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  1. That is a cracking image of Mars. Well done.
  2. Great images, particularly the latter.
  3. That is a fantastic price. I already have four refractors, but perhaps I might justify replacing my 150mm F8 Helios achromat ( fungal infection on inside of OG) honestly, with the new Skywatcher !! Chris.
  4. I agree, i have a cheap 70mm refractor (Celestron travel scope) and while it is very limited on the planets you can still discern the two main belts on Jupiter and the rings of saturn. However, it does provide excellent low power views of the moon, 15-30X, and indeed, if the skies had been clear I had intended to use it to observe tonights lunar eclipse ( but completely clouded out ). Remember, it is essential to use even a small telescope on a sturdy mount, a flimsy tripod is useless for astronomy, as even on low power the vibrations are magnified out of all proportion completely spoiling the view. Good luck Chris.
  5. Hi Mike, once again a great sketch of the red planet, it looks far more accurate than my earlier effort. Best wishes Chris.
  6. I finally managed a very rough sketch of Mars this apparition. Only an impression of some fairly tenuous features, and probably recorded with a low degree of accuracy, but hopefully much better things to come given clear skies and no dust. Chris.
  7. Very nice image of Mars, similar to my own telescopic view in those brief moments of good seeing, and using a 23A filter. Well done. Chris.
  8. Yes, I agree, simply lovely sketches, I think the Moon is the most difficult subject of all. Keep them coming. Chris.
  9. Yes, I agree with Mike, it may be best to use a good notepad at the eyepiece, and finish the sketch indoors ASP. I started with Jupiter and Mars, but the Sun is also a good choice. The Moon, probably the most difficult, there is just so much detail visible through a scope. Please post any results. Chris.
  10. Unfortunately the mould does looks pretty bad, but I agree with Peter that it will have little impact on the performance of the scope, although it looks unsightly and will indeed have a major effect on the resale value. I have had similar problems myself with both refractors and also two pairs of binoculars. My 150mm F8 achromat as a very similar infestation, but, thus far, I have left sleeping dogs lie, and resisted the temptation to dismantle the objective and remove the mould if this proved possible. Of course this would be much easier in a doublet. I would never ever attempt to mess with the optics of a good triplet. Peter knows more about such matters than anyone else I know, and his advice to expose the lens to natural UV light is worth trying, it might prevent the mould spreading further. In fact, I no longer cap the objectives of any of my scopes any longer, except when in transit, yes, they may gather dust more readily, but this is the lesser of two evils. Good luck. Chris.
  11. HI Charic, thanks, I always use the pencils neat without water. I might try adding water in the future, perhaps before the hose pipe ban comes into force ! Chris.
  12. Thanks for your interest. I use a box of water soluble colour pencils made in Switzerland. They cost be £1.63 pence about 45 years ago and are still going strong. Best wishes Chris.
  13. Wow, that is a beautiful rendition, really hot stuff! Chris.
  14. Thanks everyone for your kind comments, Stu, I have certainly been called a lot worse ! Chris.
  15. A couple of recent sketches using different mediums, to create an impression of what can be seen on the giant planet even at low power and with relatively small scopes. I note some great images posted already. Chris.
  16. Yes, all three images are truly wonderful and inspiring to us mortals. very well done. Chris.
  17. With the huge dust storm on Mars, I have turned to Jupiter to indulge my passion for colour sketches. I submit a few recent examples, but make no claims for scientific accuracy. Hopefully there may still be time for Mars before it fades into obscurity! Best wishes Chris.
  18. Hi everyone, I also observed Mars with a 5.1 inch APO, on Saturday morning July 14th. Once again a large clearly defined disc, and yes, in moments of better seeing just a few diffuse surface features were visible using a Wratten 23A filter. However, still a long way to go. Best wishes Chris.
  19. Yes, two beautiful images, i Particularly like the one of Jupiter. Well done. Chris.
  20. Much to modest, largely due to your skill and expertise i think. A truly wonderful image, showing great detail on planetary disc. Chris.
  21. That is a beautiful first image of Mars, especially given the massive dust storm in progress, well done. Chris.
  22. wow, a truly wonderful image of an iconic object, more please. Chris.
  23. Hello fellow Martians, spent all last night ( 27/28 June) observing the planets from a sports ground in deepest Wyre Forest, where I bagged Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. I first caught sight of the red planet low down in the south east at 11.52 pm precisely. Yes, I totally concur, the usual vivid orange colouration of Mars as seen with the naked eye was certainly much reduced, currently more like the yellow planet. Through the scope not a lot of detail on view either, only a few indistinct dusky markings and the still obvious south polar cap. That dust storm is certainly playing havoc, good riddance I say. Best wishes Chris.
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