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  1. The ultimate configuration is to have 2 externally mounted etalons and by a margin in my experience so agreed 1 external is preferable to 2 internally mounted Great price and deal as ever Nicos Brian
  2. It's cool Don thanks .... I'm not spending any more on EPs for years .... I went way over budget this year .... but would like to have tried an XL Brian
  3. If I honestly thought these "times are a changing" zooms were a patch on the Baader IV I'd sell mine in a heartbeat ... But I've been using the Baaders for over 15yrs and if they were no one would be entertaining the Baaders kind of like Audi , Merc v Ford , Vauxhall. Brian
  4. In response to the topic title I would say yes as you do get what you pay for But as ever they are subject (like any EP) to the laws of diminishing returns ... My money would be on the Baader as you've got to go some to beat that , i normally use the Leica ASPH for everything now but would love to try the Pentax XL zoom (not XF) Brian
  5. One up for grabs in excellent condition with caps. £30 delivered ... Brian
  6. Hi Folks One up for grabs ... boxed in excellent condition , one very small nick on an edge. let’s call it £42 delivered Thanks ... Brian
  7. Best diagonal available at this price point I reckon and looks and locks real good to ❤
  8. As before I wouldn't trade a Tak for any Lunt but tis your call Brian
  9. The 0.5 PST Mod is a revelation but sadly vastly underrated & is my goto option to cut through poor seeing. Brian
  10. Perfect for the Stella Mira ... same locking system and livery , I think you should sell your other diagonal
  11. Sorry to hear of your injury and thus having to sell equipment. Brian
  12. Reduced to £95 ... it is genuinely easily WO quality and the Twist-Tight locking system is vastly superior to a compression ring and I'm thinking would be ideal for a Quark for that reason and indeed matching livery. Brian
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