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  1. iwols

    less grain on my bubble?

    Hi thanks After processing rgb whats the best way to add the ha with astropixel processor guys cheers
  2. iwols

    less grain on my bubble?

    Is ha and lum worth getting? Thanks guys
  3. iwols

    less grain on my bubble?

    15 mins of each rgb and same with ha and lum but only used rgb in image
  4. hi new to apt software and just done a fully automated process of the bubble,but just wondered how to make less grainy cheers https://www.dropbox.com/s/ldeby699avfz5qo/combine-RGB-image pi2.tif?dl=0
  5. iwols

    sgp mosaic and phd2

    thanks alan cant wait to try out,all this time been using phd2 seperately
  6. iwols

    sgp mosaic and phd2

    when i used phd2 seperately i had to pick a star to guide on through sgp will i have to do that?
  7. iwols

    sgp mosaic and phd2

    been using phd2 seperately just found sgp can start phd2 itself
  8. hi just wondered when you do a mosaic in phd2 the guiding will stop when it goes to the next frame do you have to manually start phd2 again for each frame thanks
  9. hi just going to have a go at the pleaides,using a ed80 and 414ex ccd,with 0.85 reducer ,but from the fov its just too small,so was wondering if you can purchase a fov reducer apart from the 0.85x ,or suggest anything else thanks
  10. iwols

    how to image a comet

    Do they travel quick enough in a 30 sec image to see movement? Or see that its a comet and not a star
  11. iwols

    how to image a comet

    thanks davey how do you work the time the comet can be imaged?
  12. iwols

    how to image a comet

    is there an easy comet to image at the minute please
  13. iwols

    how to image a comet

    does cartes du ciel do it like stellarium?
  14. iwols

    how to image a comet

    thanks davey,dont use the handset,can i put it into eqmod,and how do i find the coming of a comet
  15. hi all seen some great images of comets lately,and just wondered if it is possible with my ed80 heq5 and 414ex ccd,but wouldnt know where to start ie when is one due ,how fast do they travel and do i need to track them same as with a dso object,are they long exposures,like i say dont know where to start any advice cheers

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