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  1. Totally agree, the as supplied Vango awning is super, but also superheavy. 29Kgs which is a lot o handle if you are on your own. So I went and bought the Westfiled awing Westfield Lynx 200 Swift Basecamp Caravan Awning - New 2021 Stock | eBay 11Kgs and adds about 2.5 m to the back of the Basecamp. Easy to put up too. I used mine up at Kelling last October, well pleased.
  2. I concur on the Hyperion Zoom. Excellent and give decent perfomance but sometime a soft at 8mm, a lot of that due to seeing. With regards dewshield look at W&W Astro. UK based,excellent value and Barbara can combine a dew heater within the shield. I now buy all my dew shoedl from W&W.
  3. Gets a good review (and being a cynic A&N are selling it, so a poor review would not work well) ..but that tripod is awful...
  4. I am increasingly using this. Excellent packaghe which you own not lease. Dave Eagel's tiome is a good pocket guide. I have also kept the nine part guide that Nik Szymanek did in Astronomy Now.
  5. Just cancelled my booking with an apology to Lesley for doing so. Stay safe everyone.
  6. I bought a copy last week and was nastily surprised at the rise in price...will not be buying again.
  7. I'm keeping my booking open. I agree with all of the above. If you cancel late then you should expect to pay.
  8. Both Prima and WO are trusted brands. I have a Prima 65mm APO and WO GT81. Both are excellent for wider field work, DSO etc. I would not say they would be great planetary or Lunar 'scopes. I also have an Altair 72mm Starwave. The optics on the Prima and WO are better and that is reflected in the price...excuse the pun.
  9. Just made my October 2021 booking and managed to get a better pitch with more open views. I was too close to trees this year and it was my first visit. My next trip will be in March to Dumfries and Galloway..
  10. Still going..even thought the current 7 day forecast is not the best. I've not been before, so a question. Do we set up our equipment by our pitches? or is there a specific pitch area?
  11. I am upgrading my cameras and will sell my 18m old Canon 6D astro mod'd full frame DSLR (body only). Excellent condition, low shutter count (1568) with an after market battery grip. Original packaging. £1400 ono. Buyer to pay shipping.
  12. Quite please with this shot, Mons Olympus is just visible in the northern regions. 12" SCT + Altair GP 385C + 2.5x Barlow, 3000 frames best 25% stacked. Sadly the clouds came back.
  13. Used the 12" Meade Altair GP 385C + 2x balrow
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