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  1. Well gave ccd cover a quick wipe and still same will try turning ccd 90 deg tomorrow and see results
  2. only show when pointing in direction of moon,which i usually dont do
  3. if i turn my ccd 90 deg and take another image will that tell me if its the ccd or my filter/telescope?
  4. hi all just wondered where would you suspect the dirt thanks lens filter ccd
  5. thanks for that ide never have slept,really is some spectacle link to video
  6. Hi all just been looking into the sky to see if its worth imaging and i saw what looked like a satellite going over followed by approx 20 more all in the same line and spaced out the same with approx 10 in the sky at once any ideas?
  7. hi just replaced my qhy5l ii camera on my oag as it was finicky connecting ,but now does not guide as it doesnt get enough snr to guide with and looses the star after a few seconds,any advice please
  8. just wondered if anyone had one spare cheers iwols
  9. hi all after 3months decided to slide the roof off again and give it a go ,well after getting the runtime 55 error and replacing my ini file i now had problems with the qhy 5ii ccd on my off axis guider not connecting then connecting after a repower up frustration was growing,finally decided i need a new ccd for my oag,something similar to my qhy 5ii,now im using a TS-Optics Imaging Star 100mm scope on a heq5 ,just wondered what you guys would recommend thanks any thoughts on the asi 120 mini or asi 290
  10. how would you guys improve this especially the graininess cheers
  11. hi first image for months and just updated my astropixelprocessor program and had a quick go at the bubble neb,comments suggetions req,seem to be able to get the data ok but really struggle still with the processing cheers p.s. theres about 20 mins each of r,g,b and ha with a few darks thrown in
  12. hi looking for a mono camera similar to qhy 5 to go on a oag,like asi 120 cheers
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