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  1. If I was in your situation I'd be looking to spend that money on an equatorial platform for the dob and some sort of windbreak! IMO Nothing you can put on that EQ3 will come close to the planetary views of your 12" dob, well... nothing under 500 euros anyway
  2. I use an Astropro 187 tripod, which I believe is quite similar to the horizon 8115. Neither are too expensive and sometimes pop up second hand if you keep an eye out
  3. No I've never done any guiding!
  4. What eyepice have you got in it and what are you aiming it at??
  5. After struggling along with my old CG-5 for what seems like decades (actually only about 5 years) I decided to finally treat myself to a new mount. I was after something to mount my Skymax 150 on for planetary/lunar imaging and I wanted something portable. After considering a HEQ5 but ruling it out as too heavy I saw a Vixen GP2 on here and went for it. The GP2 arrived today and oh my... What a difference! Considering that the CG-5 is basically a copy of this GP2 there is a world of difference between them. The GP2 is much better built, all the peripheral bits and covers fit much better and don't fall off. The movement of both axis is smooth and easy with no backlash or slop, it came with dual axis motors, the altitude adjustment works much more smoothly and it just about balances with the small weight It's really made me realise just how old and knackered my CG-5 actually was. Cant wait to get this out under the sky, should make my imaging much much easier as hopefully I won't be chasing the target around the chip! Thanks Alan!
  6. Have processed an earlier recording from the same night, gone for a bit of a different processing flow which has given me a more natural colour this time and feel it has a tad more detail.
  7. Have PM'd you
  8. Congrats! Nice to see these instruments being passed from one loving enthusiast to another to be enjoyed... maybe one day it will end up in my hands (fat chance!!)
  9. Congratulations! Sounds like you've made a small but important step towards becoming a future astronaut. I wish I could have understood Kepler's third law when I was 13... I can barely get my head around it now! Any pictures of your board to post here??
  10. Superb results from the 5" mak
  11. Hi John, sorry no idea if it will work for that, I've no experience in video astro. Might be worth posting in the EAA section to see if any of those guys use one. Craig
  12. That should be pretty easy. I've managed 8 minutes with a 135mm, and that was on a travel tripod
  13. Depends: Polar alignment, balance, wind, etc... One night you might get 3 mins then the next night you may struggle to get 1 min, even though everything is exactly the same! I think most manage an average of around 90-120 secs with 250mm. With a strudy tripod, spot on polar alignment (drift alignment or polemaster) and guiding in RA you may get up to 5 mins or more.
  14. Very nice! Looks like The ADC is working well for you . Think I prefer the second image.
  15. I'm selling this superb self centering laser collimator as having now gone over to a maksutov I've little need for it. It's in excellent condition and is the crosshair version, can be used in 1.25" focusers or 2" focusers. Comes in the original box but I dont have the instructions anymore, though these can be downloaded from the Hotech website. I'm looking for £90 paypal preferred but could do bank transfer, postage will be £4.40 first class recorded. Thanks Craig