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  1. Anthonyexmouth

    Milky way photography

    Ah fair enough. Wondering if the price difference is worth the extra stop
  2. Anthonyexmouth

    Milky way photography

    0 seconds. That's a super fast lens.
  3. Is the flattener an original ZS61 flattener?
  4. Anthonyexmouth

    Milky way photography

    I originally looked at the 14mm a while ago but was told the 16mm is better as it f2 . did you have any reason for choosing the 14mm over the 16mm?
  5. Anthonyexmouth

    Milky way photography

    Now that's better. Can you cc that reply to my bank manager to convince him now.
  6. Anthonyexmouth

    Milky way photography

    Well that advice doesn't get me a shiny new toy does it. Lol
  7. Anthonyexmouth

    Milky way photography

    What kinda setting and exposure time created that, also what kit?
  8. Anthonyexmouth

    Milky way photography

    I looked at that a while ago under the samyang name, seems the 16mm is a more popular one for AP though.
  9. Anthonyexmouth

    Milky way photography

    I did have a SWA a few months ago but due to local light pollution I got frustrated and sold it within a week or 2. Now with god weather I regret it as I'm in the mood for cycling out to a darker area with a flask and a spend a few hours somewhere more suited to taking pics. Maybe I'll grab another mount
  10. Hi, currently own a canon 760d with 18-55 kit lens and 55-250. What would be my best next purchase for milky way/night landscape. A sw star adventurer or a faster lens. Cheers
  11. Anthonyexmouth

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    can you get them for camera lenses?
  12. Anthonyexmouth

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    yeah the screen flips out and i did zoom but maybe the cold made me rush. i have usually used BYEOS to focus but may try more with live view just to see how it goes. wish my focus rings were a little stiffer and not so slack
  13. Anthonyexmouth

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    yeah, too cold to hang around and let orion get any further from the roofline. just noticed that flame nebula is just about showing in the pic too, wasn't expecting that. next step is to buy a WO zenithstar 61.
  14. Anthonyexmouth

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    good point. just got the trial of APT so i might try and stick with it. used byeos a bit for static widefield images.
  15. Anthonyexmouth

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    that was just focused through live view. ill wrap up a bit next time and focus with laptop. any opinions here on whether to buy APT or BackyardEOS?

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