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  1. is my data good enough

    well i think its an improvement? just on my first attempt anyway?
  2. is my data good enough

    thanks mikey for the workflow
  3. is my data good enough

    the thing i struggle with is that all the tutorials seem to include dark,flats,bias which i dont use at the minute
  4. is my data good enough

    going to get the book out and take it one step at a time ,so chris(pretty please) watch this space before you do the lrgb combine , do you stack the lrgb data individually so you finish with a master lu,red,green and blue
  5. is my data good enough

    thanks chris actually bought that book a while ago
  6. is my data good enough

    just a thought chris where in your workflow does star align come in
  7. is my data good enough

    actually purchased a pixinsight licence a while ago but really struggling with it,albeit not had a lot of time with it either ,watched a lot of videos but they all seem to do it different and use flats,bias etc ,if i only knew the basics thanks though chris a massive insentive to keep capturing the data
  8. is my data good enough

    thanks chris really appreciate that,it means i can carry on collecting data(when the clear skies make an appearance) even though im not up to scratch with the processing,youve done a superb job with the 10 mins each of lrgb,do you mind me asking what software you used and the rough workflow ,and again thanks
  9. is my data good enough

    hi mikey sorry try this https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h64891fecglg0oi/AADoYouZlhp7h_QCwxc8tn9wa?dl=0
  10. hi guys just set my pier up and got the following images, before i carry on capturing i would like to know if its my data or processing skills that are not up to scratch if anyone fancies a quick go at my data i would be thankful heres my poor effort and my original 5 min images lrgb,its just if my data is good enough i can carry on capturing while i learn the processing side better https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h64891fecglg0oi/AADoYouZlhp7h_QCwxc8tn9wa?dl=0 and my feeble effort
  11. cheers just found the adjustable stretch tool
  12. seem to think sgp used to come with an adjustable stretch tool now there fixed at 25/50/100 percent or untouched i think
  13. im using sgp and they come in either overstretched or untouched is there a program that can work a good image from a bad one if that makes sense
  14. hi just wondered how good you know your fit files are before stacking