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  1. Solar B

    Skywatcher AZ-EQ5 GT Mount Arrived & Set Up

    Welly nice indeedy but would have expected no less I've had a 5gt & berle for over a year unused (in anger) But looks like the weathers not on the up unfortunately Brian
  2. Solar B

    Daystar Quark Chromosphere

    Well this one certainly gets my vote . Brian
  3. Solar B

    COMPLETED - SOLD: Maxbright binoviewers

    They do hold collimation well as the prism seats have been upgraded and is one of the main features that set them apart from the other clones as is my understanding. Brian
  4. Solar B

    Which WL Frac?

    I've always thought that wedges work best with longer FL scopes , I use a Baader 2" with a cheap as chips bresser 127 L , so yes 120 and longer if poss would get my vote. Brian
  5. Solar B

    DAYSTAR solaREDi filter.... ??

    Looks like a prototype quark , I've not seen one before but if the light is turning green I'd assume it's warmed and at 0.7A it should be very useful , pls let us know how you get on with it.
  6. Solar B

    COMPLETED - TeleVue Barlows

    The BF400 " Blocking Filter " diagonal is an essential part of any HA scope and must not be used without under any circumstance. Brian
  7. I think the pier tripod is superb & have experience with the regular ones , I wonder if manufacturing costs could be the reason for discontinuation.
  8. Solar B

    Want new scope for solar observing.

    I was going to recommend an ST120 , focusers fine with a Quark ect , but would need a 35nm erf at least and a reasonable mount. They're not very wedge friendly but I think H wedges are much better with longer FL otas. Brian
  9. Solar B

    New Magnesium Quark

    http://daystarfilters.com/Quark/MgIQuark.shtml Brian
  10. Solar B

    Lunt 8x32 Solar Bins.

    Where not still going on about these I own both the Coronados , the larger 12 x 60 are v good and superior to placing filters onto standard binos , however where these type of binos as a whole really shine is during an eclipse , here one can effortlessly glimpse great views of the partial phases. Brian
  11. All 3 items have now sold Thanks .... Brian
  12. Hi Folks , up for grabs Bresser WiFi Camera .... as new complete with box & instructions .... £45 PST Solar Shield .... the original and best .... almost as new .... £22 Baader 2” to 1.25” adaptor .... T2 connection option .... as new .... £19 All prices include P&P Thanks ..... Brian
  13. Using a Baader 2” 35 nm on the diagonal is fine in my experience even at 152mm , but not a UV/IR cut. The yellow Daystar ERFs actually only block UV and not IR !! , I previously had one but cannot recommend them. Brian
  14. Solar B

    Double stack etalon -is it worth it ?

    Why not put a wanted ad out for a used SM90 .... I reckon the best ones were gen 1 & USA made and used to cost a small fortune !!! but they do exhibit real finesse , so you needn’t necessarily require an SMII one , but I’d also recommend collecting such as you really don’t want one de-contacting while in transit. Brian
  15. Solar B

    Double stack etalon -is it worth it ?

    Talking about LS152s I see that ones back up for grabs on Astro Buy & Sell My apologies Garry , I’m sure you eluded somewhere some time ago about how bright your SM 60DS image was and I’m always striving toward the ideal set up , looking out for something new and affordable to try but I do have nearing the ideal mount situation as having a pier outside does save a lot on set up times. Hows about SGL have a Solar event , that would be great for trying various weather permitting Brian

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