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  1. You can use blink on your raw files, it will put an autostretch over them so you can detect the main defects like eggshaped stars or big streaks. I usually run my calibration first, so script - batch preprocessing - load in all your flats, darks, bias and lights. after that I run staralignment on them. and after that I blink for defects. your frames will still not be stretched, but you only need to throw away the obvious bad ones. Depends a bit on how picky you are about your data. Streaks from airplanes or sattelites will be erased by the clipping in the stacking process, so I leave those in. you could blink the debayered frames if that works better for you, but then you need to eliminate the same frame in the raw subs, which you will use for stacking.
  2. left under = (7652) 1991 RL5 (mag 16.2) Center right, upper: (38819) 2000 RX75 (mag 17.4) Ceter right, lower: (7180) 1991 NG1 (mag 17.3)
  3. Can't seem to annotate the image due to the downsizing. I tried to match the view in Cartes Du Ciel with the MPC database data:
  4. If you could post an annotated picture, we can put a name on those too
  5. that was my first guess too.
  6. indeed - I was trying to plate solve but without pixel size and focal length I'm shooting in the dark here
  7. he means another object - probably an asteroid- on the right of the picture. I'll check which one, just a second.
  8. it might be 2010 OE83 ?
  9. How are you travelling? Would a travel-dob be of any interest? I have seen (and I will do it myself soon) 12" dobs safely go on the airplane as carry-on (mirror safely in the carry-on, the rest fits in your suitcase). 8 or 10" travel dobs would surely be easier and close to your budget.
  10. Wiu-Wiu

    1647 in Taurus

    Nice captured! My log says it reminded me of an impeller or a rose, your sketch shows that nicely. It really IS a dim object. Well done!
  11. Wiu-Wiu

    Observing Comet 46P

    I am also still unsuccessful to input its orbital elements into my handset, BUT whenever I want to image a comet, I look up its current position in Skysafari and click on a nearby star. The SAO, HIP or whatever catalogue number you get, is probably in your handcontroller and should give you a fairly accurate GOTO result.
  12. Wiu-Wiu

    NGC 1501 - Camel's Eye

    Thank you - I use normal white paper, and redo my sketches on a template. I then digitalise them and use levels and curves to get the contrast right.
  13. Wiu-Wiu


    I just found 2 more on data from the Leo Triplet. One was really close to M65 : (5915) Yoshihiro, at mag 17; A 3.8km diameter rock. It is seen at the left of the image, just at the right of the double star. Animation: 24x 5 minutes.

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