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  1. Part one has just arrived... Filters and new coma corrector. Just need the camera and filter wheel now. Can't wait to step into narrowband imaging.
  2. 25.75mm recommended minimum... so I'll expect some vignetting... but shouldn't be something a good set of flats cant fix. Thanks for this link! Handy stuff.
  3. As I live in a semi light polluted area, I thought I'd go narrow band to start with, while I practice with the new kit and processing skills I'm going to have to learn. Would a luminance filter be needed for that? When I've looked at images posted online I just seem to see the 3 filters I've gone for. I'm in it for the long run, so just need enough to get me going this season.
  4. I have the IDAS P2 and I can't fault it. I do live in an area which has been updated to LED lighting too, so it was the one to go for. I've only used it with a DSLR camera though. I'm hoping to go narrowband soon, to avoid LP even more.
  5. Hi everyone. Ok, D-Day is upon me, I'm about to hit buy on this years big purchase, but before I do I just wanted to run in by you guys, incase you think I've missed something, or need to swap or.. you know. I need confidence. lol I'm just about to by the following; ASI1600MM-Pro Camera ZWO EFW mini wheel (5 position 1.25") Baader Narrowband Filters in 1.25" (Ha (7nm), OIII & SII: ) Baader T2 extension Tub (7.5mm spacer) Baader Mk-III MPCC Coma Corector Before I hit buy, is there anything blatant I should consider? I was looking at the 31mm filters... but at F5 the 1.25" should be ok? (Nothing a flat cant fix?) I've gone for the MK-III MPCC as it does not change F stop, like my current Skywatcher one does. Hope the stars stay ok at F5? I'm using a 200p with moonlite if you need more info on the scope. Please, before I hit buy, give me a bit of confidence. haha Thanks in advance, Mike
  6. Hailfire101

    ZWO ASI 1600MM-PRO Mono - Which Filters?

    Yea, I think thats because you can pick which ones you want from a set menu. Photo shows them all, but I only want the 3.
  7. If you decide to split, let me know. I'd be interested in the filters and wheel. (If all filters are Baader).
  8. Hailfire101

    ZWO ASI 1600MM-PRO Mono - Which Filters?

    I've taken a screenshot of what I think I'll go for. I've gone for the Baader LRGB and Narrowband filters along with the 7 position ZWO wheel. I'll have to ask FLO about spaces and so on too, as I've not a clue what I'll need in those! haha All fun and games. Next, learn how to image and process CCD RGB! (Or at least, get my head around the ratios and what it means!)
  9. Hailfire101

    ZWO ASI 1600MM-PRO Mono - Which Filters?

    Thanks for the advice. I was worried about vignette issues, and f they will be OK for the 200p I'm happy to get them. Thanks
  10. Hailfire101

    ZWO ASI 1600MM-PRO Mono - Which Filters?

    So the ZWO LRGB 1.25 filters and the baader 1.25 narrowband should be what I need? Should I get a 8 position filter wheel too? (The bundle one only has room for 5)
  11. Hi all. I'm soon going to upgrade my camera game from the DSLR to the 1600MM-PRO On FLO they have a package deal, that has filters and a filter wheel, but they are different sizes. 1.5", 31mm and 36mm Which ones should I get? I have a f5 200p and I'm on the understanding that the 1.5" ones would be fine, but for a faster scope I'd need the 31mm ones? (Due to vignetting) Is this right? Thanks in advance, Mike
  12. Tell me about it... The day I get the whole setup out of the attic... and boom, 1st cloud and rain in 6 weeks!
  13. OK everything seems to be now moving as it should! Had an issue where the Dec moved the stopped.... But after a another small adjustment it was OK. Well... What can I say about the worm tuning? Its a very very fine line between a jammed and tight worm gear, and lots of play. Took a while but I've now got no play and it moves sweetly. Now.... Roll on tomorrow night, planet hunting!
  14. I took the worn cover off, and manually tried to turn the worm with pliers and it didn't shift. I've undone all the bolts and backed off the worm grub screw and the worm now moves freely and I can hear the motors turn too, so I know belts are sitting OK. I've now put the grub screws back in and basically just added small turns, and kept checking the worm turned OK. Kept doing this until the play on that axis had stopped. (I was getting a few degrees play). Just powered it up and did a pretend 3 star align. Now al moving, but RA looked a bit sluggish, so will back that off a little and it should be OK. I'll test it out properly with max speed in EQMOD later.... As the drivers have cocked up again and I can't be bothered faffing with that tonight after the stress of the worm gears today. Haha
  15. I've undone the grub screws and the main bolts on the RA axis, and re-done them... I can now move the RA axis on the worm with plyers, I couldn't before. I must have over cooked it on the grub screws. Just having tea, then will do the DEC axis.

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