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  1. Good grief! I took a look outside, and thank God that I did. M106 was sitting in a clear bit, but quite a bit of cloud rolling in. Mount now parked, and camera warming up. Still, got a couple of hours of data when there was no green at all on CO. That always feels good.
  2. I've just checked the BBC forecast. It says snow NOW!!!! I'll wait for the current exposure to finish before checking outside. (The guide star is looking fine)
  3. Lovely image... and new to me too.
  4. That's probably wise. I think that OIII is more difficult lower down as well as when there is a bit of moonlight about.
  5. Those are looking very good Gina. The Ha is excellent.
  6. I wasn't expecting to get any imaging done tonight, so the scope didn't get much cooldown time. I'm currently having to refocus every 6 mins, and the focus position is changing by 120 um each time. IIRC, the critical focus zone is 26um, so this is quite a big change in a short time. This is what people mean when they say that Taks are very temperature sensitive.
  7. It's clear here, and I'm imaging. I'll be keeping a sharp eye on the weather. It feels like it might change quickly.
  8. A butcher in Wales has been producing meat that looks like vegetables. A "Carrot" made from spiced pork seems to be going down very well with his customers.
  9. First subs just in. I'm getting more Green on the Cone, and it is looking better than the Green subs that I took a few weeks ago! That's a result.
  10. I find it very difficult to judge the quality as I'm taking the images. It is always quite obvious the next morning. I'm getting a bit better, but I'm finding it a painful learning curve.
  11. I just took a quick look outside, and it looks like somebody has switched Orion on. What a difference 15mins can make. It's a bit late, but I've put the scope out anyway.
  12. Some gaps have appeared here. I'm keeping an eye on it. If it improves at all, I'll put the scope out to cool. UPDATE: Sky is almost completely clear, but there are hardly any stars visible. It took me a minute to find Orion!
  13. I have to say that I am also surprised at the reactions. The Royal Society's motto is "Nullius in Verba". This guy was just trying to investigate for himself. Even if I think that he was wrong, he actually built a rocket. We need far more people like him.
  14. If you have a reliable way of measuring FWHM, or HFD, then you will always be able to see how are doing as the night goes on. I used to only find out the next day that my subs were rubbish. I use CCDCiel to capture the images from the camera. As each image is downloaded, CCDCiel measures the HFD and FWHM of the stars in the image. If the HFD is 2.8, or below, then all is fine. If the HFD is 2.9, or above, then I need to refocus. If the HFD is 3.1, then I know that I will be able to see that the stars are big and round. Don't ask me what HFD, or FWHM are. The only answer that I can give is that they tell you something about the size of the stars, and the smaller the number, the better.
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