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  1. Had a couple of hours tonight so got the rest of the floor insulation done. All finished now and ready for the flooring ply which is being delivered Thursday. All good progress now especially as I'm off to Modern Astronomy tomorrow to pick up my Mesu, which is quite exciting. At least by the time I've learned to drive it I should have a safe home for it
  2. At least yours asked SonnyE, mine didn't even bat an eyelid I told her that even my fingerprints had gone as my scanner thing on my Mac didn't work and she just said "oh"
  3. I know that feeling. I was getting desperate to get on with it, but pouring concrete at 5 degrees and below is not a good idea at all, so I really needed to wait until I could pretty much guarantee being above that. Wiring between the warm room and mount is through those 2 x 50mm white plastic pipes, and the main supply is going to be an armoured cable from the shed next to the obsy, which has a 40A supply already in it. Condensation shouldn't be an issue at all, and is one of the reasons for the amount of insulation that's going in. Although, I do still intend to have a desiccant dehumidifier in the scope room for when I close the roof, just to dry things out and warm the room a bit.
  4. Good idea, I like that. I'm actually running it over the top of the warm room, but still figuring out exactly how I was actually planning the planting around mine today. Putting in a little half round log fence, then putting gravel behind that for a French drain, and then going to put some shrubs in front of it. Long way to go yet, but now the concrete is poured it's a bit of a relief.
  5. Thanks. To be honest I've not actually finalised the design of the roof yet, it's still a case of see how it looks when I get closer (only with regard to what wheels etc. to use). I've been looking at lots of ideas and some are great.
  6. And yes that is my blood on those pipes. I worked my fingers to the bones!!!!!
  7. Pipes all secured in and strapped to the underside of the frame just to stop them rattling around.
  8. Jumping on a bit, I put weed matting down just to tidy things up and reduce the likelihood of weeds growing underneath, and put some gravel on for blinding to just stop it flapping about in the wind. Made a little jig to set some blocks in at 100mm down so insulation would sit on them and not drop through, then started on installing the insulation in 2 layers of 50mm. No reason for this instead of a single 100mm sheet other than the 50mm was on offer when I got it so it worked out a lot cheaper. The little Paslode came in handy here as it fitted perfectly between the joists. Finally just had a bit of time left to get some of the insulation in.
  9. Framing was relatively straight forward, and made much easier with my big Paslode, which really hammers home the ring nails for the noggins, which will never be coming out. Squared up the frame first then put in the bearers, followed by the noggins, then set out the remainder of the support blocks. Tried to make sure that each of the bearers were square as possible as there is 100mm of insulation going in so that would make it easier. Used the timber tite screws for all the main beams. I was going to use underfloor trunking in the obsy, but because of the insulation I decided that 2 x 50mm pipes would be easier.
  10. Progress following striking the shuttering this weekend has been pretty good. Started with plenty of cuts and generally starting the framing out of the base. For this I have been using treated timber, but still used copious amounts of end grain treatment: This is the stuff I used, and below are examples of before and after, and also you'll see in the pictures I treated everywhere the wood was penetrated, such as screw heads etc.
  11. At last the cold weather relented, I had a bit of time on my hands, and progress has been made. Firstly the concrete pour, which happened on Thursday. Given the costs and time, I went with a ready mix, but one which they actually mix on site. Really good, really quick, and it took 2 of us a total of 35 minutes to complete, and that includes fair bit of vibrating with my bargain poker (£40) to ensure everything was just right.
  12. My personal opinion would be to spend the extra £10 and get a linear supply rather than switched mode. Much cleaner for sensitive equipment, and built in short circuit protection. Linear Bench Supply
  13. Great job, well done and thanks for sharing this. Very inspirational and looks like it works a treat
  14. The ff has a working distance of 106mm, so the spacers just take this up (obviously minus the filter wheel and OAG etc.) so it has about 45mm of actual spacers. I think as above I should probably have looked at other options for the ff, but thought with a fully screwed train it would be ok, and is actually the one recommended by TS for this focuser. I have just had a reply from one of the Technicians at TS who mentioned the bronze screws, and said this should be ok on this focuser, and that I should check these to make sure they are adjusted properly as this would cause the tilt.