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  1. One singe shot on the Canon 650D then the detailed ones on my AA 178MC Hypercam. The seeing was not particulary good, quite wobbly so I am pleased with what I got.
  2. After two weeks a clear sky. Sadly with a Sunday summer evening I had t be mindfull of work on Monday. All shpt on my 9.25 SCT . Whole image using the Canon 650D then the rest with the Altair Astro 178 (AKA the Purple Peril)
  3. The seeing was not the best but I do like a gibbeous Moon. As usual the single shot on the Canpn 650D follwed by the Purple Peril the AAIMX178....the camera has a discinctive purple colour and the Purple Peril was the colour of a spinnacher we used on HMS Sultans's yacht in the late 70' really was disctinctive. 1000 frames, twiddled in PIPP, stacked in AS and sharpened in Registax.... All on my 9.25 SCT. The idea of inserting a map of the UK was not mine but it works nicely to give an idea of scales....
  4. I didn't intend to go out and do anything but as I arrived home after a 2.5 hr drive from Gatwick the Moon was hanging there in its best phase. I was going to do some Jupiter shots as well but as ever the clouds rolled in. The singe sot was using a Canon 650D on my 9.25 SCT at native focal length, the two more detailed shots were using my AA IMX178 Hypercam, about 1500 frames pre treated in PIPP, the stacked in Autostakkert and sharpened in Registax. I am quite pleased with the results as the resolution (as I measure it) is down to 1.5 to 2 Km, some of the est I have achieved even though the seeing was not that special.
  5. I was using RAW 8 for capture In PIPP for input options I selected 'Debayer Raw Image Files' and Input Frame Colour/Monochrome to 'Automatic'
  6. Waiting to get around to it...and still getting used to the camera.
  7. Up until last week I did not use PIPP, but then after as talk at my local club I gave it a go. I use an Altair Astro IMX 178 Hypercsam which is video. When I use it with Sharcap and process in Autostakkert then Registax wavelets I get nice colour images. But when I use PIPP the images come out grey and I cannot get colour. The one on the right is the same image but reprocessed with PIPP. I have tried varios input settings in PIPP but to no avails. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  8. Very nice, amazing what iPhones can do.
  9. Still getting used to the AA camera and how it handles images. Before I process in Registax they are lovely Green Cheesy colour which IMO would be appropriate......
  10. Flat earther me...Planispheres rule
  11. I had to fly out to Hannover just over a week ago and thought that rather than waste my Sunday I would detour to Birmingham International and drop in to see the NSC. After all the hype it has had and the links they have made with Helen Sharman & Tim Peake for an adult visitor it is a very disappointing experience. £14 + £3 for parking kicks off the day and when you get inside it is a disorganised set of displays that look tired and if you are 7+ might not hold your interest. The Planetarium Show I saw was so good I fell asleep in the comfortable seat...... I think the best bit was the full length version of the first science fiction movie the 1902 French version of 'Journey to the Moon' What struck me about that was that the first reaction of the Lunar Pioneers was to attack and kill the Selenite' even back then aliens were considered bad....... If you do go make sure that you visit the Abbey Pump Museum next door. Superbly preserved beam engine in the first sewage pumping works in Leicester with a great social history museum...finest collection of Mr Crappers finest porcelain too. Free entry. So Sewage Works 10/10 NSC -10
  12. Nice link...thanks
  13. I use the S&T Pocket Atlas and planisphere a lot. Unlike phone apps the planisphere does not ruin your night vision......and it does not run out of battery.
  14. Single shot with my Canon 650D and then the detailed shots with my AA IMX 178 Hypecam on a 9.25 SCT at native focal length. I did find that if I went from no binning to a 2x2 setting it went from narrow to wide field which was useful for doing detailed shots. Each detailed shot was 1000 frames stacked in Autostakkert and then sharpened in Registax wavelets.
  15. I was looking at the Hyperstar/Faststar mod for my 9.25 SCT. I nearly fell out of my tree when I saw the price at around £1100!!!! That is more than the cost of the OTA by a long way. Just wondering: 1. Is it worth it 2. How Celestron justify the eye water and nether region cringing price?