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  1. Slewing Issue with AVX

    That's normal. It is taking out its own backlash so it approaches the target from the right direction.
  2. todays huge prom 20-10-17

    Holy cow Charl, that's a proper monster. I'm not clever enough to calculate it based on image scale etc. but any idea how big in real money that would be?
  3. You may want to measure the temperature at some point other than the focus motor, but I think it is more likely to be that the older units only used to have an external sensor? I think the information on Ian's site may not necessarily be fully up to date also as I think the DIN sensor is a relatively new addition.
  4. I think most imagers would typically use temperature rather than time to refocus. If the temperature hasn't changed, or you haven't changed filter then you shouldn't need to refocus. Anywhere between 0.5 and 1.0 degree change prompts a refocus, and focus with filter change seems to be about the norm.
  5. It comes with it anyway. It's soldered to the DIN socket.
  6. No problem. I'd say just order anyway as he may even have what he needs now but not sent mine out yet. Ian and Peter are super helpful. Peter made me a custom lead as I didn't want it all wrapped up. Had it in 2 days exactly the length I asked for. Dave's will be exactly the same I should think, but it's probably just a hole in a slightly different place or something else minor. On my Esprit, SW changed the focus shaft from 5mm to 6mm, and mine was the first of the new ones so the coupler wouldn't fit.
  7. That's not to say that he may now have them, but as far as I know he hasn't as mine is on order but Peter at Lakeside is waiting for certain dims to make the bracket for the latest batch of Star 71's.
  8. You might need to just hang on with your Star 71 until he has the dimensions he needs from me. They are standard but the suppliers sometimes change the focusers slightly (they did on my Esprit 100) so the standard design changes a little. I'll have them to him Monday anyway, so you should be good to go
  9. There you go, told you someone will have done it
  10. Dave is the best to answer that. Not sure what the collective noun for a group of Lakeside's is, but he's got one
  11. You've timed it perfectly as he's on holiday till Monday. I've sent him some pics and he needs some dimensions for the latest Star 71 as it seems WO may have made a small change as the last bracket Peter at Lakeside made had a slight discrepancy, so yours should all be spot on.
  12. Singularity origin?

    Well wherever I am and I do something wrong my Mrs seems to be there, so I would say yes
  13. NEW MOON

    Well you should consider yourself lucky getting such a clear shot. This was mine
  14. This really goes back to what I said on my other post @souls33k3r in that you would probably have to change the focuser on your SCT to a crayford or R&P type, which isn't a bad thing I suppose as it negates any mirror flop. I use the Moonlite on my SCT but with their stepper motor. I think JMI and Starlight do units which go on the existing focuser. I would think someone here has modded the standard focuser in some way to use a lakeside or similar, but it would take a bit of custom engineering.
  15. Ah ok makes sense. Thanks.