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  1. The one on the Altair site was totally backwards for me. said i needed to reduce space but i ended up having to add and that was with their reducer/flattener
  2. 85Ah should be around the same price as that wiper. £60ish
  3. Wish I hadn't stretched it, what it reveals is dirty optics and an off centre camera. Guess I need to have a strip down and clean next period of bad weather to clean it and maybe look at a better focuser (or, sshh, new scope) EL_Master_Flat.tiff
  4. Any half decent leisure battery would be fine. best to look online. places like halfords charge silly money.
  5. Doh, turns out it doesn't matter how many sheets you use, if you're connected to the wrong camera thats pointing at the sky a whole ream ain't enough. 4 sheets got me to 1.25secs heres a link to the flats, theres 20 flats. Hopefully someone with more knowledge of these things can take a look and say whether these are any good with this panel https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gSV4qYY_GX6Die9LhyQo_XMJ47Oj4adC?usp=sharing Here is the panel https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/EL-Panel-13cm-x-13cm-14-99-Illuminated-Backlit-Gauge-Display-Glow-Foil/163638313721?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=463077923797&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  6. Well, 2nd try and the EL panel arrived today. Trying to test it so i can post here and hopefully help other decide but when using the flats aid in APT im wondering how many sheets of paper i will have to use to get a longish exposure as needed by the 294mc. currently 6 layers and still exposure time is .00055 i'm hoping for something closer to 3-4 seconds. Do i just keep stacking?
  7. For visual I'd go for the biggest dob I could get for £500
  8. well i sent the el cheapo led panel back, was worth a punt for under £12 but edge lit panel wasn't looking great. I'll order an EL panel and update you all.
  9. Always worth making sure APT is running as Administrator. It does seem to prefer that when dealing with ascom drivers.
  10. What camera? Might be worth downloading a trial of sharpcap or APT to see if that connects Have you installed the correct driver?
  11. its just for the preview screen, i have mine ticked but you still have to debayer when processing
  12. Well the led panel i ordered from amazon is out for delivery, if it stops raining i'll whip the cover off my scope and try it out. I'll post a couple of the flats here for someone whos more skilled to look at them. for under £12 it would be nice if it does work.
  13. I've just ordered one of those LED panels from amazon, nice thing is i can easily return. only £12 for A4 size too.
  14. I guess for an 11" then it is getting up to £100. nice if it is a perfectly even illumination though.
  15. heres the full link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/130mm-x-130mm-EL-Panel-Electroluminescent-Sheet-Glow-Foil-Paper/233203448748?var=532702488170&hash=item364c023bac:g:tboAAOSwt5hYdNSl
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