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  1. so whats the method for getting the offset right?
  2. what is offset and why is it important? all ive been able to gather is you don't want 0 value pixels, but why dont you?
  3. just think how many times it'll take to nudge/kick the tripod before you decide a pier is the better option, just think. with a pier you setup once, polar align once, may check alignment once or twice a year..
  4. Hi, is there anyone in the east devon area with the tools to cut a piece of 89mm steel pipe for me so that its perfectly square at both ends? i tried with a 10" grinder with no luck, an old boy friend of mine said he could with his workshop hack saw but i think its older than him and slightly off. maybe a well aligned cut off saw it needed. if i could get a steel cutting blade for my mitre saw it would probably work but the bore is a different size.
  5. A lot of price differences have nothing to do with costs. Repairing a mercruiser marine engine a few years ago. Thermostat £43 in the mercruiser packet, exactly the same item with the same part number made in the same factory but with a box instead of a blister packet for sale in a motor factors £9.
  6. Just set up the mount with the scopes pointing in the right direction before you switch it on. It just takes that as the home position .
  7. I kinda assumed they would be fleecing us.
  8. Don't colour sensors start life as a mono until the Bayer mask is fitted?
  9. Why are the colour versions of cameras cheaper than the mono . I'd have thought the colour version of the sensor would cost more to make.
  10. I think the 183 is the choice for those with focal length 500mm or under. Anything longer than that the 1600 mono or 294 colour is a much better fit.
  11. Can you post a pic of your kit. I'm struggling to picture what you mean by not aligned.
  12. My point about the pixel scale is more about guiding. Gonna take a something special when imaging at .69 with the 183.
  13. I guess I'm really just trying to find a little extra reach on the cheap rather than buying a longer scope. Something to keep me occupied on the smaller targets until later in the year.
  14. Are these maks any good for imaging or is an sct better for that?
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