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  1. The internal controller is pretty good. The only thing to add to Mike's comment is make sure you use the right pinout legend. Early units like mine use RJ12 and later ones use RJ45, so make sure you get the right plug.
  2. Alternatively you can go the full hog like I have done in Spain by using the PrimaLuce Eagle2, but this comes at a premium price. This method only needs 1 power lead and that's it.
  3. The Pegasus hub is a 12V hub as well as powered USB hub. You supply it with one 12-14V and one USB2 cable, and you then have 4 x 12v outputs and 6 USB2 outputs. It also gives you dew heater outputs and a RJ45 connector to use an auto-focuser via the built in controller. The only additional thing you need is a PC.
  4. RayD

    Lakeside focusing.. Help

    It's an easy routine mate and, unless you're taking it off as you have, is pretty much a one time only event on an R&P focuser. I still love my UPB even though it was one of the first ones. it never misses a beat.
  5. RayD

    Atik HORIZON Histogram

    Yes, as you rightly say, it is probably a learning curve and what settings to adjust etc.
  6. RayD

    Atik HORIZON Histogram

    That's really frustrating, Mark. Especially as you are using the native capture software which, whilst pretty basic, is actually very good indeed. Has this just started or is this a new set up and doing this from the kick off?
  7. RayD

    Lakeside focusing.. Help

    Unfortunately not mate. Just setting 0 and then your outermost travel point exactly as you did before as this will have moved.
  8. RayD

    Hi from Kent

    Welcome on board from yet another Kent bloke. Patience is definitely one thing you will have to learn to have lots of with the hobby. Like yourself, though, I always get excited when I'm waiting for a new piece of kit to turn up. Have fun.
  9. RayD

    Lakeside focusing.. Help

    No worries mate. Don't forget you will need to do a new calibration though (zero point)
  10. RayD

    Atik HORIZON Histogram

    What gain are you using? It may be worth trying a higher gain setting. If the gain is too low then the stretched capture in Artemis will show, as it is, but the fits will be unstretched in DSS. Just a thought. Edit: Sorry just saw you set gain to high. It looks like a gain issue if the stretched image is showing some data but nothing in DSS (unstretched).
  11. RayD

    Lakeside focusing.. Help

    Wait until it comes back and have another go. If there were issues with your star shapes then this could affect the HFR reading. As noted before, you're getting a bit hung up on the number; this will change with seeing etc. so don't see it as the do all and end all. I get a variety of HFR readings depending on the imaging conditions, but focus is always as good as it is going to be on that particular night. No need to redo the step size, just put it all back on and away you go
  12. RayD

    Weird star shapes

    Likewise. And the fact that they are sending it to Es is again a testimony to them taking it seriously. You'll be staring at pinpoint stars before you know it
  13. RayD

    SGP - Platesolving nuisance

    Really glad it has worked for you mate. It's frustrating when it all goes belly up. I suspect it may be kit or other installed software dependent as I run V200q and SG Pro with no issues with plate solving at all, before or after a flip. Nowt odd as astro related software, that's for sure!!
  14. RayD

    Weird star shapes

    Great news matey. Reaping the benefit of buying kit from an extremely reputable retailer. Hope you get it sorted.
  15. RayD

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Exactly that, Kev. It is simply another layer to prevent water etc. working its way in where it isn't wanted and, when considered against the overall cost, it's almost a no-brainer.

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