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  1. So eventually the handset continue to function as usual when connected to the complete setup? Mine doesn't light up even though it beeps when connected to a power supply during update ( the firmware update failed ) so I think only if the update is successful then the handset will function as usual?
  2. Thanks for your reply but do I still need some kind of a converter in between the two serial ports or can they just be connected straight away?
  3. Hello all, In what ways could my mount to be connected to eqmod on the laptop? I have a serial port that came with the mount or should I get a cable like this here https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-mount-accessories/lynx-astro-ftdi-eqdir-usb-adapter-for-sky-watcher-eq5-pro-heq5-syntrek-pro-az-eq5-gt-az-eq6-gt-and-eq8-mounts.html Thanks and clear skies.
  4. ZiHao

    Hi new member from malaysia

    Welcome to SGL!
  5. ZiHao

    How long?

    I was not guiding, what I was using is just the DARV, sidereal rate, and the GOTO function only. 125 seconds, is this adequate? I am using a DSLR, Nikon d5300
  6. ZiHao

    How long?

    Thanks for your reply. No, I cannot see Polaris from my location (which is close to equator), I can only perceive Kochab and Pherkad here. Perhaps due to the heavy light pollution and thick atmosphere on the horizon, Polaris is imperceptible. I do my drift alignment using the DARV method by picking a star 30 degrees above the Eastern horizon and a star near the intersection of the meridian and celestial equator. And I press the right ascension key on the syncan controller to drift the star across the screen and look for any north south drift. But the problem is I am still getting 20 seconds even though the drift alignment is perfectly done. Also, I did the GOTO alignment, it slewed to the object chosen accurately, but the result is still, 20 seconds of tracking
  7. ZiHao

    How long?

    Hi everyone, Anyone has an idea of how long a SW 750/150 scope with an eq3 pro mount can track? I did drift alignment with the sidedreal rate on but I am getting maximum of 20 seconds tracking only ( with no star trails). Or I expect too much h on this setup? Thanks.
  8. My first 'serious' astro image taken with ASI120MC in conjunction with an All Sky Camera using SharpCap! Processed in StarStax and GIMP. And I spotted bright orange meteor that streaked across the northern sky, lasting about 2 seconds and the meteor left a trail which vanished very quickly in the sky. There is also a lot of bright dots in the frames, I assumed that they are just iridium flares? Or could it be meteors? It's like in the first frame, the bright dot appears, but in the second frame, it disappears. Time taken: August 13, 3.00am to 6.30am Not beautiful, but I am pretty pleased with the result.
  9. Taken with ASI120MC on August 13, around 5.30am under light-polluted skies.
  10. Hi all, I am looking for some astronomy documentaries on internet to learn something new during the school holidays. Any recommendations? (documentaries that provide the latest information). Thanks. Happy viewing.
  11. Hi all, Another question here... How do you remove hot pixels(fake stars) from your video?I have recorded a footage of the Perseid meteor shower and there are many fake stars in the view, as I thought the meteors would be more perceptible after the removing the noise. Thanks. Clear skies
  12. ZiHao

    Stars or Noise?

    Record separate videos of the footage or take multiple photos and stack them together ( timelapse )? What are your recommedations? Settings? I am using Sharpcap.
  13. ZiHao

    Stars or Noise?

    Hi all, Before attempting to video the Perseid Meteor Shower this year, I try to get general idea of the settings of ASI120MC with the All Sky Camera tonight but I found out that there are a lot of 'stars' in the video, more than what I was expected ( my site: 18.16 Mag, so there shouldn't be so many stars in the view ). I endeavour to identify any perceptible, fixed pattern that I recognize in the video but I couldn't find any of them, therefore my prediction is the dots in the video may be noise, not stars. The brightest object it can capture is just Mars, Jupiter and planes. I wonder whether this is good enough to capture any meteors? What do you think? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks! Happy viewing
  14. Hi all, I am intending to use this camera to capture some Perseid meteors on its peak time. After I installed the native driver for the asi camera, I plugged in the camera with the all sky camera using USB 3.0 cable into my laptop, but nothing pops up. Do I need any external power for the camera? Any help will be appreciated! Thanks! Clear Skies!
  15. ZiHao

    A Gratifying Night

    I am studying in high school, so... you know... sleeping in the car haha

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