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  1. david_taurus83

    Tonights Veil TIFF files

    Good start. Needs more data. Longer subs? I done 60 x 10 minute subs with my Canon back in August. After about 6 hours worth you really start to see the benefits. When you see the faint wispy bits in detail it's a great feeling!
  2. david_taurus83

    Why can't i see M51

    I live on the outskirts of Brum and have 3 streetlights looking into the back garden. With the 200p I can just, just make out M51 with averted vision and a 25mm eyepiece. It's very faint. M81 and M82 are much brighter imo. Sky quality on the night is important. I have even glimpsed M1. Very very very faint. Of course, all captured via Goto. I have neither the skill or experience to find these objects manually.
  3. david_taurus83

    Who’s out ?

    Well i set up last night and the sky was looking nice and clear. Simple set up this time. Old faithful 200p on the AZEQ6, good polar alignment and 600D connected to the laptop. I pointed towards the moon and set APT to take 250 short exposures. This was 9pm and I left it in good faith while spent time with her indoors. 3 hours later and I returned to the laptop to the dreaded BUSY... Not a single exposure recorded. Not one!!! Obviously I couldn't go to bed until this was sorted. Another hour of testing, changing leads etc. Turned out it was a setting in Magic Lantern had enabled the mirror lockup and for whatever reason this prevented APT from doing it's job. All sorted now but disappointed none the less. Why do we do this to ourselves?!
  4. david_taurus83

    Who’s out ?

    Couple of clear nights here in the Midlands but too much high cloud and haze for either imaging or observing. Might try and do a proper capture on the moon tonight. Never tried before.
  5. david_taurus83

    p530 long exposure photos

    I've not used it much for daytime pictures but the few I have took look great though I'm definitely no photographer. Most people remove the IR filter in front of the sensor to increase the sensitivity of the camera for astro (nebula) work. Doing this however will make daytime images very red biased. I bought mine from Juan at the link below with IR filter removed but with another filter replaced to enable daytime photos. This works fine with a custom white balance. Of course, you don't need to 'mod' at all. Lots of targets like galaxies and clusters will come out just fine. The mod just helps bring out emission nebulae better. Regarding lenses, a Canon (Nifty) 50mm is a great all rounder. If you want to do wide field though then a good quality one can start to get expensive, but then again quality and cheap rarely go hand in hand. https://cheapastrophotography.vpweb.co.uk/
  6. david_taurus83

    p530 long exposure photos

    Hi, We have a P510. It's a bridge camera, more for simple point and shoot. I tried a little astro stuff with it using a tripod but the lack of long exposure is not ideal. I done a bit of digging around the web and i dont think its possible to increase the exposures. Cracking optical zoom though! I bought a Canon 600D just for astro instead. Much better though if you prefer Nikon then I think they are just as good. The Canons seem to be more popular.
  7. david_taurus83

    The Iris Nebula NGC7023

    Hi Dave, The more results I see from this camera and the more convinced I am I've made the right choice in ordering one! Can I ask how long your exposures were and if you have to deal with light pollution? Thanks
  8. david_taurus83

    Offset distance for Baader filters

    Yes the main reason I have decided to go mono and filters is the ability to image from my back garden. Need to travel to a dark site with my DSLR which I don't mind but the weather needs to be in agreement on a Friday or Saturday night and those nights are few and very far between!!
  9. david_taurus83

    Offset distance for Baader filters

    They are supposed to be almost parfocal but I suppose the only way to be sure is to test each filter. I will be interested in this as I have ordered the very same set.
  10. david_taurus83

    Fish Head Nebula

    I have made the leap into the (financial) abyss and ordered the very same camera so we will see. There's not a hope in hell I could get a silky smooth image like that with my Canon!
  11. david_taurus83

    Fish Head Nebula

    The full image looks fantastic! Wish I could pull something like this out of the hat!
  12. david_taurus83

    SharpCap Pro

    I have the Polemaster but ironically I use it just for Sharpcaps polar align as it's more accurate! I get sub arc second guiding this way. Have yet to test it's accuracy when used via the guudescope.
  13. david_taurus83

    Basic Dob base

    Yes, my AZEQ6 can be used in alt-az configuration but it's a bit of a handful to get out and set up. Also, weather permitting it would be in use for imaging! Hence the thoughts of having a dob base that I can leave in the shed and just chuck the 200p onto within a minute and away we go! Low down suits me as I prefer to be seated. Standing and I tend to hover too much over the eyepiece!
  14. david_taurus83

    Basic Dob base

    Hi all. I mainly image when I can when the weather permits but I don't want to give up on observing either. I would like to build a nice basic but sturdy dob base for dropping my 200p into for casual observing sessions. I've googled DIY dobs and there's a wealth of info out there with some neat intricate designs for building both base and OTA from scratch. I just want to make something simple that works well. Function over fashion is my motto! Has anyone one here built a dob base for their existing Newtonian? Can still easily switch the OTA from Dob to Eq if required?
  15. david_taurus83

    Veil Nebula - First time ever

    I too observed this properly at the Bromsgrove Astro star party in Ledbury on Saturday night. I had caught a glimpse from my back garden before, very feint, couldn't see any detail, only a difference in contrast where I could see something there. Saturday night though under the best sky I've experienced, it was amazing using my 200p, 25mm BST and Astronmik UHC. Not like the usual grey smudges of galaxies. To see the actual structure and filaments in the eyepiece and recognise it from its photos left myself and others very impressed. Going to treat myself to an Oiii filter at Xmas just for this!

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