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  1. Lots of in-depth opinions about the green livery (on a prototype to boot!)
  2. The ratio of imagers to visual astronmers has definitely shifted away from the visual side but I'm not sure if there's significantly less of us than there used to be? How many of the people coming into astronomy through imaging would have been interested in visual astronomy if the imaging technology hadn't have been there? Seems to me that for a good percentage their interest wouldn't have been piqued in the first place so it's not like visual astronomy is losing huge numbers, just that imaging is attracting extra people to the hobby?
  3. Wow! I've always wanted one of those things but it's a little out of my price range
  4. Some models don't seem have the Schott branding either. No idea of this is just a printing omission or due to the glass being used?
  5. I wonder how many have actually been sold? The price isn't terribly off-putting but the mounting requirements would have deterred some people (myself included) A little like those long focal ratio refractors that people drool over but relatively few people actually buy
  6. It's hard to think of another area of business where something purchased relatively recently for that amount of money would be totally unsupported by the manufacturer. I'd be bouncing
  7. The weight seems to be USP over other 100 deg eyepieces, they are •••a lot••• lighter than Ethos/ ES/ Myriad/ TS etc
  8. I'd be surprised, Dave . Maybe just a few irate astronomy geeks
  9. I thought I'd sat on the remote and changed the channel by accident
  10. Never seen that before, John. That's a bit of a bargain
  11. I have a black HEQ5 and a white EQ3/2, the counterweight bars are different sizes (bizarrely the 3/2 is thicker than the HEQ5) so I can't use the HEQ5 weights on the EQ3/2. There seems to be plastic washer on the HEQ5 weights to make the hole narrower, wonder if I could hammer that out to use the weight on the EQ3/2?
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