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  1. Thank you both, very helpful. I'm very tempted to bite the bullet and get a ES eyepiece probably if I can find a good second hand one. Thanks again for the help
  2. Hi john thanks for the help, Can i ask a silly question? how does zoom eyepiece a work? i didn't know they existed. But will have a look into them thanks.
  3. Thanks for the info I appreciate it. I mean I wouldn't really want to go over the top with the magnification as I'd probably want sharper views to be a priority. And of course the conditions will play a factor have realised how much it affects the experience from the short time I have had my scope but I will keep everything you said in mind thanks.
  4. Thanks for those links and advice will have a look tomorrow.
  5. Thanks for advice I will have a look at the prices for the ES eyepiece and see if there are any available on here, which one out of the three you mentioned would be the best bang for the buck?
  6. Hi all, i currently have a stock 10mm 25mm and a 18mm bst eyepieces and I'm looking to get a new eyepiece for lunar and planetary work to use with my 130p and would like to get the best views that I can get with my telescope. I was wondering what size should I go for, for example 5mm 10mm or a different size? Also what make would you recommend? not sure on budget yet but probably be less than £100. I wouldn't mind going second hand if I can get one for a good price. Cheers.
  7. I an in the same boat as you, literally most of the time when i look through the eyepiece the view gets spoiled by a passing plane. Luckily the light pollution isn't bad which is one positive.
  8. Great report Alan was clear here as well but didn't have the chance to get out, I need to stop reading your reports making me want to get a bigger scope
  9. Olli

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Welcome to SGL
  10. Olli

    Should I buy?

    I'd say go for it personally knowing that its worth that much even if you do fix it and find the parts for cheap you could possibly make a profit out of it. And its better then not having a telescope at all.
  11. Olli

    Should I buy?

    I mean if you desperately wanted a telescope then £10 wouldn't hurt i guess, but not sure how much it would cost to fix it.
  12. Olli

    Should I buy?

    Depends what the price for it is but as stated above they aren't the best and not worth the trouble trying to fix it.
  13. I agree i think a 130p would be a good choice i'm not just saying that because i have one myself, but its a good starter scope. Its also a good all rounder for DSOs and planets alike so you will have plenty of things to look at as stated above if you are just starting out i would highly recommend buying new. Edit : if storage is not a problem and are fine with the handling of a dob then a 150p dobsonian is in your price range and would probably be better than a 130p
  14. Thanks john for the advice as stated above my scope can't be colimated well properly anyway. Next time I use my scope I'll have to have a proper look at where abouts it's happening I'm sure it's not right in the centre.
  15. Thanks Louis that's quite interesting I will have a look at that link later. Yes I can imagine that you won't be able to unsee them not sure if I want to start that

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