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  1. RayD

    EPDM rubber roofing

    Yes not cheap at all, Kev, but well worth it. Pretty much there for the life of the obsy.
  2. RayD

    auto focus with apt

    Yes autofocus units are readily available. Google search Lakeside, Pegasus or SharpSky autofocus and you will find 3 units widely used and highly rated. IKI sells Lakeside, and Altair sell Pegasus. I'm not sure how good the APT autofocus routine is as it has had some critical reviews, but things may well have changed now in this regard.
  3. RayD

    EPDM rubber roofing

    I ordered the garden building kit as I wanted all the edge trims and drip edges. I think the 1.2mm is standard and it is perfect for an obsy. The adhesive gets applied in 2 elements. You have a lowish tack bond which gets applied to the centre section, and this allows a tiny bit of movement so you can roll or brush the rubber flat. You then apply a high tack contact adhesive to the outer edges (about 150mm all the way round) which prevents any roll up etc. If you get the kit from R4R it comes with instructions anyway. If you have a roof which you feel may cause issues then they also do a primer which you can apply first, but I wouldn't think a preservative treatment is going to need the primer, but there if you feel the need. As with all the bits so far, Kev, take your time with it, decide how you want it to look after (do you want the kit with the trims etc.) and it will make a great topping off of a really nice build to date.
  4. Great move, they are super cables and pretty well all I use for USB3. Not sure if Lindy do them, but worth a check for some short mini B to Mini B for SX and ASI camera hubs to OAG cameras etc. Move over Amazon, my new cable stockist has arrived
  5. RayD

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    That's where I got mine, Kev. Really good service, no issues with them at all.
  6. RayD

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Looking positively delightful, Kev. As the rolling roof is going over the fixed one, and you need to make sure all the parts of the former clear the latter, my view would be to complete the fixed roof first, but of course I can understand your desire to jump on the the rolling roof ASAP, I was the same.
  7. Depending on my main/guide scope/camera combination, I have a ratio of anything between 1:1.37 and 1:5.43 and I don't seem to struggle with guiding or, more accurately, poor images related to guiding as a result of the higher figure. There has been a couple of interesting posts on CN about this, and the generally agreed consensus appeared to be a maximum figure of 1:10, with several people noting successful guiding at around this, but with a target figure of 1:4. However, I think much also depends on your mount and software, and the ability to smooth out corrections etc. From my images I would say 1:5 is absolutely fine, with higher figures increasingly perhaps needing a little more care and attention in other areas.
  8. Nice David. You'll be delighted with the Tak, it's a joy to use. Now sit tight and start counting the nights.
  9. RayD

    PHD2 Setting Up

    Exactly what I was just typing. You can focus using any capture software, and SharpCap automatically adjusts exposure so makes this pretty easy.
  10. Really great image, Geof. I think you should, rightfully, be delighted with it. Thanks for sharing.
  11. RayD

    Some Noob-type Questions About Mounts

    You can disable it by un-checking the 'allow auto meridian flip' box. I wouldn't have thought it should flip during a slew though, so I'd be inclined to check the location, date/time and side of pier settings also.
  12. Good work Grant. I like the way a double click in search appears to show your search history. Very helpful.
  13. Emoji central!! SGL Challenge #14 - Make the longest, legible, sentence from emoji's only
  14. Yes it can be so frustrating, John, but it is a good mount, and mine comfortably runs my Tak 106 with the EFW3, 16200 and PrimaLuceLab Eagle 2 on top, so it is more than capable. I think it is only the Stallardrive that gives you the ceramic bearings which is why I went for that option. If yours is in reasonably good condition then I wouldn't go for the hypertune until you've had a look at the backlash yourself. As noted by @spillage it is just about taking your time, as frustrating as that can be, and just doing a little at a time.
  15. RayD

    Phd2 first time

    First huge challenge is done.......getting it going in the first place. My initial comment would be that whilst there is a lot going in, there doesn't seem to be any corrections, which show as a little red or blue square shaped peak. You can now run the guiding assistant which will help you with some of the settings, and you may need to have a play with the hysteresis and aggression settings to reduce that saw tooth effect a little, but otherwise a RMS of 1.36 "/p is not a bad start by any means.

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