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  1. Pickerings Triangle part of the Cygnus Loop The nights are still short. I managed a couple of hours on this using Ha and OIII filters. Imaging telescopes: TS Optics TS 65/420 Quadruplet Imaging camera: ZWO ASI 183MM Pro Mounts: Mesu-Mount 200 Guiding telescope: Celestron C11 SCT f/10 Celsestron Guiding camera: Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2 Software: PHD Guiding 2 PHD 2 , Main Sequence Software Sequence Generator Pro SGPRO , PixInsight Filters: Astrodon O3 - 3nm , Astrodon HA - 3nm Accessory: ZWO OAG , Atik EFW 3 Date: June 25, 2020 Fram
  2. This is a Ha and OIII image taken last week. The middle part of the Veil Nebula. Pickerings Triangle. I'm sure with your rig you could get similar results. Along with others such as NGC 6888 LDN 889 & IC1318 IC 1396 Bi colour tend to look better than mono Have fun with your new glass. Dave
  3. Great images How many frames for each shot did you take and what percentage of those shots did you use? Dave
  4. Took this last night. IC 1396 Elephant's Trunk. "WiKi. The Elephant's Trunk Nebula is a concentration of interstellar gas and dust within the much larger ionized gas region IC 1396 located in the constellation Cepheus about 2,400 light years away from Earth. The piece of the nebula shown here is the dark, dense globule IC 1396A" I was hoping to get 16 x300s of each, Ha and OIII, but the sun came up! 16 x 300 Ha 6 x 300 OIII TS65Q with ZWO AIS183MM Pro SGP, PixInsight, PHD2 Thanks for looking.
  5. WOW That is a wide FOV. And what depth too. Very nice image to me. Looks very dramatic. It would be interesting to see how this progresses but it looks perfectly fine as is to me. Thanks for sharing. Dave
  6. We had a similar thing. The convex mirror side was tilted down and the sun scorched the dressing table ...A real mess the size of a tea plate. Fortunately, no fire. Just a horrid smell in the room for a few days.
  7. I will attend the first half hour but my BAS Astronomy zoom meeting is at 8pm...Not sure I can multitask and seriously pay attention. I will have to catch up on the recorded version. As said above, a Tuesday or Thursday would suit me better. Thanks for the talks anyway. I have found them very interesting so far.
  8. I dont have an answer but, As soon as I read the initial part of this thread I knew where you were going....two same camera's = confusion! I have ASI1 and ASI2 on my SGPro. The ASI1 is my 290C cool and the ASI2 in the 183MM Pro. It would be good if it would use serial numbers or MAC address or some other unique addressing system. And allow one to rename it as and when.
  9. Is this the real reason? Shame on you!!
  10. I have run all my rig, three cameras, Aik 120ex, ZWO ASI183MM Pro and Lodestar X2, Mesu 200 with SiTech II controller, SGPro and Artemis along with PHD2 Guiding all on a Celeron cheap ( £120) PC. Your PC will last another 6 months, time to save again. That TAK may not wait
  11. I look forward to First L Night Report .
  12. Took some shots of NGC6888 Crescent Nebula over the last few weeks. Tried processing several different ways and these are my three faovorite. 20 x 300s HOS. Taken with TS65Q, 183MM Pro and Astrodon 3nm HSO filters. Thanks for looking.
  13. Its got to get past the Sun yet. The last two have broken up...Lets hope this one can manage a fly-by
  14. Im an imager not a viewer. However, I have seen Andromeda through a large C11 scope. And, although you wont see it that good, you will see a mucky brown disk about half as good as that. And if you live in a low light pollution area you may see as much detail as that but it will be almost a black and white image...with a little brown. If I recall correctly. Either way, yes, its up late, and maybe other galaxies are in better position. But if its M31 you want, good luck And remember, the sky is always turning. Andromeda will be better positioned later in the year so you wont need to b
  15. I dont think its flats causing the issue. Have you tried without flats?
  16. flats are measured in ADU's else by taking a Flat and watching the spike on the Histogram is only 1/3 from the left. i.e ].....iIi..........[ If that makes sense!
  17. I was given a skywatcher heritage 76 mini dobsonian (76mm Mirror and FL or 300mm ) about a year ago as the friend of my mothers found they couldn't use it. It did need collimating. Once I had collimated it I was very surprised at what a great image it produced from such a small scope. This scope, Sky Wathcer Heritage 150p Dob A 150mm mirror at 750mm FL will be a great scope to have around for friends parties etc. Just leave it out for everyone to use. It should give some great views of the Moon and other celestial objects. I'm sure its going to be a winner at that price.
  18. Being a Mesu 200 owner. I loved this. The mount does not need to lift 5Kg or 10Kg...It should be balanced so it can hold the weight on the DEC of 100Kg. If the weight has a counter balance then its not a problem. Hope that makes sense? Dave.
  19. Look forward to seeing the results of First Light Dave
  20. Thanks James, SiTech Servo II Controller is the controller on my Mesu 200. I'm sure it will work on UBUNTU but I have not heard of anyone using it. At the moment I use Win10 and everything works. If I could be 100% sure the Pi4 could run my system, I would move over to it. I just don't fancy playing with it to find it doesn't support my Mesu. The review I just watched for the above MINIX NEO Z83-4 Shows it as Win10 Pro at £179.90 So, I know everything will work on that. But hey, I'm open to persuasion
  21. I had a quick look and that looks like a great product. I did find another unit - Beelink M1 which has 3x USB3 Ports. Is only Win10 Home not Pro. But I cannot find any to buy. Otherwise, the unit you mention , with Win10 Pro, looks great to me
  22. Will it drive a SiTech Servo II Controller? Atik 4120EX OSC camera?
  23. I think they must have very good seeing there too. I have looked at a few images of this 3C 273 jet and none come anywhere near close to theirs.
  24. I have tried a few times to convince my wife that that Astrodon 1.25" 3nm Ha piece of glass would cost £600 brand new. She thinks I'm joking...serioulsy!! lol
  25. https://www.astrobin.com/full/90973/0/ Taken with three C11's by a group. Then added together, I think....If the translation is correct. https://www.astrobin.com/65168/?nc=user Dave.
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