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  1. BRADLEY 1953

    An interesting transit!

    That image is truly amazing !
  2. BRADLEY 1953

    MARS - It's official, the duststorm is CLEARING

    Hi everyone, I also observed Mars with a 5.1 inch APO, on Saturday morning July 14th. Once again a large clearly defined disc, and yes, in moments of better seeing just a few diffuse surface features were visible using a Wratten 23A filter. However, still a long way to go. Best wishes Chris.
  3. BRADLEY 1953

    Saturn and Jupiter 08/09 July

    Yes, two beautiful images, i Particularly like the one of Jupiter. Well done. Chris.
  4. BRADLEY 1953

    Wandering behind the rings of Saturn II

    Much to modest, largely due to your skill and expertise i think. A truly wonderful image, showing great detail on planetary disc. Chris.
  5. BRADLEY 1953

    1st Ever Mars Image 09_07_18

    That is a beautiful first image of Mars, especially given the massive dust storm in progress, well done. Chris.
  6. BRADLEY 1953


    wow, a truly wonderful image of an iconic object, more please. Chris.
  7. BRADLEY 1953

    Mars Duststorm

    Hello fellow Martians, spent all last night ( 27/28 June) observing the planets from a sports ground in deepest Wyre Forest, where I bagged Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. I first caught sight of the red planet low down in the south east at 11.52 pm precisely. Yes, I totally concur, the usual vivid orange colouration of Mars as seen with the naked eye was certainly much reduced, currently more like the yellow planet. Through the scope not a lot of detail on view either, only a few indistinct dusky markings and the still obvious south polar cap. That dust storm is certainly playing havoc, good riddance I say. Best wishes Chris.
  8. BRADLEY 1953

    Saturn 11-06-18

    I concur with everyone else, beautiful images of one of the jewels of the night sky. thanks for posting. chris.
  9. BRADLEY 1953


    Thanks everyone. The original sketch was only about 1/3rd this size, and the smaller version does look much better and more accurately portrays what I actually see through the scope. Somehow during uploading the image was greatly enlarged. I am by nature a computer Luddite. I usually start with a simple jupiter blank downloaded from one of several websites available, and use a few different pencils left over from my younger days. It may not be an entirely precise rendering of Jupiter but captures the mood of the giant planet I feel. If the GRS is on view I am often tempted to use coloured pencils, but not so far this opposition. chris.
  10. BRADLEY 1953

    Saturn 15-06-2018

    Those are great images, showing some real subtle detail. In the distant past I also used an 8 inch SCT, but struggled to get such fine views. I note you are observing from Hereford, as the crows flies not too far from my own patch in the Wyre Forest, near Bewdley. Many thanks for posting. Chris.
  11. BRADLEY 1953

    Bye Jove + moons and GRS 14-6-18 10pm

    Yes, lovely views, the larger of the two images shows more or less exactly what i could see visually at the same time through my 130 mm APO. With the GRS so well placed I began a hurried sketch, but alas, by 10.15pm, the giant planet had already disappeared behind the towering forest oaks. Well done. Chris.
  12. BRADLEY 1953

    Jupiter 06-06-2018 Europa transit animation

    Great animation, and wonderful detail in still image. Chris.
  13. BRADLEY 1953

    Saturn 07-06-18

    Lovely image, under these conditions you would struggle to see much more detail than this with a moderate aperture on the ringed planet. Unfortunately i cannot see Saturn at all from my current location, simply too low ! keep posting the images. Chris Bradley.
  14. BRADLEY 1953


    JUPITER : JUNE 5th 2018. 21.15 -- 22.30 hrs BST , 155mm f9 APO 175x seeing 2/3. mirror diagonal. For me the giant planet currently disappears behind the forest oaks at 10.30pm, and thus i need to start observing very early on at this location, anytime after 9.00pm. Under near daylight conditions on tuesday evening, the seeing was somewhat better than average, at least for a while, and worthy so i thought, of a quick sketch, which hopefully I have successfully uploaded. Unfortunately the GRS was not on view at this time, and worse still, all too soon jupiter will be lost to me totally, at least for this apparition. Best wishes Chris Bradley.
  15. BRADLEY 1953

    rECENT jOVES...

    Fantastic images, almost unbelievable that these can now be taken with so called "amateur equipment", albeit in the hands of a very professional imager under clear skies. Way better than the early black and white photo's produced by the giant 200 inch reflector on Mount Palomar in the last century, sounds a long time ago now, but alas, I remember it all too well. Chris Bradley.

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