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  1. Thx. Needed to go to my pc instead of phone.
  2. Didnt know that. Saw only the russian translation option. is it in the same menu?
  3. On CN there are 100+ threads about this scope. From coating coming of the inside of the lens to rust inside the focuser to powdercoat problems. Oh no just kidding. Congrats with this new beauty!
  4. Too bad i dont understand a thing. But it looks like he solves a lot of gear problems.
  5. Very True, thanks for this all explaining review. You answered most of the questions people might have before making a decision
  6. Funny option. this is probably only android/windows based. But indeed i think besides the drainage of the battery, a system like asiair/stellarmate or other just skips the whole oldfashioned need for hard wired connection. Plus 1000+ more benefits with controlling/tracking/guiding/AP/skysafarietc. But again, a fun option.
  7. I’ll probably update this post till 2035
  8. Yes i see all the impossibilities now.. Really stupid idea.
  9. I think the “not C” models are different. Did you use an mak 180 or sct 8 before? Im curious how they compare and if they really are different
  10. Maybe check some of dylan o’donnell’s video’s. He explains his views of different eyepieces. But i dont know much about good eyepieces. I only bumped once into a tak 5 le and never stopped using that one. Also in an 120 ed. For the more experienced opinions i would check the eyepiece category on sgl maybe?
  11. Hm yes thats what i was wondering. You split/dim the light for each eye when using a bino on a single scope. But when using a bino reversed on a bino setup you should think it shows a great contrast image. Or hard to get the two images aligned?
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