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  1. I'm loving that sketch ... a very accurate representation 👍 Brian
  2. I've owned a pair of the Tak Astromomers and they would im sure out preform these for contrast , colour and correction .... but they do indeed cost more and I love this ED 80 pair .... just utterly superb in all respects .... and respect is due 👍 Brian
  3. Mmmm not seen that before on the etalon window .... will check mine .... hope you can get it all resolved. Brian
  4. Well I agree and disagree with you Peter 😂 as you did originally state that the binos with filters are "just as good" However yes at totality no filter required so that would require another pair of binos ! and I also witnessed Saros 139 at Antalya / March 06. Brian
  5. Would have to disagree a bit with Peter here as I use both types of binomite ... I find them well constructed and easy to use being that the objectives have been replaced with fiters and believe they do offer a superior view than a normal bino with filters added , however where solar binos really shine (literally ☺️) is during an eclipse , here the partial phases can be viewed with supreme ease. Brian
  6. Hi Folks Looking for one of the smaller of the 2 handles available (180mm) Thanks .... Brian
  7. Now sold thanks
  8. 1 of 1 objects completed ... the Sun ☀️ 

  9. This is the DS of choice .... US made and before Meade moved production to Mexico. Brian
  10. I I now use one of these an oil filter wrench it's pretty heavy duty Brian
  11. A good quark will offer what I call a 10K view ! well when the seeing allows ... last summer with an 150 ST i observed the Wilson effect with a spot near the limb ... proms appeared tenuous , transparent ,3D and wispy , not at all how they normally appear , even spicules on the surface to ! Im not really a quark fan but the views can be off the scale. Brian
  12. I'm no ERF expert but it is accepted that the D is the dogs (esp for imaging) ... most will reject UV/IR expect the Daystars ... Beloptik also do one of choice ... I reckon a C or an old AE one would more than suffice though. Brian
  13. Understood Paul and can see what your saying about the image scale .... however I'm still pro the DS (have to be honest) so trying to save yours ... you need not set your sights as high as a D-ERF ! ... a C-ERF would do or even an old AE one like i used to use and how's about placing a wanted Ad ? Brian
  14. Yes definitely oxidation and they do form pretty patterns or blooms 🕸 Re selling your DS to fund an ERF I'm not sure that I'd recommend doing that , could you not find someway of mounting a 35NM internally ? (as a cost effective option) PST mods can be good but do lack the finesse of a DS , I know as I was amongst the first to successfully complete a stage 1 mod in Dec 06. Brian
  15. From memory if you look to the night sky with pure CaF2 (fluorite) optics everything suddenly becomes a dark velvet black ! Objects then stand out ... colours and structures can be seen that were previously invisible , a modern equivalent could be using an OLED v an LED TV (whoops wrong forum 😂) Brian