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  1. NGC2371

    Nice picture! It is one of the objects that actually have 2 seperate NGC numbers: 2371 AND 2372. Love how you were able to capture the fine filaments on either side of them too!
  2. New scope - new objects!

    I recently aquired a 10" ACF sct, and was able to upgrade my AVX mount to an EQ6 pro mount. Both to carry the new scope, but also to use it for imaging with my 127mm apo - The AVX was on its edge. It finally cleared up after almost 2 months, so I finally got around to do some testing. The 10" will be mainly used at home as a visual scope, and ofcourse I will make use of the tracking capabilities of the mount to get some more difficult objects on paper. For starters, I tried to visit some golden oldies. I was simply STUNNED by the view of M82!! I never saw it that big in the 12" dob, let alone that clearly! This scope will bring me A LOT of fun - I am certain of that! Enjoy!
  3. M108

    Very nice and subtle sketch!
  4. 2017-12-17 - NGC 6811 - Cyngus: Hole in a cluster

    This was one of the first objects I looked at with my dob. I was baffled by the amount of tiny pinpoint stars which are speckled around the 'donut' that gives this cluster his name. Have you tried a bigger magnification? I cant believe the amount of work you've put in this, to sketch this amount of stars takes an eternity I wish I had your patience
  5. NGC 2372

    Very nice planetary nebula, sliced in 2 distinct parts: one smaller and brighter part, and one elongated, larger part. Green UHC hue added to the sketch.
  6. (3200) Phaethon

    Nice to get this one on paper, by the time I got to sketch all the stars, it had almost moved out of view Cool to see it actually move while looking!
  7. ngc 1023

    They do! I’m always glad to find similar sketches; it confirms my observation in a way after some time one could be drawing things that aren’t there for any reason. I find your sketch of the galaxy more accurate as I remind it (the sharp edge, the core,...) well done!!
  8. Sketching

    You mean naked eye sketching? It’s been in the back of my head to try and sketch the night sky when I’m out for a meteor shower. But I didn’t have the chance yet to have a clear night under dark skies for just that. I think it should be a good test for your observational and drawing skills..
  9. NGC 7510 Small cluster in Cepheus

    The cambridge star atlas is nice; I used it intensively for years on my desk to prepare observations; on the field I used the pocket sky atlas. But last year I bought the Interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas (comes in paper and waterproof edition), and the magnitude (as in: number) of objects in there is just incredible! Objects are also noted in 4 types of thickness; depending on what aperture or sqm you might need to actually see it. My Cambridge atlas is now rarely used anymore.
  10. The Orion Nebula

    Very nice!!
  11. M36 and asteroid (42)Isis

    It was more or less clear yesterday, so I took the scope out to a dark place to do some sketching. Only 2 objects today:
  12. M56 and M57

    A clear sky in the evening; so I quickly threw the dob out and started sketching. 2 hours later, some cirrus came in, and I called it a night.
  13. Stephan's Quintet

    I've tried it in sqm 22 -ish skies with a 12" and I didn't see all five of them. I saw 3, but that is including a pair that I couldn't dissolve or recognise as 2.
  14. M 34

    Open cluster M34 is high in the sky these days, nice to escape the light pollution and get some of those fainter stars in there. It is a nice view at low magnification, but the sight of all those field stars made me decide to zoom in a bit more - and save myself a bunch of work There are a bunch of nice pairs in the cluster, lighting the way. One star had a light yellow-orangy glow to it.
  15. ngc 1023

    Reading THIS topic, I wanted to revisit NGC 1023. My last observation of this galaxy was in december 2016, and in my notes from that night, I wrote "it looks like a small Andromeda Galaxy". There are a couple of nice Messiers real near to this one, and it is a wonder why this one was overlooked by Messier, and didn't make his list. It is a nice elongated galaxy, bright and it has a bright core, that is just as bright as some of the field stars. The galaxy fans out more to one side, or is edged sharper on the other, depending how you put it Very nice object to sketch, and to observe visually.