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  1. Stacking Solar scopes

    A Herschel Wedge is for viewing the Suns Photosphere A Hydrogen Alpha Filter is for viewing the layer above known as the Chromosphere Brian
  2. Stacking Solar scopes

    What about triple stacking Ken .... here with a DS60 / SM40 ... a dull image granted but if one were to use another SM60 and only 1 external ERF then the image may be quite manageable I suspect but would the bandwidth decrease pro rata ? Brian
  3. Yes John as the SM40 Etalon is front mounted you can mount it on any OTA with the BF / Diagonal to the rear Front mounted etalons generally outpreform rear mounted ones and I note that Coronado have reverted to such with the SMlll. But yes the Ap would still only be 40mm but the mag would increase dependant upon the OTA. Brian
  4. My vote would go to the SM40 ... when these were available they were quite expensive ... £1400 odd or more dependant upon the BF ... I have owned both scopes in question and the old USA made SM40 etalons offer real finesse ( the plates were made very flat and parallel ) the end result is that you get a nice contasty , orange peely view of the disk more akin to a DS Lunt than a SS one. However Johns 50 with the FT upgrade does offer outstanding valve for money , best I've ever seen for an LS50. I don't think you can loose with either option tbh. The very best grad n go scopes are still the Solarscope SV50 & 60 models which offer the ultimate experience in etalon finesse. Brian
  5. Chris you can use it in 1.25 mode with the 80mm (without issue) by far the much more effective ERF is the Baader 35NM as its actually a mini D-ERF ... and it's coatings will reflect a lot of the energy ... quarks are very good at reflecting this energy anyway as they operate the other way round !! I.E. ... the light path hits the BF firstly and as this is mirrored it's reflected back up the OTA ... what you actually view through is the etalon window. Brian
  6. If a serious imager then a full aperture ERF is preferable as this will prevent any heat turbulence within the OTA However in my experience , and being visual only you shouldn't require a full aperture ERF with a quark .... I have used mine at 150mm with a 2" 35NM and could not detect any residual heat after use. PS quarks work very well with Binoviewers , as using both eyes tends to help prevent movement of your head as much given the extreme mags quarks offer. Brian
  7. There is no easy answer to your question im afraid It really does come down to experience , budget , grad n go or warming up a solid etalon. Id make the effort to try others set ups , preferably where there are a few , say at a star party , but even then it does take more than 20 or 30 mins to become accustomed to a rig , and remember your only viewing in one wavelength and it takes about 2 yrs to completely train your brain to 656.3 nm in the UK , or say half a year given California weather. Brian
  8. Explore Scientific 82 11mm Eyepiece

    Just to say that if you have the good fortune to purchase an item from James I can assure you that it will be in excellent condition and supremely well packaged , even better than most vendors. Brian
  9. First time with binoviwers

    The trick is not to use any GPC ... as any addition to the light path will degredate the image / signal which appears you have achieved ... however I require to use a GPC with my 15 , as I refuse to use any Lunt gear , but yes Indeedy I also had some amazing views this morning of that big arched prom. Brian
  10. Starsense for Celestron

  11. BF15 RUST

    The Maier service is excellent ... I'm about to order my 3rd , it's quite a thick wee piece of glass so isn't fragile as such. Brian
  12. Not heard about the updated PST as yet but they dropped the SM40 scope a long time ago around the time of the SMII launch. Brian
  13. Coronado SolarMax 40 Ha telescope

    Love the look of this SM40 as has a BF10 👍 Brian
  14. Had some nice views this morning of the current AR in white .... but was pleasantly surprised at some of the limb detail (HA) at (given my orientation) 10 o'clock I noted a couple of very bright prominences ... and also a few other diagonally opposite at 4 o'clock .... most enjoyable and it would have been worth while heating up the quark for a close-up 🌞 Brian
  15. Best EP's for a PST?

    The PST should come to focus easily within the 10 to 15mm range above that (at higher mags) really requires good to v good seeing ... simple (Japan) plossls are best overall for contrast but the Hype Zoom seems is one of those rare exceptions that works very well with it. Brian