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  1. I have one of these for quick looks. They are slightly heavy for what they are but still mount easily on a decent camera tripod, I've moved mine to an EQ3/2 as I missed the tracking. It's pretty much colour free to my eyes and gives great views allowing for the aperture, it's a bit of a fingerprint magnet though if that sort of thing bothers you Shame the range got discontinued, they were a great option for buyers after doublets with a bit of extra build quality and bells and whistles
  2. I think would be the best bet, Michael. Quite a few people seem to swap out the stock 10:1 focuser for an upgrade, I'm sure a 'wanted' ad on here or ABS would turn up something.
  3. Good to hear. I was there about 10 years ago and, while it was great to walk around, it was more a museum than an observatory
  4. I've got to admit I've never seen the e and f trap stars in it (or in my ED120), either my eyes or skies aren't up to it. As a planetary scope I find it gives noticeably sharper views than the ED120 but it's obviously not as good an all rounder as the ED. I only really observe a few of the more popular doubles so I wouldn't like to pass comment on it as DS scope. You see them knocking about for sale around £400 second-hand which I think is a bit of bargain if you are happy with having a scope pretty much just dedicated to lunar/ planets/ DS and have other scope(s) for more general observing. If the planets aren't visible then I can quite easily go months without using the Mak as I find my ED120 or 80mm Equinox are good enough and quicker to setup if I just fancy getting out for a quick look at the moon.
  5. I've had a 180mm Mak for around 10 years and it does take a long time to cool down but you've just got to think a little ahead if you think you might want to use it. If clear skies look possible that night I move the scope to my shed before I go to work or, if I forget that, as soon as I get home. Its usually good to go in 90 mins/ 2 hours. To hear some people talk you'd think they stored the Mak next to their log burners and only had 10 minutes notice to plan an observing session
  6. Would a second-hand Equinox 80 be worth looking at? Decent focuser, though not Moonlight/ Steeltrack quality and faster than the ED80 at f6:25.
  7. Your house/ observing spot sounds a lot like mine, John. I used to get my 8 inch Dob out in one lift as the adjustment springs connected the 2 sections (never seemed to do the springs any harm), my current G&G is a ED120 on an AZ4 is also kept setup near the patio doors and is a single trip out. I find I'm missing tracking though so the ED will be on a HEQ5 in future which will likely involve a little more effort to set up but should still be relatively easy..
  8. Cheers Ady, I'd have had that (and saved myself a fiver) but I found one last night in Germany via Ebay
  9. Hi Moonshane, this is what I'm trying to replace. I know the motors are different between the new and old non-GOTO versions of the HEQ5 but I'm not sure about the handsets?
  10. Ah, no. I'm just after the basic old 4 direction RA/ dec hand controller
  11. £75? Really? That's surprised me. I'll be tempted to just spend the extra for GOTO in that case Thanks for the info
  12. Has anyone got one of these for sale maybe spare after the GOTO upgrade? One of the RA buttons on mine is definitely on the way out after 15 years of trusty service Cheers Gaz
  13. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B075FG4KTK Not had a chance to look at it properly other than to check that it is what is says it is but looks promising
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