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  1. Now reduced to £175 Posted
  2. Heads up for any Fullercopes fasn in Scotland... https://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/fullerscopes-telescope/1290837361?utm_source=savedsearches&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GT.TRIGGER.SA&utm_content=none
  3. Certainly not a let down! The mirrors in mine are original and are the B grade, so around 1/6th wave probably which is on par or slightly better than modern chinese mass produced units in the likes of skywatcher/celestron etc. They've recently been recoated, and from what I've seen so far serve up lovely sharp and contrasty views. On my first night with it I pointed it at the trapezium in orion and could see the E and F stars whilst hardly trying (which actually probably says more about the seeing than the mirrors!) and the nebulosity of M42 had an internal structure that I've never seen before in my 8" skywatcher. The collimation of both primary and secondary is much easier than my skywatcher, and the OTA is lighter to boot. It has been fitted with a modern dual speed crayford though... I'm not a complete luddite
  4. Dob build 16"

    Great build by the way! Where did you get the ebony star from?? Edit: Hurray 1000 posts!
  5. Dob build 16"

    You can get those from bicycle shops, they're the star nut that the handle bar stem bolts into. https://www.tartybikes.co.uk/headset_spares/tartybikes_star_nut/c57p10541.html
  6. This is how I'm using my Mk3 at the moment. The polar axis doesnt quote get down to zero but it's close enough. I suspect 'Close Enough' was the factory motto when they made these things!
  7. Might be worth sending a query to the retailer asking them to explain the price rise
  8. How about the crashing value of the pound? I doubt Celestron has any finance problems, It's the UK that has the finance problems!
  9. I might be interested in this mount if it were up for sale... looking for one spares or repair. Have PM'd you. Craig
  10. Back in the Game

    Just checking out M42 and the seeing actually looks to be very good... can't believe my 'new scope' luck. E and F trapezium stars both visible with 10mm BCO (x166)
  11. SW Evostar 120ed

    Good lord....*looks around house to see what can sell for £750*
  12. Back in the Game

    Just got the new scope home and BY JOVE it's only bleeding' clear! Set it up in the back garden, quick collimation (which was an absolute doddle) and now waiting to see some stars. Very pleased with the OTA but the mount needs a little work (although it's quite usable as it is). One thing I'm surprised at is just how light it all is, the tube must be about 8kg which is actually lighter than my SW 200mm f6 OTA. The mount is mostly ally apart from the pillar and the shafts so that doesn't weigh much either. I think the only thing I'm gonna do to it is add a little flocking at the top and bottom of the tube and add a rigel quick finder but that will be it Very happy. Lets see how it performs in the dark
  13. telescope for lunar imaging

    Maybe something like an Intes 8" mak newt or mak cass?
  14. If refractors could be made with 2m+ apertures they would use those I think. I follow quite a few professional astronomers on twitter and I've sen them complain - more than once - of getting around to their precious alloted scope time only to find that their intended subject is obscured by a bleedin' great diff spike!
  15. New Frac Decisions

    Second hand (probably shop return) frac with 6 lenses.... you'd have to be a gambling man wouldn't you!