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  1. Thanks Michael that's very useful info, I completely overlooked the multistar guiding option so will try that next time out. Sorry should have mentioned the exposures were 2 seconds for that example. I tried everything between 1s and 3s but the guiding never really got below 0.9" RMS. The other values were: RA agr 70 RA hys 10 RA minmo 0.26 Dec agr 100 Dec minmo 0.40 Scope max RA 2500 Scope max Dec 2500
  2. Thanks that is quite reassuring. Do you run the assistant on every session?
  3. This is outstanding Neil is this a mosaic or could you get the whole thing on the chip? To be honest I've seen worse results from 11" SCTs!
  4. Thanks for that info, I will have a look at the PHD2 group and maybe post a log file there. Ive packed away now but tomorrow night looks clearish too so ill have another go hopefully. I should have said that I did run the guiding assistant and I accepted the recommendations (though I must admit I didn't really have any clue what it was trying to tell me). One thing it did say was that I had tons of dec backlash and might want to consider guiding in one direction only. So actually that's something I can fiddle with for the time being and see if I can improve.
  5. I used tonight's lack of clouds to try out guiding for the first time ever. I recently rebuilt my old EQ6 with the intention of long exposure imaging (I've only ever done lucky imaging up to now - bar a few attempts at widefield with a DSLR on a star adventurer a few years ago). I didn't have the main scope imaging tonight, waiting on a new secondary mirror from TS. I set up the mount and scope, polar aligned using sharpcap, slewed the mount to M45 and then started up PHD. Guiding calibration competed successfully and the rig is now guiding with the resulting table below. Any obvio
  6. Yes no problems at all, there is loads of range on the EP clamp. Smaller EPs like orthos can be tricky but there are little shims in the box to help with that
  7. Yup all the stars in the affected image have a funny shape and the brightest all have a swirly trail. Scope wasn't settled at start of sub or was knocked at some point during the sub.
  8. Sounds exciting! Might be worth exploring if you could build it around the brains of an existing model? Motherboards from EQ6s are pretty easy to come by, though not sure if you could control harmonic drives with one of them. Just thinking that way it would then be really easy to control it via ascom using SGpro/NINA/APT or whatever.
  9. Nice work Mark! Looking forward to seeing the end result (if there is such a thing for the modding enthusiast ). Are you building a mount from scratch now? Based on the harmonic drives?
  10. Nice images Lee Can be really frustrating in the windy conditions but still worth it i find
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