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  1. well the pi is here and rain sensor is superb ,my son who is in to all this has written a program and is well on the way to writing a small program for my pc,at the moment i can log on to a web page he has set up on pi and it indicates 0 for clear and 1 for when i put water on the sensor,will give more info soon ,but looking good
  2. thanks billy what i mean is does the autostretcher setting or black clipping setting alter the image it saves to the image folder or just the image it shows you in nina ,cheers
  3. does anyone know if nina saves the image from ccd to folder without altering the image
  4. thanks guys will keep you updated if anyone is interested
  5. Another great aspect to this is the support given ,2 queries i had were very quickly answered,just need the clear nights to put it through its paces
  6. well Billy just ordered one of these and a raspberry pi ,so watch this space you raspberry pi experts
  7. thanks guess so the edge weighs about 7kg but good luck with sale
  8. well just looking at raspberry pie as a interface with that rain sensor ,although i know nothing about them
  9. that looks ok just wondered if a usb could be integrated somehow
  10. Hi all with the weather being hit and miss just wondered if there was a good rain detector pref usb that anyone could recommend thanks
  11. cant believe ive only just realised,must say though nina looks superb at first glance
  12. well a quick update ,fitted the focuser to my coarse side and wow what a difference its only been like it 2 years,but it always worked,had trouble connecting to the mount yesterday(thats a new one on me) but things turned out good in the end see image below thanks guys,forgot to add this was with a new install of nina as well
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