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  1. Regarding the questions about LRGB, Damian Peach has a good article on imaging Mars and the various colour combination methods: http://www.damianpeach.com/marscolour.htm As for software, sharpcap will be great for capture. I use autostakkert 3 for stacking, registax for sharpening, winjupos for derotation (can add lum channel in winjupos) and PS cc for final edits
  2. That's good to hear. Glad you're happy with your choice
  3. Yes apparently... Pin sharp stars edge to edge according to reviews I could find online. Please buy it and save me!
  4. Great little resource. Thanks for asking him about it Paul. I've been very tempted to by the very interesting little scope Ade is selling on ukabs (Celestron Comet Catcher) but have managed to restrain myself, so far!
  5. You will need to stretch the image to bring out the faint signal, have you done this? If not, start with curves and levels in gimp or Photoshop... Loads of info online to show you how to do this
  6. Welcome to the forum! I have this pillar tripod for my EQ6 and I had the same problem with the mount coming loose as I rolled it back and forth over my drive. I used the have the hand knob just nipped up, but found that actually if I really tightened the hand know down I could still do the Az adjustments (just) and it didn't come loose any more. I did sand down the interface between mount and adapter plate to allow them to slide a little easier. Not sure on the Az pin, mine fits fine. If it were mine and it is preventing a good flat contact between mount and adapter then I would definitely file it down as it would prevent the Az adjustements working properly I would have thought?
  7. Thats the diffraction spike from the stalk holding the secondary mirror. There should actually be 2 spikes 180 degrees apart. Perfecrly normal.
  8. I think that fuzzy grey spot that wouldn't focus was probably the ring nebula, most planetary nebs look like that in small scopes at first glance, especially with a full moon, but with a bit of observing and maybe averted vision, you will make out the ring structure
  9. Really nice set of images, well done. This imaging lark is very addictive so be warned!
  10. Thanks for the comment! I've just noticed some chromatic artifacts at the north pole... didn't notice that on the monitor, serves me right for processing in a bright sunlit room!
  11. Here's the Saturn I captured on Thursday night after Jupiter. Seeing was possibly a little better during this capture, or it might just have been that the Cassini division made it a bit easier to find focus than on the low contrast Jovian disc. Fullerscope with Altair GPCAM3 224c and APM 2.7x barlow. Baader L filter and IR685nm filter used. I captured 12x1 min videos in IR followed by 12x1 min videos of colour, derotated the lot and added the IR to colour as luminance. Cheers
  12. Thanks Stu, no worries about sharing
  13. Forecast for last night was good with jetstream speeds of less than 10mph showing on Windy.com, but I don't think that quite materialised as the seeing here in Bristol was pretty poor with both high frequency blur and low frequency shimmer seen on the capture screen (hot day didn't help either). This made it difficult to focus and I think I was way off on critical focus for this shot, never mid though it's my first Jupiter image for three years! Fullerscope with Altair GPCAM3 224c and APM 2.7x barlow I captured 12x1min videos and kept only 7 of them to derotate (used best 40% of those 7 videos in the stacks). Also captured some standalone IR685nm data which I'm processing now and will add to this topic later. Cheers
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