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  1. Looking last night at 23:00, I could see a definite haze in the N Hemisphere, plus two brighter patches showing on the bright side (may just be albedo features). I took a few images, eg attached which hint at the haze. Chris
  2. Great sequence - I'm horrified at how quickly Mars seems to rotate in subsequent images. An evening to master WinJupos definitely required. Chris
  3. Two evenings back - 180 Mak, ADC, ASI224 MC, 2000 frames of 8000. I've tried to get the colou, contrast and visual appearance as close as I can to what I could see through the eyepiece at x240. Chris
  4. Impressive resolution! Chris
  5. Rather poor seeing, with only a few frames usable - best of 10,000 frames with a 180 Mak/ADC/AS1224 MC. Skysafari screen shot w and w/out annotation shown for the same time. Chris
  6. As someone once said, "size isn't everything". It's all about making the very best use of what you've got, surely? Chris
  7. So do I! A move 20 degrees south might help. Superb image given the low altitude. Chris
  8. Many thanks for this - I'm trying to get as sharp an image as 7" will allow, and every little helps. With a stack of two files, there doesn't seem to be any blurring but eight may create a problem I suppose. As far as I can see, my sharpening and deconvolution haven't created any false detail, but I have hit it hard. For example, the above sharpened more and a survey image of Mars (SkySafari) for the same time - the detail looks genuine. Chris
  9. Thanks for this. This was two files combined in PIPP, but I'd love to try all 8 with Winjupos (any recommendations for an 'idiot's guide')? I noticed that an amazing image you posted was combined with WJ. Chris
  10. Another view with a little scope (180 Mak). The seeing was no better than average, with a better patch once or twice. 2000/8000 frames. Autostakkert, PS. Although higher in the sky now, I could still see an improvement using the ADC. Chris
  11. Nice sketch Mike! I don't know how you have the patience. Chris
  12. Last night's view of Mars was probably the best I've had so far this year. With my 180 Mak, I found I got the best view with a 0.9 Baader ND filter, and even at its current altitude, my ADC helped a bit with contrast. Best magnification was x250 once the scope had settled and Mars had risen a bit (24:00). I could see a few of the details that I'd captured in an image the night before I think including the albedo area around Olympus Mons. Chris
  13. Another attempt from last night. I'm quite pleased that Olympus Mons is visible with the Tharsis volcanoes, and the structure around Valles Marineris including the Hebes Chasma I think (experts will correct me if I'm wrong). Odd that the S Polar Cap is now apparently asymmetric (repeatable on other avi's. is it shrinking? 180 Mak, ADC, ASI224 MC camera, 1.5x Barlow, best 2000 from 5000 frames. Chris
  14. I think so, judging by the map I'm using (AN's poster of a couple of years ago). I used a 2x barlow shortened to give ca. x1.5 ( ie f22) Chris
  15. Another try at Mars last night, thwarted by a bank of cloud which appeared after 20 minutes or so. 180 Mak, ADC, ASI224 MC camera. 2000/5000 frames processed in Autostakkert/PS. The seeing was fairly rubbish, although there were one or two very short intervals where huge amounts of detail were visible by eye, difficult to capture with a camera though for a rank amateur! Nice to see some of the low contrast detail though. Chris
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