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  1. I’ve no experience of such BD with Lunt 100s ... I suspect however the full aperture 100mm external etalon in combination with the internal one may have the edge over the 2 internals etalons. Brian
  2. I believe your enquiring about the differences between possible DS options Option 1. One internal and one external etalon Option 2. Two externally mounted etalons Option 3. Two internal etalons As I understand it the ultimate DS preference is to use 2 external etalons I have no experience of such , but do use a factory matched 60DS from time to time which I like as it only uses one external ERF.
  3. I'm still surprised as the D-ERF is still highly regarded , I hail from the days of the C-ERF but I know your not imagining your experiences so yes indeed Take nothing for granted with solar telescopes! Let's be very careful out there!! Wise words ! Brian
  4. Found and my most sincere thanks to Mr King Brian
  5. Rusted .. sorry to hear of your over heating issues ... I must confess that I'm surprised your internal 90mm D-ERF did not cope with the heat even at 150mm with which I have experience of but glad you've opted for the safest option of a full aperture filter given it's advantages of no internal OTA turbulence ect Brian
  6. Looks outstanding ☀ well done , give me a day and I'll read it all and get back Brian
  7. I guess it depends what you mean by performance Peter ? I tend to judge it by bandwidth , that is I much prefer a good 0.5A view (or lower) over magnification , you can't beat a nice contrasty detailed full disk image imho I wish Joe well with his new 90III Brian
  8. Hello Joe , congrats on the recent acquisition , I was wondering how your getting on with it , and some pics would be nice When I first got my first PST in 2005 I'm sure a DS 90 was about £9k , but we all on the side of the Atlantic are never privy to any of the Coronado sales. Brian
  9. It's probably a little early yet given the weather here , perhaps around May What may i ask are you doing with the PST etalon ? Brian
  10. Looking for one of the above if anyone has one up for grabs ☀ Thanks .... Brian
  11. Looking for one of the above if anyone has one up for grabs ☀ Thanks .... Brian
  12. This would certainly be my refractor of choice , and in this condition !!! an extremely rare find (1 off) but I probably would end up not using it either , plus have other commitments like buying more cars (4 currently) for the family Good luck and I'm sure it will sell & a wee trip to Cyprus would be a wonderful tonic this time of year ☀ Brian
  13. I'd try both side by side , the wedge / 80mm combo will almost certainly be sharper. Brian
  14. Just the same really but they're plugging the fact that the OTAs can be used day or night ect .... modular is the catch word. https://luntsolarsystems.com/shop/modular-telescopes/60mm-modular-telescope-package/lunt-ls60mt-modular-telescope-starter-package/?goal=0_31093e48ba-e24dc7ea71-327147217&mc_cid=e24dc7ea71&mc_eid=0625cc9213 Brian
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