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  1. Here's a sketch by a friend in a 10" dob: You need to beware that the pup often hides right next to a spike. Maybe that's what's throwing you off?
  2. Afraid so.. but I've seen reports of seeing it through a 150mm achromat..
  3. I've been able to see it in my 12" dob last year but it needed perfect collimation, excellent eyepieces, and most of all: a perfect seeing.
  4. you mean reducer? Yeah, that one costs an arm and a leg. I don't have it, the CEM handles it well at 2800mm
  5. I'd say they are optically quite similar. I haven't gotten the chance yet to compare pictures of the same object. ACF: (crop) C11: Both on the CEM60. I think the weight issue is the real factor in this equasion. The Edge is just flying, while the ACF 'hangs' on the mount.
  6. I'd say refractor > reflector any day, but the higher focal length makes smaller targets possible for my mount. I see you have a CEM60 - I have one too, AND I own a 10" ACF. One advice: consider the C11 Edge!! I upgraded from the Meade and never looked back. The Meade is now used for visual only so I don't have to change the back all too often. The 10" ACF is possible on the CEM, but the C11 is lighter.
  7. It's a very interesting experiment, I always wing it, but having a more reliable baseline would be awesome. I recently got myself a SQ meter, and will do a measurement with every sketch, just to get that basic figure in. You might want to browse deepskylog.org to compare sketches. it also takes 'contrast reserve' into account for your location, that could help calculating... For M51: there are 67 sketches in the database: here
  8. They are quite dark, especially for Bortle 7 skies I usually mix a bit of red hue into the background when digitalising sketches from lightpolluted areas. Raising the blue tones might also help to make it a bit more lively. (I am also switching to more blue as the LED invasion has started here, and skies are getting grayer)
  9. I am planning a trip to Namibia in a couple of months. Because of weight restriction, I will be renting my telescopes, but I will bring my own camera. I'm not sure how the camera fits on the telescope, and will need to bring adequate spacers/mounting rings myself. Does anyone have the same equipment? Cound you provide me with a picture of your setup? Your help will be greatly appreciated!
  10. This one is still bright(ish), but getting smaller. Taken on december 30 with the C11 Edge. The crop reveals a tail.
  11. With an EQ mount I was able to move far beyond the equator when imaging. (I should specify I rate mounts by their use in astrophotography, not visually) the cem has 2 options: “at x degrees beyond equator: stop, or flip”. i have never taken the flip option. This limits my imaging time on a single image per night, which I do not like. I have yet to find software that handles a perfect meridian flip and continues. With an apo, I would consider that. With an sct... not that much...
  12. I second the CEM60 idea. I had an IEQ45 and while it is an excellent mount, it was quickly too light for my never ending aperture fever. It handled my 127mm apo triplet quite good, but the Esprit 120 was too much. Anything equal and less than that, and the ieq45 will be an excellent candidate. I think your Esprit 100 might be on the limit too. The CEM60 is a whole other league. But you will have to cope with the meridian flip. For me, that is the only downside to that mount. I have sold the IEQ45 and if I buy another mount, it will probably be another CEM.
  13. Wiu-Wiu


    Thanks, Miguel! No filter, because I was doing comets too and I am way too lazy to make 2 sets of flats
  14. Wiu-Wiu


    I'd have to say this is one of my favorite galaxies. Yesterday was clear and seeing was excellent. The comets had sunk too low to image, but I could gather a good 40 minutes of data with the C11 on the Cem60. Image capture software: Asiair. Camera: ZWO Asi 071mc pro. calibration with darks and flats only.
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