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  1. Not my best image of the area Mike - I was looking through a heat plume above my neighbours' house and the image was shimmering a bit. Chris
  2. Floaters ........ I think mine came with the bus pass! Chris
  3. This is Monday evening at 23:00 - the bright part is about 50% of the pits (leading to them appearing as whitish blotches if the seeing isn't 100++%. I think the day before, Sunday evening, would have given the best view IMO?? I'm not sure exactly what number of days that would have been. Chris
  4. Good point John. Interestingly, I've found that when they appear visually as bright spots (eg last night), they still image as pits although less defined than when the contrast is higher. The image shows 5+ pits, but I could only see 4 or 5 whitish patches. Chris
  5. I like the seating Stu! How do you raise and lower the height to keep your eye at the right level? The Moon last night was cracking, wasn't it? I had my 180 Mak and little ED80 out, and the seeing was good enough (just) to see the Plato craterlets amongst other delights! Let's hope the early summer continues a bit longer! Chris
  6. What an interesting post! Fascinating to know what goes on inside, but I'm not sure I am ready to take mine apart yet! Chris
  7. Ouch! Hope you get it sorted Stu. Can OOUK supply a new tube, maybe out of Dural or something less dentable than steel? Chris
  8. Very impressive! Rather better than those of us at 52 N can manage! Chris
  9. Lovely scope - I still have something very similar, but my mount is tattier through 20+ years use. Interesting that you've got the head set as alt-az rather than equatorial. Chris
  10. I have both my 180 Mak and a small frac - ED80 - on my mount at the same time. This way, I get the beauty of a frac view, even if the Airy disks are huge, and the resolution of the Mak. It helps to see the split as well. Chris
  11. Yes, I'd forgotten Stu. Must be one of the effects of extended home incarceration! Chris
  12. Good to see you've joined the Zeta Her club Stu! It is a tricky little pair though for the smaller scope because of the secondary falling on the diff ring. Might be worth trying again with the 8" on a night when the seeing is good?? Chris
  13. With excellent transparency and U Maj high in the sky, I had another look at M97 (The Owl nebula) last night, using my 180 Mak with a 2" 38mm Panavision EP. For the first time, I could just make out "the eyes" of the owl - normally for me it is a nearly formless blob with no detail visible. A tribute to the conditions, and the fact that U Maj was well away from the north, as I have a lot of LP (streetlamps + gigawatt security lights) to the north of me. Nearby M108 was as beautiful as ever, with a lot of granular detail visible along the core - some of which was twinkling like resolved stars in a glob. Then across the sky and on to Markarian's Chain; the conditions made finding M84 and M86 easier, and with the near perfect conditions, the whole sequence was visible, even less bright galaxies I don't think I've spotted before. Who says Maks aren't deep sky scopes.... Roll on more clear and transparent evenings! Chris
  14. Nice report John. I've found with my scopes the Limiting Magnitudes calculated using www.cruxis.com are much closer to my own visual limits than some of the textbook values, giving me quite often four Uranian moons for example, rather than the three that some LM values would suggest. Chris
  15. A very nice sketch John - far better than I can manage. After a few nights of excellent seeing here, tonight was "unremarkable" although the transparency was pretty good. Chris
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