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  1. Hailfire101

    M57 - Ring Nebula

    TBH I've not had much issue with it, I've had an issue with amp glow tho, that's disappointing... but the calibration frames do remove that. When I was just using the DSLR I was having huge issues with vignetting and white out. So, going for the ASI + NB filters was a good choice. IF you can afford bigger, its always recommended... because you never know, you may get a faster scope and the bigger ones would be better.
  2. My 2nd ever Narrowband image. This image, like all my images probably this year, will be all shot on one night. I'm doing this simply so I can practice learning imaging and processing quicker. If and when I get more confident, and patient I'll start going for longer imaging sessions, generating hours and hour of data before processing. This was an image I shot last night (29/10/18) over Chorley, northern UK. Ha, OIII and SII @170s x 14 Flats x 14 (for all filters @30k ADU) Darks x 10 Bias x 236 All stacked in DSS and adjusted in PS. Taken on a Skywatcher 200p, with ASI 1600MM-Pro on NEQ6 Mount. Such a tiny little thing, I'd love to go back to this in the future, possibly with a barlow lens and some much longer exposures. Anyway, hope you like it.
  3. Interest in the Baader LRGB filters... PM Sent
  4. Hailfire101

    What did the postman bring?

    I do love new toys. This is the last one for a while.... lol
  5. Hailfire101

    M27 Dumbbell Nebula - 1st Light!

    Haha. Small world, I was at the wedding, so I'm certain you got my photo. Cheers for those tips and guides, I'll make a note of them and have a play later. I'm going to do some flats and re stack the image so will have a play with those controls then.
  6. Hailfire101

    M27 Dumbbell Nebula - 1st Light!

    Haha, I am indeed. The king of vape and chilli is one of my best mates. Small world! Wow, the image looks even better in the one you've edited. I have no idea how process yet. Long way to go and learn.
  7. Hailfire101

    M27 Dumbbell Nebula - 1st Light!

    Here is the one I took last year, with the DSLR... Such a difference!
  8. Hi all. I finally got some proper first light on the AS1600mm-Pro last night! I wasn't sure what target to go for at 1st, but after checking out what was 'easy' and in the area of sky I like to image, I chose a short session on M27, the Dumbbell. Its the second time I've imagined it, the 1st time was about 1 year ago with my DSLR, and WOW the improvement in image since then is unbelievably (I'll post the DSLR image in second post) Anyway, here is my 1st ever narrowband, CCD image! Ha, OIII, SII - 170s x 10 Darks - 10 Bias - 236 (dont ask... haha) NO Flats.. yet. I'll do them later and redo the image with those. I 'think' this is in the hubble palette.
  9. Thanks for the tip. :)
  10. Brilliant thanks, wasn't sure it would work well with dimmer stars.
  11. As the title suggests, can you use a bahtinov mask with Ha, and so on? Had issues focusing the other night, and wondered if this would help.
  12. Hailfire101

    ASI1600mm-Pro T2 extender removal!?

    Thanks @evil_yoda the rubber cap helped. Still had to wedge it between door and doorframe to get a grip, but the rubber cap gave enough grip. That was a pain, won't be putting that back on in a hurry. Time for some flat and focused stars!
  13. Hailfire101

    ASI1600mm-Pro T2 extender removal!?

    I'll give it another go tomorrow. But it does seem to be really locked on. I never noticed this came off the other night and wondered why I had bluury stars around the edges. Ha
  14. Hailfire101

    ASI1600mm-Pro T2 extender removal!?

    I've tried... Its solid.

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