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  1. What did the postman bring?

    2 months of cloud
  2. Hello from Mexico

    Welcome to SGL
  3. Thanks Geoff, had seen that post before quite impressive that it fits in that bag with the go-to as well.
  4. I think I will most likely get into planetary photography. So a new mount would probably be best then.
  5. Thanks for the reply, would prefer not to use a Dob just like having the portability of small scopes. I might Consider the 102.
  6. I would prefer it to be used on my mount but it doesn't have a great weight limit I know the 102 mak can be used on it but not sure how good the difference is compared to my 130p
  7. Hi, I currently have a 130p and I think it's great all-rounder however I have been saving some money and since the weather hasn't been great I been reading more about the moon\planets and has made want to get a dedicated scope for them. What would be the best option I know the make 127 is a good bet but would like to hear some opinions? I think my budget would be around £350-£400 Thanks
  8. ESASky - Cool site

    Thanks for sharing
  9. Hi from Cheshire

    Welcome to SGL
  10. Hope you have a great holiday.Hopefully the skies are better across the pond
  11. Of course I have other hobbies
  12. Well... Thank you for all of the replies it has been quite interesting reading them all. I'm hoping this is just a phase and once there's a clear night again and I am in the right mood I will remember why I got my scope. Granted my setup is probably no where near the cost of some of yours so it's a bit different to compare.
  13. Well I have always been interested in astronomy was mostly reading books but got my first scope beginning of the year. I'm hoping it will change as I said I still love learning about it all so that's still a good sign.
  14. So after the past month ( might be even longer) it has been cloudy basically every night or its raining since the first month I bought my scope I managed to use it a few times but havent since. And now as the skies are getting dark later I no longer feel like going out as I'm just too tired to go out late. Because of these reasons I keep thinking to myself if I have waisted my money on buying a scope. I know this is probably not true and will hopefully pass when I get to use scope again but was wondering if any of you have had this feeling before? I still have my strong interest in astronomy still though