlines of the object(s), and then just observe for 10 to 15 minutes. Only then you can really confirm details, and try out direct or averted vision. Making notes after that accordingly is easy and doesn't need much more switching between paper and eyepiece.
  8. Wiu-Wiu

    April sketches

    I haven't gotten around to further process my latest sketches, I have been busy preparing new sketch templates as these are a bit too large for sketching double stars. So I thought giving you guys a view 'under the hood' and post the raw scans of my final clean sketches. I'll still use this one for wide field sketches though. NGC 3301 in LEO. a small but bright edge on (as I was able to catch it from my 19.3 garden) with a stellar core. NGC 3190 and 3193 are a nice pair together in the 12". 3190 has a peculiar elongated core. The effect of lightpollution is evident; as there should be at least 4 galaxies in this view... I am missing NGC 3187 to the top left, and 3185 to the upper side. NEO 1998 OR2 passed us last month, When I found it at position A, and finished drawing in my field stars, it had moved over a star at position B. Magnitude was estimated twice, at A and D. Sketching an asteroid is as fun as coloring in a colorbook. Still, I like knowing that one of those specs is 'on the move' even more than the other ones
  9. I have this on the main page of my current website... I was already interested and have lively recollection of the Giotto passage through it's tail (back then, it was live on TV, in for what was the middle of the night for me, I asked my mom to wake me up so we could watch it..) I'll be 84 next time around, hopefully I get to watch it live, through a telescope, then.
  10. Some great optics in this thread.. I need a better job! (or 2 extra jobs, who needs sleep anyway?) On another note: I am now up for adoption, preferably by someone living under sqm 21+ skies and TAK glass in the shed.
  11. Data from 2015 on the website. I got my own SQM-meter and I'm only getting this on a good night now. I'm usually between 18.9-19.2 nowadays. Visual observations from home are restricted to double stars and clusters. It's all photographic with a big fat filter in front of it
  12. Imaged over 2 nights, but had to chuck away a fair part because of focus shift (c'mon ZWO, get that autofocus installed ) Still kept 106 subs of 300s, good for 8,8 hrs of data. Asi 071mc pro - Esprit 120 - CEM 60.
  13. 41x300s with Esprit 120 and asi071 on CEM60
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