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  1. WO bino + SM II 60mm BF10

    Have you tried it with the supplied Barlow ? , I’ve used mine on a BF15 with a 1.7 GPC which is ok , would prefer not to use any correctors but def think that a BF10 is a minimum requirement for comfortable bino viewing. Brian
  2. AZ-EQ5-GT

    Hi Folks A “Mint” AZ-EQ5-GT up for grabs (at Kielder only) this weekend complete with all accessories etc (no boxes) £700 Brian
  3. I would have strongly recommended trying a Quark over an LS60 , especially from an imaging perspective and visually to given they’re bandwidth outperform any Lunt I’ve owned or used SS or DS. However they’re not grab n go and do require some set up time. Brian
  4. For UK skies the Max useful aperture is about 20mm now, it used to be so much better 2004,5,6 I recall good seeing Day & night but then something changed ! , now I max out the odd good day at 150 with a quark , more likely 120 or less but as always it’s quality over quantity , give me a good 40mm PST (with some real finesse) over anything really. Brian
  5. COMPLETED - solar system imager

    Many Thanks ....I’m happy 😃 with that Brian
  6. COMPLETED - solar system imager

    I have a request , and that is all , that you revert to your avatar that looks like a demon that’s about to perform. Brian
  7. I was wondering if the electric blanket had been on ? as that brings a whole new dimension to product care ! Good luck with the sale 😎 Brian
  8. SW 80mm DS-Pro ... SOLD THANKS

    Hello Ian My apologies for not being in touch earlier but this is now currently pending Brian
  9. PST 40 or Lunt 50, Help !!

    I'd recommend starting with a secondhand PST for around 400 to £450 .... then if you wish to DS (later) you can add a secondhand SM40 filter for around £400 , I've owned a dozen PSTs and they really are great wee scopes , still the most portable to this day with the built in solar finder , and they generally will display more detail SS than a Lunt , having said that the LS50 is a great wee package and much better imho than the cumbersome LS60 , perhaps see if your able to try them first. PS ... don't be in a rush to DS , best to make sure your fully conversant with your SS scope first which will take at least 6 months of Sun ☀️ Brian
  10. Hi Folks SW 80mm DS-Pro ... professionally shortened for Bino-Viewing ... superb condition ... with a silky smooth crayford focuser (not R&P) £180 plus del at cost Thanks ... Brian
  11. APM 100mm binoculars reduced by 25%

    Now if the Pound was sitting at about 1.40 against the Euro like it was a couple of years ago then it would be an amazing buy 🌞 Brian
  12. Solar sketch HA 27/10/2017

    Superb drawing yet again , I had a look around 4 yesterday and saw a Filaprom that appeared to connect to the limb as a prominence , I think you've captured it at about 8 o'clock ish. Brian
  13. Nice 45 mins of HA action

    Lovely Solar report there John 🌞 ... what a great intro and start your having ! I have to say that I did manage a 15/20 min look today and I'm surprised at the level of activity Its honestly not normally as active. Brian
  14. Solar sketch HA 25/10/2017

    Very Nice .... lots of activity to .... amazing 👍 Brian
  15. piers concrete v steel??

    I'd recommend purchasing a used steel pier as I have done ... then if it's ultimately not suitable then one can move it on without much loss , and then perhaps try a concrete one. Many spend months planning and designing piers and they are wondrous structures but personally I prefer to obtain one where the hard work has already all been done. Brian