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  1. I'd certainly recommend an Heq5 for a first mount. Yes, the Eq6-r or an Neq6 is a more capable mount but the kind of scope you'll want to spend the first few years learning the AP skills won't need anything more than an Heq5. If the time comes to upgrade an Heq5 will sell quicker as it's such a top notch mount. The cost of an Heq5 with an ED80 is nearly the same as the Eq6-r on its own.
  2. I remember using the app to control my 760d. I just like the idea of using the skywatcher app to control the camera and image session. Does the 80d have an intervalometer port?
  3. If it was a home setup it might be worth tinkering with that but really looking for something I can keep in the back of the car for simple setup when out and about. May have to fall back on an older DSLR.
  4. I was thinking more along the lines of using the skywatcher app with the new star adventurer and the snap port. just to keep things nice and simple. I had the 760d , got rid of it because of the horizontal lines in stretched images.
  5. Is that common for all mirrorless?
  6. so no connection for an intervalometer ?
  7. I always used a dummy battery and dc power with my old setup. would never rely on the battery.
  8. I hadn't considered mirrorless, could be very nice for a lightweight setup. Wow, just looked on eBay, the M3 is super cheap Not sure i'd go full frame as some of the cheaper aps-c lenses are nice and the cropped can also use full frame lenses. Whats the connectivity issue with M series?
  9. So, I sold my portable setup a little while ago and now regret it. Well, kinda, means I can get the new Star Adventurer but can anyone advise on the best s/h DSLR to look out for these days, ideally sub £700
  10. Thanks, never had to install them before in the years of owning my mount. Windows must have dropped the drivers in recent builds.
  11. After a few months off due to bad weather and new boot drive in my laptop i'm having connection issues to my mount. getting an unknown usb error in device manager. Not sure if its a config issue or hardware, maybe the lynx cable or the Heq5 itself. Anyone come across this before? EQmod scans but finds nothing.
  12. I may be wrong but I think USB3 is only really beneficial when using high frame rate planetary cameras. If USB2 can't transfer an image from the buffer in between 2-6min subs there's a problem.
  13. That's what I planned to do at the garden pier to avoid using an adapter. I do have 240v at the pier but I save that socket for my laptop on warm nights in the garden. Now if I could only get rid of the neighbours house.
  14. At present i'm using a ZWO 294 for main capture and a 290mc for guiding due to my 120mm dying last year. plan on getting a ZWO EAF this year, does that work with INDI ok? Pi will only be for astroberry, probably go for the 4Gb version then, spend the savings on a nice case/heatsink.
  15. The 15m USB cable has served me well for years, when i build the pier i laid conduit to the little workshop at the back of the garden with 12v / 240v and cat6 to the pier with the intention of running the setup from there but as it turns out I prefer my warm house and the reclining chair more than the cold workshop. I think Stellarmate is just a polished version of astroberry for with a £50 price tag which for simplicity in setup might be worth it.. whats it like operating remotely with the Pi, is there much lag?
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