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  1. Two more 10Kg weights for when my new scope arrives. I did try to get quotes from local fabricators to have some weights made as Modern Astronomy didn't show any weights in stock. But when I got no response I decided to call Bernard. Just so happens he has some in stock now. I just need the scope now lol.
  2. Thats great What equipment did you use to get those shots? Dave
  3. very impressive. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I set the scope on an area of NGC 7000 over the last few nights and left it running. Focus drifted a little but it was for fun. Anyhow, here we are. TS65EQ 420mm APO. ZWO ASI183MM using 3nm Astrodon in a AFW3. All on a Mesu 200 processed in Pixinsight. Captured using SGPro and PHD2. 30,12,14 300s Ha,OII,SII This is only a quick process and NB is fairly new to me. Thanks for looking.
  5. Thats a great composition. Very nice image too Thanks for sharing, Debo Dave
  6. Missed it Is it recorded anywhere? I will be keeping an eye out for these
  7. Assuming you are using Win10. Hit CTRL, ALT, DEL together. Select TASK MANAGER. End any ATIK programs that are still running. Then try starting INFINTY again. Dave
  8. Polar pin? lol I noticed I have the Celestron advanced vx tripod next to the NEQ6 tripod..Heres the image I just took. Can you see this?
  9. Do a page refresh, does it work now? Ive uploaded as jpeg
  10. FYI, image of the top of my NEQ6 mount.
  11. OUCH!! Stu. Sorry to see that buddy. I was over 1 hours drive away from home when the wind struck. The trees were really bowing and leaves being blow off everywhere. I got home as soon as I could to lock down my fairly heavy shed roof...just in case. Glad I did, I sat in the garden a while and for about 30 seconds the gust of wind came very strong, blowing the trees around like they were blades of grass. Looking on the bright side Stu, its close to the summer solstice. AT least you are the right side of the solstice for this to happen. Hope you can find a solution soon. G
  12. I have stuff delivered to my house most days. If its from my office, I just unwrap the postage bag and put it straight in the bin then wash my hands as prescribed. I have just ordered two weights from Modern Astronomy. When they arrive, I will preform the same ritual. Wearing my disposable gloves. Open up, throw away the wrapping. The weights will be wiped down and put away in the garage until needed. Then I will wash my hands. So far so good As to selling, I agree with above...Just keep to social distancing and if possible wear disposable gloves and face mask. Wash hands immediate
  13. That's great info John. Just remember, those who will be looking, SAFETY FIRST!!!! DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN. especially with plain optics. One glimpse can damage your eye's PERMANENTLY!!
  14. I bought a 5x Barlow. Never managed to use it. IMO, The problem with Barlows is one has to get the target dead center in the eyepiece before inserting the 2x Barlow. And hope you should be kept dead on target. With the 5x Barlow, any slight misalignment and you will be searching for an age trying to find target..Oh yeah, and with the magnification, expect the brightness of target to diminish by same amount. OK for planets and moon but not much else. As said above, upgrade the scope Dave.
  15. A great comparison. I think Friday night they will be horizontal to one another. A bit further apart than how you display though lol. But you do show a great comparison of apparent viewable size difference. Think yourself privileged. I think most astronomers have never seen Murcury with their eyes I did image the transit a few years ago, but never seen with my eyes.
  16. They say on their website "no Amp Glow". If you play the video at the bottom of that website page, move to 5mins in and he say No Ampglow. Having not used one myself, I could not confirm. However a couple of comments from users on Astrobin say they have not had any problems, which I assume means Amp Glow. For a colour cooled camera and regarding the Amp Glow, I would choose the 533. IMHO, Amp Glow, if not calibrated out correctly, can be a pain.
  17. Have a look at this video How to connect your 1300D to your laptop
  18. There is also the ZWO ASI533MC with no Amp Glow! Decent price too.
  19. Thanks Olly. Yes, I will have to do more of the binning and with the 20Mpx ASI183MM. I have not done much binning but here is one in NB last August. Still great resolution and My processing has improved slightly since then too.
  20. OK, After a great debate and discussion with folks here and with myself...yes, I do think to myself....Not yet started talking...but who knows Tonight, after a lot of thought, calculations and procrastination. and Knowing Olly is right. Thanks Olly and sorry. .I, could not let it go, went against advice and pulled the trigger on the 16" RC. with FR, Expected ETA Mid June...perfect for those summer nights lol. Expect lots of clouds, in the UK, for at least 3 months. At least I will have something to look at when drinking my beer Thanks to all and Cheers
  21. Thanks Mark. I found so many layers to M27. It was fun to process and I wanted to get the detail of the core. And for only 2hr20mn subs, I was very happy with the data.
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