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  1. I wouldn't think you'd even know they'd been applied as it would be on their host servers. I can see a benefit of it as you could then use any computer to log on to your own OS, but I'm sure it wouldn't be for our benefit if/when it happens.
  2. My IT guy who is a MS agent reckons they've been working on a cloud based OS for a while now, and only have one more major local OS revision in the pipeline, so that could well be the case. I suspect your machine will just have a thin client install, but your actual OS is in the cloud? Not sure how it works, but he seems pretty certain that's where they are heading. Kerching.
  3. Yes that was the email says Dave, exchange rate variance, but still quite a jump in a single year. Thing is I need and want it, so have to pay, but I suspect this is going to roll out across other platforms such as Office 365 very shortly.
  4. Wow that's a bit of a hike. Just got my renewal notice and gone up from £85.25 + VAT last year to £100.53 + VAT this year.
  5. I had a good chat with the Atik guys at Astrofest about this, and I'm going for one. It's an impressive piece of kit in the flesh and ideal with a t delta of -50 for me in Spain. They are on back order and they reckoned they will be able to clear all current orders by the end of March. Time will tell on that I suspect as I can see this being pretty popular at the price mark.
  6. Thanks Dave, that actually looks pretty good exposure wise as you say, so doing 600 and 300 is probably a good starting point. Thanks Sara. That's actually interesting with the Lum as my skies there are probably not much different to yours, but I've never considered using subs of that length (not even sure my AZ EQ6 on a tripod would cope with it). Could have been a worse mistake I guess, but I take it you don't think this will trash the images? Thanks Rajesh. I thought maybe this when Dave said about the cores looking blown out, so will do some 300s anyway as well as 600s, but looking at Dave and Sara's advice, doing both of these exposures means I'm definitely going to be in the ball park with data available for a reasonable image.
  7. Thanks Wim. I'll set up the sequence to do 300s and 600s first and if needed I can then add longer ones after.
  8. Thanks Dave that's really helpful. So in this instance would you say it is best to also get some shorter, say 300s subs, to blend in so the cores are suppressed a little, but keep longer ones for the fainter parts of the galaxies? I'm hoping to have a good run of at least 3 full nights (he says with fingers firmly crossed) so getting the data shouldn't be a problem time wise.
  9. Thanks Wim. Thing is I can easily get 900s subs (that's the longest I've done so far) with no star trailing at all, but I don't know how I would determine if I actually need 900s on a particular target, or whether a specific target needs shorter as I often see comments about shorter subs blended in areas such as cores to prevent it looking blown out. It's all very confusing, but I suspect you're saying just persevere with each target and I'll come up with my own integrations that suit my specific set-up (camera, filters, OTA etc.).
  10. If you are imaging a new object, how do you determine what integrations to use? For example, I am heading off to Spain next week and hope to get "proper" first light on my TS80. I have set up a LRGB sequence in SGPro to image M81, but am pretty much guessing on the integration times for each filter. How do you work out whether you need 300, 600, 900 seconds for example, or even a combination of some/all? I seem to search for a guide on each target but get wide differences, so I'm guessing there is no hard and fast rule, even on a specific target?
  11. Oh I've definitely learnt that already 😀 My Lakeside has a custom bracket already from Ian King, which is excellent, and the one I'm making for the pegasus is actually pretty similar. Lakeside is good, got mine all up and running today and pretty impressed with it.
  12. Just had an interesting phone conversation with Ian King, and it looks like SW may have changed the design of the Esprit 100 focusers slightly, but be interesting to see if anyone has had the same issue. Basically my Lakeside focuser is all up and running on the test bench, and doing what it should be doing with SGPro no problem. When I came to fit the motor on, the coupler shaft supplied, seemingly because previous models were used for the design, wouldn't fit as it has 4mm holes both ends. The shaft on my focuser is actually 6mm, so the coupler should be 6mm one end and 4mm the other. Has anyone else had this issue, or has SW just made an upgrade and not announced it? Ian was great by the way, as I am becoming to find is the norm, as is getting his supplier to ship a correct replacement directly to me.
  13. Just to follow up on this, I have just got one of these and fitted it on my TS80 and yes, the bracket flexes quite a bit, to the point that I am replacing it today with a better one. It appears that to make the system as "generic" as possible, and to fit as may focusers as possible, they have made the bracket slots full length which has taken the meat out of it and allows it to twist laterally. Mine is mounted under the focuser, quite close in and with 2 fixing screws, but even so I am still seeing a "backlash" (which is actually the mount bracket twisting and not actual backlash) of around 100 steps, which is waaaay too much. It is a brand new OTA though, so the focuser is probably a little tighter than one been used for a while, so in this instance that may not be helping. The focus controller and motor etc. are excellent though, and work perfectly with SGPro, so it's definitely a keeper. Maybe the manufacturer should look at this as a standard kit, but also offer custom brackets for the best known focusers, which would solve a lot of issues on an otherwise really good piece of kit for the money. I've gone for the Lakeside from Ian King on my Esprit 100, which has a custom made bracket supplied by them.
  14. Trouble is the media are criticised if they don't warn us enough, but also accused of sensationalising if they make a big deal out of it. No doubts about it, winds of 80mph are certainly enough to cause some damage, so good advise in the OP to get your gear and move it safely inside. Always better to be safe than sorry (and significantly poorer) if something does get damaged. Added bit: How ironic that as I typed that the rain stopped and the sun came out.
  15. Yep alive and kicking and 92. If she's anything like Helen Mirren she probably looks the same now as back then.