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  1. lookin good. Seems like Co-vid-19 was literally designed to keep average working class humans on the earth while the elite get to fly on rockets and spaceplanes.....
  2. First time i have ever recorded these. The bright pins inside the sunspot umbra. Enjoy!
  3. updated to 85 frames, more frames still prcocessing. 20 minutes of time represented here. 127mm x 1200mm + meade 2x shorty.
  4. Pefect outside before head out he door for work . Crawled out of bed and snapped 150 frames. Something big happenend about 5 minutes after i i ran out of disk space off to work! will post my 2x barlow timelapse when i get home.
  5. IF you never got a chance to witness this, i believe on this day ; one of the biggest coronal mass ejections ever recorded on video. There were aurora borrealis visible in all 50 states in north America. Including hawaii. I saw them here in illinois, very vividly around 1030pm at night for about 20 minutes total.
  6. The new region is providing some of the greatest momentum we can see. (expect an m-class flare sometime this week.) Get your cams out, point it at the new region, set your full disk cadence to have a 3 second delay. Set your high magnfiication cadence to 1 second delay. Good luck for anyone that gets enough sun to get some great video of this. I may intentionally bail out at work early just to get some of that action.... (oh no ! Solar diarrhea, sorry im going home!)
  7. realistically you are going to need more than a canon 800mm lens. IR/UV cut filter on the objective is a must. 2x teleconverter is a must. Name on the lens doesnt mean much, and picture quality is never ever ever reflected by price in the camera industry. How well does your camera focus on the moon? That is kind of more important than the canon lens. So to answer your question. The canon lens is only 400mm better. So this factor alone makes it. If you want to capture magnetic field lines you are going to need something with great fine focus. What part of the eclipse is your main goal? That is also important because it does take along waiting for maximum darkening. That totality is where everyone gets confused too, suddenly you forgot to adjust a setting. (alot of people use two cameras because of this) Dont forget you need a neutral density, probably nd500 minimum
  8. 28 degrees outside at 10am, Worst seeing conditions, restricted my use of magnification.
  9. these things have a tendency to go hurl thick dark jets out of them, nice shot!
  10. The raw file is the unprocessed image you stacked and pulled out of registax. I wanted to take a stab at processing your nice capture !
  11. terrible conditions while testing a new, 2" Siebert optics 3.5x. This barlow/telecentric has some great potential to be my new preference at 393nm, and my first light first impression is a good one.
  12. so i have been keeping a close eye on this https://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/latest48.php?q=1600 This circle ridge feature is absolutely without a doubt captured on SDO aia1600 as well, so this is very real. I wonder if i was just bandpass tuned to a unique material wavelength inside of the sunspot that is normaly not thought about. My filter is close to 0.5 angstroms, but the wavelength is currently unknown because of the barlow placement currently. Could be calcium, could be iron. Could be silicon, aluminum. Conclusively i would say yes that pure atomic metals are spewing out of the sunspot core, and various elemental densities separate via magnetism then a pure slag/slush forms the circular perimieter where it maybe is hottest because it is freshly projected material. (projected from under the sunspot)
  13. When i stack images in autostakkert, i select the "Expand button" so that i get maximum file size out of the stacking. You can load up the files in pipp if you want to crop them all to be the same size , but throwing a .tif raw file in autostakkert will not accomplish anything. The files need an image processor and aligner to be used.
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