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  1. Thanks for all your replies, I thought that would be the case but best to check with others. The laptop has a number of usb ports including a couple of usb3 ones so should be okay.
  2. I'm in the process of collecting the stuff to start being able to autoguide and before I spend my limited budget was wondering if it is possible to image via a ccd camera and autoguide using a converted webcam plugged into the same laptop? I have these already and would save cash for other things if I could!
  3. Just got around to processing the other images I took on Thursday as well as the lunar X. This is a 10 picture mosaic with each part comprised of about 1500 frames. Taken through a cheap 2x barlow with a ASI120mm-s on a 150pds.
  4. EBay is rubbish now, I never find anything on there cheaper than in shops
  5. Very pleased with this, about 2000 frames on an ASI120MM-S through a cheap 2x barlow using a 150pds. stacked on autostakkert.
  6. Really nice sequence! It must have been something in the air tonight as I had a real problem with buffering too!
  7. After many years away from the hobby I have finally got around to getting myself some decent equipment! This was my first attempt at a DSO with the ASI120mm. Taken with around 15 20s unguided exposures through LRGB filters on a 150pds. Then fiddled around with in photoshop without any real clue about what I was doing. Not fantastic but very pleased with as a first attempt. Green was obviously a bit out of focus so will have to invest in a Bahtinov mask I think. Certainly shows the possibilities.
  8. Thanks for the help, Think I might opt for the newt as these can be picked up quite cheap second hand which will then give me more cash for a DMK.
  9. I am looking for a planetary imaging scope and have heard that focal length is key. I currently have a 150p-ds newtonian and was wondering if I would see a noticeable difference with either a Skymax 150 mak (second hand) or a 150pl newtonian. I will be imaging with a webcam until I can save enough for a DMK. I used to image with a DMK and 200 newt and got some fantastic results but had to sell the set up to raise cash. I have narrowed it down to these as I want something a bit less bulky this time around and these are also in my budget range. Which of these would people recommend or is there something else in the £250 ish range?
  10. I would have thought that anyone in proximity to the aforementioned dancing astrologer would be under far greater strain from HIS gravitation field than that of the moons!
  11. It does include the nosepeice, or at least it says so in the description. (1 x 1.25" webcam adaptor) Didn't realise this was morgans! Wonder why it is £10 cheaper than on their website.
  12. Just seen this on ebay, even cheaper than Morgans! PHILIPS SPC900 SPC880 ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY WEBCAM CCD KIT | eBay
  13. Burglars like security lights as they make their job so much easier! When we see a light come on How many of us actually think 'My god, it must be a burglar - quick phone the police!'. They are just like car alarms, everyone ignores them. However, if I saw someone with a torch, shining it at a window catch or door of a darkened house in a completely dark garden I know I would call the police!
  14. Never understood why people bid on items several days in advance, all you are doing is alerting everyone that you will bid on it and give them plenty of time to out bid you!
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