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  1. To me that also looks very good for wide open, I'd certainly keep that lens
  2. I have the following filters for sale, all in excellent condition and in original cases. Generic single polarising 1.25" (Japanese) £12 posted (SOLD) GSO IR blocking 1.25" (also blocks UV according to original vendor) £12 posted (SOLD) ZWO 850nm IR pass 1.25 £15 posted Astronomik H Alpha CCD EOS clip in filter £100 posted
  3. Astro Clear out (go on treat yourself ;)

    Pics of mount, drives and other bits now up
  4. Astro Clear out (go on treat yourself ;)

    I will get some taken and get them up tonight
  5. Just a heads up that I'll be selling a few things on here, pics and details to follow soon. Decided ive got too much money tied up with imaging kit i just don't have time to use so I'm going to reduce my kit to just my 8" and 5" dobs. Up for grabs will be: WO ZS66 SD frac (in blue) £250 with case, bahtinov, tube rings, SCT to T2 adaptor and T2 to M48 adaptor. (shipping £10) Berlebach Planet tripod (SOLD) Vixen GP2 mount head (with optional SW dual drives with enhanced controller) £225 without drives or £300 with. Shipping extra. SW enhanced dual axis drives with ST4 guide port for GP2/EQ5/CG5 £85 posted (if not sold with mount) ZWO ASI185c camera (SOLD) QHY polemaster (SOLD SW non-reducing field flattener (great for the ZS66) £35 posted (SOLD) Geoptik Adaptor (allows eq5 class mounts to fit to eq6 class tripods) £40 posted Polemaster adaptor for GP2 £20 posted ADM vixen dovetail - 290mm with wide top £45 posted (SOLD) M42 Carl Zeiss 135mm prime lens with adaptors to allow it to function as a guide scope. £30 posted (SOLD) Baader SCT to 2" clicklock adaptor £40 posted (SOLD) Baader T2 to 1.25" adaptor with helical focus action £25 posted (SOLD) Moonlite 2" T2 nosepiece £20 posted If you want more info on anything please let me know.
  6. Question about astronomik clip in filter

    Yes if it is an EF-S fitment lens, which I think it might be, it wont work with the clip in filters. The EF-S lenses have a plastic protrusion at the rear of the lens (like the pic below) which fouls the filter. The EF-S lenses have a white square on the body and the EF lenses have a red square.
  7. "Finding" Planets for Imaging

    I used an extension rube with my cam so that the camera was parfocal with my 12.5mm reticle ep. Centre planet in crosshairs, remove EP, insert cam and Barlow, done! I also used baader 2" clicklock which helps with centering consistency.
  8. Astrozap dew shield

    When I observed from a city balcony with my 8" newt I used a celestron dewshield and it was absolutely essential... I had light coming at me from all angles and it really helped to have the sheild. Also helps to flock the section of tube opposite the focuser.
  9. Old new guy

    Yes it is a UK based forum but there are plenty of US and Canadian members... plus lots more from all over the world. You'll find this forum much more civilized and courteous than certain others!
  10. Using a Star Adventurer during the day

    I thought that with mine but you have to press and hold for a second or so before it starts to move. The 12x movement isn't that speedy but you can hear the ticks from the motor speed up if you put your ear to it. Actually now I've re-read your OP now I can see that your RA clutch must have been tight enough if the left/right buttons moved the mount
  11. 2000 posts post

    What a great tradition! I shall keep it in mind as my 1000th post nears.
  12. Using a Star Adventurer during the day

    Are you sure you tightened the RA clutch enough??
  13. You can hire a CAT (cable avoidance tool) from the likes is Speedy etc..., they can detect electric cables and metallic services (steel or iron gas/water pipes). No use for plastic, concrete or clay pipes though. If you can find somewhere that hires them by the day shouldn't be too expensive.
  14. I reckon it should be pretty stable by the sounds of it... If you're smacking them 800mm into the ground. Just be absolutely sure there's no services there before doing that!
  15. Falcon 9 can put a payload of 22,800kg into low earth orbit and costs $62m per launch... So a paltry $2,719 per kg! Putting 1kg into geosynchronous orbit however costs a meaty $7,469.