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  1. Bolstering security of the observatory

    That's true, and probably unlikely that they would have a key in their pocket.
  2. PDF showing the kit contents here
  3. Off-Axis Guiding - Vibration ?

    You can, but if you are shooting different length subs in each OTA (HA in one and RGB in another) you could be waiting half hour to focus, and then have to do it again right away for the other focuser, which will then need to pause the guiding again. I'd trust Sara if she says it really can't be done as she would definitely have tried all angles.
  4. Off-Axis Guiding - Vibration ?

    Because if the auto focus runs it will stop guiding, and if the other OTA is in the middle of an image it will ruin that sub.
  5. Bolstering security of the observatory

    That's the main thing, is to alarm it. Mine is connected to the main house alarm (wireless Risco system) which texts me if it goes off. Both doors have sensors, and I have a pressure pad on the floor of the scope room for when the roof is open, but that sends a push notification to my phone and turns all the lights on, but is only active when the roof is open and it is armed. I also have CCTV in the warm room and scope room, and facing towards and away from the main door.
  6. Bolstering security of the observatory

    Exactly. As our house in Spain is very remote, we considered putting a reja (bar type gate) over the front door. A local builder advised against it saying that no one has them on their front door, and to do so would mean you definitely have items of value. Maybe change the door handle/lock for one with a built in 5 lever deadlock. I have this on mine and it means it can't just be jemmy'd off.
  7. Bolstering security of the observatory

    You mean like these multi-point latches Steve? About as secure as you can get I would have thought?
  8. Bolstering security of the observatory

    They are good, but the trouble with them is they are meant for internal use, so all the keys are the same. I have these ones on my garage and they are excellent, but not sure how easy they would be to adapt to fit in/on a 'shed' door?
  9. Bolstering security of the observatory

    There are these types Steve which you bolt all the way through and plate the back of the fixings so they can't just pull out.
  10. M33 The Edible Galaxy

    That's superb! Good job there aren't 60 candles
  11. Best wishes and a very well earned break for all of you at FLO, thanks for all your hard work and of course forum support. Astronomically speaking I can confirm it has been a very expensive year, but an incredibly fun one.
  12. Woo hoo great stuff, thanks. A nice late Crimbo present from me to me
  13. It depends on your imaging equipment. If you have a flattener, filter wheel, CCD and extensions etc. then an upgrade is probably not a bad bet. There are reports of the Moonlite slipping, although I think a lot of this is down to adjustment. I have 2 of them and haven't seen this, but then the load on the one I still use is very small. I would say there are too many reports of it happening for it to not be true. If it is specifically a Crayford you want then the Baader one seems to have the best reports, but if you image mono with filters etc. I would definitely consider a R&P if you can get one for this OTA.
  14. Trouble is everyone wants to stop updates so won't have received it
  15. Totally agree with Olly and Steve. The investment specifically for the ST80 probably wouldn't be justifiable, although you can use the focuser on another OTA and just get/make a new bracket and connector. With regards to examples, it literally would be as you note which is out of focus images with stars appearing slightly "fuzzy" rather than pin sharp. Whilst there is nothing at all to say you can't get excellent focus manually, the ability to move in microns which the focus motor allows may provide a more repeatable result.