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  1. jjosefsen

    A bit of an outreach anniversary last weekend

    Well done! It's good there are people like you who have the ability and willingness to do outreach.
  2. jjosefsen

    First AP set up advice

    I was merely commenting that I have read a lot of negative comments about the avx. Just because it's a negative comment about a product you like doesn't mean it is wrong. In retrospect though you are right that my comment was not very good advice, as it was devoid of facts or details of any kind. It was made in transit between two meetings, so I'm sorry about that. In detail though the AVX supposedly has no Dec bearing, which say an heq5 or an eqg for that matter has. Same as my old eq3, and it will probably affect how well it guides, at least without a clean and regrease from time to time.
  3. jjosefsen

    First AP set up advice

    I would take the HEQ5 and not the AVX, the heq5 guides really well, where as I have read a lot of people have problems with their AVX. Then again with SW you will likely have to do a little fine tuning yourself at some point.
  4. jjosefsen

    I've been Microsofted....

    They got me last night too, only lost about 35 minutes though.. some sort of automatic update was applied and according to logs all USB equipment lost connection afterwards.. So came back to NINA saying I needed to reconnect camera
  5. I'm sorry to jump on the Necro wagon here.. But holy s**t!! This is really something.. My hat is off to you! Even my non astro wife was very impressed with this, so that is saying a lot..!
  6. jjosefsen

    The Deer Lick Group and Stephan's quintet

    That's a really great shot. What focal length are you working at?
  7. I think you and I have already had this talk a while ago.. I am considering it, will get back to you.
  8. Would you be interrested in a sale instead of trade? And in that case what would the price be?
  9. Did you use this with a filter wheel?
  10. As a software developer I have an interest in trying many different capture softwares, just for the hell of it. I feel like APT is definitely the easiest and most stable one I have tried yet. It lacks a few features, but generally it is quite stable, and the software I would recommend to people starting with computer control. It does sound like you need an active USB hub. I use a 10 port (too many ports I know) IcyBox hub, as it is powered by 12v so no fiddling with stepdown converters or the like.
  11. Brilliant info in this thread, thanks guys!
  12. jjosefsen

    Pixel Scale

    The pixel scale is definitely 7.945 arcsec/px.. If you could link the result from the solve on astrometry.Net we could probably find out what that other measurement is.
  13. jjosefsen

    migration windows to linux

    It doesn't really scare me no, I am a software developer, albeit on a Windows platform.. Lots of people already reported the same problems, and it was determined to be due to bad drivers. I will probably have another go at it later, when time permits. Kstars/Ekos looked really good..
  14. jjosefsen

    migration windows to linux

    Good to know! I was planning on going back and trying again at some point, must have something to do during bad weather.
  15. jjosefsen

    migration windows to linux

    At one point I was really hooked on having a pi run my rig. But I tried Indi and kstars on my laptop, and had so much trouble with it.. feature wise it looks great! But I had so much trouble with both Canon DSLR hanging and QHY camera hanging all the time..

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