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    Astronomy, kendo (5th dan), reading naval history particularly submarine history. Playing the bodhran for 20 years ...practicing kendo for 31 years....studying astronomy for 48 years.
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  1. baggywrinkle

    2.2 Day Moon on 19th March

    The skies cleared nicely to the west last night and I was able to grab a nice 2.2 day Moon. 9.25 SCT + Canon 650D at native focal length.
  2. 8'' SCT and add a reducer to give it a better F ratio... I have a 9.25'' SCT and it is a lovely 'scope.
  3. I came across this book just before Christmas at the CUP Bookshop in Cambridge. Shoot the Moon: A Complete Guide to Lunar Imaging by Nicolas Dupont-Bloch This is his first book published in English, in France he is already a recognized astro-photographer. The book is well translated and very well illustrated with both Lunar images and screen shots from processing packages. The book starts with chaptes on Introduction to Lunar Imaging, Choosing Equipment, Adapting equipment , Tuning Telescopes. Then onto the imaging process and then the processing itself. This section is extremely informative and gives excellent explanations on Registax and particularly wavelets and the individual slider effects. There is also a lot of background information on Lunar Cartography. All in all and excellent book and I'm giving it 5/5
  4. Selling my EOS M3, just on a year old with a low shutter count. In the end I did not use it as much as I should have. Will also add an M-T mount adapter. Still have the original packing. £250 plus P&P
  5. baggywrinkle

    A Great ATM Resource

    Thanks for sharing
  6. baggywrinkle

    Lunar tonight

    Good capture considering the appalling seeing of Friday night.
  7. baggywrinkle

    Sunrise on Copernicus

    Nice capture, some really great detail.
  8. Ordered a copy after seeing it appear in a photo on one of the posts of SGL. Very happy! I struggle with the processing side of astro photography and a book like this is a boon as it covers many subjects and differing processing software packages in a very logical way. Not just useful for beginners but intermediate AP aficionados too. Well illustrated too. I've wasted a lot of time looking at some pretty badly presented You Tube videos on the matter, there are some good but it takes some sifting to find them. I can also make my own notes on post-its and attach to the pages for reference if I find another tweak. Great book and a good companion to MEPC.
  9. baggywrinkle

    Moon on 29th Dec: 11 days old

    Was back out in the observatory again yesterday evening. Very nice 11 day gibbeous Moon, however the seeing was as bad as it can get. The Jet Stream making the image boil, so after 30 minutes I packed up and went indoors...only one detailed image worth processing.
  10. baggywrinkle

    just messing

    I'd like to mess like that, good images.
  11. baggywrinkle

    Moon on 28th Dec: 10.3 days old

    Some shots of the Moon on the 28th December around 19:00 hrs. Seeing was very good, on the Damian Peach scale a 3-4. Single shot of whole Moon on my Canon 650D, the detailed shots using the AA 178MC video camera. 1000 frames and 25-30% of the best used. Used the 9.25 SCT.
  12. baggywrinkle

    DSS and Sony A7 RAW images

    Now able to process using DSS 3.3.6 Thanks
  13. baggywrinkle

    What a difference!

    Thats not nice ... go away...and enjoy the holiday...
  14. baggywrinkle

    DSS and Sony A7 RAW images

    What splendid Folk you are...thanks...will give it a bash tonight.
  15. You still need a battery pack to power a dew heater. SCT's are dew magnets.

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