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  1. ZiHao

    First Deep Sky M42

    Reprocessed image. If I were to remove the orangish glow on both sides of the image, it would reduce the small bit of faint nebulosity on the dimmest part of the nebula in the image, so I chose not to, and eventually satisfied with the final product .
  2. ZiHao

    First Deep Sky M42

    Taken with SW150//750, EQ3 pro, unmodded D5300, APT Guiding with PHD2, Stacked and Processed in DSS, Pixinsight 60 x 40s, 40 minutes of data + 20 darks and bias frames. Guiding was pretty bad on that night, declination error was good ( around 0.4" ), right ascension was around 2.3", therefore there is some visible star trails in the image. Every 5 minutes the declination will completely throw off to about 9", I have to stop everything and guide again, which is really annoying, I believe this is my mount's problem because I am pushing the weight limit of my EQ3 pro to about 6.5kg lol. Will try to play around the PHD2 settings next time out to improve the values. Advices are greatly apppreciated. If you want to give my stacked image a try, I will email the TIFF file to you, 100% sure that your final image will be much better
  3. As a matter of fact, if you know where to look, there are many things out there in that orangish sky, for example M7, M31, Eskimo and Ring Nebula, M45... Patience is the key.
  4. Taken with SW150/750 and Nikon D5300. Happy New Year to all!
  5. ZiHao

    Finally Guiding with EQ3 Pro!

    I am using the stainless steel type, which is more stable, I guess? The total weight is around 6.5kg, not recommended haha.
  6. Guess what? A low-end mount for Astrophotography like my EQ3 Pro with SW150/750 sitting on it is finally guiding successfully! Giving 4 minutes sub with no star trails, actually there are, but just almost imperceptible when you aren't observant enough hehe. Perhaps this is not exciting since there was already people getting 5 minutes of subs with rounder stars, better results than mine. But this is definitely a very good news for me as I am constantly getting 15 seconds exposure with star trails ( when things get worse ), and 1 in 5 imaging sessions achieving 20s lights. For almost every imaging session I have been figuring, doing research on how to obtain longer subs, eventually I end up with guiding using a 60mm guidescope and ASI120MC. Images attached below are the 4 minutes sub, two zoomed in star images, 1 minute sub, lastly the guiding graph for the 4mins and 1min sub. Btw, should've screenshoted the graphs instead of using shaky hands to work,sry. All were taken on Christmas. When you zoom in, the stars actually look pretty bad, will try for east heavy and perform a more accurate drift alignment next time out. Or is there a reason of the weird looking stars? Advice and help are greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading. 4 mins: RMS Error- RA: 1.54" 1 min : RMS Error- RA: 1.47" DEC: 0.42" DEC: 0.92" RA OSC: 0.28 RA OSC : 0.28"
  7. It requires another cable right, I guess? RJ45 from the mount and to the laptop?
  8. I am using ASI120MC to guide, just want to sort out all the problems first before beginning to use ASCOM connection instead of ST4, which I think is way more complicated. Issues are just keep coming, never ending lol, astrophotography is difficult haha.
  9. Gonna try out PHD2 Guiding the first time tonight, but my mount doesn't seem to move west when using the manual guiding. The gears make sound for East, North and South but not West. I am using ST4 connection to the mount. Anyone knows how to deal with this? Thanks a lot.
  10. ZiHao

    Polar Alignment

    Welcome to SGL, from the equator too. Members here would surely provide you great advice and help, if you are just doing visual observing, a compass to align the tripod to the North is usually good enough.
  11. ZiHao

    Updating Firmware of ASI120MC

    Problem solved. Eventually I have to update the firmware of the camera after trying multiple solutions. I heard that the original version is more stable, the latest one will somehow lower the frame rate, I am not sure. Anyone has any experience with this?
  12. ZiHao

    Best Astro "Senior Moment"

    Plugged in all the cables correctly but the handset doesn't light up because the power isn't turned on
  13. ZiHao

    Updating Firmware of ASI120MC

    The another laptop works fine, but that is not mine, so it would be more convenient to use this laptop for imaging.
  14. ZiHao

    Updating Firmware of ASI120MC

    I can't connect it to PHD2, Sharpcap as well, All the drivers installed, from the device manager it says : This device cannot start. (Code 10) Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API.

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