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  1. I was doing so well counting those very very distant galaxies, 4568631, 4568632 erm, when I lost my number...start again...1, 2, 3.........
  2. Yes, I agree being a user of SGPro myself. But if one searches the Main Sequence forum... The suggestion has been made several times over the years and its a mute response each time. A shame really.
  3. I read on the SGPro website about three months ago ....They have no plans for addressing the Dual rig dithering issue.
  4. I have my C11 and TS65EQ on the go at the same time....sometimes. But I turn Dithering OFF. Manually Dither. I do know N.I.N.A will allow dual rigs and Dithering by making one camera setup as master. I have used it but dont use at the moment because it does crash on my machine. I have too much setup on my machine to remove SGPro which does the job...To experiment with N.I.N.A. But I do know it works....Just not on my setup. At least its free N.I.N.A.
  5. He said it was full of stars....It wont be when I've finished
  6. Thanks for the links. That's great I think I could spend hours on these sites lol.
  7. yes, I tried 10 mins ago but the moon is too bright. Maybe in a weeks time.
  8. I'm too tired now but will revisit this over the weekend. I think it needs concentrated attention. This subject looks like a very interesting read. Posting to keep the link
  9. That's a great image. I must have a look at iTelescope and make a plan to image this myself I highly recommend it. If only for the countryside. Beautiful place to visit IMHO. Ollys scopes are a dream and Olly's not a bad chap either
  10. michael.h.f.wilkinson posted a topic tonight about a Supernova This lead me to the website Gaia. Where I found the Supernova and so much more. I looked around their image of the galaxy and zoomed into the Horsehead Nebula. The detail is amazing to me. Thought I would mention it. http://gsaweb.ast.cam.ac.uk/alerts/alert/Gaia15agl/ Click on the link then click on the image the two arrows to expand to full screen and zoom around. Look for the Milky Way and enjoy
  11. It's still light and will be for another two hours. This has just made my mind up for me regarding a upgrade for my C11. The 16" RC Truss...I think I'm going to be ordering soon lol. Get up close and personal with a FL of 3250mm. Pick out those Supernova on clear nights. However, this is now not August, and when dark enough I will slew the C11 over there and check it out
  12. Everyone I have shown Saturn to through my scope have all gone WOW!. I think its that they have all seen it in books and on screens but to see it there, in the sky, floating and those rings...I mean...just WOW A similar experience is had when I have people watch Jupiter over an hour or two. Have friends round, show them Jupiter and its moons. Wait 30 mins, ask them to look at Jupiter and its moons again...WOW They have moved!! lol Always a fun evening when its that time of year
  13. My workflow on guiding is- Connect PHD2, select the Brain or in menu "Advanced Setup" and Guiding, slect Clear Mount Calibtation. Select a star and start guiding. Select 3 seconds on the bottom menu. The PHD2 will calibrate West, East, North and South and then it will start guiding. Once it starts guiding, go to the dropdown menus and select Tools, Guiding Assistant. Let it run for at least 120 seconds. Basically wait until the numbers in the highlighted box become stable or as low as possible. Once happy its run long enough and stable, select STOP. Two but
  14. Great capture on Venus there. I had a go at imaging Venus last night, still to process. Its much smaller crescent now so I doubt I will get enough detail to see the clouds as good as you have here.
  15. What camera are you using Ron? Great images by the way.
  16. My method is to take flats at different exposure settings until I see the Vignetting and dust motes stand out. Once I get them as prominent as possible. I note the exposure settings and the ADU reading and use that.
  17. I agree with Adam, above. I have the ZWO ASI183MM Pro. If I do not match the DARKS correctly I can have a really good imaging session wasted due to Amp Glow. Push the stretch on the image too much and the Amp Glow shows through. These newer cameras with NO AMP GLOW will save you a lot of frustration in the long run. And as said, its the wrong time of year to be buying a camera. Save some more and by the end of July you may have enough to buy a camera with no AG And enjoy imaging without having that extra step of getting rid of AG to consider Dave
  18. Weight - 27.50 lb (12.48 kg) C11 carbon fiber info
  19. I agree with Steve. How can one comment or recommend the shops that one has never used!! So, here is my happy to recommend listing. Personally, I do prefer Rother Valley Optics as they are within easy 20 mins driving distance from me. They do try to price match if they stock it. Their new showroom is a Candy Store to any Astro nuts I had to leave as I am some years away from retirement but could see my retirement fund vanishing very quickly. I want one of those and one of those and oh yes, one of those!! lol. I also do like and use First Light Optics as all the dealings I ha
  20. Is there moisture in the camera or on the filters? Check the camera by looking at the chip with no power...Then add power and cool the chip for 10 mins...Look at the chip again. Is there any condensation/colour change? I had similar issue a few months ago...Once I dried the camera and the OTA, All was OK again. I dried the camera tablets by placing them in the microwave, medium power, for 2 mins. Then pop them back in the camera while still warm. I'm not saying this is the issue you have....But it worked for me. Good luck and let us know when you find the answ
  21. Look here for images taken with 80ED's And here for the Explorer 200P Good luck in your choices. Dave
  22. M31 is the largest appearing galaxy outside our Milky Way.. Try using a smaller galaxy and see where that leads....Don't use M101...Its still too big. Dave
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