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  1. david_taurus83

    Tracer 12ah LiFePO4 battery

    As titled, just over 12 months old. Great little power pack. Powered my AZEQ6, 2 dew straps, startech USB hub and guide camera all night no problems. I've not used this since November and it's still showing a full charge. Since moving to a cooled mono I have started using a 12v PSU so this is up for sale. Included is the battery, T bar cigar socket, nylon case and original box. Please note as in the pictures, the cigar socket on the T bar is quite flimsy tbh. Its thin plastic over a copper insert. One of my cigar plugs is a bit chunky and it has cracked the plastic and a small bit has broken off the edge. I wrapped a load of insulation tape around it to prevent it cracking further and it's never given me issues. These retail around £170 new so I'm offering it for £100 ono delivered to your door. UK and Ireland only (Ireland shipping cost tbc but its rarely much) David
  2. david_taurus83


    Yes, quite noticable in your individual subs. I set it to 5 in APT and around 5 again in PHD. That was with my 600D. It does help with reducing colour mottling. Might help with your banding? Do you have the SD card in the camera? For some reason leaving the card in but saving to the laptop seems to create banding. There was a recent thread.
  3. david_taurus83


    For a DSLR you should be using aggressive dithering. Also, I found increasing the guiding rate to 0.5 sidereal rate in EQMod really helped speed up calibration and dither recovery.
  4. david_taurus83

    What did the postman bring?

    @steppenwolfThanks Steve!
  5. david_taurus83

    Where to get a DSLR modified?

    He does this work in his spare time evenings and weekends. http://www.astronomiser.co.uk ...also provides the service.
  6. david_taurus83

    Oiii flats uneven?

    No material used to diffuse the light. Both flats were around the 3 to 4 second mark so any flicker shouldn't show up. Artesky though, advertise a flicker free panel. It has a meter on the back and can select between 24v to 26v. Both flats calibrated with matching flat darks. The Baader filters have an arrow pencil marked on the edge of the filters to show which way to face them. Mine definitely face the right way but I think I'm going to try and flip the Oiii the other way as I get overwhelming halos with it. Perhaps a duff filter? Baader had issues with these before? I've read about people using permanent markers to blacken the edges of filters but I'm reluctant to do that just yet in case I need to send it back for a replacement. I have sone LRGB data yet to process so will check out those flats when I get round to it. Thanks
  7. david_taurus83

    What do i neeeed!?

    Theres a member at my local astro club who uses a manual mount for planetary. He frames the target at the edge of the field of view and records as the planet tracks across. When it passes he readjusts and repeats. He reckons it can yield good results as the image is quite stable as the mount doesn't move. Centring the object is done in post processing.
  8. david_taurus83

    Where to get a DSLR modified?

    I've just sold my 600D!! You can buy them modified from Juan at Cheap Astrophotography or if you already have a camera and you want to get it modified he can do it for £75.
  9. I need to sell more stuff before Brexit lol
  10. Yes! So do I! I'm trying to find a good all rounder as well. I'm selling my 200p as it's hardly grab 'n go and the 420mm length WO I use for imaging is a bit lacking for visual. So around 700mm focal length I reckon is about right and I want no bigger than an AZ4 mount!
  11. Nope. No response though I do seem to remember a thread a while back where someone was struggling to get hold of them. If RVO stock them might get an answer off Adam?
  12. david_taurus83


    Is it belt modded?
  13. david_taurus83


    In that case your working at 1.28" per pixel. As FaDG mentions above, you could start to see slightly bigger stars as your guiding errors can effectively add to your average FWHM values. Also, even though the RMS average in PHD can look ok, the peak errors can give elongated stars. I wouldnt worry too much about it. That single sub above doesnt look too bad considering your not using a flattener. Mine still look like that lol
  14. david_taurus83


    You might have seen throughout the forum people talking about image scale in the form of arc seconds per pixel. This is the area of sky that is covered by a single pixel. Assuming your using the kit detailed in your signature, your Canon 760D on the ED80 with 0.8 reducer? Your image scale would be 1.6 arc seconds per pixel. The formula for this is: Resolution Formula: ( Pixel Size : 3.72um / Telescope Focal Length : 480mm ) X 206.265 = 1.598" per pixel. You should be aiming for your guiding RMS error to be around half of this. A little bit over shouldnt matter too much. A good guide here: http://astronomy.tools/calculators/ccd_suitability
  15. david_taurus83


    Your guiding looks good to me.

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