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  1. Solar Max Coronado 70mm Scope

    I thought we'd already been over this ... it's an updated SM60 with externally mounted etalons which is an improvement over the SMII but is a reversion of the orginal and best SMs with the US made etalons but its not a 70mm HA scope. Brian
  2. new AR2671, is looking very nice today. 15-8-17

    At one point just after 5PM or so I found it to be extraordinarily bright (in HA) and was surprised (me in Richard Carrington mode) but then when I observed again a little later it appeared to have lessened in intensity Brian
  3. Both Mounts now sold Thanks Brian
  4. Hi Folks Manfrotto tripod "290 xtra carbon" with fluid head "MVH500AH" mint as new with boxes ... £95 plus p&p at cost Tal mount & tripod , with vixen dovetail saddle , can be used in Eq or Alt Az mode ... comes with all original parts accessory tray and a extra unique solar projection screen ... in very good condition ... £70 plus p&p at cost ... it's a lot of mount for this money TAL SOLD .. Thanks . Brian
  5. Solar Max III

    It depends what you mean by performance Peter , I wasn't referring to resolution , but filter finesse which is quite a hard thing to quantify , basically here they're reverting back to the original SMs which were all externally mounted so these are just really an update on these but it's still given that the original (pre Meade) USA made etalons are the best. Brian
  6. Solar Max III

    It is a 60mm filter/s Sean but just with a 70mm OTA ... so its a bit cheeky to call it an SM70. Brian
  7. Pls see CN link with other links Certainly does look the biz ... they're now reverting back to full aperture externally mounted etalons which has long been known to be superior to smaller internally mounted options. Also upgraded the focuser and doing away with the clamshell. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/587197-coronado-solarmax-iii-70mm/ Brian
  8. Coronado PST 1st light

    I've never tried a PST with any zoom (that I can recall) other than the Hyperion Mk2 & 3 ... I seem to have fonder memories of the views with the Mk2 over the 3 ... they do however work well with just any plossl EP. Brian
  9. Quark problem?

    Yes great news indeedy ... fingers crossed for some more views of that bright thing ! Brian
  10. WO 66 SD ....... SALE PENDING

    Now Sold Thanks Brian
  11. WO 66 SD ....... SALE PENDING

    No diagonal ... but does include a B mask and original handbook. Yes it will offer an effortless FD with a Quark as I used to use an Equinox 66 with one. Brian
  12. WO 66 SD ....... SALE PENDING

    Hi Chris Good points , it's the preferred SD version & has a dual speed focuser Brian
  13. Lacerta 2" Herschel Wedge

    Stunning refractor John if ever there was one !!! 😳 Peter I think using a 1.25 wedge on a 220mm refractor with a (daystar erf ?) is nuts ... but I'm sure did break a 1.25 aperture record !!!! Brian
  14. WO 66 ... I bought it here a couple of months ago but have never used it , in an almost as new condition throughout apart from one small mark ... a stunning wee scope actually in all respects ... carry case and interior also as new ... £260 delivered. Brian