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  1. When it dithers does it recenter on the star before the next exposture starts?
  2. How much are you dithering? If the mount has backlash it can take a while for PHD to recentre on the guide star. The Dec axis is usually the worst for this.
  3. Yes that's true. Especially if they are close to the sensor. I was pointing out that its not uncommon for the rings to come loose. They should never be over tightened though.
  4. Olly and Toms? https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/237263-the-400-hour-image/
  5. Nice! I had an NB1 but didn't get to use it much.
  6. Its good, but Olly and Tom's is better. This one has panels with varying degrees of noise if you pixel peep. I think binning it would improve it. Great dedication though. Almost an obsession, but aren't we all familiar?!
  7. Bump. Nobody has a little Heritage dob gathering dust in the cupboard?
  8. Its not unusual for filters to rattle around in their cell. You don't want the retaining ring too tight. Ive had some 2" light pollution filters come loose after a while.
  9. Yes you need some signal in the background so its not just noise. You'll be amazed by the difference a modded camera makes.
  10. You should try without a filter first. Your sky will be very dark so you will need to image for longer than those of use in urban areas to get a clean background sky. You'll also pick up far more nebulosity than I ever could from where I am. You could use a duo-band filter like the Lenhance to isolate Ha and Oiii regions but you'd need to expose for even longer again.
  11. Sweet! It works! My wheel was on v1034 or something. Upgraded to 1049AR and all is well!
  12. Not sure but I was literally just looking on the SX website. There was a firmware update issued in May this year and it refers to rebooting the FW after Windows shuts down or if there's a glitch. I will give this a whirl shortly.
  13. How did you clean them Adam? I would have definitely broke something!
  14. Thanks all. At least its not just mine and appears to be a common bug. Not a big issue really as I still setup each session. I can imagine how frustrating this might be if someone had an automated setup in an observatory etc. I'll try one of my other laptops and see if its the same.
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