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  1. Wow!!! What a difference indeed, Reggie!! Both great images but the 2020 one shows way more detail. Nice
  2. Thanks, Grant. Can I assume the OIII is a typo and should be 20 mins also, otherwise we have no matching dark frames. Thanks for the time and effort put in to providing these data.
  3. Really sorry to read this, John. It was all giong so well and looked so promising. I guess there are things like the slewing noise and vibration that those of us with ROR observatories woudln't even give a thought to. Fongers crossed you get a suitable and reasonably costed solution.
  4. John, @steppenwolf in another thread linked to Renold here and rated them extremely highly.
  5. Wow, absolutely superb. Bravo to both involved, and a gentle rub and polish for the equipment used.
  6. Ah. Maybe my side weight is D type only. I have a couple and the normal one here is definitely dual, but I thought the side one was too. Maybe it isn't
  7. If you have a look at my video here you will see the issue you are having is common (this in on my CEM120). I added an ADM weight to the front of my longer dovetail which helped sort out dec (and it will help RA) but also allowed for trimming off centre balance on the third axis. FLO does variousl types and styles of dovetail weights.
  8. I like that, guess I am definitely an imager then That said, is that the lesser spotted Mesu handbox I see there, Adam? A rare sight indeed
  9. It is amazing the different perspective you get looking out from within an aeroplane. Below picture was taken a couple of years ago above Malaga, and shows pretty clearly how bad the light polution is there!
  10. Not in first class, they're FPL53 Nice image, tough task with plane movement.
  11. Data wise will be fine. The one thing you will probably want to do is make sure it is a powered hub as your laptop hub may struggle to provide the power needed to run all the devices, a couple of which are USB powered.
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