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  1. Olli

    Smartphone shots 17th Nov 2018

    Very nice images Stu. a mak is on my long wish list!
  2. Olli

    Money well spent

    Not much to report as it was Only a quick session today as the clouds were moving past but i couldn't get out yesterday and i had just acquired some new eyepices. And i have only used my scope once since i bought it back in august so i was desperate to go out. The eyepieces were a 24mm 68 ES and a 82 6.7mm ES. Well for the half an hour or so of observing the moon which has now become my favourite object to observe, i can say that i am very pleased with both of them. Both gave great views of the moon especially the 24mm i could see a difference when coparing them to the bsts. When i used rhe 6.7mm it was quite amazing, however it may have been a bit bright to use the 6.7mm. Not much else to say apart from Thanks for all the help in the thread earlier to help me decide on these eyepieces im glad i went ahead and got them. Heres a photo of the moon through the 24mm using my phone Cant wait to use the 24mm on Dso's
  3. Here’s a couple of threads that might be helpful https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/413973-es-28mm-68-degree/
  4. My two eyepieces have just arrived I ordered a 24mm 68 and a 6.7mm 82 ES ordered as a birthday present to my self.My collection is starting to grow. Thanks for all the help
  5. Thanks for all the help so far lots of things to think about i did come across binoviewers from WO which come with two eyepieces i think. But not really sure what the budget yet for them is.
  6. Thanks, the moon was just going to be the only thing id use them for and planets occasionally just wanted the best possible experience out of my dob when viewing the moon.
  7. Hi all, I have have realised lately that i am enjoying observing the moon more and more and i was looking into bino viewers. I have a 200p dob and was wondering if its a good idea to use them on a dob or are they better on fracs as i see thats how most people use them. I was also asking is there anything that i should look out for when buying them and whay ones would you recommend that are relatively cheap? Thanks for the help
  8. Thanks for everyone who has posted in this thread. I think I’m going to bite the bullet and order the 82 Es eyepieces hopefully next week.
  9. Thank you mark appreciate it. Hope the weather will be alright, raining all weekend so far ..
  10. Hi i have two 1.25 “ filters however as mentioned in another post I am looking to upgrade my eyepieces and some of the ones I am looking at are 2”. I was just wondering is there an adapter I can buy or is it not possible to do this? Many Thanks
  11. Thanks Alan for the advice. Think I’m going to get them the others that have been mentioned are slightly out my price range unless I wait for a bit longer. I was looking around and saw some some others When they use the term Spacewalk is that just a marketing term or do some eyepieces really give that feeling?
  12. Thanks Louis. I couldn't really find alot of reviews about them.
  13. Olli

    Skywatcher Star adventurer

    Hi I am currently looking to get the star adventurer pro pack i am open to all offers and of possible to be posted. If your looking to sell yours please let me know

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