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  1. Wiu-Wiu


    How did you get diffraction spikes with that?
  2. Wiu-Wiu


    what "small f6 scope" did you use? Looks like a great image to me!
  3. Wiu-Wiu

    Compass Points

    @mikeDnight Lovely handwrighting! I think it really adds to the sketches, which are ofcourse gems on their own.
  4. Indeed, lots of people reported meteors, it must have been an active small periodic meteor shower. I suspect both objects would origin from the same dust cloud, Only the one hitting the moon must have been quite a lot bigger.
  5. No, that's where it ended. The super slow-motion shows it ending just past the lunar disk, not on it. You can also see it getting fainter at the end. It was shot with a regular camera, the quality and framerate could have been higher with an astro-cam, but so would the storage requirements..
  6. A nicer video of the same meteor: 9F09CC20-6F20-474F-9EFA-7C934F7A190B.mp4
  7. I’m pretty sure it was a different one; We were only a couple of kilometers apart and the meteor from my viewpoint passed just below and more to the right. For explanation; look at the ISS passage tracks on those: just a few km on the ground makes a big difference in the air. A meteor is even closer so the path would be even more narrow.
  8. I didn't have time to make pictures because I had to leave for work early, but a quick view with binoculars was possible. As I was watching, a meteor flashed just under the moon through my FOV. WOW! I knew a friend of mine was videotaping the eclipse from a place a few kilometers from my home, so I told him to check his footage and behold!!! In his viewpoint, the meteor actually crossed the lunar disk! What are the odds to that!!! All credits to Stormcell.be !
  9. Wiu-Wiu

    No Excuses now!

    Thank you, I started out just like you, sketching at the eyepiece in my little sketchbook, but the first frost-loaded night will show you why I stopped doing that you just need to find a system that works for you, that's all that matters, really clear skies!
  10. Wiu-Wiu

    No Excuses now!

    You are off to a great start! Don't compare too much with other sketches here, M42 is a hard target to sketch, and you did it in ONE SHOT at the eyepiece, not many people do that and end up with it looking like yours!
  11. Also depends where you want to be imaging and how much battery power you want to be bringing along. For me, local storage and operating has also been a great factor. Since the asiair, I was able to transfer from dslr to cooled camera, since it not only saves my subs, but also takes care of the dithering and guiding. but the dslr will still be kept in business for the times where portability is key, and I have no access to net current.
  12. Could you post a picture of your camera connected to the scope? I seem to be falling one piece short, the extension rings of the camera don’t fit the flattener on my Esprit 80. My DSLR did fit right on the flattener so it seems odd to have to use both rings..
  13. The Esprit 150 is on my bucket list in the very distant future. Very distant, because of the price. A TAK is simply out of range for me, and I just couldn't justify spending that amount of money if something equally good was available. Having said this, let's talk mounts.. Having a 127mm apo myself, and having the same prospects, I have recently invested in upgrading my mounts. I have no observatory so portability has been a great part of the equasion, but -and not least- has been the cost of such a mount. I have invested in iOptron mounts (and with A LOT of pleasure), and while the CEM 60 might still be portable and will probably carry an Esprit 150 and do an OK job (because it is heavy, but also rather small), if I would have a fixed observatory, I'd probably go for a CEM 120. So why not save yourself a lot of money on both ends and get something "as good as" for "a lot less" ?
  14. I gave the super pixel debayering a go, but it didn't come out better than what I posted earlier. Could be blamed on my flats, though. Vignetting was through the roof, and as it was my first try, I only took flats of 0,5 and 1s, but I think I need 10s flats with this camera at these settings. The link is handy for the settings, but I'd have to read through it a couple of more times to know what everyone is talking about, as there are so many angles of input there. tbc!
  15. Just don’t do the mistress thingy then

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