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  1. Hi sometimes but usually not that much i have tall trees to my right which i can't sometimes see certain things andromeda is usually just above it. I have it set at the bottom of the garden as thats the best view think i have a south facing garden? No houses infront mainly trees.
  2. Hi I can carry this with one hand with no problem everything seems extremely light. I am using this at the moment because of this reason. Seems lighter than 10kg.
  3. Hi I’ve been thinking about this idea for ages but I’m to worried about the mdf base would it not warp or anything if the ground gets wet or something like that?
  4. Hi john, its that I find it a struggle getting it down a few steps also through a small gate and I find it a bit on the heavy side especially the base when carrying it separately. I also have to get the base first then the tube and it’s just a-bit tiring for me to keep going back and forth to the bottom of the garden.it’s to heavy for me to carry together. ( sorry if this sounds lazy) I know I should have thought about this when getting the scope. So I’m looking for something that’s not as awkward to carry as the dob. And I could carry easily.
  5. Hi I am looking for a new scope as i am looking to upgrade my 8 inch dob as its just too awkard for me to set up and store. I was wondering what would be a good upgrade? I enjoy looking at most things but mainly galaxies and planets ( alao the moon). I think i would be comfortable at around £700. I am looking for something that has a quick set up time which also is easier to store. And has some sort of goto function but not that important if it doesnt have it. I was thinking of a refractor this time or even maybe a maksutov. Any advice is much appreciated
  6. Hi Ive been starting to listen to podcasts at work and i was wondering if there are any good astronomy ones on either youtube or spotify. At the moment i'm not listening to any apart from joe Rogan interviews with brian cox ect i wqs just wondering of there is anything similar or something that goes deeper.
  7. Hi yes it does but was just wonderong if needed something sturdier and also wasnt sure on how high the eyepiece would be
  8. Hi I am thinking about putting my dob on a heq5 pro for visual as I would like the ease of go to and I was just wondering what would be the best tripod to use ? Or should I use a pillar of some sort. I had seen an older thread somewhere where I think he had it or a pillar type thing but not sure what it was. Any my suggestions would be appreciated thanks
  9. Hi thanks for the reply on the specifications it says the max weight is 12kg not sure how much the 200p weighs and the website I linked also says 8 inch max
  10. Thanks all for the advice, i have just come across this https://www.astroshop.eu/alt-azimuth-without-goto/omegon-mount-push-/p,48277?utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=48277&utm_campaign=1907&utm_source=froogle&gclid=CjwKCAjwg-DpBRBbEiwAEV1_-L0TKvSHrSeULFT5mPDuFJ9oibU9pk8gxslAgySvZOAyK_0u1qbChhoCvdIQAvD_BwE&utm_content= would this be any good? Costly though.
  11. Hi I was just wondering is there a way to buy a dob base separately that has go to? As i would like to buy one for my 200p is there anywhere that i could find one or is it not possible Thanks
  12. Hi i recently asked about which places to go to for astronomy and I’m very tempted by the idea of going to la palma by myself.However I’m just wondering if anyone has been and could give me some advice on where to stay and what’s the best time of year? Is it better to stay at a holiday home than a hotel? I would like it to be close to the airport and shops if I were to do self catering. I would be looking for going to go for two weeks. I’ve seen some villas have telescopes which would be very useful as I would be just taking a star adventurer and a dslr. Any my advice would be much appreciated as I’m a bit lost.
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