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  1. I dont think it does, pretty sure the dovetail groove on the bottom of the puck was different. Edit:- Actually I might be thinking of the EQ6 and NEQ6.
  2. It's much better to connect directly to the mount. minimise connections and cables.
  3. looks ok, are you switching the mount on when its in the home position. whatever position the mount is in when its switch on it assumes it is in the scope pointing towards the pole star and weights down.
  4. check your lat/lon in eqmod. make sure longitude is negative if you're west of grenwich. also make sure the mount is in the home position BEFORE you switch it on.
  5. There you go, at that price for the release model it probably wouldn't have got negative attention .
  6. The "hate" as you call it is kinda valid. I agree, the concept is good but the execution is poor and expensive. It needs to be much cheaper considering it's very limited uses, it's a 3 grand dust collecter after someones seen a few bright nebula and nothing else. Who would you say this is aimed at? could you in good faith recommend a newbie spend 3K on this? I truly hope not.
  7. I can see the pictures and iv'e used enough tripods to know what i'm looking at, legs are thin. It just screams of a college electronics project. great proof of concept but zero real world use. Who is it aimed at? 1. Newbies, well they won't be spending 3k on a scope that has very limited use if they've done any research 2. experienced users, Well they would/should know better 3. outreach, refer back to 2. EV is great for outreach but not in this form, much better with a scope they can look at but do the viewing on a laptop screen, even a proper tripod doesn't want to be touched when imaging.
  8. +1 for sharpcap, it's just as accurate as a polemaster that is 27 times more expensive. Also, once you start using sharpcap you never have to get on your knees to look through the polar scope again.
  9. only seen it pointed at M42 in light polluted areas and that target is super bright. and even then it wasnt looking great. As for the tripod being solid, well maybe when it's at its lowest postion but those legs at full extension look pretty thin and shaky.
  10. ability to use it in light polluted areas? This is likely to be rubbish in light polluted areas.
  11. I was just looking to get advice/ideas for now and save up but i'm trying to pluck up the courage and pull the trigger on this one and put it on my credit card. i like the idea of the flexibility of using a FF/R and also a straight flattener when I need its native focal length.
  12. yeah i've seen that, It's been a good scope and I'll keep it but the shift when locking is annoying and who doesn't want an excuse for a new scope.
  13. That TS 115 is very tempting. I like the idea of having a straight flattener as well as the 0.75. would give a little range to it when needed. ED80 is in the right range but i'm fed up with the focuser, to upgrade the focuser is going to be £250 and I think that money might be better spent on getting a nice triplet. The Esprit 100 would be nice but out of my price range at the moment.
  14. Well, this year i'm gonna treat myself to a new frac to replace my SW ED80. Options so far are the WO GT91, TS 80mm Triplet and maybe the Esprit 80, but at 400mm i think thats a bit wide for me, unless i can be swayed. I'll be using it with an ASI294MC and cant afford to change that at the moment. Would have preferred something closer to 550-650mm but nothing around near that. Any owners wanna jump in with an opinion? Also want one compatible with the ZWO focus motor if possible.
  15. Ctrl+Shift+1 will sync the scope , every time you sync it works with EQMOD to do its own star alignment/updates its position. after a couple it should be pretty spot on.
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