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  1. Yes I noticed that to ... most striking indeed ! , the weather only really cleared here a "bit" latterly to enable a look , if your looking and your not seeing the bright active regions then it's the reflection
  2. I should be able to get a look a bit later on this afternoon ... did you notice how bright some of the active regions were on Friday Mark a bit like a Delta region. Brian
  3. Ah ... this is good because i think that I'm going to require to take some advice soon from the handle Guru that is JID Brian
  4. The rubber grip to the etalon tuning is not essential as it can still be revolved easily without it & it is common to have fixing marks to their base. Brian
  5. Lots of activity currently ... the most I've seen this year Proms ... ARs ... Filament ... everything Brian
  6. I think It could possibly ... just insert SM60 and your off plus using your regular EPs The Quarks can be really good but they are a faff & seeing dependent plus I remain they're really on suitable for the experienced HA astronomer after they,ve had a few years experience with air spaced etalons. Brian
  7. Nonsense ... I collect Coronado's Incidentally I've been in contact with a gentleman recently who has just bought an DSSM60III upon my recommendation however he's also about to get hold of an FS-128 as well after many years of enquiry ... so there are still some in circulation. Brian
  8. Thanks Helen I had forgotten about the launch Brian
  9. 14 years for me to in November , when I first joined I was much more pro UKAI (UK Astro Imaging) if anyone remembers that forum ... but it's only really been this year that I've woken up to SGL and have gotten to know some of the members which is great but what a wealth of knowledge , I've always been humbled and grateful from all the help I've received here to date Brian
  10. Yes I'm sure we all do John ... I've a pic of me with one of those pink Ping drivers but can i find it now no. Brian
  11. Where abouts was this Adam ? ... brilliant Still loving that iOptron it's ok John I think we all know this thread is just a bit of fun Brian
  12. Nice & Dave's right ... Magic does work The morphs are sharper than tacks (that's tacks and not Taks)
  13. I'm loving the iOptron ... that's just a great wee mount for Solar to Brian
  14. Thanks Mark I'll be trying them with 10 & 15mm BFs and the supplied EPs and Barlow to begin with but if a success I'll have to seek out a lower powered pair ect ... Will see what transpires
  15. I'm thinking all your needing is a 128 Amazing FS collection there Brian
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