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  1. chiltonstar

    Saturn 22-5-2018

    Nice! Enke nice & clear - well done (I'm envious!). Chris
  2. chiltonstar

    rECENT jOVES...

    Simply stunning! Chris
  3. chiltonstar

    Jupiter Another from 19-05-18

    It's the Haze Reduction filter in PS Elements. I find it cancels out the SCT low contrast effect quite nicely. Chris
  4. chiltonstar

    Jupiter Another from 19-05-18

    Some nice details there! Forgive me for fiddling around with it, but this is your image post one of my favourite filters: Chris
  5. chiltonstar

    Beauty & the Beast.....

    Indeed, an interesting star system! I wonder if Zeta Her can be difficult to see sometimes because the secondary may fall on/close to the diffraction ring with some scopes, and there is a significant mag difference of course. Chris
  6. With a patch of clear sky between the clouds, and Vega fairly steady, which usually means good seeing, I thought it was time to look at AN's Double Star of the Month (June), which is Sigma Coronae Borealis (CrB). What a beauty - I've only seen it before in smaller scopes which didn't fully show the subtle colour tint difference, but with the 180 Mak (15mm Vixen SLV, x190), it was glorious! A hint of pinkish-white and blue-ish white. Definitely worth a look if you don't know it already. There is a nearby field star (TYC 2583-1900-1, mag 10.68) which makes it look like a triple, but I believe it is not related. The Beast - well, I always look at Zeta Herculis when I'm in the region....... Sometimes successful, sometimes not. Usually the secondary is an out of focus blob in the right place, but last night it was there as a brilliant diamond point beside the main star's diffraction ring. To round off, I swung round to Jupiter just as the cloud descended....The GRS was a pretty orange peach (x190) and I could see the Io transit about to begin, but the clouds got there first. Chris
  7. chiltonstar

    Greetings from an Italian in London

    Welcome - don't worry about your English as it's a lot better than my Italian, and I worked there for 8 years! Chris
  8. chiltonstar

    Any body else feel work is a massive inconvenience

    To slightly mis-quote Oscar Wilde......"Work is the curse of the observing classes"! Chris
  9. chiltonstar

    Jupiter: 00:35 am 14-05-18

    I feel the pain....I also have a seriously large horse chestnut in the wrong place, so with the planets so low this year, it's either a travelscope+ticket or a very tall pier! Chris
  10. chiltonstar

    Nice Variety Of Doubles (Plus Globs To Finish)

    Some lovely targets there....for sheer colourful beauty at the EP, I think Izar takes some beating, although some of the others have a subtle beauty of their own. Chris
  11. chiltonstar

    Jupiter: 00:35 am 14-05-18

    Sounds like a great view in a 12"! Did you catch the transit of Ganymede plus shadow a bit later John? Chris
  12. chiltonstar

    70mm Skies 2018-05-08

    Very nice! We sometimes forget how many of the astronomical discoveries we take for granted were made with 3" scopes, although in the past I suppose they had less LP to contend with - well unless they were burning witches/astronomers nearby! Chris
  13. chiltonstar

    Izar - Epsilon Bootis

    Many thanks for this Vlav - very useful indeed! I think the effect is there on the original AVI, (ie not introduced during stacking). Another suggestion made to me is that it arises from cooling effects. As the primary has a three point mounting (in the case of my Mak three pairs of bolts), heat "bleeds" through these to the outer back plate as the scope cools creating three cooler patches on the mirror, and thus the distortion of the diffraction ring. This explanation, if feasible, would certainly explain why all sorts of obstructed scopes get the effect and why, at least in my case, it appears when the seeing is average or slightly better, but not when it's excellent. I am probably being over-OCD about it, and it is true as Vlav says above, a bit of levels stretching solves the problem and gives a more accurate impression, for example:- Chris
  14. chiltonstar

    Izar - Epsilon Bootis

    Maybe..... But it only appears with average to good seeing. No sign of it with excellent seeing, and it matches quite well the images of seeing effects in CDSA. Chris
  15. Has to be one of the most beautiful double stars in the heavens (IMO)! Three successive AVIs with 180 Mak, AS1224. 1000 frames each. I always get "propellor" diffraction rings with stacking, whereas by eye they are often complete when the seeing is good. Reasons? Izar, Sep = 2.9 arcsec, PA = 343, Mags 2.6, 4.8 Chris

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