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  1. Taken with a Daystar DS60 with a ASI120mm-s, 2500 frames with cropped area ogf 640x480 with about 50% stacked. Finally got the chance to see if the Tilt adapter the Mrs bought me for Christmas would get rid of the newton rings on the ASI120mm and it did! There is a slight hint of them still on the videos but these can be stacked out with the flat frame. Really pleased with them considering how low the sun is still and there was a lot of high cloud. Really looking forward to the summer when I can get some more practice in!
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone, I'm totally new at solar imaging and this has been a great help. I'm going to place an order for a tilt adaptor or may get the Mrs to by me one for Christmas!
  3. My new toy arrived this week from FLO and the fog cleared for just long enough to get to play with it today. Not too bad considering I have never used a solar scope before and the sun was behind cloud and mist most of the time. It's also very low and can only been seen from my garden for an hour as it passes between the houses opposite this time of year! Definitely need a tilt adjuster it would appear. camera used was a asi120-mms.
  4. Finally finished processing the data from a session on 10th October, very pleased with the results! I think this is the most detail I have ever got for an image. 25 sections with each comprising of the best 40% of 1500 frames. Taken with a asi120mm through a C9.25
  5. I'm having real problems processing images for a lunar mosaic. When I took the images I kept the settings the same for every capture so they would match more easily but every so often one of the areas comes out much brighter than the others, particularly along the terminator which makes it impossible to piece together. I have been getting problems in my Mars images as well with it making the blue channel lighter than it should be. The sar files look the same level so I cannot understand why the output is different, would greatly appreciate some help! I captured on a asi120mm via sharp capture
  6. Thank you, never heard of that before. Focus is so fiddly on an SCT thought I must have made a mistake!
  7. First Mars pic in a while, taken at around 2am on the 6th. RGB image with 15000 frames on each channel and then used the best 25%. Taken through a C9.25 with a asi120mm-s. Not sure what is happening with the double edge, slightly out of focus maybe? Pleased with the level of detail, this is going to be a busy few weeks!
  8. I was taking some Avi's of the moon last night and found this in one video (bottom left). Cannot find any data on satellites in the area and seems the wrong shape anyway. Asteroid maybe? Taken at 1:17am in Sittingbourne, Kent. received_617348135636552.mp4
  9. Thanks, hopefully I can work out what everything does in sharp capture by then!
  10. Thanks! I'm very pleased with the Mars image, I have high hopes for October!
  11. These were taken on the night of the 21st into 22nd July through a C9.25 on a ASI120mm-s. The seeing was awful, they all looked like reflections in boiling water! I'm trying to get as much practice in before the Mars opposition and I keep finding ways to improve and things to try next time. I happy with the detail in all of them, especially Mars. All are RGB images with 5000 frames per channel on Jupiter, 6000 on Saturn and 15000(!) on Mars and the best 30% stacked. Used a Region of interest for the first time instead of full frame. Could never get fps above 50 without dropped frames before bu
  12. I currently have a asi120mm which I have just started to use on a new C9.25 for planetary and lunar but cannot help but feel it's not getting the maximum out of the telescope. I know there's more I could do but was wondering if the 290mm is a significant upgrade, will I notice the difference? I really want to make the most of this years Mars opposition as its the last good one for a few years! Or does anyone have a recommendation for a good planetary camera that's mono and up to about £350.
  13. Thanks, I'm still getting used to the 120mm. I think there is definitely more to squeeze out of it!
  14. I looked at an area near the limb to set what levels I could get away with to maximise the terminator but those other areas then blew when I got to them. I would have gone back and redone but the data wasn't the best and some areas are a little out of focus so it didn't seem worth it as they are right on the limb.
  15. All RGB images taken with a asi120mm through a C9.25 at F10. Each channel was 1500 frames with the best 20% stacked. I had been fiddling with the gain as an experiment and then forgot to reset, so it was far to high and the images came out too noisy. With lots of tweaking in registax and photoshop I managed to get some good results I think! Even got Europa, Callisto and Io.
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