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  1. Thanks for the help. I've ordered some up. Always bugged me, since I broke one last year. Thanks again, Mike
  2. Brilliant, thanks. It would be highly appreciated.
  3. Hi all anyone know what size these screws are or where I can get some replacements? (Or better ones) I broke one, and really could do woth replacing it. Thanks, Mike
  4. I've had a good olay around with bolts of various sizes, and length. I have currently a temporary solution, using just one side, replaced the grub screw with a bolt and washer. The grub screws are highly adjustable to suit the tension on the drawer tube and I have managed to grind a bolt down for the right side, so it has the same tension as before with the grub screw. I'm waiting for my new stainless steel ones to arrive and I'll decide if I use one or two of them at that point. But don't worry.... I'll make sure its all solid and safe. Thanks mike
  5. After much googling and testing the grub screws, thought they where M6 with 1.25 thread.... But this size doesn't exist.... So, I americanized the size i thought it was, and found an imperial size of 1/4 20tpi. Seems this imperial size is almost the same as the M6 1.25 which i thought it was... And its easy to source those. I've ordered some up and will post if they work.
  6. Selling my moonlite DC focuser. This was used on my CR2 Moonlite crawford. Due to upgrading to a FocusCube 2 so I can automatically focus, I no longer have need for it. Asking for £80 inc postage. Comes with cable, hand control, dc motor, bracket and thumb wheel replacement. Thanks, Mike
  7. Hi all. Does anyone know what size/fitting these grub screws are? I'd like to add a nut/bolt/screw into the hole to attach my focuser. If possible to act as the grub screw AND to hold the mount. Or if not, i could remove that grub screw and just use it for the mount. (one side should be enough to hold tension on the drawtube)
  8. Just a thought, what do i power the unit with? My Regulated dc psu is 6-8 amps. I'm guessing that won't do? I need 10-12 amps?
  9. Thanks for the help... I think I'll just have to buy one. It fixes all my power issues and lets me go mobile!! Thanks again for your help.
  10. Hmm, only 1 adjustable? Raspberry Pi 4 needs 5.1v, Mount 12v, Camera 12v and focus cube 12v So I'm guessing it'll work? (5v will be ok for 5.1v...?)
  11. That Pegasus Pocket Powerbox Advance looks perfect.... I think. If the volts can be adjusted to what i need. £260 tho.... God, Astrophotography is killing my bank account once again... Just bought the focuscube 2 as well.
  12. Hi all. I'm trying to find a solution to my ever increasing power cable, plug and adapter collection. I run an NEQ6, ASI1600MM, Raspberry Pi 4 and a Focuscube 2. All use mains adapters/plugs. The mount used a Nevada PS-08 6-8A Regulated Linear Power Supply. Can anyone suggest a 'thing' or a way to reduce the number of plugs? Ideally, id like one mains plug (with possible option for car/leisure battery) and everything powered off a hub or something? Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advanced. Mike x
  13. Hi all. I've googled the death out if this issue, and decided to get the focuscube 2 and mod it a little to fit the moonlite. Seems it tocks all the boxes and isnt £400
  14. Hi All. I have a Moonlite focuser and the old DC motor controller. However, I have now recently started to use Astroberry and controlling my rig from the warmth indoors. Can anyone point me to a focuser controller that's USB, works via indi on Astroberry and isnt £400 While the Moonlite official one probably does the trick, it's just too much to pay, considering DIY ones are a third of the cost... But I wouldn't have a clue where to start. I dont mind bodging together something,if there's an easy guide on making a controller that works on indi drivers. Thanks, Mik
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