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  1. Almost a nice dilemma to have. The Esprit is really very good at the price, but would also be good to see how the TS performs if you end up going for that. If my TS80 is anything to go by, the quality of their OTA's is also excellent.
  2. The 21st Century has no place for product reviews? How does that work?
  3. Reviews are essential, and brilliant if they are just that. The point being made earlier is that much of the material from AB now isn't reviews at all, it's sponsored advertisements which are a long way from reviews. To be fair to Trevor, he does now declare the interest in WO (he never used to) so you are aware the video is sponsored by the manufacturer, and who wouldn't want to receive all these goodies from them without having to pay a penny? Anyway, back to the OP (apologies @Sunshine for it being sidetracked), this looks like it is going to be an awesome portable instrument, and it is great to see it on the SA in this video as I think that is what many people see it being used with. A real winner I hope.
  4. Indeed, Alan. Add to that things like a screw fit back, meaning you can use it easily with various cameras, internal filter position and the built in graduated rotator and it really does start to make sense as a travel scope.
  5. Lol wait till you get in to your 50's mate, that becomes 8:30pm ?
  6. Exactly that. He comes across as, and I'm sure is, a really nice guy, but I have never heard him say a single bad word about anything from WO, which is simply not possible. I've owned a couple of their OTA's so can definitely confirm that! He makes great videos and clearly has a talent for videography, and I do enjoy watching them, but if I am looking at a review I want to know the good and the bad.
  7. In spite of the above, if you had met Ahmed, which I have several times, you would know this was a somewhat tongue in cheek comment.
  8. Does he need to own this telescope to have his own opinion on the reviewer and the likelihood of what is usually a heavy biased review of WO kit then? I assume you own one to confirm this manufacturer sponsored review is accurate then?
  9. Certainly looks like it is going to be very capable. Looking forward to using it with my SX mini and mono CCD also.
  10. ? I'm not sure it will be any more honest. I don't think it is a big secret that Trevor is somewhat WO biased, and often doesn't tell the full story, but he does give some nice reviews. My review will certainly tell all the points, good and bad. As soon as it arrives I shall be putting it to work
  11. Perfect. Looking at the one marketed by WO which is basically the same thing, they note it as a focus tensioner, so basically adjust it to a tension that is comfortable for you to operate your focuser, but prevents any unwanted movement. Glad it seems to be working, it's a really lovely looking little instrument.
  12. No problem, Pierre. If it is a lock, which I suspect it is, it is probably more accurately a drag creator. There may even be a nylon liner of some sorts between the end of the screw and the focus tube, but the nett result would be the same, and should work just fine with a camera etc. pointing at the Zenith.
  13. No it probably won't lock it. All it needs to do in that position is to create sufficient drag on the focus tube for it to not slip. You will almost certainly still be able to turn the focuser, but the tube sliding and turning the focuser only needs a small drag due to the gearing effect. If you take it out and then operate the focuser, look through the hole to see if you can see the focus tube moving. This will confirm that it is just pushing against it.
  14. Superb idea, Tim. Thanks for that. You know I need to check my Baader one as looking at this I have a feeling I may be able to do this with that one! Cheers
  15. I bet, John. I love Willow trees, amongst my favourite. As you say, not too bad with them trimmed, the light is more of an issue, so if they block that, it's a bonus. Like your idea of the octagonal shed, could look lovely.
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