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  1. Great image, especially considering tiny disc size.
  2. Absolutely stunning image as usual.
  3. Nice image Paul, I too was out with my 130mm Apo and had a similar view, high up in the sky the seeing was actually fairly good.
  4. Hi Paul, lovely crisp image. It was very brave of you to get up in this cold weather, still snow on the ground down here at Knowles Mill. PS. New scope sounds good.
  5. Beautiful image, I cannot remember when I saw a night sky that clear, still raining here!
  6. Hi everyone, great thread. I purchased (or rather my father) a Charles Frank Junior Astronomical Telescope in the early 1960's. It was basically, if I remember correctly, a long focal length 40mm refractor, with a simple objective glued into the end of a cardboard tube ! It had a fixed magnification of around 30x and provided good views of the moon but little else. This was all for the extortionate price of £4.19s.6d in old money. However, I too received a complimentary copy of the holy bible, ie, Charles Franks Book of the Telescope. I concur with others that this was a great little, al
  7. Nice depiction, still cloudy here.
  8. That is a lovely sketch, especially in view of Mars diminishing size.
  9. Great rendition of one of my favourite craters.
  10. A lovely spontaneous sketch.
  11. I really like the latter sketch showing Syrtis Major.
  12. Super sketches Mike, despite using a shaving mirror !
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