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  1. I’ve had this also. It was also with an es reducer that had a very thin eos adapter. As I remember swapped it for a thicker eos ring or just added an extender on the telescope side. There is of course some difference in distance of dedicated camera vs dslr.
  2. If i have to quess i would say no. No difference. As long as you get in focus, the reducer “needs” That fixed backfocus
  3. Ah ok. Didn’t now that. So if one 6 mm wont work doesn’t mean all other 6 mm’s also don’t work. Air is too thick right now to test some. I will soon i hope. Thx
  4. Yes thx. Thx for all the info btw. Im going to play with it a bit tonight. Was just wondering if certain eyepieces get in focus quite quickly/short vs ones that need to be more outwards(the focustube). But i guess that also varies from scope to scope. If i suddenly see some cloudbands moving on jupiter tonight ill let you know!
  5. It was after reading something about a bought used eyepiece. im not an expert and dont believe immediately everything thats being written in reviews. But sometimes you find a particular review reasonable and trustful i guess. it was this post: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/475997-tak-le-vs-sterling/
  6. It was for me an option because im often viewing from a hammock. No but serious. I’ll try to find that review and link it here. It basically said that one eypiece suffered from a certain type of diagonal while the another eyepiece benefits from using that type of diagonal. It was my own conclusion that skipping this diagonal would benefit every eyepiece. And the part of that hammock was kind of serious. I often lay down in it, and it happens to be just perfect positioned to look at the planets
  7. Ah ok. So 4,5” for the mirror? No i completely understand the benefits over the loss of detail, when using a diagonal. It was more because some experienced(i guess) reviewer wrote about an eyepiece not showing its potential with a dielectric and does show it with a prism and vice versa. if its just a case of extending the tube, then i’ll try it. I thought it could have something to do with the eyepiece itself. Thx
  8. After reading some reviews about diagonals and the difference in mirror quality, i read a piece that described the fall in detail/quality with even the best diagonals. Also reviewed was the difference in eyepiece/diagonal combinations. One eyepiece would need a prism, the other a dielectric. So 2 nights ago i extended the tripod to maximum length, curious to see the “extra” details on jupiter etc. without a detail-absorbing diagonal. Wow, i never thought to see this. It was an anticlimax. Even while the focustube traveled out about 20 cm? Still couldnt reach focus. Does anyone know if it the scope or scope/eyepiece combination what causes this? i used a skywatcher 100 ed/burgass tmb 6 mm. i didnt bring any other eyepieces that night so have to check if it happens with all eyepieces. Im really interested in this diagonal-less setup. Using an adc, waiting for perfect seeing etc. to see more detail, while a simple improvement can be made by just skipping a piece of equipment. If anyone can advice me about the needed ingredients in a scope/eyepiece combination to get this to work, ill be very thankful.
  9. Yes. Its the bearing. Have to dive in some old threads here and there before just asking. Still learning.
  10. This one is TS. But rebranded i quess. Also sold by orion. Or the orion rebranded. I dont know. Im not at my house now but i have some pictures from the advertisement. Ts unc v-power
  11. Hm strange. Thats not what Holland is known for at all
  12. I have a question about a crayford focuser that has 2 big rectangular blocks on top. Im not yet planning to open them to see whats underneath it, but maybe someone recognize it? My guess is the bearing but i Thought i sometimes see these blocks used as a clamp for finders or something like that.
  13. I bougth one recently for my sc (possible also newtonian with the right adapter) On the second hand market. When inspecting it at home it was a big surprise to find out it does both electronic and manual focusing. Havent used it yet but of course tried the both options. It feels all okay, some sort of friction gear thing that lets you manual control the focuser while It has a permanent Belt connection with the focusmotor. Pics are from the advertisement but if you look good the shell V-power focuser can be identified. Im sure the seller didn’t know about the manual focuser because he told me it was stuck
  14. Almost like a guilty pleasure
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