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  1. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B075FG4KTK Not had a chance to look at it properly other than to check that it is what is says it is but looks promising
  2. GazOC

    Wanted: 15mm OVL Myriad 100 deg eyepiece

    I was hard pressed to see much improvement in the Ethos over my ES eyepieces so selling it seemed an relatively cheap and painless way of getting a full set of 100 degree eyepeices. The Myriad 15mm not being available has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works though but the APM seems a good option
  3. GazOC

    Wanted: 15mm OVL Myriad 100 deg eyepiece

    Cheers Mark. I sold my 13mm Ethos last week to fund the 3.5mm the 5mm Myraids. I've already got the Explore Scientific 9mm and 20mm 100 deg eyepieces so I've now got a big gap in the middle I think it'll probably go with the 13mm Lunt/ Apm 100 deg from Germany to keep the budget down Thanks for the heads up
  4. Anyone got one they are willing to part with? Cheers Gaz
  5. GazOC

    Coma Corrector for visual

    I've got a Moonfish, I've never used to with my Baader c/c but I'd be surprised if it would be enough to correct the aberrations at f5.
  6. People are falling out and no ones even looked through it yet
  7. Another vote for the ED120, can be mounted on an EQ5 or an AZ4 mount to give a borderline grab and go setup. I was looking at an ED150 a few months ago then saw a photograph of one next to an ED120, those things are huge and a large part of the attraction of a refractor for me is ease of use
  8. GazOC

    Eye relief VS fov. FIght !

    The eye relief on a 25mm Plossl will be around 18mm, HTH.
  9. https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=145034 One just came up on ABS
  10. GazOC

    Eye relief VS fov. FIght !

    I think I remember reading that the 21mm Hyperion is a lot closer to 60 Degs than 68 which, if true, makes it a little redundant as the 17mm Hyperion gives that same FOV at a higher magnification.
  11. I have my ED120 on a AZ4, it's fine but I think it's right at the limit of the mount. Might be an option for you?
  12. GazOC

    Eye relief VS fov. FIght !

    I have the 24mm Hyperion and it gets a lot of use in my ED120. Optically it's different from the rest of the range so it's hard to judge the rest from it's performance. BTW does anyone know what happened to the 3.5mm Hyperion? It doesn't seem available anywhere these days
  13. GazOC

    Eye relief VS fov. FIght !

    The Hyperions were something of a bargain when they first came out, I think I paid around £65 for my early ones and there wasn't much else available for that price giving that FOV. Baader must have seen this and the price very quickly went up to £75 ish, not the worst deal in the world but getting closer to other, competing, options. Since then they've drifted up while better options have come along at a similar price point.

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