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  1. Wow, the fine detail is amazing. Bravo!
  2. Hi Guys, Managed to get out on the 20th to have another go at Mars. I think I am starting to get to grips with the collimation and focus of the scope now, and this image was a big improvement on my last attempt. I'd really value any feedback on how I can improve my next attempt as I'm very much a learner. All the best Chris
  3. Thanks MarkAR - hoping to get a barlow soon which I hope will take things to the next level!
  4. Really impressive! - Something to aspire too.
  5. Hey Mike, Thank you for the kind words - and it's nice to be on board. I'm not really experienced enough yet to be able to assess the seeing, but I am pretty sure it wasn't good here either as my attempts a Saturn and Jupiter weren't brilliant. I think the UT was 00:27 looking at the filename.
  6. Hey everyone, I've been itching to get out an I thought I'd take the plunge last night - even if the weather looked dubious. I ended up having a whale of a time, and although I went out to get Jupiter I quickly got sidetracked by Mars. Anyway, it's my first post on the forum, and judging by other's threads I wasn't alone enjoying the semi-clear skies!
  7. Hey HeliumStar, I’ve just got home and have already started tinkering! it was lovely to meet you and thank you for the scope - I’m really excited to have a project to get stuck in to! Kind regards Chris
  8. Hi Helium, That’s very kind of you. ill take the orion optics please. If you PM me your address I can come and collect tomorrow. Best regards Chris
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