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  1. Spending a night on top of a volcano under pitch black skies, just taking a moment and enjoying the complete silence... That was certainly one of my top moments in astronomy. Of course Hale Bopp, and countless meteors, and just last year a re-entry burn of a SpaceX rocket, at the right angle with the sun, made a very special and peculiar show. Talking about SpaceX, their launch of a bunch of Iridium satellites made a little 'train' - a bit smaller than the more recent (and lots more) launches of countless satellites. That too was a strange sight.
  2. When you download the installation bundle, you can choose to unpack and install another bundle. Try to install a different one.
  3. I had the same issue. I needed to upgrade my windows and temporarily shut off the security pack. Worked like a treat after that.
  4. Hmm; that Teamviewer issue seems nasty. Anydesk looks tuned, it might be ok, but does it allow automatic access and startup? I need to be able to start the mini-computer, go inside, and log in from my "remote". Connecting both computers seems unrelated to the whole teamviewer/remote desk thing for now. I need to tackle that first.
  5. Sorry to bring this back up, but how do you connect two devices over IP? I have everything running at my home network, but plan to move it to a dark location and it hit me there will be no wifi there... (if off topic this can be done in PM) thx!
  6. Rob, you should consider sharing your sketches/observations on deepskylog.org !
  7. Wiu-Wiu

    Messier 74

    This giant face on galaxy has some fine details under dark skies: the center has a distinct comma shape, and there are two brighter regions in the round halo. Nice one!
  8. Well done! very enjoyable sketches!
  9. A cam 25 miles away would have the meteor in a different place than you have. My guess is also a flare (or better: two). Typically, those would not be visible 25 miles away, as a flare is a very local event.
  10. As stated above, it's all about practice! Sketching has made me appreciate the objects I observe even more, and in time, it will show differences in your observation place, equipment, and techniques. I have only been sketching for about 2 years, and my technique has changed quite a bit. Nowadays, I make a rough sketch at the eyepiece where I make notes about structures, details, and I number the stars by clarity. (1 being very bright, 9 being the faintest) When I finalise my sketch, I start by copying the stars in the finest pencil on a sketchpad (which is also my flat panel). I then draw in the object by using a variety of tools depending on the effect I am looking for. I recently started using brushes and charcoal dust, which gave me a lot more possibilities. To finalise the sketch, I use 4 thicknesses of fineliner to dot the stars. It gives me the numbers 1 to 8 - and 9 will remain a pencil dot.
  11. The tri-pier is a must when using longer scopes. It is a bit of a handfull to level at first, and you need a fairly even piece of ground. (but some leveling on plastic or wooden tiles works well!) In May I went to my favorite dark spot and took both Ioptron mounts: one to image (Esprit 80ED on IEQ45 pro) and one to sketch (C11 on CEM60)
  12. I recently upgraded all firmware to the latest version (last month) On the non-guided pics (30s subs) I had to ditch one in six subs on average. I usually don't have to throw away guided pics, if I have to it is because of external issues (I have cats that really like to bump into my tripod, for example) On my apo's I use an Orion Shorttube guidescope (80mm) and I use OAG on the SCT's.
  13. With the scopes you have, that CEM 60 EC of yours should produce perfect images... Do you have a topic about your issues? There might be something else interfering. I am putting my Esprit 120 and C11 Edge on it, and I'm quite happy with the first results. Unguided results with my old Meade 10" were also quite stunning. I have 0.3" RMS C11 200x30s unguided 10" ACF guided 8x5 min 10" ACF 7x5 min I even put a 10" newton on it: I am still getting to know my setup - tweaking distances, guidescopes, etc etc, but I still have 2 weekends and a whole week of astro fun in dark locations planned for the remainder of this year, so hopefully I can produce some more images by december. (it's been mostly cloudy since I got my Esprit, and now my garden is a mess because of construction work, so it has been quiet...)
  14. CEM 60 user here, for now still on the tri-pier (I move it a lot to darker skies); but I am installing a pier in the garden and will put it on there. I had a Meade 10" ACF on it, and a C11 Edge, both guide beautifully, although the Meade is a lot heavier. I don't know how much of a stretch it is to the Meade 12. If I had a fixed observatory, and no need to move the mount to better places, I'd consider the 120 for sure. I might still consider it in the future if keeping it outside for a longer time is possible. One remark: Meridian flip! I had an EQ mount and imaging over and beyond the meridian looked a lot less troublesome.
  15. Looks like you also captured an asteroid in that frame, just above the fine edge-on on the upper right of the comet. (?)
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