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  1. iwols

    sgp and usb over lan

    thanks alan ,no will try that cheers
  2. iwols

    sgp and usb over lan

    everything working ok then threw the downloading image problem then i shut sgp down manually, log added if anyone could decypher it cheers sg_logfile_20180719212933.txt
  3. iwols

    sgp and usb over lan

    thanks alan might be worth getting next time it happens,might mean something to someone
  4. iwols

    sgp and usb over lan

    the cat 6 cable is 20m ,the cable from pc to receiver is about 300mm that came with the startech,sgp is stuck on downloading ,is there a log for sgp that might give me a clue,thanks
  5. hi been having a few lockups with sgp when downloading images or plate solving images just says downloading and nothing happens,changed usb to atik camera and lan cable to cat 6 and still same now and again using the startech lan over usb transmitter and receiver,also have my guide cam filter wheel and qhy5 guide cam,suspect the startech is only a usb 2 ,and they now have a usb 3 available now could this be the problem any advice welcome as always cheers
  6. hi as the title says guys been using 10 pixels but what do you use cheers or how much does the stacking software let you get away with
  7. thanks for that guys just need to find the setting in sgp,thanks
  8. hi all just tried my setup during the day using sgp and camera set to cool to -15 and it wont image till it does ,but its only getting to -5.5 ,any one shed light on this cheers
  9. Thanks Alan from memory it is startech and it was working fine till i swapped m'y ota to a different ota then back again,was just about to replace thé lan câble with cat6A cable and try,cheers
  10. Hi using sgp with Pier mounted heq5 mount,filter wheel,focuser USB through à USB to rj 45 link ,everything seems to work fine ,then every now and then when it comes to download thé image,sgp hangs with thé message downloading,has anyone had similar cheers
  11. Thanks demon just need to know where thé setting is
  12. hi all setup last night did a 3 star sync set up all ok but after moving mount about the sync count went from 3 to 25 and was continually rising what setting have i altered? thanks
  13. hi just wondered if people save their sync settings when exiting eqmod with the above set up ,and how accurate is it when you next use it thanks(just need to find the setting then)

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