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  1. Thanks for the kind words all.... was really blessed with good skies last night, could only spend an hour out there though before other commitments came calling. Always the way!
  2. Lovely seeing out there tonight with exvellent transparency. 8.75" fullerscope newt with 8mm BST (200x) and galaxy S8. Celestron NeXYZ phone adaptor. Finally found the man on the moon! Thanks for looking
  3. Thanks... yes that is probably the case, it's not easy to get the phone exactly square to the focal plane (or any camera sensor for that matter!). Will definitely spend a bit more time on this next time out.
  4. First use of the NexYZ smartphone adaptor that I got for christmas. Seems to work quite well compared to shooting hand held, with the small exit pupils using my F11 frac. Takes a bit of time to get set up and get the phone positioned over the EP correctly and square to the focal plane, but once that's done very easy to snap away using the timer to eliminate image shake. Starwave 102mm F11 achro on AZ4 Fullerscopes 13mm superwide plossl (86x) Galaxy S8 standard photo app. 5 second timer. Image unedited.
  5. CraigT82

    Wanted: Fullerscopes Mount

    I have a mkiii mount which is lacking drives or slow mo controls, so I'm looking for either the necessary drives and wormwheels, or even a complete driven mkiii mount which I could cannibalise for parts. Would also consider a mkiv mount if anyone had one for sale. Cheers
  6. Oh go on then... Merry Christmas me!
  7. Hi Dave, I'll take a punt on this... should do well in my F7.5 newt. Will PM you. Cheers
  8. CraigT82

    Worthless EQ5 goto

    No diffetence really but depends on the output of the charger. If you use your phone heavily the battery still goes down whilst charging Say the mount draws 3amp but charger is 1.5 amp, then the mount should theoretically draw 1.5amp from charger and 1.5amp from battery and shouldn't be an issue, but knowing how fussy these mounts are about their power id bet 1 shiny pound that this is the problem!
  9. CraigT82

    Worthless EQ5 goto

    Are you charging the battery whilst using the mount? This is your problem if so.... You're effectively trying to power the mount with the trickle charger.
  10. Here's mine, cut from 18mm birch ply
  11. I can't detect any scatter at all using the Tak prism, which is great for me as scatter is the one abberation I hate! I think it would go very well with the SLVs and really let the scope do it's thing.
  12. Yes I'm in the middle of an estate and surrounded by houses on all sides, so my local seeing is pretty bad in winter when everyone has their heating on. I just need to pull my finger out and get away to a decent observing site
  13. Nice job! Very neat. Though can't help thinking that if you decide in the future that you want to use a normal finder in conjunction with the telrad you now have nowhere to mount it? Just a thought.
  14. I'ts a prism diagonal, sounds like you just need a little more magnification to get a convincing split of the narrower pair. I need quite a lot of magnification here as I'm city centre and my local seeing is pretty poor (also my eyes aren't that sharp!) No problem about the linking
  15. Having had this scope a couple of weeks now and having used it a couple of times I can offer some thoughts. Though there's not much I can write about this scope that hasn't been written before. Very first impression is how nicely it's built. The paint finish is a lovely high quality pearlescent white, with the brushed aluminium look trim and nicely anodized focuser and tube rings, it's a really good looking scope up close. The long dew shield moves up and down smoothly and has a locking screw. The tube has nicely blackened baffles and the inside of the dew shield has a nice matt black paint too.... Coupled with the excellent AR coatings it makes it difficult to see anything down the tube. A Cheshire eyepiece test reveals only one reflection from the objective lenses, I can only assume this is because both reflections are on top of one another, so the lens cell appears to be nicely engineered with well aligned lenses. The focuser itself is very well engineered with a smooth action and lots of travel. Using a laser in a HG parallizer the spot exits the front bang in the centre showing that the focuser is properly aligned with the optical axis. Though using the supplied 2" to 1.25" adapter the spot is slightly off, nothing to worry about though. Annoyingly my 30mm vixen NPL won't focus without pulling the adapter and diagonal out a little (1mm each), Maybe the tube was shortened sometime in the past!? Again nothing to worry about really, just a minor annoyance. In use the scope is easy to balance and the long length makes pointing and tweaking the view very easy on the az4, the length of the tube providing a nice lever with which to move around the sky. I haven't seen much through it but What I have seen I'm pleased with. Mars tonight showed a faint hint of dark seas and some evidence of a south polar cap* at 224x though the disc is getting pretty small now, and the moon showed crisp detail with only a hint of CA around the limb (see pic straight off the phone with no edits other than a crop) though It was a bit hazy which dimmed the image somewhat which could have toned down the CA a bit. Turning to the double double and working up through the mags I achieve a dark line between each pair at approx 140x. My f7.5 newt will achieve this split at 90x, though the image of the stars is more aesthetically pleasing in the frac. Snapping smartphone pics ain't too easy as even with long fl eyepieces the f11 ota means the exit pupil is small, compared to the faster newt. It's really nice not having to worry about cooling and collimation! Just plonk it down and away you go. Compared to my big long newt this frac is so simple and user friendly that I can tell it's going to get a lot of use both at home and away, and with outreach. It takes literally 2 mins to get it out the garage and start observing. Using it on the AZ4 is fine in still conditions, I've had it up to 224x without too much vibration, though I expect the wooden tripod helps with that, a bit of wind catching the long tube though and the image starts trembling. That's about the sum total of my thoughts so far, will add more to this thread as I get more usage out of the scope. *EDIT: having looked at s couple of Mars images in the imaging section the polar cap has shrunk to a dot now, so it seems I was imagining it when I was observing!

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