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  1. You can use it whilst offline, it periodically checks your licence when you connect to the internet. If you are offline permanently you get a warning saying "if you don't connect and let us check the licence the program will stop working in xx days" or something along those lines. So if you connect to the internet once a week or so you will be fine
  2. The skytee mount head weighs about 6.5kg on it's own, so it's quite heavy but its easy to carry around with a tripod attached due to its shape.
  3. Quite a few people guide their Star adventurer, it helps to eliminate tracking errors due to the fairly large periodic error. It will work best with spot on PA so your polemaster will be very handy. As above you need to set it to 'on camera' in PhD then connect cam USB to computer and St4 on cam to st4 on mount. With a 50mm lens and PA using polemaster youll be able to get 10min unguided subs easily, you might have to throw the odd one away though.
  4. Thanks! Have messaged the seller. Craig
  5. I'm looking for an Astronomik Eos clip in filter (CLS CCD type) Cheers
  6. Igniring seeing, I think the idea of sampling at 0.3 of the Dawes limit is that the smallest details your scope can pull in will occupy three pixels in the image, and so are actually visible to whoever views the image. If sampling at exactly the Dawes limit the smallest details will sit on one pixel and will be difficult to spot in the final image.
  7. Baader Classic Orthoscopics are the sharpest EP's I've used so far, and not too expensive either at about £50 a piece.
  8. Fantastic image, everytime I see this rimae I think it looks like a giant bear has swiped his claws across the landscape
  9. Hi, did this sell? Cheers
  10. Hi, is this still for sale?
  11. Have message you Michael. Craig
  12. Lovely image! That lens is doing well, which one is it? I'd be tempted to boost the colour saturation a little and maybe the contrast to make the nebula 'pop' a bit more
  13. I'm after the skywatcher SCT crayford focuser. Cheers
  14. I'm after the skywatcher flip mirror, the one with 1.25" nosepiece and a T2 thread at rear. Cheers
  15. Amended to full dob base wanted (after the one I had my eye on on astroboot went!)