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  1. Anthonyexmouth

    Herzsprung-Russell diagram

    from what i can remember its a function of age/time. hotter stars are short lived so dont make it to the right of the chart
  2. Anthonyexmouth

    Outdoor setups

    thats got me thinking, could install a short underfloor heating element in the concrete pour when i do the pier.
  3. Anthonyexmouth

    Outdoor setups

    would you have the heater on all the time or on a timer?
  4. Anthonyexmouth

    Outdoor setups

    Are there any issues with leaving a refractor outdoors permanently? I plan on leaving the HEQ5 undercover on a pier but was wondering what else could be left outside safely.
  5. Anthonyexmouth

    Wooden pier

    no, the steel plate to level will be about 50-60mm above the concrete, then that adapter will be 170mm above that on 18mm steel treaded bar. in this pic, imagine the mdf template is the 15mm steel plate with 6x 20mm holes that fix to the 20mm threaded rod in the concrete, this will allow levelling. then 3x 18mm bolts in place of that plastic cup. if rigidity becomes an issue i can always insert a 6" steel tube in the center between the plate and the black adapter to tighten the bolts on.
  6. Anthonyexmouth

    Wooden pier

    mounted on this adapter . im making a 15mm thick steel plate to bolt to the top of the pier on 6x 20mm stainless rods about 50mm from the concrete to allow for leveling and from there 3x 18mm bolts @170mm long to fix the adapter mount to it.
  7. Anthonyexmouth

    Wooden pier

    what kind of scope/setup increases the chance of hitting the pier? here is a better angle with weight horizontal and scope straight up, shows clearance better at the approx height the pier top will be.
  8. Anthonyexmouth

    Wooden pier

    here it is in that configuration
  9. Anthonyexmouth

    Wooden pier

    this give a better idea of width. at this point the pier will be the same width as the tripod its replacing. mount could potentially be higher and thus have more room.
  10. Anthonyexmouth

    Wooden pier

    this is the lowest the mount would ever be to the top of the pier, the disc is 300mm . its about the same as the tripod tray and i expect that to be about the place/height the pier will be when allowing for adapter plates and mounts
  11. Anthonyexmouth

    Wooden pier

    when i put my 300mm template disc below my mount when its on the tripod at a distance i predict the top of the pier to be it looks to be ok but at the moment only have the heq5 and my ed80 to test it on. what kind of equipment in the future would be most prone to having a problem with such a wide pier? would these issues be reduced or increased if upgrading to a larger mount?
  12. Anthonyexmouth

    Wooden pier

    Ok, i've decided on concrete clad in wood. I bought a 300mm spiral duct but now i'm worrying that its too wide. can anyone calm my nerves or give a good reason its too big before i set it in and do the concrete pour.
  13. Anthonyexmouth


    Well i've got a cover now so i can set up in the afternoon and be ready at night. hopefully this will help when imaging starts at midnight.
  14. Anthonyexmouth

    Stellarium question

    Hijack alert: is there a way to make stellarium remember the setting in the bottom bar when it restarts?
  15. Anthonyexmouth


    all over the equipment, not worried about it , just wondered if anyone had any ways to reduce it. just in the process of making some heater bands. maybe a shroud of some sort would help, like a big dew shield for the setup

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