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  1. Bent bolts can add up in costs... And if the casing goes, even more cost. May seem pricey, but long term its a great investment.
  2. While it's all apart.... Could repaint if needed. Also, why not fit the Modern Astronomy rail mod, while it's all apart.
  3. Hi All I have just taken delivery of some East and West bolts from a lovely guy called Robbie at KT3D Cumbria. He's designed and 3D printed some great East and West bolts for my NEQ6, as the standard ones where crap. Thes are much chunkier, and easier to hold (fingers fit in the gaps perfectly) thus meaning polar alignment, and fine-tuning just got a LOT easier. If you have an EQ6 and still use the standard bolts, I'd personally recommend these as a mod/upgrade! You can find them on facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/KT3DCumbria/ ) He also does some other bits an bobs too, from cable tidies, to dust caps for the polar scope and a laser collimator holder, for helping collimate the laser. He also told me if there is anything you can think of that you'd like printing or designing, let him know. Here's the bolts!
  4. Hailfire101

    NEQ6 - Rail Mod

    Yea, not cheap for what it is.... But until a cheaper one appears, its a good send.
  5. Hailfire101

    NEQ6 - Rail Mod

    Oh, and the replacement blue caps are lovely too.
  6. Hailfire101

    NEQ6 - Rail Mod

    Hi Guys. I've just fitted the NEQ6 rail mod, by Modern Astronomy. Its not often I get something and have to jump on here and yell about it straight away... but this is one of those times. VERY simple to fit, and the difference it has made in moving the mount up and down is ridiculous. No more bent bolts, no more faffing and super easy to adjust..... If you have the EQ6/NEQ6 I highly recommend this mod!
  7. Hailfire101

    Looking to upgrade from the 200p

    Well, the Moonlite is MUCH more solid, so holds the camera better and no wobble. But also, you can set the focuser closer to the tube, so it gives you more back focus. The issue I had was that the back focus on the DSLR was at a point where I couldn't use EP's for viewing if my Moonlite was setup for the camera. Now I'm on the ASI1600mm the back focus is similar to an EP, so i don't need to faff if I want to view or image. If you have a 200p, the moonlie focuser is one of the BEST, if not the best mod you can do.
  8. Hailfire101

    Looking to upgrade from the 200p

    Depends on the focuser.... its 'better' for DSLR to move it up the tube, due to lack of back focus. However, I'm using a ASI1600mm-pro and the Moonlite Focuser, so no issues with back focus at all. Just want the tightest and best optics I can afford. But if there's not much difference in the 200p to a triplet, why bother?
  9. Hailfire101

    Looking to upgrade from the 200p

    Hi vlaiv, Technically, nothing 'wrong' with the 200p and my images. (Lots wrong with my processing, but that's a learning curve I'm working on). I was just under the impression, that a frac would be better? Better colours and so on, especially a triplet. Isnt this why people go for the amazing Taks?
  10. Hailfire101

    Looking to upgrade from the 200p

    I was just under the impression a a frac is better than a reflector for photography? I am mounted on an EQ6, but I belive a 150ED with cameras and so on would be too heavy. So considering the 120ED if it would produce clearer sharper shots.
  11. Hi All. I was wondering how much of an upgrade, for photography, is the Sky-Watcher Esprit 120 ED PRO Triplet to the 200p? Really want to get into the details and sharpness of the skies. Thanks
  12. Hailfire101

    M57 - Ring Nebula

    TBH I've not had much issue with it, I've had an issue with amp glow tho, that's disappointing... but the calibration frames do remove that. When I was just using the DSLR I was having huge issues with vignetting and white out. So, going for the ASI + NB filters was a good choice. IF you can afford bigger, its always recommended... because you never know, you may get a faster scope and the bigger ones would be better.
  13. My 2nd ever Narrowband image. This image, like all my images probably this year, will be all shot on one night. I'm doing this simply so I can practice learning imaging and processing quicker. If and when I get more confident, and patient I'll start going for longer imaging sessions, generating hours and hour of data before processing. This was an image I shot last night (29/10/18) over Chorley, northern UK. Ha, OIII and SII @170s x 14 Flats x 14 (for all filters @30k ADU) Darks x 10 Bias x 236 All stacked in DSS and adjusted in PS. Taken on a Skywatcher 200p, with ASI 1600MM-Pro on NEQ6 Mount. Such a tiny little thing, I'd love to go back to this in the future, possibly with a barlow lens and some much longer exposures. Anyway, hope you like it.
  14. Interest in the Baader LRGB filters... PM Sent

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