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  1. This software looks amazing, and I'd give it a shot, but what are you guys running your allsky setup on? The software needs windows to run, so do you have a dedicated laptop running 24/7 or is it just needed to log in and manage settings? I can't seem to find the part that describes the hardware. thanks!
  2. Took this to test how the rig is doing on the newly installed pier. 61 x 300 s subs, Esprit 120, asi 071 mc pro, Ioptron CEM 60. Light pollution filter in place: IDAS D1 I never really noticed the faint cluster on the upper right (Tombaugh 4) before, a great contrast with the bright one in the core (Collinder 26).
  3. Quick Follow up on this one before the clouds rollled in. Took longer exposures this time, which paid off in finding it while stacking
  4. I'd second that Mak idea. I think the normal SCT's are a bit overkill - as stated above, you will do a lot of transport and you'll need to check collimation often. Not fun when you are just going out for a quick view, you want to spend the time observing, not collimating. The mak packs a great punch! They are good for planetary and if you're a fan: the Moon. But the long focal length makes them good on DSO too (you'll miss the aperture though). BUT: living in a suburban area myself, I have switched the type of targets I observe: faint DSO are for dark skies on vacation. At home, I keep to double stars, star clusters and planets. And maybe the odd Messier or bright planetary.
  5. Shot earlier this month, this little comet is slowly making its way through CAS. 15.5 at time of this image, it should be mag 15 around the time of this post. Perihelion in january 2022 (2022!!) so we have over a year to observe this one before it either breaks up or disappears.
  6. These are just beyond wor(l)ds, really. Not just the detail or the way you blend in the details, but also the overall care you put in your sketches, absolutely wonderful!
  7. I love being able to gaze into the details of some planetary nebulae. A steady seeing and transparant sky are all that's needed (well, and excellent optics, too lol ) The Blue Snowball has a lot to see, and I am sure it might show even more when seen from a dark location. Who can compare sketches? I'd love to see yours!
  8. Summer nights are excellent to observe clusters. The milky way offers tons of them, and they aren't bothered by the grey nights as much as other deep sky objects are. I love to just sit and observe those loose gatherings of stars, taking the time to sketch them while I'm not freezing my hands off
  9. Two low Globular clusters in OPH, so quite plagued by lightpollution. And this galaxy wasn't new for me, but it showed some new details in this setup, so I loved to give it another try.
  10. Finally got around to digitalise some sketches. Here's the ones I made of comet NEOWISE this summer. Notice the difference in the size and appearance of the coma in the last two...
  11. Indeed, Victor, the bright star to the left is eta UMa, at 12 degrees from Talitha. the tail goes even further, but cirrus stopped me from taking more pictures.
  12. I was finally able to get to a remote location. Not the very best of weather, plagued by cirrus, but I managed to make a 3-panel mosaic, showing the ion tail. I need to learn how to equalise my background, but DNAlinearfit didn't do the trick. Stack of the 3 separate panels in APP, mosaic made in PixInsight.
  13. If ths were higher up the sky, nobody would look at M13 anymore Lovely view, dark lanes, resolved stars and star clouds all over the place!
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