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  1. Just give it a go! Next chance you get, set everything up and pick a nice bright target and capture some images in LRGB, maybe 10 x 120s exposures in each and see what you can get! The best teacher is experience! Enjoy the new kit and don't get hung up on getting instant results. It's a long learning curve.
  2. david_taurus83

    Best budget scope for astrophotography

    I think you will need a more substantial tracking mount for DSO. For 500 quid you could get a HEQ5 mount second hand maybe.. I bought a scope first and ended up working backwards with kit acquisition and it's cost more in the long run. You should buy the astrophotography bible and have a read as it covers almost everything a beginner needs to know! I wish I had read it first! https://www.firstlightoptics.com/books/making-every-photon-count-steve-richards.html
  3. david_taurus83

    setting up the asi1600

    You've splashed out big. Now it's raining. Expect at least one day of cloud cover for every 100 quid spent!
  4. david_taurus83

    setting up the asi1600

    If the filter wheel has a 2" nosepice with threaded end to receive filters you could use that. I have had issues with my clip in filter in my Canon. I have suspicions that if I'm shooting close enough to a streetlight from my back garden that it's reflecting broadband L.P. onto my coma corrector and causing reflections. If I had to buy an LPF again it would be a 2" mounted in front of the entire imaging train.
  5. david_taurus83

    Hi from Birmingham :)

    Hello and welcome from Birmingham here again!
  6. Put the 3 screws back in and use them as leverage to twist the assembly out.
  7. david_taurus83

    Too good to be true?

    I had added it to my wish list but it has been removed now. At least my temptation has been removed!
  8. david_taurus83

    sorry but a real daft question

    With the EQDir cable you plug that into the mount instead of the handset and control completely from your PC.
  9. david_taurus83

    Too good to be true?

    I think even if it turned out to be as advertised, there would be no such thing as after sales support. I've promised myself no more astro spending till Xmas at least lol
  10. david_taurus83

    Too good to be true?

    Surely this can't be right, can it? Someone please take the temptation away from me!
  11. david_taurus83

    sorry but a real daft question

    Are you asking about the difference between ST4 guiding or Ascom pulse guiding?
  12. david_taurus83

    Forum Upgrade - 22nd May 2018

    I mainly browse on my Android phone but I've never been able to view signatures. Not a big issue but a lot of folk put their current kit in there so it kind of leaves me guessing if I respond to a question or request for advice! Is this a forum restriction or an Android thing and can it be changed?
  13. The manual process is very slow indeed. I tend to run a process and leave it and return for next step later. Have you tried it's Batch preprocessing script as it's more 'automatic '
  14. david_taurus83

    Birthday, beer and Jupiter

    Yes, beer with plenty of lime shoved down the neck!
  15. david_taurus83

    Birthday, beer and Jupiter

    Drink enough of the big bottles and it is!

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