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  1. Anthonyexmouth

    Mounting question

    What are the pro's and con's of piggyback vs side by side mounting? ive got my HEQ5 and to mount i have a little 90mm mak, my dslr and within the next few days if i can make my mind up some flavour of refractor . the dslr isnt important as ive got my star adventurer for that if needed.
  2. Anthonyexmouth

    I must be blind

    with that eye piece it is going to be tiny. just a bright star. a 10mm will start to show it as a planet
  3. Anthonyexmouth

    EQMOD heq5 question

    only been out 2 nights with the new mount but a little disappointed with the goto accuracy . polar alignment was solid and monitored it during the night and stayed dead on track . maybe im doing something wrong, first time with goto so probable.
  4. Anthonyexmouth

    EQMOD heq5 question

    just downloaded it and compared to stellarium it looks like something from 20 yrs ago.
  5. Anthonyexmouth

    EQMOD heq5 question

    is cartes better than stellarium?
  6. Anthonyexmouth

    EQMOD heq5 question

    guess i need to get an eqmod cable . so as not to overwhelm in the software dept, what would be a good install and learning path.
  7. Anthonyexmouth

    EQMOD heq5 question

    does it increase goto accuracy? really need to get plate solving sorted locally, been using online so far.
  8. Anthonyexmouth

    EQMOD heq5 question

    Not gonna be that remote. visable but inside and warm when the winter comes. want to get it set up right now while its nice and warm out all night and comfortable to solve early problems
  9. apart from the ability to goto with planetarium software, what are the advantages to controlling via laptop? what are the downsides? do you lose anything when doing this?
  10. Anthonyexmouth

    skymax 90 mounting

    i did wonder about that but was concerned about alignment. is that an issue i should be worried about?
  11. Anthonyexmouth

    skymax 90 mounting

    did see those, was hoping for a cheaper option but i might be out of luck, its not far off what i paid for the scope.
  12. ok, set up my new heq5 again tonight, second day owning it. polar aligned well but star alignment is a bit off, not sure what kinda accuracy i should be expecting. only doing 2 star but when i align and adjust with the handset i then go to an object to view and its not very close at all. does the mount learn? i tried the recalibrate with the esc 2 sec press and realign but when i press enter i dont get any conformation, should i? anyway. heres a stack of 9 240sec subs iso 800. taken with my canon 760 and 55-250 at 250. still need to work on my focus .will try again tomorrow with my mak 90
  13. Anthonyexmouth

    Help please

    If you want my opinion, Id say you need to add more boosters, the answer is always more boosters
  14. Anthonyexmouth

    What Size of USB3 Backup Drives for Astro Images?

    mechanical hard drives are fairly good at being transported, where they are at most risk is being knocked while in operation. when switched off the heads are parked but when in use and knocked the heads can strike the platter and then theres potential for damage
  15. Anthonyexmouth

    What Size of USB3 Backup Drives for Astro Images?

    so many perks with amazon prime that i dont think many actually use. storage, music, movies, free games every month on twitch.

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