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  1. My local astro club is located at a Bortle 5 site and the MW is visible on a good night. It's much more appreciative when you come from an urban area.
  2. david_taurus83

    Star Halo(s)

    As the above link, Baader do indeed pencil an arrow onto the sides of the filter indicating to face towards the scope. All mine are marked, LRGB Ha OIII and SII. Out of 7, I had 5 the wrong way round!
  3. david_taurus83

    What did the postman bring?

    Hopefully the final piece of my imaging setup.
  4. david_taurus83

    Star Halo(s)

    I think I found an answer. Looks like I'm opening the filter wheel then! https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/blog/unmounted-filters-which-side-should-face-the-telescope/
  5. david_taurus83

    Flat frames

    What scope have you got?
  6. david_taurus83

    Star Halo(s)

    I have the 36mm unmounted. I noticed when fitting the narrowband that there was a silver sheen on one side and more red on the other. I thought the Baader could be mounted either way. How can you tell which way round they all go? I've not had a chance to try out the 3 narrowband yet either. Is this correct @FLO
  7. Having a peek now with the 200p
  8. david_taurus83

    Polar alignment accuracy

    I have to set up and remove the kit from the garden each session. So drift aligning is not really an option for me. Would much rather be imaging asap. i use the Polemaster but with the Sharpcap routine. Typical consistent RMS error of around 0.6" to 0.9" I have some longer sessions in those files but I inevitably encountered star losses and PHD spitting its dummy out so the overall error is somewhat skewed. But when all is sailing smoothly, I typically see the above accuracy. I image at 2.33 to 2.65 arc/sec per pixel so its more than good enough for me.
  9. david_taurus83

    Synscan GoTo issues

    So it does a successful alignment? Does it get any goto targets correct after alignment?
  10. david_taurus83

    Synscan GoTo issues

    I had one and it worked perfectly. At what stage does it point to the ground? During star alignment or during a goto command?
  11. david_taurus83

    First LRGB -M45

    Thanks both! It's great to get positive feedback. I will know for the next target the kind of background I should be aiming for. Regarding the different star sizes, I processed the linear data up to the point of permanently applying a stretch. I cloned the initial data and done a Masked Stretch on one and a Screen Transer Function stretch and histogram transform to the other. The masked stretch produced the smaller stars in the first attempt. That's the one with the noisier green channel. When I realigned the green it created a green cast through the image but the STF version was much better balanced. The stars were already bloated in this one but to be honest, I think I prefer them this way for M45. I'll probably leave it like this and add data in the future. Cheers!
  12. david_taurus83

    My new ASI294 (non-cooled)

    As above, it's not just a fan. It has a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) Peltier device to cool the sensor to sub zero temperatures. Some cameras do have a fan but they can only lower the temperature to maybe a few degrees below ambient where a Tec device can lower to sub zero temps and hold it there. If it really bugs you to pay the extra then that's fair enough, I understand. However, if your already having doubts about your purchase and if you can afford the cooled version, then I would say return it and get the cooled one. You might only regret it in a few months time when it's too late to return it where if you get the cooled, in 6 months time you won't even remember the $300!
  13. david_taurus83

    William Optics ZS61 strange star "spikes"

    On a side note, I'm impressed by how little noise there is in your 800D image! Nice!
  14. david_taurus83

    First LRGB -M45

    Thanks @ollypenriceand @wimvb for the tips on the background. I've had another look at the histogram. In the top image, the green channel peak was a lot lower than the red and blue and also to the left. I realigned but the foot of the green was very wide where the other 2 were narrower and almost identical. So I checked the other image where I applied the STF stretch to the histogram and it was much better balanced. I can see now the difference it makes. Also, a little less noise reduction than before as I think it looks better. @gorannNo problems at all having a go at my attempt. Many thanks for showing what can be achieved!
  15. david_taurus83

    Flats issue from a newbie

    ^^^ Glad I could help and I hope it improves things for you. Just to point out, the configuration you've quoted above. It may indeed be fine but it might be better to mount your camera as close to the filters as possible to avoid vignetting. So you could put the M42 connector on the MPCC and then the filter wheel/camera? It's dependant on your sensor size.

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