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    Astronomy, kendo (5th dan), reading naval history particularly submarine history. Playing the bodhran for 20 years ...practicing kendo for 31 years....studying astronomy for 50+ years, also a field archer..
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  1. Still going..even thought the current 7 day forecast is not the best. I've not been before, so a question. Do we set up our equipment by our pitches? or is there a specific pitch area?
  2. Have you emailed Altair , they're normally very helpful
  3. I am upgrading my cameras and will sell my 18m old Canon 6D astro mod'd full frame DSLR (body only). Excellent condition, low shutter count (1568) with an after market battery grip. Original packaging. £1400 ono. Buyer to pay shipping.
  4. Quite please with this shot, Mons Olympus is just visible in the northern regions. 12" SCT + Altair GP 385C + 2.5x Barlow, 3000 frames best 25% stacked. Sadly the clouds came back.
  5. Used the 12" Meade Altair GP 385C + 2x balrow
  6. Used the 12" Meade + an Altair 290M for the detailed shots and the side mounted Primaluce 65mm APO + Altair 183C Hypercam for the whole shot. I need to get some consistency for the very detailed shots where I have cut the cameras ROI.
  7. Used the 12" Meade + an Altair 290M for the detailed shots and the side mounted Primaluce 65mm APO + Altair 183C Hypercam for the whole shot. Was really pleased to capture the craterlets at the bottom of Plato. Good seeing.
  8. Over the last 4-5 years I have bought all my dew heaters from W&W Astro https://dewheater.com/ They ae UK based in Thetford and Barbara has always responded very quickly and even made me custom ones.
  9. I have the Skywatcher tripod. Excellent and light weight but still stiff enough not to wobble.
  10. An excellent eye piece. I use mine a lot and it has never disssapointed.
  11. When I moved into my place 5 years ago I asked the local parish council if they could shield the sodium street light as it shone backwards into my garden. A letter to the PC and then I attended a meeting to explain why and they did it within a couple of weeks. I am now on the PC an on the committee that looks at lighting issues in the village, they other PC members know of my interest as I regularly post astro images on the village Face Book site.
  12. I used the new Altair GP 385C camera on the 12" Meade with a Barlow. I definitely need to add an IR filter as well as a red one.
  13. A bit of cloud dodging this morning and it finally cleared around 4.30 Again I used the GP 290M camera on the 12" Meade and the 183C Hypercam on a 65mm Primeluce APO. The seeing was not so good but acceptable.
  14. Used an Altair GP 290M camera for the detailed shots on my 12" Meade and an Altair 183C Hypercam for the whole shot, that was mounted on a Prima Luce 65 m.
  15. I used the Altair 385C on my 12" Meade SCT, 5000 frames with the best 25% stacked. I am waiting for some filters to arrive to see if I can tease more detail. I tried with and without a 2x Barlow.
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