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  1. Hi there globular, thanks for your comments. If the atmosphere is steady you could easily use 300x on Mars with an 8 inch scope, however, good seeing is essential for planetary observation. The lower magnification views will always produce a sharper image, but Mars is still relatively small compared to the gas giants, and as you say can seem too bright. Try using a orange/red filter this will dim the image and make dark features a bit easier to see. However, patience as they say is a virtue, and you may have to observe for several hours and get your eye in just to get a few glimpses of the often subtle surface features. Mars is generally not an easy planet to observe, but well worth the effort, especially during this favourable apparition for northern latitudes. Good luck. Chris.
  2. Welcome to SGL, and a very nice image of Mars to begin with.
  3. At long last a clear night in these parts, and a chance to view the red planet in all it's glory. Transparency was good after all the heavy rain, and seeing reasonable. I managed to observe for nearly 2 hours with the 155mm f9 APO, until Mars was eventually obscured by an inconsiderate holly bush. Fortunately, despite the attentions of my cat, I was able to complete a rough " impressionistic sketch" during the pre dawn hours. Hopefully, weather and dust permitting, more will follow in due course. Take every advantage of this very favourable apparition. Cheers Chris.
  4. Once again Mike excellent and detailed sketches. I am still awaiting a clear night in these parts. Chris.
  5. Very nice image with clearly identifiable features.
  6. Excellent image, look forward to seeing more in due course.
  7. Thanks theropod, it is interesting that you too saw less meteors, and once again an higher percentage of bright ones. Actually you did quite well considering your last observation was some 2/3 days before the predicted maximum.
  8. Hi Tenor. I hope you had rather more luck than I did? I park my car in Shropshire but actually live in Worcestershire! we had thunderstorms and 32mm of rain overnight, and I saw no stars. The local weather forecast always seem more of a miss than a hit. However, on tuesday night I did a Perseid watch for some 2 hours, very hazy with intermittent light cloud and almost continuous lightning flashes. Almost predictably I only saw 4 meteors all night, all of them approaching zero magnitude. It was a case of "where have all the Perseids gone" long time passing. Albeit the Perseids have declined quite dramatically in recent years, especially compared with the 1970's and 80's, CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPENED THIS YEAR? with only 4 Perseids seen by myself. Hoping for much better luck in 2021 !
  9. I agree, great sketches and so much detail on show. Also, surprisingly early in the night for mikeDknight ! I did a sketch myself (not posted yet) but so much later, 3.15 -5.00 BST.
  10. Another lovely image Craig, keep them coming.
  11. Wow, an absolutely superb image.
  12. Great image considering size of disc. I had a similar view visually with my 130mm APO, although, at 100x disc appeared tiny. Thanks for posting.
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