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  1. Latest Samsung update have given us 30 sec exposures in pro mode. S10 and S9 only I think though, not sure.
  2. I agree. You're only 'eye balling' the shadow essentially, unless using a camera to get an image of the defocused star which you can overlay concentric rings onto? I dont like to be wasting precious clear-sky time with star collimation, much better to get it sorted inside in poor weather. If I'm out observing and the image looks rubbish I'll probably defocus on a star to see if anything is wrong but i'm usually looking for thermals rather than collimation
  3. Three words for you... Howie Glatter Parallizer! One of the best astro things I've ever bought
  4. Great set of images.... My favourite is Darwin, don't think I've ever noticed those 'wrinkles' on the crater floor before. Well done for getting out there in the poor weather I cant imagine it's very easy or quick to set up that beast of a scope!
  5. Yes it does, you need more inwards travel to use it, roughly 40mm I think, although using a Barlow can push it outwards again
  6. Really nice work! Love the sinus iridum shot.
  7. Well you can trust CN to bash a £125 product because a £3500 version performs better. I have the ZWO version and I like it. I use it mainly for imaging but have used it for visual and it does help when targets are low, especially in larger apertures.Takes a bit of practice to set up but well worth it for the price.
  8. Same with my Fullerscope. The 1.7m plastic tube shakes around when touched... No matter how solidly mounted. Motor focus is essential and makes an otherwise unusable scope a dream to use!
  9. I think it's the length of the grip that's relevant... that long tool in the OP allows a hand to grip with all fingers, like a bike handlebar.
  10. Really like imppg for sharpening my lunar images... thanks for your efforts!
  11. That article states the FoV of the image with the nebula is 5x5 arc secs... so the nebula itself probably 2.5x2.5 arc secs. Safe to say that would not be visible in your image. It also states that the nebula cant be seen in visible wavelengths. Sorry but have to agree that it's an artifact in your image!
  12. Cracker! There's been so many excellent venus captures this year.... I guess the baader venus filter has been a real game changer!
  13. What a beauty! That RC is really producing some great images.
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