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  1. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    Ah we are going off at all angles here. Rodd I'll leave Chris to help you as I think he has more experience of this issue than me, so I am out of other suggestions. Hope you get it sorted anyway and look forward to the images when it is
  2. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    Unless you are using a FR on each it shouldn't make any difference. Once focused your OAG "package" will work. Once you introduce a FR you need the focal plane of both cameras to be a set distance behind that FR, irrespective of focus. If you take your "package" off your scope with say a Skywatcher FR needing 55mm spacing, and put it on a scope with a TS FR fitted that needs 116mm to work, well it won't, you'll need a new spacer, no matter what you do with the focus wheel. The problem then is that your focal plane can be so far back that you can't wind the focuser in enough to actually get focus. I think your circumstances have meant that you haven't encountered this, which is great, but in Rodds case we don't know what the spacing requirement is for the FR, and that's what I'm trying to find out to see where the spacers that he has need to go.
  3. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    Ahhhhh ok, it's becoming clearer. Are they custom ones or the standard ones which came with the OAG? I didn't mean screw them together, I meant one in between the OAG and FW, and then another between the FW and the FR. The latter spaces your OAG at a point where you can get focus with it, and the one between the OAG and FW will set you main camera sensor at the optimum distance for your FR to work.
  4. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    Ok thanks Rodd. The thing is you have 2 spacers, but we don't know which one goes where. Yes you are correct in that your camera will screw directly to the filter wheel, but unusually you will almost certainly need a spacer between the OAG and FW. What we need to know is what the spacing requirement is between the FR and the camera sensor for your FR when fitted to your TOA. Once we know that we can work out which spacer will go where, as you may need to use both.
  5. No problem. You will need to use a little bit of trial and error (starting by using the calculated step size from SG Pro help information) to get your step size spot on. Mine runs on a frac. but as yours in on a SCT they will be very different. I tend to use refocus on filter change, even using "par focal" filters, and as you have the temperature sensor it may be beneficial to refocus on temperature change. I use every 1.0 degree but I know some use 0.5, again this is a little trial and error.
  6. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    No problem Chris. It probably would on the same scope with or without the FR, but Rodd has 2 different scopes with differing focal lengths and is using the spacing calculated for the FSQ on the TOA. I have a feeling this is where the issue lies as in either case he will need to have the spacer between the OAG and the FW, which in itself is a little unusual, but if the other spacer (FR to OAG) is calculated using the FSQ but is being tested on the TOA it may never work. It's always tough trying to help when you aren't there in front of the kit.
  7. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    It isn't the OAG "package" that's the issue, it's the fixed spacing between the FR and and OAG on scopes with differing focal lengths. For example, if you look here you will see that depending on the focal length of the scope, the spacing can change. This is what I am questioning, and noting that it may be different when using the same FR on different scopes. If your OAG set up works for you in all circumstances with the same FR fitted on different scopes then happy days. The problem here for Rodd, and the thing he needs to check and query with his supplier, is that if they have calculated and supplied all the equipment and fixed spacers based on the FL of the FSQ but, as appears, he is trying it all with the FSQ FR fitted to the TOA, it may not work.
  8. Stephen Hawking's Last Interview

    That was a great watch, thanks Reggie. I like the informal format bringing a kind of fun element to it. I've seen a number of Tyson's video's but never this show. Enjoyed that
  9. Remote imaging experiances

    That's terrible! What a kick in the teeth for the owner who has probably spent hours and hours of work on it. I didn't know people did this.
  10. Remote imaging experiances

    Is this not what @Barry-Wilsonand @gnomusdo with E-Eye (I think that is the place) with all their own kit installed by them, and then operated remotely by them, including selecting targets etc? It's hard enough planning my own remote observatory at my own house in Spain, so kudos to those who go this route. I think @ollypenrice had it spot on when he said that you always need a "muggins" on the ground to reset something or change a cable etc. which is what makes setting up your own remote site so hard. This is what I am working hard in trying to overcome now, so the hosting sites are great for this scenario.
  11. Remote imaging experiances

    I didn't know this. On this forum someone posted an image which wasn't theirs but claimed it in the open forum as their own work?
  12. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    I would think the back focus distance between the focal reducer and the camera sensor will be different as the 2 OTA's have differing focal lengths. This means the the set ups would be unique to each OTA. If your supplier has given you spacers which he has calculated as correct for the FSQ, it's unlikely that they will be identical for the TOA I would have thought.
  13. No it's all built in. Quite a neat little package considering nothing else is needed. All it needs is a USB connection and power.
  14. Yes I do indeed have one. I think in reality you may have done the hard part. Setting up in SGP is no more than installing the ASCOM driver, selecting it from the dropdown list and away you go. It looks like you have the temperature sensor fitted, so this will be used for your temperature compensation in the auto-focus module. I have done a short video here but, looking at your set up, you are probably beyond this stage, so if there is anything specific that you are struggling with or just want clarifying just let me know and I'll do my best to answer.
  15. Lodestar 2 and OAG

    I'm still not convinced that there isn't an issue with the OAG itself Rodd. If you can focus the main camera at mid point, but not the guide camera by them moving the focuser in further, then it points towards a problem with the prism. However, if this is on your FSQ 106, then the focus travel is only 30mm, so half way leaves only 15mm, which may not be enough without the spacer installed.