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  1. Hailfire101

    Filter Advice - Colours + LP Filter?

    I now own the new IDAS D2 filter, and upto now... it's been outstanding!
  2. Its looking like what I will do too! At £75 for a new draw tube... seems daft. I'll just cut.
  3. The main reason, is the back focus. I'd like to reduce it, as the SW coma increases it, where the Baader does not. Also, hope it may reduce vignette on my images a little.
  4. Brilliant, thank you. This clears it up for me. Thank you again.
  5. Is the kit more for CCD imaging?
  6. Hi guys and gals. I am looking at buying the MK3 Baader MPCC coma corrector. But I'm slightly confused. Which one do I need? Just the coma corrector or the kit? I currently use a Canon Dslr, and a few filters with the the SW coma corrector, but believe this to be a good upgrade. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/coma-correctors/baader-mpcc.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/coma-correctors/baader-mpcc-visual-photographic-set.html
  7. Hailfire101

    Moonlite 38mm Drawtube (2" Newtonian)

    This is what I'm thinking. :/ £71+ for a new tube! Not paying that. haha
  8. Hailfire101

    Moonlite 38mm Drawtube (2" Newtonian)

    Hi all. I'm looking for a shorter drawtube, for my Moonlite. I bought the 50mm one, but its getting in the way with my DSLR imaging, so now need a shorter one. I'm using the 2" focuser, for Newtonian. Thanks.
  9. Funnily enough, this popped up on my facebook this morning.... This is how my stars used to look. So I know I NEED the 38mm drawtube now. But the MPCC MKIII is also on the shopping list too! Thank you for you advice.
  10. Unbelievable first shot! Beautiful!! I'm doing something seriously wrong as I can't get anything close!
  11. So, a shorter drawtube would fix this? I have a Moonlite, so I can easily buy one. Or would the MPCC Mk3 be a better solution? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/coma-correctors/baader-mpcc-visual-photographic-set.html
  12. Hi Roland, Thanks! I've only had the Baader filter fitted, and had it shimmed. It came back with a custom white balance on, so works ok in the day. Only issue, is it will give odd effects under Tungsten lights. Anything else is all ok. I believe this is who I used, here's the page with details http://cheapastrophotography.vpweb.co.uk/Dual-Astro-Daylight-Cameras.html I've not modded the mirror, and this shadown that you see has been irritating me for a while. I thought it was poor collimation... so I spent a LOT of hours collimating again, but from what I remember (not been out for a while, skies have been terrible) it still happens. I was starting to think it is the Skywatcher Coma corrector causing it. I'll keep messing and figure it out. Next decent sky, I'll try with no corrector and with, see if there's a difference. And again, check collimation.
  13. Hailfire101

    New, and Improved LP filter?! :)

    James said, it'll be on there in the next few days. They dont have many in stock and will probably sell out very fast. It should work on modded and none modded DSLRs. Its aimed at the LED white light pollution and Sodium pollution. So, it should help more in the future, with all the LED street lights now going up. Will have to see if its better than the D1... or just different.
  14. Hailfire101

    New, and Improved LP filter?! :)

    I found this image showing the details of what the D2 blocks.
  15. Hi guys. I'm quite proud to let you know, I'm one of the lucky few people (maybe the 1st?) in the UK to have im my position, this little beauty! The IDAS LPS D2! Not, the P2, or the D1! The brand new, D2. From what I have learned so far, this is the new filter, to help block out some of the new LED light pollution, as well as the old sodium light too. Also, it has an improved colour balance. Unfortunately, due to silly weather conditions, I wont be able to test for a few days, but as soon as I do, I'll let you know what it's like! A huge thank you to FLO (James) who as supplied me with the filter, and sent it out as soon as they had stock.

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