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  1. Dammit! Just bought one new two days ago
  2. This is where I am now... Have a guiding rig added and just waiting on a flattener and adaptor to arrive. Will have to put off the purchase of a dedicated camera as funds are low. Have got a Ha12nm clip in filter for the nodded 700d so will go with that for now. Whole set up is 4.5kg ish.
  3. I just hope your pension can cope with that life span!
  4. I'm selling this mint explore scientific 2x focal extender (1.25") Works just like a powermate but much cheaper! Comes in original box. £55 posted (will get pics up later)
  5. I'm selling a ZWO ADC in excellent condition in original box. Looking for £100 posted. (Will get pics up later)
  6. I'm selling off all my planetary imaging kit to fund a move into DSO imaging and sadly this wonderful skymax 150 has to go. This OTA was bought from FLO this February and is in excellent condition. I've used it for planetary and lunar imaging and some of the pics it's captured are attached. It comes with the original RACI finder, along with the original 2"diagonal and visual back. No eyepieces are included. I have the original box so buyers can arrange a courier if they wish (I'm located in Bristol). Payment buy paypal (add 3% for fees) or by bank transfer (or cash on collection). I'm looking for £375. Cheers Will get some pics of the scope itself up tonight.
  7. Hi Mark, I'm interested in the Tokina... can you send any more details/pics please? Cheers
  8. I'm no engineer but would it be much easier to just install an uninterruptible power supply?
  9. Very nice! What cam/filters are you using? I'm on the verge of jumping into narrow band imaging myself and camera/filters are next on the shopping list.
  10. Try here for stainless fasteners in olde worldly sizes! The #10-32 will be under 'unified fine' The 1/4-20 is quarter inch with 20 threads per inch
  11. I think so, it has a macro switch on the body (as per pic below)
  12. I think to get all that within your budget you should be looking at second hand... you might find an ED80 with an upgraded focuser which would probably be ideal really! Second hand scopes usually have all the kinks ironed out, just be sure to get it from someone trustworthy! Theres a WO GT81 on ABS there for £750, it's in spain though. I've just been looking at imaging fracs myself (picked up a nice little WO ZS66 SD yesterday from the classifieds). What I learnt from my admittedly brief research is: You shouldn't underestimate the optical performance of the SW ED80.... it's often said a well designed doublet will have better colour control than a cheap triplet. You don't need to reduce, you can get a field flattener that doesn't reduce the FL. Beware of carbon fibre scopes, there can be associated problems with lens cells in CF scopes. Edit: Just realised you can get the esprit 80 for less than £1000 new!
  13. I picked up my new to me ZS66 SD today, lovely little frac. The focuser, although basic, is actually rather good showing no signs of drooping or slipping even with 700g of DSLR hanging on it. Just need to sell a few more bits to get that QHY174m cool on order!
  14. Very nice! Interesting alternative to one of the more 'normal' ISS captures (I say normal but still damn difficult!)
  15. Price will be £210 posted to Finald (Royal Mail international tracked and signed). Yes I've been using it successfully on a APS-C sensor (Canon 700D) Cheers Craig