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  1. Half the Mob with half a Dob...

    Nothing beats a Diesel filter to bring out the best in your equipment! (It also makes you hate the place where you live though...)
  2. NGC 4224 + 4235

    These two are captured in the same view, just out of view (below) is NGC 4233. 4235 is the one at 2 o'clock, 4224 left to center, showing a sharp edge on the left, which suggests a dark dust lane.
  3. NGC 2683 (bis)

    I did this one earlier this year, but this time I was lucky enough to be on a darker spot. I was able to magnify it a bit more. The star pattern on the right is still recognisable.
  4. NGC 4313

    A weak and fine edge - on, showing either a bright core, or a star on or next to its disk.
  5. NGC 3044

    this galaxy is VERY fine and rather weak. I almost missed it but was lucky enough to recognise the star pattern and spot it that way.
  6. NGC 5634

    This globular cluster almost fooled me in believing it was a round galaxy. Nice and round, not resolved at all, and of uniform brightness. Placed within a triangle of bright stars it is easily found.
  7. NGC 5746

    A lovely fine and big edge-on galaxy with a mottled piece just below its center. Some nice and bright stars dot the field of view.
  8. NGC 5248

    Lovely galaxy showing 2 peculiar spiral arms. Worth a visit!
  9. NGC 4565 - Needle Galaxy

    Image taken at Medendorf - Belgium, close to the German border. this one is really big indeed
  10. Taken last night. 120 minutes on 5" ED triplet apo. SQM 21,5
  11. Leo Triplet

    After getting my flat field problems sorted out, I can finally start some "decent" imaging. 120 min. with 5" ED triplet Apo on EQ6, SQM 21,7
  12. NGC 4631 - Whale and companion.

    Thank you. I used to work out every sketch at the eyepiece but when the paper gets wet, it wrinkles and smears out the details. So now I make a raw sketch in pencil, on which I make notes for later processing (for example the outlines of a galaxy, voids, details about brightness,...). i also number the stars by brightness. Then I copy the stars to a new sketch template (in a very fine pencil!) and draw in the details from the object. Usually I draw galaxy's with a variety of blending sticks. They are great for layering detail. When I'm done with the object, I use 4 black fineliners of various thickness (0,05 - 0,3 - 0,7 - 1) to dot the stars by magnitude. After that it's time to digitalise: scan in gray at 600dpi, clean up the dust bunnies with a clone stamp, invert, and play with levels and curves to get to the correct brightness on your screen. Under polluted skies I add a bit of red to the background, moonlit skies get some more blue. Bright stars get dotted with white, colored stars receive a little bit of color too. Add frame and info, and you're done
  13. NGC 4631 - Whale and companion.

    Another nice pair of galaxy's: 4631 and the smaller 4627. The whale shows a bright patch on the wider side.
  14. NGC 4656 - Hockeystick

    No need for introduction
  15. NGC 4490

    These two are a nice pair, the larger one seems bent in a slight S-shape, especially towards its companion.