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  1. Just had a play with extended subs last night and got 18 600sec subs on the Wizard, seems like months since i've had clear skies, oh yeah, it has been. can someone have a look at the stack and also are 10 min subs worthwhile with the ASI294? No calibration frames as don't have any 10 min darks Autosave.tif
  2. Nice, I was aiming to image the Western Veil last night but it was just behind a roofline and i needed to go to bed so opted for the Crescent as it was in view and close. I'll add more data at some point. this was 1h 50m of 4m subs.
  3. Tried imaging the crescent nebula last night, got just under 2 hours and rather disappointed with the data, or maybe my processing ability. Does this target need a lot of time or is it a poor choice for a OSC camera? attached the stacked image if anyone wants a go at teasing something out of it. Autosave.tif
  4. I only wanted it in Stellarium for easier telescope control. Much easier to plate solve on Capella in APT and then use stellarium to GOTO the comet.
  5. thanks, just copied and pasted the text file from the website into notepad and imported it. for some reason stellarium wasn't donwloading the catalogue
  6. Can anyone help me, having trouble finding and importing the details for C/2020 Neowise into Stellarium. When searching it doesn't find it in the catalogue
  7. I modded mine within weeks of taking it out of the wrapper.
  8. I wouldn't be without the belt mod, one of the best upgrades you can do. I had noticably less back lash and worth the £100 for the peace and quiet.
  9. 1. dont worry about the line of the shadow, its ONLY the tip you need, and that ALWAYS follows a STRAIGHT line. It works within the arctic circle, why woudn't it? 2. It's VERY accurate if done with a thin/pointed stick.
  10. it extremely accurately marks true east-west.
  11. 100% confident doesn't mean 100% right. sounds like it should be wrong but it works, you were obviously never a boy scout. the tip of the shadows follows a straight line all day
  12. it works all days, any day. as long as the sun shines. im not talking about the direction of the shadow, just the very tip of the shadow. that tip travels in a due east direction as the day progresses.
  13. if you've got the time, and who hasn't at the moment, an even more accurate way to do it and it give you true north which is what you want rather than magnetic is to have an upright stick that wont move at all, mark the tip of the shadow on the ground, come back a few hours later and mark the new tip of the shadow and draw a line between them, thats exactly east-west in relation to true north. A stick/pole about 2-3 feet works best. as upright as possible but doesn't have to be accurate just stiff and wont move between markings.
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