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  1. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    Wow im pretty impressed with how many actual stars you have resolved! Im also looking hard at other mounts at the moment, but still saving up.
  2. M 104 ZWO ASI 071 Pro

    I like it, really beautiful dust lane on the galaxy! I think the image could do with some more noise reduction to particularly the background. How do you find the HEQ5 copes with the 6" RC? It sure looks like it handles it well..
  3. Greetings from Denmark

    Welcome to SGL mate. Also from DK, although the west coast. ☺
  4. Skywatcher EQM-35 Pro

    I have gotten solid 5 minute exposures with mine, but under really good conditions, and i have stripped and rebuilt it completely. The EQM-35 looks really interresting for people looking for a travel mount.
  5. Sierra remote

    Interresting read Olly! I didn't know there was so much work involved, or that you run that many setups.
  6. Esprit 100 or Takahashi 106 ???

    I would consider what else I could get for the price difference. Motor focuser? Camera rotator, etc.. Don't know if that makes any difference..
  7. The EQ3 DSO Challenge

    That is pretty awesome! 😀
  8. Hmm the synthetic flat approach sounds interesting.. Thanks wimvb
  9. A little more investigation done here. The source of the color imbalance in the flats is the CLS filter, so it seems the clear answer is - don't use one on galaxies, use it for emission nebulae and not much else. Maybe the new IDAS-LPS-D2 would be a better all-round filter? My flats are definately under exposed, I am working on the settings I need now, using this guide: http://www.myastroscience.com/proper-flats-with-dslr My full well saturation is about 15.000, so aiming for around 7.000
  10. I think you nailed it.. Here is my masterflat debayered: Really weak in the red spectrum! It was shot with APT and the camera in Av mode, using an Aurora flatpanel.. Now I need to figure out how to take them with a more balanced color result.
  11. Thank you so much for taking the time! your comments about the color unbalance led me to investigate my data a little further, and I have a problem with calibration somewhere. All the red bias is added during calibration. I will have a look at it tonight, and hopefully I can find what is causing it. Much of that red data is probably noise, so if I can get that cleaned up the final result could be good. Thanks again!
  12. My bad! I was using my new EOS 600D and not the D7100 from my signature, and it has 4.3um pixels, so thats the discrepancy.
  13. This is the plate solve i get:
  14. I assume this color bias is due to a combination of the modified sensor and the CLS filter? the focal length thing is quite surprising to me, should be around 520mm, looking into this. do you get a "smooth" background model when doing dbe?
  15. Much appreciated! I forgot to mention that I already cropped out stacking artifacts and some Amp glow. I didn't do dbe, as I am having problems getting a smooth background to substract, and I'm not sure there even is a gradient.