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  1. I've had exactly the same choice to make recently, Bresser 152 mak or Skywatcher 150. On paper the bresser looks good, includes tube rings and also uses a crayford focusser (I'm not sure if the primary mirror is fixed or not). In the end I went for the SW as it's qualities are well documented. The only stuff I could find on the bresser was a review on here by Parallaxer (I think), he ended up sending it back as he was disappointed with it optically. BTW most maksutovs don't operate at quite their full aperture, not due to undersized primaries (certainly the SW maks have sufficiently oversized mirrors) but due to overly tight baffling. On the skywatchers the secondary baffle vignettes the light path slightly. I've read that this is to improve the out of focus star image, as with the baffle removed the out of focus image look horrible (very different eitger side of focus) due to the changing FL inherent with a moving mirror design, though apparently the in focus star image is still spot on.
  2. Keep an eye on the '2nd hand astro equipment' Facebook group too. Also astroboot get dobs in now and then.
  3. Nice shot! Looks like there's a stacking error? All the stars are doubled up, kind of thing you see if you knock the tripod during a long exposure, are the individual sub's like that?
  4. Error! It's just the 4.5mm... That'll teach me to read the whole tweet first
  5. Flo have reduced their Baader Morpheus eyepieces to £119... That's got to be the best bang for buck you can possibly get!
  6. I'm guessing that the Takumars are a cut above the rest for astro use??
  7. Hi all, OI have a couple of M42 screw fit lenses for widefield DSLR imaging which I really like. I'm now looking for a longer one (200mm-300mm) but looking on ebay there's quite a few different brands (Pentacon, Soligor, Optomax, Chinon, Prinz Galaxy etc....) Can anyone recommend any good ones that perhaps they own and are pleased with? Cheers Craig
  8. This is probably my best effort, iPhone 5 handheld through barlowed 10mm BCO in my 200p F6.
  9. Interesting! How did you know it was there? Did you chance upon it in the eyepiece?
  10. Nice! That's a goog shot especially considering the current altitude of Jupiter, I reckon there's more detail to be teased out of that. As mention you could try stacking in AS!2 then playing about with wavelets in registax. I find it often helps to just play around with different settings in both AS!2 and Registax, trial and error really. Of course you end up spending many times as much time on the processing as the capture but it's good to learn as the processing is where the magic happens!
  11. No sorry it's not the big shed shown in the link when it opens, it's the 4x6 I'm planning on. No plans for a warm room!
  12. My plan, when we move into our new house with garden (luxury!!) at the end of summer is to buy one of these (4x6) and modify it into a ROS. The base model doesn't come with floor so is perfect for a ROS project. I plan to fit wheels to it which will sit in steel channels, and the channels will extend into the garden and the whole lot will roll off to reveal scope on tripod. Inside I plan to have small shelf style table which will hinge up to be flat against the wall in closed mode, and will lower down once opened. EDIT: meant to add, the whole structure without the floor might be a bit floppy so I plan to add some internal bracing (probably steel) just to stiffen it all up a bit.
  13. There's a link at the bottom to an image of lidar flashes... green dots!
  14. Thanks! Sure no problem... This is a stack of 200 frames. Aligned and stacked in AS!2, them sharpened in imppg, then over to Photoshop for a bit of tweaking of the curves. Thanks for the positive comments everybody!