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  1. FIXED - Uninstalled ASCOM totally, uninstalled all ATIK software and finally uninstalled SGPro just to be sure. Reboot with nothing attached. Still, without connecting anything, install ASCOM, reboot. Install ATIK, reboot. Install SGPro and reboot. Start SGPro and in "Tools"- "Equipment Profile Manager" Select camera and hopefully, a slightly different camera profile should appear. Select that and all should work Job done. Temp reports correctly. Reference for later
  2. The images I have posted here were obtained by use of snipping tool. Save them as PNG.
  3. I'll tell you tomorrow when my 16" RC Truss arrives
  4. I have an ATIK 4120EX. Its been working fine for years. I regularly swap cameras between the ATIK 4120ex and the ZWO ASI 183MM Pro and recently the ZWO ASI290 Cool !! The other day, I connected SGPro with the ATIK and I noticed the ATIK camera temperature appeared to be static at about +9C. I could not get it lower on the readings. I closed SGPro and opened Artemis, the camera temperature changed OK with Artemis. I have tried uninstalling ATIK and ASCOM software and reinstalling them but makes no difference. I have reinstalled SGPro and no difference. I have another laptop so I inst
  5. I've had my ror shed about two years now and in the beginning I banged my head several times moving around and under the counter weights. Funny thing is, at the moment there is nothing on the pier, as its been stripped for painting, yet I still find myself ducking and swerving to avoid where the weights were! None astro related...I remembered one late night, about three years ago, that the bin needed to be taken out for collection in the morning. Being used to walking bare footed, I thought, its only a minute to wheel it to the front of the house, don't bother with shoes. Started
  6. If you are working on a tight budget, then a older/cheaper one would suffice. Its just to test if you enjoy it or not! Just make sure you can connect a computer to it. USB or WiFi. Use the computer to control it and see the image you are taking. My first try was in winter on M42 with a Canon 50D...Its hard to walk away from that...But its summer and the sky is bright....You might get bored in a couple of weeks. Keep your costs down until you are sure its for you! The list that Robindonne have posted above is a good list. All you need to do is look for a cheap one of the above. Check
  7. Do you have a DSLR? If so, why not buy an adapter and start from there? Adapter for attaching Canon DSLR and you will need this T-Ring If not, they can be cheaper than Astro cameras when first starting out. Second hand cameras for sale More used cameras for sale Have fun Dave
  8. I got the extra 2 x 10Kg weights earlier in the week. Today the Telecompressor arrived.
  9. FUN only :) I tried different combinations of Ha, OIII and SII but my NB skills need a lot of [practice because I could not get the desired effect I was hoping. I settled on this HOS version. I think its pretty and that's what matters :) The nights are short and I'm not yet a serious Astrophotographer lol. 20 x 120s of each Ha,OII and SII. TS65EQ Quad, ASI183MM with Astrodon 3nm NB. Mesu 200. Lodestar X2, PHD2, Pixinsight. Thanks for looking.
  10. Very nice image John. At the moment, I'm playing around with my planetary camera and a barlow to 2x magnify stuff. As a bit of fun I might have a look later to see if I can get something on a Apollo landing site. Who knows John, maybe you have started something
  11. Very interesting and enjoyable. Good info and amazing pictures too. Thanks Nik and FLO too.
  12. Thanks John, Its my 60th in August and as my C11 XLT will be 10 years old I decided I need an upgrade to something slightly better. Obviously, order it now, so I get some idea of how to use it before the nights start drawing in in August
  13. I am hoping to know an ETA tomorrow. I sent an email to the shop as I saw it in stock elsewhere in Europe. So shipment is coming through I ordered it about two weeks ago.
  14. Every time I see images from your GSO makes me wish mine was here now. I cant wait That QHY11 looks great too.
  15. That's gorgeous John. A lovely shot. What scope and camera did you use?
  16. Did it actually land? One moment an empty platform...camera blinks...Oh look, a Falcon9 Rocket appeared!! . . . Im not really trying to wind em up...Honest
  17. My first attempt of imaging the moon using video and Autostakkert. Not as daunting as I anticipated Thanks for looking. 3 minute video converted to picture. Double click the image to enlarge. ASI 183MM Pro. Astrodon True Balance E series Blue filter. TS65EQ OTA. Mesu 200.
  18. As I already have Hyperstar, I have decided for my 6th decade birthday in August I will go the opposite direction. I've ordered the GSO 16" RC Truss. Expected 21 June...Well, anytime after the 10th June....But as you say...Best time as it gives time to balance, experiment and get to know the kit. At f/2 you will no excuse for not enough data...And will be churning out images faster than you can say Llanfairpwll-gwyngyllgogerychwyrndrob-wllllantysiliogogogoch. Enjoy
  19. Thanks for the info. I will take a look at that video as I missed the presentation. I will set my alarm for Sunday evening.
  20. Very nice RASA Fast imaging. I look forward to seeing first light. Congratulations.....Think of the dust as trials and tribulations of owning such a lovely instrument. Like a man with a brand new car.....just be careful with that oily rag though lol.
  21. https://www.tomshardware.com/uk/news/raspberry-pi-4-8gb-tested Purchase in UK - More stock available week commencing 10/08/20
  22. just finished my Zoom meeting with the local Astro club and suggested everyone go to NASA TV...And within 10 seconds of there...They scrub it!!! OH NO!!! At least safety comes first.Next time in 3 days Saturday
  23. Cant be more boring than my weights. At least you got to use yours lol. Mine are waiting for the scope, which will be at least another three weeks...and let me think, whens the summer solstice!!
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