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  1. Yes perhaps with a more sensitive etalon for imaging the SA will matter , I used my SW150 with a Quark and it was a good match , but have long since given up on the solids as I call them ! , I'm sure the Techno will be great however none of the given optics can be described as well configured , I still hanker after a really good APO for WL but it would only be for solar use. Brian
  2. I think with these type of scopes it's more the build & mechanics than optics that could waver a decision , however mechanically all are superior to the SW option. Brian
  3. Thanks Ade , I m not sure all would agree as I do speaketh my mind. Currently golfing a lot and also into lawnmowers , an IZY anyone
  4. Christ I thought I'd tried every filter there was possible for WL viewing , double stacked , triple stacked , giant hay stacks and you guys are saying "there's more"
  5. Outstanding images , a new member but definitely no novice Brian
  6. The SMIII will be superior to the Lunt as has a externally mounted etalon (think they start as 10mm BFs now ?) Quark is a different experience altogether , if your after mags then go for that but I never recommend solid etalons for HA beginners. Brian
  7. I occasionally use an older Zeiss 8 x 32 pair , I did try a modern Swar pair a few years ago and thought them extraordinary akin to bionic vision with the detail I could see ! I've not tried any Leica's but for me they're the ultimate optical manufacturer. Best of luck with an exchange. Brian
  8. Ken will be acutely aware of de contacting I'm sure Peter but many are not and I've just read a post about such ! We all try swapping round with HA filters and I did try an SM40 on a LS50 once on a old CN thread ... " Lunt still dissapoints " Brian
  9. Ken , what about some very carefully applied lubrication , just enough so that it doesn't run onto the handheld areas ? I was under the impression that etalons could handle some heat but perhaps not too much either. Brian
  10. I attempted a Lunt Triple stack in 08 with an LS60 and two 50s (no external 60s back then) and of course it didn't work (posted on CN at the time), as I recall an Andy Denvy did often "very" successfully image with a rare Coronado/Solarscope 100/90/90 crossover triple stack , again on CN some 10yrs ago from memory , more recently on here I tried a 60,60,40 Coronado with some more success than the Lunt , I'll try a 60mm triple as soon as conditions allow in Scotland I think that factory matched DS scopes & filters perhaps more recently ? do tend to preform much better in DS mode than
  11. I find as solid etalons have to work around f30 them to be uncomfortable at the EP , here’s the 80 & 60mm SS from last summer , they and quark are long gone I’m an air spaced only guy Brian
  12. It's fantastic that your getting such great views already , I don't personally recommend solid etalons for the first foray into HA viewing as they don't offer the relaxed views of air spaced etalons. However I am sure that the HA bug is already reeling you in. Brian
  13. It's unlikely to worsen given the latter image , and yes it is a very early example hailing from 04 / 05 , I had one around that time that T House repaired for me under warranty. Brian
  14. I reckon that working at these kind of F ratios the contrast will be good even with a Lunt but the whole question about imaging is it’s not real , perhaps the ultimate example would be if one was hypothetically in space and observing horsehead it wouldn’t look remotely like the pillars of creation would it ? Brian
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