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  1. david_taurus83

    Zwo asi120mm or Nikon d5000

    I have pondered this. Is the main difference just the chip size? I have thought about using my ASI120 with my 200p to image small targets like the Ring Nebula. Is it sensitive enough to collect good data? I'd obviously sacrifice guiding unless I bought another similar small chip CCD to image with.
  2. david_taurus83


    That's twice the RAM I have! I have an Intel i5 and 8gb Ram laptop with an SSD to give you a comparison. It's 6/7 years old now but it can pre/post process using DSS and Pixinsight no problems. What did you use to stack?
  3. david_taurus83


    What is the spec of your current PC?
  4. david_taurus83

    My PHD2 graph[Problem]

    +1 for checking the binning!
  5. david_taurus83

    What did the postman bring?

    It looks identical to my WO GT71. Rings, screws and grooves on the body are the same!
  6. david_taurus83

    Light Pollution Filter needed ?

    I'm not sure Steve. Removing the infrared filter lets more of that wavelength of light through so if there are infrared lamps for local cctv etc then I suppose it's more susceptible to that also. It will behave just like visible light pollution only our eyes can't pick it up but the camera will.
  7. david_taurus83

    Light Pollution Filter needed ?

    It's definitely LP then. The glow radiates up. It's like trying to image from within a dome of light. You would definitely benefit from a filter. It helps but doesn't eliminate it altogether. There's no way I could take a 3 min sub here without a filter. It would be completely washed out. I have a Skytech CLS CCD filter that works quite well. I'll dig up the review and you can see the difference they make. Edit: Here you go.
  8. david_taurus83

    Light Pollution Filter needed ?

    Where are you imaging from? Is there streetlights in your area?
  9. david_taurus83

    processing help

    Hi Anthony, Im not sure if these are the same fit as your camera but I found them to be very good indeed. Can usually manage a 3/4 hour session on one of these fully charged. Just make sure to turn the LCD screen off on the camera while imaging through APT.
  10. The Skywatcher handsets come with a polar align feature. I haven't used it for a while but I'm sure it uses 2 different stars for adjusting both alt and az axis. Pretty accurate for goto commands.
  11. If you are only using it for visual and not powering anything else then a power pack or small leisure battery will power it for many hours. They don't use a much power at all.
  12. I was wondering where you'd gone! Yes, lots of clear skies but it's been too bright up until midnight for so many weeks! It's starting to get darker now though. Good luck with the recovery and hopefully your back out there for the darker evenings!
  13. david_taurus83

    Newbie help

    I'd say 300s subs are just about right for a DSLR just lots of them! I'm starting to see on my current project that more is better. Currently on 6 hours of data but i want to double that as a cheeky stack yesterday revealed FAR more detail than the individual 600s subs. Just need to watch the temperature of the subs. Mine were coming in at 25°C last weekend and were quite noisy and had banding but with dithering they stack out well. M57 though looks teeny tiny on a DSLR sensor. Longer focal length prob best for that one.
  14. david_taurus83

    Atik HORIZON Histogram

    Ok, so I had a look in Pixinsight. I'm no expert and I hope someone else who knows what their looking at will pipe in! I was out imaging in Ha myself last night but with a DSLR. I've extracted the red channel so working with with gray like you are. In image statistics my max ADU for my sub is almost the maximum at 65534 but yours is only 4094? Also, if I hover over a star in my my image the K value maxes out at 1.000 but in yours its only 0.0625. I'm guessing the K value is the pixel brightness? So if mine is at 100% then yours is only just over 6%? Sorry if my interpretation of those figures are wrong. Its like your exposure wasnt long enough or the gain was down too low but you'd think a 10 minute sub at low gain would still produce a decent image. Its strange because a STF stretch does reveal neboulosity. I also tried the star detection in DSS and it couldnt pick out any stars. Only thing I could suggest is to try a different capture program. I use APT for the DSLR and Sharpcap for my ASI120MM but I dont know if they will pick up Atik. I'd like to think Sharpcap does.
  15. david_taurus83

    Atik HORIZON Histogram

    I'd try using another software like Sharpcap to rule out the camera. Can you post up a single sub and I'll open it in Pixinsight?

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