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  1. iwols

    What's am I doing wrong ?

    maybe a file of the image might help someone sort it brian
  2. just wondered what the above meant exactly cheers
  3. just wondered if anyone had both of these and any comments on the quality difference of them apart from their focal length thanks
  4. thanks its straight out of the camera,the mystery continues
  5. hi just tried doing some very short exposures of orion 5sec,10 sec,20 sec but just wondered if anyone could suggest what the problem might be with the short exposures,the bands at the side,example below but not always as bad as this thanks, ed80 lrgb filters and 414ex ccd ,only happens on very short exposures which we very rarely use
  6. iwols


    great image
  7. wow definately top of my bucket list,great images
  8. just cant figure this out surely more light gathering should reduce the F,thanks
  9. hi any comments on the above scope cheers,as an upgrade from my ed80
  10. iwols

    SW 80ED vs SW Esprit 100 ED?

    hi in the same dilema,but sourcing a esprit 100ed in this country has come up blank,like you i have a ed80 which gives me good detail but i want somethink to reduce my imaging times,heard nothing but good about the esprit but how much better is the million to 1 dollar question,just a shame you cant borrow one
  11. iwols

    teleskop service ? corrected

    thanks think this answers my worries
  12. hope this post is ok but due to no stock in the uk first light optics,im looking at teleskop house in germany to supply it as anyone had any dealings with these thanks
  13. before i take the plunge on a esprit 100ed could anyone tell me if i can put my atik 414ex ccd and filter wheel straight on the scope without spacers etc,im using an ed80 with reducer, filter wheel ,and the ccd at the minute,thanks
  14. hi would these two items go together ok,

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