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  1. Oh... so they only thing that matters is the temperature of the surroundings, not the temperature of the camera sensor...and as long as the temperature outside the camera is constant, the darks will be effective, so DSLR users can only image for about 2 hours as the temperature does not change much right?
  2. I will never bother with darks frames then since I am not using a cooled camera and because of the high temperature here in Malaysia. But will still try to take darks next time out to see if they improve things or not. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hello! Have a few questions here: Is DSLR darks waste of time? I am currently using D5300, and since taking darks really consumes a lot of time, I would be happier to take many flats and bias frames only Is PHD2 drift alignment tool accurate using a ST4 connection? I have been getting +-5 arc seconds when drifting. Normally I will do DARV and then move on to PHD2 drift tool. My declination RMS value was always pretty low ( about 0.50" ), I supposed that this means my polar alignment is pretty good already? Thanks and Clear Skies!
  4. Each time when the rms value is too high I will just stop the guiding, therefore leading to many attempt of short guiding sequences. I will remember to let it guide longer and take note of the results next time out. I slew to different sections of the sky so I thought that calibrating each time would improve the guiding as I am using a st4. Yep, I change the step size to 400ms if I'm not mistaken. I heard from somewhere that this would increase the duration of the calibration and therefore improve guiding, wrong info perhaps. Will try what you have told me thanks.
  5. Hello! I am using EQ3 pro mount with ST4 connection to my laptop for guiding. I will attach the guide logs below, and the pictured attached is one of the guide logs, it's the longest guiding among the all, about 20 minutes. Polar alignment is pretty good, it shows 0.7' of error in the phd2 log viewer. On the first few minutes of guiding, everything looks fine, but after a few minutes, the RMS value of RA started going up till about 2 arc minutes. I wonder what's causing this increase of value? I have attempted many time to guide, same thing happened too. Stars are looking 'eggy' also. Imaging setup: SW 150/750 and Nikon D5300 Guiding: ASI120MC and ZWO 60280 scope PHD2_GuideLog_2019-03-16_202642.txt
  6. Bought a new switching power supply for just 7 dollars from a electronics store nearby and everything works fine. @Carbon Brush, @Cornelius Varley, @Skipper Billy, @michael8554 thanks for your help!
  7. @Carbon BrushThe original one ( the first picture ) which is the broken one. The second picture, is the one I am using right now. It is heavier and gets hot in a short time, when it is plugged in, the hand controller responds or turned off pretty quickly compared to the original switching power supply provided with telescope.
  8. Previously I can slew on Dec axis when tracking is on, now I can't, guiding probably wouldn't work also. This only happens after using with a new switching power supply today.
  9. Okay so after sorting out the power supply problem, a new issue comes in... Two axis of the mount can't slew at the same time. Like when siderate rate tracking is on, I can't slew on the declination axis. When I am slewing on RA axis, I cannot immediately slew in declination axis. It shows over slew limit on the hand controller screen. After slewing on one direction, I have to wait until the gears all completely settle down to slew in another axis. Any ideas, thanks..
  10. What's your sky's bortle scale? Amazing picture! I am using d5300 as well, haven't tried to image galaxies before. Wonder what's the difference when using idas d1 and without.
  11. After months of experimenting and practicing, I finally managed to achieve pretty decent polar alignment for my eq3 mount by doing drift alignment by Robert Vice plus drift alignment tool on PHD2. Make sure you choose the correct stars on the required portion on the sky, and use a good compass to roughly aim your tripod leg to North or you could use this method https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPdQ9pU9GJA , it really helps a a lot, trust me. Get ready to sacrifice a lot of imaging sessions just to master all the techniques to polar align . At first I feel that living on the equator was very troublesome, but it provides a mixture of deep sky objects from both southern and northern hemisphere, which is the reason of why I love here now haha..
  12. Problem fixed with a different switching power supply. Thanks for helping
  13. I don't use powertank as well, only electrical sockets type, to conclude, I think the switching power supply is causing the problem, hoping that the mount electronics is alright, if not it will really burn a hole in my pocket lol. Bad things always happen when things like guiding and polar alignment is perfect, have such bad luck haha...
  14. Guiding and everything works very well, but suddenly my synscan controller just turn off by itself! Pressing other keys on the controller is okay, just the direction keys, and anything that will make the mount move will auto turn off everything, Manual guide on PHD2 will turn off the mount and controller as well. What should I do? Ohnoo Using eq3 mount
  15. Love the Leo Triplets and Markarian's Chain! May I know what are the total integration time?
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