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  1. Anthonyexmouth


    but its 1 green and 2 blue/whiteish lights. wheres the port light?
  2. Anthonyexmouth


    B5 was awesome. so many great line. Only one human captain has ever survived battle with a Minbari fleet. He is behind me. You are in front of me. If you value your lives, be somewhere else
  3. Anthonyexmouth


    Only joking, flicking through some unused subs and noticed these streaks. Satellites? green colour seems odd.
  4. Anthonyexmouth

    Drilling service

    yeah, i can sketch something out with dimensions/locations . cool, look forward to hearing what he says.
  5. Anthonyexmouth

    Drilling service

    wont let me DM you, if you could ask him. what i would need is a disc 250mm x30ish mm with 4 x 20mm holes, 3 x 18mm holes and 1 x 12mm. as a option depending on price rounding the edge would be nice too. cheers.
  6. Anthonyexmouth

    Drilling service

    i would if i still had my pillar drill. sat in a corner of my workshop for years unused and sold it last year. Doh
  7. Bit of a long shot and probably the wrong section to post but here goes. I can get an aluminium disc 250mm x 30mm online for £40 does anyone here know anywhere in the East Devon or close surrounding area where i can get this drilled to make my pier top plate.
  8. Anthonyexmouth

    How to effectively drop from 12V DC to 5V?

    use one of these, i use them a lot for different things https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-DC-Digital-Constant-Current-Voltage-LED-Buck-Driver-6-40V-12v-to-0-36V-5v/291399013886?hash=item43d8bc15fe:g:ZBEAAOSwe-FU-IzB
  9. Anthonyexmouth

    Mount & supplier frustration - Any ideas?

    yeah, Amazon Prime has really ruined us hasnt it. so are you saying the ADM one with the puck for the CG5/EQ5 is different? not ideal but could you not get that one and have it drilled? its a nice clamp, something i desperately want to change on my HEQ5
  10. Anthonyexmouth

    Mount & supplier frustration - Any ideas?

    yeah, 90% gets sorted via email but i always collect and use that time to ask questions. usually ending in discovering theres something new and shiny i "need". isnt this the eq5/cg5 one without the puck? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dovetails-saddles-clamps/adm-dual-saddle-puck-not-included.html
  11. Anthonyexmouth

    Mount & supplier frustration - Any ideas?

    I always find FLO very helpful, granted i'm 30 mins bike ride from them so easy to pop in to ask questions and pick stuff up. or are they one of the suppliers?
  12. Anthonyexmouth


    never seen one for an st80. they tend to be specific to a focal length or a small focal length range. st80 is classed a a budget scope so not sure of the improvement you'd see. money might be better spent saving for an ed80. the field flattener/reducer helps with vignetting and shortens the focal length and makes the scope a bit faster.
  13. Anthonyexmouth

    How to power HEQ5 Pro

    dew isnt a problem, its not surge protection you need, its an RCD. i work on roofs with mains powered grinders in showers and have done for nearly 30 yrs without issue.
  14. Anthonyexmouth

    How to power HEQ5 Pro

    dew wont be a problem for an extension lead, if your worried then get an extension with built in RCD. if i wasnt able to use power outdoors in the damp/wet i wouldnt get any work done in the winter.
  15. Anthonyexmouth

    pier construction question

    ah, well my bottom plate plan is to have that between the pier and this so i though i would have a plate made that would bolt to the studs in the concrete and allow a little movement for alignment with slotted holes and then short riser bolts to attach this. that way if i ever change mounts all i have to do is change the plate or redrill with new riser bolts that line up with the new mount adapter. thoughts?

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