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  1. In the video he links to the manual where there is a procedure to calibrate the reticle.
  2. I know you say you've tried longer but 1 second exposures and a min move of 0.1 and the mount is going to try to react to every wobble of the guide star. Have you tried to run the guiding assistant in PHD?
  3. That DSLR cable is giving me the heebie jeebies! When the clutches are locked is there any play in the axis? Even the slightest when you try and pull on the counterweight bar? My AZEQ6 developed a bit of play after 6 or 7 months use. I had to dial it out using the Astrobaby guide and it was fine afterwards.
  4. M13 is definitely out of focus. The stars all look like they have some degree of coma but all pointing the same way. For a start I'd just try the mask and visually get it right. Don't rely on Bahtinov grabber. I've never had much luck with software trying to tell me Bahtinov spikes were good or not.
  5. I'm waiting for a Gerd Neumann tilt adapter so I can hopefully be rid of tilt for good. Been waiting a good month now despite 365 placing the order to Germany weeks ago. Special times and all that, I appreciate Covid, Brexit delays etc but still frustrating! Hope this year sees some sort of return to normality! I will never complain about the mundane again!
  6. I bought one of those before for the something. The connection on the female plug to the brick was very poor and easily disconnected if the brick was moved. I don't recommend.
  7. I'm having a go at California in Ha just for something to do. Star shapes are poor as I'm still waiting for my Gerd Neumann tilt adapter from 365 so not approaching any project seriously until I can get round stars!
  8. How are you trying to solve? Platesolve2? ASPS? ASTAP? PS2 shouldn't need the settings changed but I know that ASPS (Blind solve) is funny if the correct FOV and pixel/sensor size isn't setup correctly from within the ASPS settings.
  9. Can you not look on your old PC at that location for the file and copy it over?
  10. I'm sure I read on the INDI forum that someone had asked if the QHY cameras would be fully supported and Jasem responded saying he had ordered one himself so yes they would!
  11. That's really shocking! The second looks like end float play like you get on an EQ5 worm.
  12. That doesn't sound good at all.
  13. Broadband, yeah. With the L-Extreme filter?
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