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  1. Ditto here - a half hour spent Pup hunting tonight without success, although not surprising as the seeing to the SW was barely average. On the occasions I have spotted the Pup, the seeing has been excellent+ and it has usually been late Autumn when Orion is in a better position for me, well away from houses and heating. Chris
  2. Great stuff Nick! Hazed up here last night, but Fri or Sat evenings look better, Deo volente! Chris
  3. I await such a test on a real object with interest! Chris
  4. Using Aberrator, or a DIY program. Chris
  5. Despite the weather forecast here last night, it was actually glorious for a couple of hours (22:00 - 24:00). Using my 180 Mak I re-acquainted myself with AN's double Star of the month for January, 52 Orionis. A beautiful pair of whitish yellow nearly equal stars 1.0 arcsec apart. The seeing was good to excellent, so that the pair could be seen as a double at x270 (10mm ortho), and at x450 (6mm ortho), the pair could be seen as a clearly separated double with dark space between them (simulation below - visually slightly clearer than the sim.). The Trapezium was stable initially, but began to break up as Orion moved round to the west and began to sink over a house with a heating plume. The E and F stars were clear at x135, but not really separated below that or visible at much above x180. Always a thrill to see the Trapezium with all six stars clearly resolved against the background of M42, although M42 wasn't too impressive last night because of the nearly full Moon. The Moon itself was glorious - I spent nearly half an hour looking at the Mare Crisium and Cleomedes area - a huge amount of detail because of the oblique lighting. The Mak often offers amazing views of the Moon when conditions are right. Roll on some more clear skies.......... Chris
  6. Obvious, but a little boring! Mind you, more evidence that nights are only clear when there is a full moon - as it is the first clear night for yonks. Chris
  7. Yes, exactly Stu. The full aperture of 180 is maintained by having a slightly oversized mirror., meaning that the aperture really is 180mm. Chris
  8. I think you'll find John that modern 180s with o/sized mirrors are actually 180 or very close. I've measured mine at 179mm and others in reviews have found the same. Chris
  9. I have a couple of different ND filters (and an Nd filter) I use, mainly to avoid the effects quoted above of having one iris fully open, one closed, and trying to walk around the garden half blinded at night! Occasionally, the brightness of the Moon at low mag has triggered visual migraines (scotoma), which although fascinating are best avoided, even if they are harmless. Chris
  10. I have two maks and it sounds excessive to me - both mine have a little backlash ands a small amount of image shift at high magnifications. I have heard (I have never tried it though) that winding the focus to one extreme and back again can reduce/eliminate focus shift - maybe worth trying, if not back to the supplier I think as it sounds as though something has not been tightened internally. Chris
  11. Well, I've just driven home over a hill near our village and got a fantastic view of the crescent Moon and Venus for a few secs until the clouds took over again! Chris
  12. I've been tempted to buy one of the adaptors that ZWO produce* (eg https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-accessories/zwo-nikon-t2-adapter-suitable-for-all-asi-cameras.html, ) but notice a number of reviews eg on CN that point to difficulties in removing these from the lens once fitted. Manufacturing tolerances seem to be blamed. Has anyone any experience of these adaptors to confirm or not the tolerance issue? Many thanks! Chris * to use my range of Nikon lenses for imaging and guiding
  13. The Sun was born again, but I didn't notice any naked folk frolicking about in the fields nearby. Shame these old customs die out. But at least it means the days are getting longer again! Chris
  14. I've spotted it quite a few times now from the Oxford area, but the seeing has to be excellent++. Chris
  15. An EP I've been quite impressed with is the 10mm Baader Classic Series Ortho (used with a 180 Mak giving x270). Very sharp and good contrast, but not a lot of eye relief. It has to be said though that Maks are fairly eyepiece-tolerant because of the long fl. Chris
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