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  1. tomato, Thats a great idea. Especially with my driving !! lol. Thanks for that tip and the pic.
  2. Thats impressive. Thanks for sharing tomato. I currently have a NEQ6 Pro on a tripod in my garden, see avatar. I'm looking for what is best for my Mesu 200 when it arrives in March. I am currently looking at a roll off roof shed with a pier inside but my wife would also like to take the mount to dark sites when we go camping. A pier such as your looks like a great option. And I dont think the mount is overkill at all. Its perfect for the job. One less thing to worry about.
  3. That is a great image for only 3 x 600 subs. Well done and thanks for sharing.
  4. When you setup, what do you put the mount on? Tripod, Pier? Any pics?
  5. Congratulations Harry and Steve on your deliveries. Harry, the Mesu looks minute compared to the beast!! WOW!! I too, am expecting delivery in March of a Mesu Mount 200. I will be watching this thread with interest.
  6. Looking forward to your full review of PM on a Mesu mount. I have PM for my NEQ6 Pro. It attaches to the front hole where the polar scope would look through. The setup and use is logical to me, however, I have wondered how the PM and supplied software performs when attached to the "edge" and not the "centre" of the Mesu mount. I have a order in for the mount with Modern Astronomy, eta March.
  7. Thanks for the link. As said, a great little story.
  8. That's a great image of the pair. Some lovely detail there. Thanks for sharing
  9. My wife and I went to "Surprise View" Last night with our two scopes and laptops. Parked and setup at the farthest end on the ashphalt. The sky was dark but lots of traffic passing. Lots of cars comming and going in the car park. All evening we had cars driving upto us to see what we were doing. Around midnight, had a car park at the bottom car park shinning headlights at us for 30 minutes before driving up to us for a chat with lights shining at us. Unless with a large party I would not recomend this place, especially alone. It is too remote and too busy.
  10. This is my first attempt at DSO with Hyperstar and C11. No setup. Stuck the Hyperstar on the C11 and began taking pictures lol. Begining of August 2015. M51, Single shot exposure of around 15 seconds, ISO3200, Cannon 50D unmodded, heavily cropped....When the darker nights come, I hope to learn more about DS imaging I dont have a clue what I am doing but I enjoy it
  11. I bought the Hyperstar at the begining of August for my C11. The Hyperstar has a few screw settings for adjustments etc. I was too impatient when it arrived. I was careful to remove the mirror at the front and instal the Hyperstar. Attached my Cannon 50D unmodded to the Hyperstar. Took some quick photos of the dusk sky and focused. Waited until the stars started to appear and decided to look for M51. Took 1 photo 15 seconds at 3200ISO and was blown away with the image. Yes, its not perfect, there is blooming and lots of other tweaks that needed doing but, for a single shot and the result it ga
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