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  1. bodes is a good target to practice with,although as above better images will come in a month or two,but your only practising
  2. thanks just wondered if the hitec also gave lower readings when it was still lightish,to some extent like the sqm's
  3. hi all weve all been there but picture the scene.Not dark till late ,moon not quite up,not sure if there are thin clouds, not looking perfect,do i go for it? Which leads me on to how good are the sqm and cloud sensors,are they the same thing to some extent, 2 examples https://www.firstlightoptics.com/unihedron-sky-quality-meters/unihedron-sqm-lu-dl-sky-quality-meter-with-usb-and-data-logging.html or the hitec astro usb weather cloud sensor all comments suggestions appreciated
  4. just waiting for the full moon now (and clouds)
  5. hi just revisited the moon after 18 months dso,and it never fails to amaze!
  6. hi with the moon out,decided i will try the moon instead of the dso objects,dont want to alter my imaging train so i was wondering what would you use to image the moon filter wise,just Lum or lum and rgb cheers
  7. thanks peter but when you integrate a 10 min sub and a 5 min sub together what would you use ,cheers
  8. hi all what length exposure of darks do you use when your imaging exposures differ,ie when i integrate say a series of 10 min subs with 5 min subs what would you use for the darks, cheers
  9. what is your favourite camera ollypenrice,the one im using is the atik 414ex,great little ccd
  10. just taken a few darks and suprised how many bad pixels i have,this has been stretched quite a bit is this normal thanks
  11. thanks just managed to get -13.7 with door open,might wait till tonight when temp drops to be sure?
  12. hi just about to start a dark library, but can only cool ccd to -12 at the minute ,i image at -15,is this a problem?
  13. Cheers guys would you say mainly planetary imaging
  14. hi all been that tied up trying to get my ts 100 /atik 414ex mono up and running ive left my c8 edge alone but feel it needs a run out,,dont want to upset my ts100 set up for obvious reasons so just wondering what this scope would be useful for and what camera would you suggest and why,ive got a spare asi 178 c uncooled if that helps ,any thoughts comments appreciated
  15. about 1 1/2 hours lum and about 40 mins each of rgb,is it worth getting any more data ,not sure when to stop thanks
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