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  1. Bump... still got this Photometric R filter for sale if anyone is interested?
  2. Steeltrack is fitted... tomorrow's job will be to fit my lakeside motor to it and then finish wrapping the tube in radiator foil - to help stop the tube metal cooling below ambient and creating temp. deltas inside the tube.
  3. Thanks Steve, yes for an old beast it does work well. It's had a long life before me, mounted in the obsy of a gentleman who sadly couldn't do any astro anymore due to advancing age, and I bought it from him for a pittance really (as it's a bit tatty). With a bit of work it's been brought back to full working order with the addition of goto motors and motherboard plus new worm bearings, proper grease and new Teflon shims of the correct thickness. It might yet give another 10-15 years service with regular care. I did some DSO imaging with it recently with my 200p f/6 dob OTA on board and
  4. Continuing the upgrades I'm fitting a Baader Diamond Steeltrack to the 300p. I was planning on fitting my motorised green moonlite CR2 to this OTA but couldn't source the necessary curved base for the 12" tube, and so that focuser will be staying on the 200p f/6 which, when I get it mounted on a Dob base, will become a visual scope. The existing 2" single speed Crayford that is the OE focuser on the 300p is going to be out in my Fullerscope as that is currently stood focuserless in the corner. It will become a dedicated solar WL scope with a full aperture film. This old focuser shou
  5. You should just about get away with the evostar 120 on the AZ4 mount. There will be some wobble when you move the scope and when up focus it but with practice this can be minimised. There are also other things you can do like hanging a length of chain from the front of the scope (looks weird but works well to dampen the vibration). The startravel would be a better match match the mount though with its shorter tube length. My opinion is that the Evostar 120 is better all rounder than the startravel. The ST120 is a great RFT (rich field telescope) and so is great for low power expansive
  6. What a great find for £20, in very good condition for its age, a good 'patina' I think they say. My Fullerscope is about 6 or 7 years younger but shares a lot of the features. With a few modern upgrades it makes a superb planetary/lunar scope.
  7. Today I received a Baader Diamond Steeltrack from Astroshop.eu which is going to go on the 300p. What a lovely piece of kit it is. I gave up on the idea of fitting my Moonlite CR2 to it as can't get hold of a base plate, so that's staying on the 200p as a visual scope (once I source a Dob mount for it). The current single speed skywatcher Crayford on the 300p is going to be swapped onto the Fullerscope and that is going to become a dedicated WL solar scope with a full aperture Baader ND3.8 filter. Also received a Lakeside bracket and a click lock clamp for the Steeltrack from FLO.
  8. The solar film let's everything through as it isn't a wavelength filter. Do you mean the solar continuum filter?
  9. Sorry not an interested party but the bracket you have the motor focus on is that a home brew 3D print or is it something you found commercially? Looks great.
  10. I think it would be extremely heavy... 1m x1m x 0.3m concrete slab would weigh 800kg, plus the concrete filled pier and all the kit on it you're looking at around 1000kg!
  11. That does look like a top notch obsy... Great workmanship like you say.
  12. Ah ok, how much would that all weigh? Would you be able to move it?!
  13. Skywatcher do one, needs a bit of fettling to work at its best (like most SW stuff) but not bad at all for the money. I've cut mine down for use with newts, added stainless fixings and larger castors to roll better over rough tarmac Also filled the tube with expanding foam I've used it for DSO imaging, 20 min exposures at 1200mm with no vibrations and I'm only about 50m from a heavily trafficked main road. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-mount-accessories/skywatcher-pillar-mount-support-for-heq5-eq6-series-mounts.html
  14. Just wondering if anyone had a SW200p dob base they're not using and could be tempted to move onto a new home. I'm in Bristol so would need to be close -ish or could figure out away to dismantle and pack it up maybe, if not. Would need the handle/bearings for the sides of the OTA. Alternatively I'd be interested in any other homebrew dob mount for sale that is suitable for a 8" f/6 OTA (I have tub rings for it). Cheers
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