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  1. Wiu-Wiu

    Flats and Meridian Flip

    You should do your image calibration with these flats and darks, THEN flip them. As said above: the imperfections aren't flipped, your image is. By correcting before flipping, you will get rid of them before stacking.
  2. Wiu-Wiu

    NGC 7293 - Helix Nebula

    This is one spectacular sight! My first time observing this, I just HAD to sketch it. (I've made a picture too)
  3. Wiu-Wiu

    Messier 17

    I'm not that big a fan of visually observing nebulae. But oh, boy, was this one a treat! I needed to put in the OIII just to get rid of some of the stars!! The nebula showed motteling and had "waves" running through it. What a spectacular view! Totally worth the trip!
  4. Wiu-Wiu

    Messier 23

    One day you get over confident. And then you start sketching Messiers under a SQM 21+ sky with superb optics. This cluster has lovely strings of stars and patches of dark sky running through it. Messier 25. As seen and sketched at the eyepiece. 12" Sumerian dobsonian, Explore Scientific HR Comacorrector, Delos 12mm
  5. Wiu-Wiu

    Messier 6

    What a great open cluster this is! Bright and faint strings of stars speckle the view, I couldn't choose where to look first and couldn't figure out where to start sketching!! Made at the eyepiece, no later processing. 12" Sumerian dobsonian, Explore Scientific HR Comacorrector, Delos 12mm
  6. Wiu-Wiu

    Messier 70

    A lovely bright globular cluster! really concentrated, nice and round too. 12" Sumerian dobsonian, Explore Scientific HR Comacorrector, Delos 8mm.
  7. Wiu-Wiu


    Superb southern skies and a large telescope, that calls for some deepskyhopping in Sagittarius and Scorpio. These globulars were easy enough to sketch. 12" Sumerian dobsonian, Explore Scientific HR Comacorrector, Delos eyepieces.
  8. Wiu-Wiu

    Messier 25

    I was lucky to spand a week under fantastic skies in Spain. This lovely open cluster of stars was just too nice to pass on. 12" Sumerian dobsonian, Explore Scientific HR Comacorrector, Delos 12mm. Sketched at the eyepiece, no postprocessing.
  9. Wiu-Wiu

    Iris nebula

    Deepskylog is a handy reference for those kind of questions: Iris nebula reports on deepskylog.be
  10. Made another one last night; this time I went for an hour. 32x 2 minutes, Plagued by high clouds.
  11. Wiu-Wiu

    Can't explain this.

    Could it have been an airplane with its landing lights on? Or a heli with a search light?
  12. This lovely bright comet is cruising a little low at the moment, it just barely cleared the shrubbery ( ) Because of the low altitude, I have a bit of dispertion on the stars, still, it shows a bright glare and the movement in 30 minutes is also clearly visible. 1 frame, 2 minutes. Animation: 15 x 2 minutes. 127mm ED triplet APO, Canon EOS 600D + Lightpollution filter.
  13. Imaging comets is always special; when they are too far, they don't move a lot, but they are dimmer. When they get closer, they move faster and you need to either track the comet (no can do, sorry), or take shorter subs. I was able to get 21P on camera last night, made a small animation to show its movement. 13 frames of 2 minutes 127mm ED triplet APO on EQ6 with Canon EOS 600D and obligated lightpollution filter.
  14. Wiu-Wiu

    NGC 40

    This is a very nice planetary, it is sharp and round, the central star is visible and there's a companion star close by. Around the central star, the nebula seems to be dimmer.
  15. Wiu-Wiu

    Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner

    Well, it had a brightness burst last week, the least I could do was try and see if I could spot it. The comet has a sharp leading edge (Right on the sketch) and the coma is slightly oval shaped. The nucleus is star-shaped. I was baffled to be able to see it visually!

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