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  1. just wondered if anyone had trouble connecting to the above for platesolving thanks
  2. thanks astro but im on the limit with my mount i think heq5 pro
  3. hi all just trying to balance my c8 edge but have run out on vixen at the back of the scope only got a filter wheel and ccd on the back end just wondered what length vixen you used on your rig thanks
  4. thanks olly,still trying to get the collimation bang on ,would you say my backfocus and focus look ok though,will give it another go tonight.Just looked on astrobin and seems common with the c8 edge on the cigar galaxy size wise
  5. well just moved over from my 400mm scope to my 2032 mm c8 edge which might not help ,do you think my stars are large or is it that im just used to my 400mm scopes images,scope was focused well ,any comments please,its a 300sec lum sub stretched thanks
  6. Hi all just trying to collimate my c8 edge with a 414ex ccd ,but i cant seem to get the image large enough to adjust collimation any advice please ,is it the 414ex is no good with the c8 for this?
  7. hi ive just fitted this to my c8 edge hd ,(ZWO EAF Bracket for Celestron C8 and C9.25 SCTs was the description) straight on no problems and works fine,only problem was i had to alter my imaging train and remove my rotator as it would not fit space wise, hope this helps ,
  8. Hi after a nightmare with dew was looking at these for my c8 edge anyone using one on there c8 edge and have any comments please,and does anyone know the length it sticks out beyond the scope thanks
  9. hi all going back to the beginning a bit ,but what size eyepiece is suitable to do collimation on my c8 edge smallest i have is 13mm but not had the opportunity to try it yet
  10. thanks not checked collimation will do tonight if possible,presume i leave the 3 locking bolts loose? i can use the image through my ccd to check collimation? thanks again
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