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  1. Solar B

    Which WL Frac?

    I've always thought that wedges work best with longer FL scopes , I use a Baader 2" with a cheap as chips bresser 127 L , so yes 120 and longer if poss would get my vote. Brian
  2. Solar B

    DAYSTAR solaREDi filter.... ??

    Looks like a prototype quark , I've not seen one before but if the light is turning green I'd assume it's warmed and at 0.7A it should be very useful , pls let us know how you get on with it.
  3. Solar B

    Lunt LS35 & TeleVue Barlows

    The BF400 " Blocking Filter " diagonal is an essential part of any HA scope and must not be used without under any circumstance. Brian
  4. I think the pier tripod is superb & have experience with the regular ones , I wonder if manufacturing costs could be the reason for discontinuation.
  5. Solar B

    Want new scope for solar observing.

    I was going to recommend an ST120 , focusers fine with a Quark ect , but would need a 35nm erf at least and a reasonable mount. They're not very wedge friendly but I think H wedges are much better with longer FL otas. Brian
  6. Solar B

    New Magnesium Quark

    http://daystarfilters.com/Quark/MgIQuark.shtml Brian
  7. Solar B

    Lunt 8x32 Solar Bins.

    Where not still going on about these I own both the Coronados , the larger 12 x 60 are v good and superior to placing filters onto standard binos , however where these type of binos as a whole really shine is during an eclipse , here one can effortlessly glimpse great views of the partial phases. Brian
  8. All 3 items have now sold Thanks .... Brian
  9. Hi Folks , up for grabs Bresser WiFi Camera .... as new complete with box & instructions .... £45 PST Solar Shield .... the original and best .... almost as new .... £22 Baader 2” to 1.25” adaptor .... T2 connection option .... as new .... £19 All prices include P&P Thanks ..... Brian
  10. Using a Baader 2” 35 nm on the diagonal is fine in my experience even at 152mm , but not a UV/IR cut. The yellow Daystar ERFs actually only block UV and not IR !! , I previously had one but cannot recommend them. Brian
  11. Solar B

    Double stack etalon -is it worth it ?

    Why not put a wanted ad out for a used SM90 .... I reckon the best ones were gen 1 & USA made and used to cost a small fortune !!! but they do exhibit real finesse , so you needn’t necessarily require an SMII one , but I’d also recommend collecting such as you really don’t want one de-contacting while in transit. Brian
  12. Solar B

    Double stack etalon -is it worth it ?

    Talking about LS152s I see that ones back up for grabs on Astro Buy & Sell My apologies Garry , I’m sure you eluded somewhere some time ago about how bright your SM 60DS image was and I’m always striving toward the ideal set up , looking out for something new and affordable to try but I do have nearing the ideal mount situation as having a pier outside does save a lot on set up times. Hows about SGL have a Solar event , that would be great for trying various weather permitting Brian
  13. Solar B

    Double stack etalon -is it worth it ?

    It’s all very subjective Garry and perhaps I’ve clarified the reason why your DS SMll 60 views were so bright , the Lunt 60s offer the same set up with one internal and one external etalon , however the SMIIIs offer the superior configuration of 2 externally stacked etalons. For the ultimate “Air Spaced” HA views one can look no further than the Isle of Man Solarscope etalons ! I do respect Stephens reviews but I’ve actually been using HA scopes a little longer than he , and as always there is no substitute for trying the real thing. Brian
  14. Solar B

    Double stack etalon -is it worth it ?

    Mark you can replicate a similar view for less than 2k (new) using a Quark , 2” 35nm and an ST152 , I know that I do well the odd time that the seeings up to it In my experience you can’t really get to the bottom of what your really after until you try a set up for yourself , you can read all you wish but they’re usually filled with reviews by Lunt newbs , I’ve owned and tried numerous Lunts since their inception in 2007 / 8 and I’m afraid that I still do not rate them , so in summary it’s best if you can try before you buy. Brian
  15. Solar B

    Double stack etalon -is it worth it ?

    I disagree to an extent as in my experience the lower the bandwidth and etalon / s with the greater finesse have offered me the best and most interesting views (again quality over ....... ) I’ve been using a DS SM11 60 for a season now and it displays a surprisingly bright DS image the reason being is that the set up only utilises 1 ERF (on the external stack) , whilst my DS PST uses 2 ERFs and the image given the aperture is a lot darker but having said that the etalon finesse appears to be superior. Anyway to answer your question I definately do think it’s worth trying a DS. Brian

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